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GERTRUD IN PARIS – PART 3GERTRUD IN PARIS – PART 3Every time the phone rang at Justine’s bookstore, her heart leaped. It had been three days now and not a word from Gertrud. Évelyne was probably right, the German woman had an office full of willing lesbians at the Majestic (the Parisians called it Hotel Gouine [Dyke Hotel]). Why would she get into trouble seeing a French girl, especially one who was suspect in that she worked in a bookstore. Justine thought of ways to get into the Majestic but that would be dangerous and Gertrud would not approve. Finally late one day, just before closing, the phone rang.“Justine ? Are you alone ? It’s Gertrud”, the sentence breaking because of the bad reception at the store.“Yes…Yes…I’m alone…How..How are you ? I thought you had forgotten me”, cried Justine“No I haven’t….Can you meet me tomorrow 8PM at Metro Vavin in Montparnasse ?, asked Gertrud very formally. “Yes … of course. After dinner ?”, asked Justine“Yes ..after dinner I’m afraid”, answered Gertrud, “I’ll take you to a club”. “Oh yes…I think I know it”, said Justine trying to keep calm“Dress casually. I’ll meet you outside the station. By for now”, said Gertrud who hung up immediately.The next day was Saturday and Justine knew that Évelyne and Geneviève never went to the Bilitis Club, the lesbian club on rue Vavin, on weekends. She thought it was better not to tell her about her date with Gertrud, at least for now.Justine didn’t have many dresses, and most dated from before the war, when she was in her mid-20s. Not to appear that much younger than her date (Gertrud was close to 10 years older), she chose to wear a plain woolen beige skirt with a white blouse and a matching jacket. She also decided on a small beige hat which sat on her red hair which she had done up. Justine had butterflies in her stomach as she waited just outside the wrought iron structure of the metro. She even had a few men approach her thinking she was waiting for a trick. Gertrud was ten minutes late but she finally arrived, running up the stairs of the metro.“I’m so sorry. I waited ages for the metro to arrive. I just hope we don’t have an air-raid”, said Gertrud, looking a little worried.“Don’t you know these things in advance ?”, asked Justine innocently.Gertrud stared at her. “Don’t ask me anything about my work….please”, said Gertrud firmly.“I’m sorry. It won’t happen again”, answered Justine apologetically“Now…let’s have some fun….have you been to the Club before ?”, asked Gertrud finding her good humour again.“Only a few times”, lied Justine who went there at least once a week.Gertrud wore a blue skirt and a blue blazer, and looked more like a British WAC than a German officer. “University uniform”, she said, noticing Justine’s surprise at her dress,” I hope you don’t mind”.“No…of course not…it is difficult to find new clothes in Paris…with all the restrictions…”, she stuttered, stopping before she made it sound like a complaint.“I think most women are recycling old clothes”, admitted Gertrud, “and I do like your hat”.The two women walked side by side without any show of familiarity until they reached the Bilitis Club which was only a few minutes from the metro. They walked to the main entrance, discreetly hidden on the side of the building. There was no one at the door to greet patrons or to sound an alarm should the German police raid the place. Contrary to what they did in other sectors of life in Paris, the German Occupation authorities didn’t close gay and lesbian clubs and bars during the war. As a matter of fact, it was the opposite and they proliferated. Neither woman had brought a coat since the weather had been much milder since their first meeting. Gertrud put her hand on the small of Justine’s back as she guided her through a small but noisy crowd of women dancing to the sound of a large canlı bahis record player. It was obvious everyone knew that Gertrud was connected to the German army. Justine could feel jealous eyes looking at her. Gertrud had put her hair up in a bun with a few long strands coming down to her shoulders and framing her ravishing large black eyes. When the hostess showed them to their table and they finally sat down facing each other, it was only then that Justine noticed how beautiful Gertrud was. “You have such beautiful eyes”, said Justine blushing and taking Gertrud’s hands in hers.“I just noticed your eyes are green”, answered Gertrud smiling for the first time of the evening.“It’s because you haven’t looked at me…I mean…carefully”, stuttered Justine Gertrud laughed.“Our meeting was rather short, I have to admit. But I did find you beautiful as soon as I saw you. I just didn’t notice all the details”, said Gertrud squeezing Justine’s hands. They ordered drinks through the waitress who was obviously giving them a first-class service. Gertrud enjoyed watching the couples on the dance floor while smoking a cigarette. Justine didn’t smoke but took one just to look cool. Most of the women were in their 30s and 40s but a few were older. Surprisingly, kissing was allowed on the dance floor but most of the couples began to make out when they joined up on the numerous sofas and large chairs which surrounded the dance floor. Saturday evenings catered more to a working crowd while weekdays saw more professionals like dancers, singers, people from the fashion industry, who didn’t have the same schedule as most. Gertrud and Justine were in the drinking area where holding hands and mild kissing across the table were the only activities which the setting allowed.Everyone was very nice to Gertrud, not out of love for the Germans, but because the rumour had her responsible for keeping the club open, which was of course untrue. Every girl in the room was jealous of Justine and at the same time, worried about her. After a few glasses of ordinary wine, the two women moved to a large seat where they could cuddle. As the women drank more, a few squabbles erupted here and there, mostly between lovers but sometimes between rivals. Gertrud pointed to a young woman pushing and shoving with another young lady in a corner of the room.“I know her. She’s French but works for us”, said Gertrud to Justine.“She seems to have something to settle with another woman”, remarked Justine who enjoyed watching the fisticuffs.“She is usually very quiet, but a few glasses of alcohol can change a woman”, replied Gertrud, as if she knew what she was talking about.“She does have a very nice ass”, gushed the French bookseller“I have a colleague who thinks exactly the same way”, smiled GertrudAlready regretting her remark concerning Louisette, Justine put her arms around Gertrud’s neck and began to plant wet kisses on her slim red lips. It wasn’t long before the two women were touching tongues and squeezing breasts through their blouses. Then both women looked up and there was Louisette standing right next to them.“Can we do something for you ?”, asked Gertrud rather stiffly. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend ?”, asked Louisette who obviously had a little to drink.Justine didn’t wait for Gertrud’s answer. She got up and gave Louisette a kiss on both cheeks and said “I’m Justine”. Gertrud didn’t know how those two would get along and had hesitated about the introduction, especially since Louisette appeared drunk. Since they seemed perfectly happy to share, Gertrud was also happy since she lusted after both.Louisette had a small bump on her cheek and the three women talked about what had had happened on the dance floor. Louisette had squeezed herself between the two lovers and Justine could feel the bahis siteleri heat of her thigh and asscheek against hers. Louisette suggested they “go somewhere” to finish the soirée. “I think I know a perfect place which is also discreet”, said Gertrud with her typical smile.Both French girls enthusiastically agreed to follow the Fraulein.As they made their way through the crowd, Justine had to pull Louisette away from the woman she had traded punches with earlier. They found themselves in the alley on a cool night and Gertrud quickly took charge. The three women piled into the back seat of a cab which took them to Montmartre. Justine had her arm around Gertrud’s neck and her hand on Louisette’s thigh. The cab driver smiled as he knew exactly where these ladies were going. He left them in an area full of clubs and dance halls. Gertrud led the girls down one dark alleyway which ended in a cul-de-sac at a rather sordid-looking hotel. “It looks worse from the outside”, reassured GertrudThe older woman at the desk recognized Gertrud and just slid the key to the room on the counter. The two French girls reached the room and laughed nervously as they walked around it. They had suddenly realized that they could have been walking into a trap or a torture chamber. They had both trusted the German woman whom they didn’t know very well. Gertrud was reading their minds.“Just get undressed and we’ll have some fun”, she said in a hoarse voice.It was a rather strange scene since the three women undressed in different corners, looking furtively at each other’s increasing nakedness. There was no kissing or hands roaming under skirts or grabbing of breasts. It was reminiscent of a brothel scene in with the hooker and the client get undressed for the fuck. Maybe this was due to the fact there were three women or maybe it was just the fact that Gertrud was German and the two girls were French. It had started out as a date, it was now …three-way sex. Justine was seeing Gertrud’s body for the first time (Louisette’s also but it was less important). The German woman was surprisingly muscular and her large black pubic triangle did stick out in the middle of a sea of white skin. Her nipples were erect and long. Her asscheeks were firm but rather long and thin, the projection of her thighs.The naked French girls began to kiss and feel each other up just before they tumbled onto the bed next to a waiting Gertrud. Justine slid on top of her German lover and began to suck on her long nipples. The blonde buried her head between Gertrud’s thighs and began to lick her cunt, as she had done earlier that week in Ilsie’s office. Gertrud pulled Justine to her and kissed her, her body twitching everytime the blonde touched her clit with her tongue. Since Louisette was busy, Gertrud wanted to make sure Justine was happy with the set-up and they exchanged silent words and nods. All was well. Justine was happy and horny. The redhead slid back down Gertrud’s body and joined her blonde colleague for a few minutes rubbing her nose in the German woman’s pubic triangle and smelling her wet cunt. The two French girls managed to tongue kiss in the midst of the forest of pubic hair. Justine continued her movement downward and began to kiss Louisette’s back as her red mop of hair followed the blonde’s spine all the way down to the small of her back. Gertrud watched with increased excitement as her Justine finally reached what had attracted her about Louisette in the first place: her ass. The redhead let her long tongue follow the valley between the blonde’s bubble asscheeks. Louisette turned her head away from Gertrud’s cunt to look at Justine and pretended to push her way. Justine pushed her face where the asscheeks closed partly over the girl’s puckered hole. Gertrud was not only getting satisfaction from Louisette’s güvenilir bahis tongue, as she had previously in the office, but the voyeur in her watched her two French friends having sex. Justine’s tongue worked her way inside Louisette’s hole, the blonde pushing her entire bubble ass in the redhead’s face. Justine slipped her hand between the blonde’s thighs and began to massage her clit while she continued to push her hard tongue inside Louisette’s tight hole. Gertrud was now convinced that Louisette, hiding behind a shy façade, was actually quite a nympho. The blonde had most of Gertrud’s cunt lips in her month and her tongue was managing to swirl around the German woman’s large clit at the same time. Louisette fought it but Justine’s hand received most of the blonde’s juices as her orgasm cry was muffled by Gertrud’s cunt. Louisette, visibly shaken by her orgasm, left Gertrud’s cunt and rolled on her back. That’s when Justine took advantage of her position to attack the blonde. The two French girls engaged, much to Gertrud’s pleasure, in a kind of love fight, spitting in each other’s face, pulling hair, slapping and spanking. This lasted until Justine pushed Louisette right off the bed. The blonde picked herself up and sat on the floor, resting her chin on the mattress, ready to watch what obviously was going to be a fuck between the German and the French girl. Gertrud had not reached her orgasm even with Louisette’s oral attention and Justine had enjoyed licking the blonde’s butt hole but had not in the process found her own pleasure. Both women were tremendously horny and even after knowing each other for days, had never had real sex together. The clash was brutal to say the least. The two white-skinned bodies were glistening with sweat and juices. Every time skin met skin, there was a stickiness which both women felt erotic. Obviously Gertrud took charge and tackled Justine. The two white female masses rolled around on the bed, Louisette making sure they would not fall off. The two lovers were glued together mouth to mouth, and breasts to breasts, the German brunette a bit larger than her French lover. They were moving to find a way to slam their cunts together. Gertrud wanted to fuck the redhead and Justine was aware and willing to be the German woman’s bitch. Even though they were from different countries, lesbian lovemaking techniques were the same and these ladies were very experienced. Louisette moved around the mattress to watch the couple from behind. She could see the black pubic hair of the German woman mingling with the more modest but bright orange hair of the French girl. Their engorged cunt lips were by that time rubbing and flattening one another, the cracks were probably aligned, and when Gertrud moved slightly upwards along Justine’s body, the two erect clits must have touched judging by the cries emitted by the two lesbians. Gertrud moved back down for a few seconds, whispered something to her lover, then moved up again, her ass twitching as her lower body moved up and down along Justine’s body. The two women screamed, their bodies shook in unison, and then they fell still in each other’s arms. There was mostly silence in the room as the three women walked around trying to find underwear, shoes and other pieces of clothing. There was a bath but no shower. Gertrud washed her face and part of her body at the wash basin. Justine made a noise with her mouth to Louisette. The redhead pointed to the bath with her chin and the blonde raised her eyebrows. Gertrud chuckled as the two French girls sat in the tub face to face and sprayed each other. Gertrud promised herself she would get into this with Justine when the time was right.Louisette was still horny, excited by their new intimacy, and wanted to get it on again with Justine. The redhead pushed her away gently and promised more next time.Gertrud took a cab to her apartment at the Majestic. The two French girls walked out together and disappeared into the night. Louisette was sober and had a lot to say.END OF PART 3

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