Getting Caught by Scotty

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Getting Caught by ScottyI’m hanging out at home, working on some of the new plans for my new store. The radio is blaring some hot hits for dancing, I begin to dance in my chair, flexing my ass cheeks with the beat. I get the urge to dance, so I’m up in front of the mirror dancing with myself. I’m dancing and touching myself in a sexy sort of way. I pull the dining room chair over and sit on it backwards and begin to hump my imaginary dick I’m sitting on. I pull my hair up with one hand and stroke my tits with the other. I’m still humping my chair. When I hear the front door close.I look towards the foyer, when Linda comes strolling in. She’s got this super hot body, I wish I had. She stands about 6 inches taller than me, long dark brown hair that just barely touches her ass. Scotty says it’s long enough for him to hold while he fucks her hard. I do know that she has the same size tits I have 36 c’s. She’s borrowed a bra once, when her under wire broke. Anyways, she’s walking towards me with a pair of super short daisy duke cut off shorts, a bikini top and super spiked heels. I looked her up and down, thinking to myself that I’d love to have sex with her.I stand up and say hi, and asks why she’s here. She said she was looking for Scotty, he was suppose to be here. I told her I didn’t know where he was or when he was to come home. I told her to make herself comfy, that I had to get back to my work. I sat back at the table, looking at some displays for dildo’s and lubes. I rubbed my inner thigh thinking how I’d love to use one of the double headed dildo’s on me and Linda.As I flip the pages, Linda comes behind me and looks over my shoulder. She told me which display she liked and then shown me some of her toys she already owns. To my surprise, she has a tongue toy. It looks like a normal tongue, but you put batteries in the back and it wiggles and moves like a mans tongue would lapping at a pussy. I was impressed and said I need one of those, for when no one is home to take care of my urges to be licked. She giggled and said it was ok. Another good tune came on the radio. I asked Linda if she wanted to dance.We went to the family room and began to dance sexy canlı bahis for each other. I came up behind her and began to grind on her ass. Holding her waist and acting like I was shoving a dick deep in her. She bent forward, like she was enjoying it. With her ass in my view, I grabbed it, then gave it a slap. She moaned as I slapped her again. She stood and turned around facing me, then grabbed me and pulled me closer to be grinding on me. I took my right hand and slid it up the crotch of her shorts, then back down her thigh. I did this a few times, before she held my hand in her crotch and began to grind her hips in a circular motion. I moved a finger to touch her clit. She was soaked before i could even slide my finger in her folds.Linda was grinding her hips enjoying my touch. I moved her towards the couch, pinning her to the back edge for me to grope her tits and to grind my hips to hers. I was rubbing her tits, pulling one out to suck on. She held my head tightly for me to suck her harder. I fingered her slit as she lifted her left leg to expose her wet shorts. I smiled and unbuttoned her shorts, took them down to her ankles, then working my kisses up to her crotch. Linda let out a big moan as I licked around her pussy, making sure not to enter my tongue, yet.I licked the small opening where her nub is, then pushing my way in further. I spread her pussy lips apart and licked and sucked her to her first cumming in my mouth. I then began to finger her hole, slowly. Linda said how much she loves to be fingered, so I slid another in, then another. At one point I had four fingers in her pussy. I pumped her, til she began to squirt her hot juice. I got myself a mouthful of her juice and went up to give her a kiss. When she opened her mouth, I spit some in to share. Linda said that tasted good. She then said that Scotty never shared it with her before.Linda then turned me around, and had me bend over the couch. She was taking my undies off, then slapping my ass hard. He then stuck a finger in my ass. She said she remembers seeing daddy put his finger there and I enjoyed it. I moaned and said yes I do. I spread my cheeks apart for her access, then the next bahis siteleri thing I know, she’s not only fingering my ass, but she is licking and sucking my ass. I reached to my pussy to finger my slit. I had already came from her fingering my ass. Her touch is so much different from the guy’s touch.Linda then had me pull one leg up as she began to finger my pussy. I told her to shove as many fingers in and pump me hard. She did just so, I screamed out that I was cumming. She pulled away and watched me squirt my juices on her and the floor. Linda then went back down on me and licked up every drop she could get. I sucked my fingers and held her face to eat my pussy. I told her she was doing a wonderful job, then I wrapped my legs around her neck and held her there. I took my t shirt off and rubbed my tits, pinching and pulling each nipple.With the music playing, we never heard the front door open. Scotty came barging in on us and was yelling. He said he couldn’t believe that we were having sex. He yelled at Linda, like she was a piece of shit whore. I yelled back at him and said he was just jealous, because we didn’t wait for him. Linda stood there, then grabbed her clothes and headed towards the bathroom to get dressed. I told Scotty that he was being a complete ass and to get over it. I told him, that if daddy or Brian walked in, they would have been clapping for our performance.Scotty looked at Linda as she came back to the room. Linda said she was sorry and that she wouldn’t do it again. I couldn’t believe she was saying she was sorry, like he was her master and she misbehaved. Scotty grabbed her arm and took her to his room. He threw her on the bed and told her she was only his and no one else could have her cum. She told him how she felt as I had played with her and I shared her cum with her, something he never does. Scotty looked at her with a confused look, then bent down to kiss her. He said he was sorry and that he had over reacted.I knocked on the door, then let myself in. I seen Scotty on top of Linda, kissing her and telling her how beautiful she was. I told Scotty he needs to watch the video, before he goes any further. Linda was surprised güvenilir bahis that there was a video being taped. I then told her, I had set it up, to tape me while I watched one of the other flicks of myself and daddy making love. I was going to play with myself and to have a new tape of it. Linda looked at Scotty and said she wanted to watch our sex play. Scotty pulled the tape out and we all went to the family room to watch it together.The three of us were laughing and really getting into the playtime Linda and I had. Scotty said he loves the way we were pumping each others pussies, with four fingers and making us squirt. he said he will have to remember that for the next time they were to have sex. I’m fingering my slit and getting into the great feelings running through my body, when I look over and see the two of them getting all hot and heavy. Both of them panting heavily and undressing each other. I moved to the recliner to give them more room, and for me to stretch out and finger myself as they fuck.I watched Linda go down on Scotty to give him a blow job, with her ass up in the air. Scotty reached behind and slapped her ass, then he shoved a finger into her ass. Linda lifted from his dick, then turned herself around to be in the 69 position. Scotty was happy to suck her ass as she sucked him harder. I reached into the side of the chair and found one of my vibrators, I turned it onand shoved it up my ass. I love the vibes that run through my sex traps. I fingered my clit more, then began to squirt more of my juice all over the floor. That encouraged me to shove more fingers in my pussy to do more work.Scotty had Linda sit on his dick and fuck him with her ass. Her lovely tits were bouncing freely as Scotty held her waist to assist her pumping. I got up to suck on her tits. Scotty reached over with one hand and touched my pussy. I moved away from him, towards Linda’s crotch. She had leaned back on Scotty’s chest, exposing her pussy for me to suck. I sucked and licked her as Scotty fucked her ass. Linda got off again as i sucked her nub to a frenzy. I lifted then went to give Scotty a kiss. I shared some of her cum with him, then left them alone.While I was swimming naked in the pool, Linda came out and said thank you for making her feel so good and that we’d have to do this again. I said yes we should, but we will make sure Scotty doesn’t come home to interrupt.

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