GF turns me from Bi to Gay

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GF turns me from Bi to GayA few years back, when I still lived in the city, I was dating a girl and we had a very kinky relationship. I was her slutty little bi-sexual boyfriend and we had an open relationship. We had a couple of MMF threesomes with guys she knew, and she always got off really well watching me suck on another man, so being bi, I did that just for her. Eventually she began to peg me while I was blowing these guys.I went along with it all because I enjoyed a lot of it myself, but she seemed to stop letting me fuck her, and I felt like I was only cumming when jerking myself off while she strap on fucked my booty. I got pretty fed up with her fucking guys and ordering me around, making me take it up the ass or in the mouth. I wanted to have a FFM threesome, but she didn’t really seem down for that, saying that we both enjoyed fooling around with other men.So the next time we went to have sex she told me i’d have to let her strap on fuck me for a bit first and than I could fuck her, which is reluctantly agreed to. She lubed up my ass and lubed up her strap on, she had a larger model than usual. it was about 7 inches long and fairly thick so it was a bit of a task taking it all in, but I managed. I had refrained from cumming for a few days before because I wanted to really enjoy this session. She inched her way into my ass slowly and eventually I felt her thighs on mine. She thrusted in and out of me for a solid 5 minutes before she stopped and asked if I was ready to fuck.My dick was leaking like a faucet, precum dripping everywhere. I begin to regret taking a few days off of cumming for this. She rolled me over and begin to slowly crawl down towards my cock. She was kissing my body as she made her way down, and eventually, she wrapped her lips around it. I felt like I was gonna burst right then and there. I tried with every fiber of my being to hold out, but it was too late. I tapped her on the head and before she could pull off I exploded inside of her mouth.Rather than get off. she stayed put and took the entire load in her mouth. After I was done, she stood up and put her hands on my shoulders, leaning in so her face was right on level with mine. Her mouth was completely full but she grabbed my face with her hand and forced me to open my mouth. Out of her mouth came a giant load of cum, mixed with her saliva, that landed right in my open mouth.After all of my semen was in my mouth she squeezed my lips shut and told me to swallow. I didn’t want to swallow it at all, but I had no where to go, so I reluctantly gulped down 3 days worth of my own semen. I gagged pretty hard at first, but was eventually able to choke it all down. After that she started to insult me.”Wow you really liked taking it up the ass this time, didn’t you,” she said sneeringly. “You wanted to fuck me so bad but you couldn’t even last 30 seconds?”I felt pretty ashamed of cumming so fast and not giving her a good fucking. After blowing a load it takes me a while to get back into the mood, and it was just not gonna happen that night.I woke up the next day and she said she had an idea to spice up our sex life. She was gonna take me down to the local sex shop to buy some more toys. I didn’t really think much of it, so I went along. I showered, put on some clothes and ate breakfast then headed down to the sex shop. When we got there she told me she had a big surprise for me and told me to put on a blindfold.I put it on and then she said she was gonna put a collar on me to guide me around. Once again, I reluctantly agreed. I got out of the car and she had me following her on the leash. I went inside and followed her some more. She conversed with the shopkeeper a bit, telling him I’d arrived. I had no idea what was gonna happen and I was beginning to feel a bit worried.I asked her what was going on and she told me to calm down, we walked into what felt like a backroom and she was fiddling around with the leash I was on. I felt a chain leash attach and the rope leash detach tell me how excited she is and her kocaeli escort pussy is dripping and next thing I know, i’m getting pulled down to my knees thinking I’, going to smell and lick her wet pussy. I immediately reach for my blindfold when some man much stronger than me grabs my hands and handcuffs them behind my back.Next thing I know, I’m stuck on my knees, face up against a wall with about 6 inches of give on the chain. My girlfriend decided to undo my blindfold at this time, and there I was. Face to face with a glory hole, a chain going through another small hole underneath it, forcing me to stay in place.”Isn’t this what you wanted honey,” she said with a bit of a laugh. “You told me before that you always wanted to try out a glory hole, well now is your big shot!”I had confessed to her sometime before that I thought it’d be hot to suck dick at a gloryhole, but that I’d never want to go through with it. I told her to untie me immediately and after a bit of back and fourth, I heard a door open on the other side of the wall. I heard footsteps inching closer and closer to the hole, and suddenly, I heard something unzip. Next thing I know, I’m looking through the hole at some guy’s flaccid penis.”I hope you’re hungry,” he said as he began to rub it. “I haven’t cum in a while and I got a big treat for you, you just have to work for it.”I watched as his penis grew 3x larger than it was, and the severity of the situation began to set in. This was actually happening.”Don’t worry I know all these guys, there all clean” she said to me as she stood behind me still. “You’re going to love this.”With that, his cock slid through the hole. It wasn’t the biggest, it was about 6 inches long but it was fairly thick. I pulled my head back and it was touching my lip. I was trying to decide whether I should go through with this or not, when the man on the other side decided to make a decision for me. He grabbed the chain and pulled me into the wall, and with that, I was now officially a glory hole cock sucker.I could taste his precum soaking the inside of my mouth and he held me in place with the chain and slid his cock in and out of my mouth. While this was going on, my girlfriend decided to slide a lube covered butt plug up my ass. Suddenly I was feeling extremely turned on by all of this. I no longer stayed in place as this man fucked my mouth.I began to bob up and down on his thick piece of meat, licking all around the tip, feeling the shape of his cock with my mouth. I could feel the little drips of precum oozing out. Eventually he began to make some noise behind the wall and I could feel his cock began to fatten up inside of my mouth. He moaned as he reached his breaking point, and with that, he exploded inside of my mouth.His cum tasted much different than mine. He must’ve not cum in a while, so I immediately spat out the big load onto my chest much to the chagrin of my girlfriend, who was still in the stall with me. She immediately scooped it up and put it back into my mouth.”Swallow it down sissyboy!” she said. “A good cock sucker doesn’t waste a drop!”After all of that, I asked her if we could go, saying that I had done it and didn’t mind it.”Oh you’re not going anywhere,” she said as I heard another man walk into the adjacent stall. “Right on time,” she said as I heard his pants drop to the floor.I looked through the glory hole and saw that this guy was already pretty hard. His cock was also much smaller than the last guys, which was a bit of a relief considering my jaw was a bit sore. It was about 5 inches long, but not nearly as thick.His cock slid through the hole and I immediately took it into my mouth. It tasted pretty good actually, much better than the last guy. I licked all around his tip and felt some precum in my mouth. I felt my cock dripping precum all over my thighs, just below my plugged ass. It was out of reach though, as I was stilled handcuffed.I kept sucking on this guy, licking his tip and twirling my tongue around his shaft. Eventually he pulled back and I looked kocaeli escort bayan through to see him rubbing himself really fast. I opened my mouth and put it up to the hole just in time for him to slide his ejaculating cock back through and into my mouth. I felt multiple ropes get shot into my mouth, but this time it seemed way less gross. I’m not sure if his load was better, or if I was just becoming a cock slut.My girlfriend saw that he had cum and grabbed my chin and pulled it up so I was looking at the ceiling.”Swallow it down,” she said as I obeyed, now with much less resistance. “Wow you really do enjoy this don’t you?”With that, the guy in the next stall left and I heard another person enter. I thought there must’ve been a line or something because that was quick. I looked through and this time, I saw that it was fairly chubby white guy. He pulled his pants down to reveal his flaccid cock.”I hope you’re ready for this,” he said as he slid it on through.I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his tip. Once again, I felt a lot less grossed out about being a glory hole cock sucker. I was still handcuffed, with my face chained to the glory hole, but I didn’t feel like I was being forced anymore.I wanted to do this now. My distraction away from the cock in my mouth was quickly ended when his small, flaccid cock enlarged into a long, fairly thick piece of meat. He was a grower, and as I backed up in awe to get a good look at his beautiful cock, I was interrupted be a gentle tug on the chain.”I didn’t say stop, now get sucking,” he said as he tugged on the chain again much harder this time.I took it all in, and attempted to deepthroat it, but I couldn’t handle it. It was just too long and thick. My girlfriend overheard me gagging and laughed.”Breath through the nose, idiot,” she said as she pushed my face into the hole.After a few more seconds of struggling, I finally figured out how to suppress my gag reflex and deep throat his big cock. There I was, butt filled with a plug, face chained to a glory hole with a big cock head slapping my tonsils around. I was in total bliss. I must’ve lost track of time, but I swear this big penis was sliding down my throat for a solid 10 minutes.I was drooling all over the place while this happened. It was amazing. After a while his pace slowed, and I heard him ask if I was ready. I knew what was gonna happen, he slowed down and pulled his cock out all the way except for just the tip. I licked around his peehole when suddenly I felt a thick, tasty rope of cum shoot out into my mouth.”Mmmmm,” I exclaimed as shot after shot of his cum was deposited directly onto my tongue. His load was absolutely massive.After he filled my mouth completely full with his delicious cum, my girlfriend walked over to tell me to swallow it, but I had already beaten her to it. I’d gulped it all down the second he pulled his cock out of my mouth.”Wow, you are really enjoying this now aren’t you,” she quipped.”Wow, where do you think you’re going?” she said “I still have one more guy for you to drain,” and with that, I heard the stall open on the other side.I gazed through the gloryhole for a few seconds before out from the side walked my next cock. He was a very tall black man.”I saved you the best for last,” she said to me with a bit of snicker.”I hope you’re ready for this,” he said as I watched on through the glory hole.With that, he lowered down his gym shorts, very slowly. He kept getting lower and lower and I never saw the end of it, until finally, I saw the tip.His cock was gigantic. It had to have been over ten inches long! He was already hard too. I looked on in awe for a good 20 seconds before he finally inched closer to the glory hole. Finally, he slid it through and I got a good look.His cock was extremely thick, fattening up just below the head at its largest point. A perfectly shaped, pink head greeted me face to face.I noticed a little drop of precum start to form at the end, and with that, I took him into my mouth. I started by licking around his izmit escort delicious tip, feeling every drop of precum that came out right on my tongue.I took it in, and felt it get even bigger inside of my mouth. I was enjoying taking it slow when suddenly, my face was once again pushed up to the stall.My girlfriend was pushing off the other side of the wall, and putting her ass against the back of my head, forcing my face right up to the glory hole. I tried to speak, but my speech was muffled by the behemoth in my mouth.He must’ve been in on it cause at this point he went as deep as he could. I was gagging pretty badly but once again tried to suppress my gag reflex and breath through my nose.So there I was, hands cuffed behind my back, butt plugged, face bound to a glory hole, being held up against the wall as a big black cock slid in and out of my mouth after I had just swallowed 3 loads of cum from other guys. I was having fun. I loved the whole thing. I just relaxed and let him do all the work, my mouth was just a hole for him to use for his pleasure. After about 5 minutes of this, his large black cock suddenly stopped fucking my throat and pulled out so his tip was just inside my lips.”Try and make me cum, bitch,” he said through the stall, as I realized it was my time to start doing some of the work.He once again pushed his cock all the way through the glory hole, and I backed up a bit and looked at it. A beautiful, pink head topped off the saliva covered cock as it twitched up and down. I immediately took the tip back in my mouth and bobbed up and down on the first 4-5 inches, wrapping my tongue around it as I sucked.”MMmmmm fuck yeah,” he said from the other stall as his delicious precum leaked out into my mouth.I kept moving my head up and down, licking everywhere I could. Tonguing his peehole, licking his frenulum, tasting his delicious precum. This went on for another 5minutes before he started moving again. My girl pushed my face up to the stall wall again and he began to throat fuck me once again, this time even harder. I could hear him moaning in pleasure from across the stall, I knew he had to be getting close.He kept ramming my tonsils with his cock head, making me salivate all over the floor. I was beginning to get impatient though, I had been servicing his cock for at least 15 minutes and my jaw was beginning to get sore.Right on queue though, he pulled out and told me to finish him off. As he said that, my girl undid the handcuffs behind my back and I immediately started jerking his cock. I rubbed that thing while my lips wrapped wrong his tip and my tongue teased his head. I rubbed and sucked on him for what seemed like a couple of minutes until I could feel him getting ready to cum.His big head swelled up and got ready to burst. I was finally rewarded with his big load. The first string shot directly down my throat, which I immediately swallowed, the rest sort of oozed out directly onto my tongue, which allowed me to get a good taste of it. I continued to rub it, stirring his load around while pulses of hot cum shot into my mouth. After about 30 seconds or so, he finally pulled away.I undid the collar around my neck and stood up and looked in the mirror. My chin was completely covered in a mix of saliva, precum and cum. I opened my mouth and saw that it was completely filled with the load I sucked out of the big black cock. I gulped it down and immediately reached for my own cock. I rubbed it a few times and a big load just sort of dribbled out of it.My girlfriend made sure to catch my load in her hand and feed it back to me. I swallowed it down immediately, being the good little cum swallower that I am.”Well you had fun, didn’t you?” She said. “I knew you’d enjoy that but I didn’t think I could ever get you to do it just for fun.”After that I cleaned myself up and snuck out of there, walking past a group of men who I’m pretty sure I’d just sucked off, when one of them slapped me on the ass and winked at me handing my girlfriend an envelope. I had my fun that day and want to go to a glory hole again sometime in the future.I told her that I enjoyed it a lot after the first cock and that I’d definitely do it again. That’s great hear baby because your already booked for same time next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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