Girlfriend used in a Holiday Toilet

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Girlfriend used in a Holiday ToiletThis is fiction…So, it was a couple of years back now, in Turkey, at a bar by the beach. You know the sort of place, shitty pop music blaring out, drinks that were 50% vodka and 50% watered down coke. The usual lecherous, greasy locals working the bar and the tables, hitting on all the drunken English girls, succeeding often enough to make it worthwhile.I’d been for a piss, shifting some of mediocre local beer I’d managed to chug down, and was walking back to the table when I noticed the bar owner, Oz, talking to my girlfriend Alison. Ali saw me coming back over and smiled, and I could see relief in her face. That smarmy bastard had been making moves on her all night, every time my back was turned, and we were thinking about moving on to get away from him. I couldn’t blame the guy for fancying her, who wouldn’t? 5’6”, long blonde hair, big tits that the bikini top she was wearing barely contained and probably the tidiest arse I’ve ever seen, but this clown wasn’t taking no for an answer.“Fuck this, let’s get out of here,” I said, frowning at Oz’s retreating back. He winked at me over his shoulder and signalled that I should wait a minute. “I’m going to smack that prick in a minute.”“Yeah,” replied Ali, “let’s try to avoid a brawl eh?”Oz came back over, a small tray with our bill and a couple of shots of the evil local moonshine on it balanced on one hand. His eyes were on stalks , ogling Alison’s sweet tits. He was an older bloke, forty-odd, heavy set in the way Turks tend to go when they age and he looked handy enough that I didn’t much want to call him on it. I got a few notes out of my wallet and slapped them down on the tray, picked up the two güvenilir bahis siteleri shots and necked both. I nodded shortly at Oz and grabbed Ali’s hand, intending to lead her away.“Hang on a sec,” she said, “I’ll just use the toilet.”“Right, no worries,” I said, “I’ll come with.” I followed her own the side of the bar to where the ladies were located and stood leaning against the wall while she did her thing. Oz came heading down from the bar, presumably heading for the storeroom, and two of his staff came from the other end of the corridor, trapping me between the three of them. “Ah shit,” I thought, “this looks like trouble.” The two younger guys got to me first, pushing me against the wall. I swung a fist at one, connecting somewhere but the other smacked me firmly in the gut, knocking the wind out of me.“So,” said Oz, “maybe I get to see those tits after all, yes?”“Fuck off,” I gasped, “you can’t do this.”He just grunted something to his lads and pulled a tool from his pocket, popping the toilet door open in seconds. He said something else to the young guys, who grabbed me and dragged me in to the ladies before slamming the door and rebolting it.Just then, Alison came out of the cubicle, gasping “what the fuck?!”“I know you English girls like sucking cock,” sneered Oz, “maybe if you suck mine good enough, I don’t beat your boyfriend.”“No,” she said, shaking her head and backing away.“Don’t do it!” I yelled, “I don’t give a fuck if he hits me!”In answer, he hit me three more times, short hooked shots into the ribs. I was ready but they hurt like hell, forcing a groan from me as his mates held me there, unable to avoid it or defend myself. Alison had tears running perabet down her face by now, “stop, STOP!” she cried, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”I shook my head but she just dropped to her knees as Oz unbuttoned his fly.“Good little English girl,” he sneered, one hand dropping to her breast, popping it out of the bikini. “You know your place at least. See, English boy. Your girl wants a real cock.”I struggled but the beating I’d had meant I was no match for the strong hands holding me down as Oz placed one hairy-knuckled hand on the back of Ali’s head and pushed his stiffening prick at her lips. She tried to turn away but reluctantly opened her mouth, the bulbous head slipping past her pursed lips as he applied more pressure, tears dripping from her chin. I gasped for breath in the corner as I watched this bastard face fuck my woman, revolted yet bizarrely aroused as he mauled her tits, pinching her nipples as he moved his hips faster. He grunted , stiffened and pulled out, the last jets of spunk splashing to her cheeks and chin and she gagged and spat the contents of her mouth on the floor. Oz just laughed.“That was a good start,” he nodded. “Now, you just have to take care of the boys and you can go back to England.”“No!” she shook her head. “Just you! You said just you!”“But you’re so good, I think my boys need a turn as well.” He turned to me. “What do you think?”“Just let us go!” I was catching my breath again now. “We won’t tell anyone!”He slapped me lazily across the face, one side then the other. “I didn’t ask that. Should she do them too or should we beat the shit out of you?”“No!” I shouted. “No more! Let her go!”“Too bad,” he said, with a fine show of perabet giriş mock reluctance as he brought his foot sharply round into my stomach. I folded up and vomited my last three pints on the dirty floor. “Do what you want to her and let them go. Ten minutes, no more.”He opened the door and left, and I heard him explaining to someone that the ladies were out of order. The taller of the two young men locked the door behind Oz and turned to Alison, still on her knees sobbing. He brought out a semi erect penis which he tapped lightly on her cheek as his friend moved behind her, rubbing at her pussy under her skirt as he fumbled his cock out. He couldn’t have been more than s*******n. “Please, No!” said Alison. “Not that, I’ll suck it, not that!”He grunted and ignored her, spitting on his fingers and wiping it along her tight pink slit, playing his swelling cockhead along her gash, forcing his cock up her unwilling shaven hole as she whimpered, and then her mouth was full of the tall guy’s cock, choking off her cries. He held her blonde hair wrapped around his fist as he face fucked her, banging away so his balls slapped on her chin as his mate smashed away at the other end, the combined rhythm shaking her like a rag doll. They laughed as they did it, egging each other on in Turkish.Neither lasted long, both shooting within a minute or two, spunk dripping from either end of her abused body. The young one who’d fucked her cunt grabbed a handful of her hair and used it to wipe his cock clean. They laughed at us, zipped up and left, locking the door behind them. I stood and walked painfully over to where she lay, foetal, on the floor. I brushed her hair from her face and she grinned up at me with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and said “Do you think we can get them to do the same tomorrow night?!”I poked at my ribs and said wryly “Only if we can persuade them to leave out the beating!” as she took my rigid tool between her spunk-covered lips…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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