Girls Night Out

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It was girl’s night out Sunny and her friends were going to the local club. It has been a long time since Sunny has gone out. She can’t seem to find the time to do much of anything these days, between work and school, by the time she gets home she is ready to drop. Nevertheless, a couple of her friends talked her into going out, they promised she would not regret it. Just as she gets out of the shower she hears the girls honking outside. She can’t seem to get ready fast enough. Finally she throws on a red skirt and shirt, slaps some makeup on her face, pulls her hair back, and runs out the door.

As they arrive at the club she feels herself relaxing a bit, as they make their way around the bar, finding the last remaining table they order the first round of drinks. The waitress comes back with the drinks and tells them that the guy at the bar paid for the drinks, they raise their glasses and thank him. Just as they are ready to order another round the tall dark gorgeous man from the bar approaches the table. As he leans down in between the girls and looks at Sunny, he then reaches for her hand and tells her how beautiful she is, (with her long dark hair, big brown eyes, she stands about 5’3 122lbs). She begins to blush. She laughs and says thanks. He can’t take his eyes off of her. He asks if he may join them, with a giggle the girls agree the stranger from the bar takes a seat. He introduces himself as Christopher he settles in among the three girls and begins a conversation. They find them selves talking about everything, her job, school, and his job where he went to college, their hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

Before she knows it its after midnight, she cant help but wonder where the evening had gone. The band yells out “last set” and Chris grabs Sunny’s hand and leads her to the dance floor, He pulls her close as they start dancing, her heart is pounding it has been so long since she has felt the warm touch of a man. Sunny broke up with her boyfriend almost a year ago, he just didn’t like the fact that he came after her school and work, she felt so pressured by him tuzla eve gelen escort that she had to break it off. She found herself getting lost in his touch and this scared her. The song was over just as soon as it started or so it seemed to Sunny. Heading back to the table he puts his arm around her waist, she grins and moves a little closer to him, back at the table he whispers to her that he would like to see her again she agrees this would be nice but the night isn’t over yet. The night slowly comes to an end, Sunny tells Christopher good night and turns to walk away. Feeling like schoolgirls she and her friends walk to the car and begin to giggle, Chris runs to her and tells her he would like her telephone number, she gives it to him. He kisses her good night, opens the door for her and she climbs in.

On the way back to her house she and her friends talk about Chris, she tells them how good it felt to have his body against hers on the dance floor and how she longed for the closeness of a man, how her body ached. They pulled up in front of Sunny’s house as she got out she told them she had a great time and was happy she went.

Sunny made her way up the front steps as she opened the door she heard a car pull up, she turned to see who it was, and to her surprise it was Christopher her heart fell to her feet, she couldn’t believe he followed her home. He got out of his car and ran up the stairs to meet her before she went in, he grabbed her pulled her close and kissed her passionately she pushes open the door with her foot and leads him in. Inside they continue to kiss, she finds her body melting as he caresses her, she pulls away fearing this might be moving to fast. She tells him to have a seat she has to go change.

She heads into the bathroom and slips on a robe; it feels good to be out of those clothes. She walks back out to the living room and sits down next to him. He asks to make sure it was OK that he followed her home? She tells him yes, she is happy he did.

He reaches over and kisses her again, at the same time running tuzla otele gelen escort his large strong hands up and down her leg, moving up to her inner thighs. She can’t help herself she gives into his warm wet kisses, as his hands start to roam around her body, she sinks down in the couch waiting and wanting everything he has to give. He slowly unties her robe and lets it fall open, looking at her bare body, large firm breast, and slim tight stomach. She leans up and pulls his shirt over his head, now she too has something to look at and admire; damn does she like the view.

He leans down and starts kissing her lips, moving down to her neck across her chest, taking in one nipple at a time flicking it sucking it in, teasing her wildly. She lets out a soft moan as her body starts to shake. He makes his way down her body with his tongue his hands gripping her breast squeezing them tugging on her nipples. As he reaches her inner things she lifts her legs bending her knees slightly leaving her forbidden pasture open for him, he moves in slowly sucking her clit into his mouth, nibbling, as his fingers start rubbing the outside of her ever so wet pussy. She cannot restrain as she pushes his head down, forcing his mouth over her wet and waiting pussy. He begins to lap at it like a kitten drinking milk, it tastes so sweet, digging his tongue in deep and pulling it back out, up her clit then back in, she moans with pleasure as excitement builds. He pushes her legs up to her chest running his tongue across her slit, from hole to hole licking up her sweet ass and back to her pussy.

His cock wanting out of his jeans so desperately bad he stands and starts working them off. She lay there watching him offering a hand to help, as his jeans fall to the floor she reaches for his rock hard cock, pulling him to her she stares at it as it lays In her hand, she sits up and takes it in her mouth with long hard full sucks, forcing it to the back of her throat flicking it with her tongue as lets it fall from her mouth.

Christopher bends down and tuzla sınırsız escort takes her in his arms moving toward the bedroom their hearts racing, bodies aching. Reaching the bed, he slowly lays her down…lower himself on top of her, He begins to tease her with his cock letting it flap against her wetness as he holds himself up rocking back and forth. She can’t take much more of the teasing her body wants to feel him deep inside of her. She wraps her arms around him and pulls down; he starts kissing her passionately, the heat building as two bodies become one.

He slowly begins to guide his cock into her wet opening, she gasps as the head enters, it has been a long time since she has felt a man he works his body down forcing a little of his cock in at a time. Sunny wraps her legs around his waist, her nails running up and down Chris back, both moaning, the sweat running off him dripping on her. Sunny can feel she is about to explode, she quickly rolls over taking top which puts her in control. Leaning up sitting on Chris, she begins to ride him. Almost turning it into a game he begins to buck, Sunny trying to say on, she rides harder and faster, taking his hands and lacing their fingers together she holds on that way, as the heat rises and the moment becomes more intense Sunny thinks to herself fucking has never felt so good or so right!

Chris leaning up and pulling Sunny to him, he kisses her, flicking his tongue around her mouth, and he whispers FUCK ME SUNNY! Moving his hands to her hips, forcing her down on him Sunny begins to ride harder and faster then ever! Grinding down on Chris rotating her hips Sunny can NO longer hold back, as she feels his cock swell inside her. As he starts to release his hot cum inside her she begins let her juices flow, The orgasm is the strongest one Sunny can ever remember having. Screaming out his name CHRIS, he moans out hers SUNNY it seems to last forever, she falls down on top of him/her body shaking, his trembling. He wraps his arms around her as they listen to each other’s hearts beat.

She rolls over and lays beside him, he puts one arm under her head pulling her to his chest, he whispers I never want to let you go. She kisses his chest as they lay next to each reliving every step of what they just experienced.

Sunny grins as she drifts off to sleep hoping when she wakes he will still be there and there will be more to come!

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