Giving a Cougar What Her Husband Won’t

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Giving a Cougar What Her Husband Won’tFor the past year I’d been having the time of my life, I was in my first year of uni and spent almost every night going to parties, getting drunk and getting laid, a lot. I guess uni isn’t like that for everyone, but I was born lucky, standing at 6’3 with dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and with the body of an athlete, girls had always been easy for me.I glanced at my watch and realised I was going to be late; I’d promised my friends I would meet them at the bar by at least 9pm, but my last lecture had run long. I had barely had any time to throw on a simple shirt and trousers. I hurried through the streets to make it on time glancing at my watch frequently, until I saw it up ahead.Entering the bar, I made a bee line for my group of friends, making my way past all the girls in their tight-fitting dresses, which made their asses look simply heavenly. I spent the next hour making small talk with my friends and trying to chat up the occasional girl. But none of them were much appealing to me, all were just the same boring old thing.Then as I was getting ready to head home for the night, I noticed standing at the bar Venetia. Now, Venetia was a friend of my mothers who I had seen frequently growing up. Now the reason she was so noticeable even halfway across the bar was that she was a perfect milf. She was tall and lithe, with long brown hair which fell to her shoulders, and an angular face. But it was her body which really made her stand out, she had C cup breasts, which had not even begun to sag despite the fact that she was in her late forties, a taut and toned stomach, incredibly long seductive legs, and her most important feature, her round fuckable arse. All of these features were showcased in her dress tonight, with a plunging neckline, and fabric that clung to the curves of her bum. Our eyes meeting across the room, I begun to make my way over to her. When I was younger, she was the subject of many of my fantasies, and somewhere in my mind I had a glimmer of hope that we would go home together tonight.As I reached her, she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me pulling me in tight so I could feel her body pressed against mine. ‘Tim, how are you I haven’t seen you for years.’, she said. We continued talking for the next half an hour, making polite conversation. But slowly as the night wore on and we began to drink more and more, the conversation became increasingly flirty. After a particularly biting round of shots Venetia looked at me with a glint in her eye, ‘You know what, my husbands on a work trip, let’s get completely hammered tonight.’. I was already fairly tipsy and while it felt slightly strange to be getting drunk with my mother’s friend, she had a certain sexy seductive appeal, which was difficult to say no to. Thus, we ended up at the bar downing shot after shot together. I was enjoying myself immensely as we both got more and more drunk, the conversation was becoming quite sexual, and the tension was palpable. More than a couple of times she stumbled and fell into my arms, feeling her curvaceous body against mine was glorious. As the bar closed, we both headed out onto the street stumbling slightly. It was clear neither of us quite wanted to go home yet. We ended up chatting in an alley outside of the bar, dimly lit by streetlamps and quite empty except for the two of us. The conversation was definitely still of a flirty nature, we istanbul escort talked about our sexual partners, our best and worst experiences, until somehow to conversation moved to shaving and waxing. Venetia begun loudly lecturing me ‘It is so much harder for women, they have to shave or wax their legs and pits regularly but guys just have to do their faces, in fact I’ve completely given up on shaving my pussy, I just trim it now.’ I chuckled slightly, with cock beginning to stir at the thought of her pussy. But she went on ‘In fact I’ve just had my legs waxed.’, she looked at me cheekily as she said, ‘would you like to see’. I mumbled my assent. She began to lift the hem of her loose black dress higher and higher, slowly her toned and shapely thighs came into view, until finally I could see the bottom of her white lace panties, at the point where her thighs came together. In the glint of the streetlamps I thought I could see a small wet patch. She was truly the ultimate milf, and I could feel my cock getting rock hard in my boxers as I watched her. Next she dropped the edge of her dress and slowly walked towards me, until she was inches from my face. Softly she said, ‘Your turn now.’, and I could feel her delicate fingers begin to trace their way up my thigh. Finally, they reached my hard cock, and she grasped it through my trousers with one hand, as with the other she grabbed my balls. Now I’ve always been proud of my cock, its 10 inches long, and incredibly thick. Now as she grasped my huge cock, she looked up at me with lust filling her brown doe eyes, as she realised what a monster cock I had, with her other hand she grasped the back of my head and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. My lips met hers and my tongue quickly slid into her mouth, meeting hers, and engaging in an intricate dance with it, the fact that she was married and 20 years older than me just made it more hot. We both became more and more turned on by it, as she pressed her tight hot body against mine with my cock rubbing against her stomach and pussy through her dress. My hands moved lower from her hips to her pert arse as I grasped it filling my hands with it. After what felt like hours of passionate kissing, she broke away. She then looked at me, reached her hand down my trousers, grasped my bare cock and said, ‘My house, now.’.I followed her like a puppy dog, as we made the short walk back to her place. She quickly unlocked the door and as soon as we were inside, she spun around, grasped my head with both of her hands drew me into a steamy kiss. I had barely begun to kiss her properly when, right there in the hallway of her home, surrounded by pictures of her husband and c***dren, she dropped into a crouch, and pulled down my trousers. She then got onto her knees the hard-wooden floor, and grasped my straining cock, which was struggling to break free of my boxers, and begun to rub it through the fabric with her delicate painted nails. Looking up at me, she suddenly yanked down my boxers, and my 9-inch cock sprang out in front of her face. I could see her begin to salivate, eyeing up my thick veiny penis, she was almost drooling. She began by taking a slow and long lick from the bottom to the top of my shaft, as she reached the top her tongue swirled around my head, vacuuming up the bead of precum oozing from my cock. Then without wasting a second she wrapped avcılar escort her lips around the glistening head, and slowly begun to take my length in my mouth. She made it about halfway before she begun to gag. Having realised how much of me she could fit in her mouth; she went to work sucking me like she was born to it. Surprised at how eagerly she was shoving my dick down her throat, I said ‘Wow, you must really like sucking cock.’. Unable to answer due to my cock filling her mouth she drew me out of her mouth before answering, my precum leaking out of her mouth, ‘I haven’t sucked my husband’s dick in years, his is fucking tiny, and shrivelled, the idea of having that in my mouth revolts me. But your dick, is fucking beautiful, and I can’t get enough.’. Her mouth quickly descended on my shaft again her tongue twirling around my head, her hand furiously jerking me off. Then with a mischievous glint in her eye, she took each of my balls in her mouth and begun to suck them, hard and fast, all the while still jerking me off. I could feel my orgasm building up, so I quickly pulled her to her feet, before I ruined my chance to feel the inside of her cougar pussy. She quickly dragged me up the stairs to her bedroom, tugging off her dress as we went, as we finally made it to her bedroom, and she was standing before me I admired her body. Her dress was finally off and it pooled at her feet, she was dressed just in lace see-through white panties and a bra. With the dress off I could fully see her round arse, and I could just imagine my hips slamming against that arse. Our lips met again as we began to passionately kiss, my cock was hanging out of my boxers now and pressing into her bare stomach, as well as those perfect white panties, and I could feel a growing wet patch where her pussy was. I pushed her back onto her large double bed, ignoring the photos of her husband and his things on the nightstand, he’d been stupid enough to let a woman like this go unsatisfied, and I felt not pity as my tongue invaded his wife’s mouth. My hand drifted down from cradling her face to her thin and flimsy bra, her breasts were full and round, if sagging a little, and I quickly felt her hard nipples through the fabric, and begun to run my fingers over them slowly touching them, as she moaned softly into my mouth. God, how lucky I was with a tall lithe cougar underneath me moaning into my mouth, with hard nipples and a wet pussy. My hands drifted down from her nipples to her panties, and my fingers begun to rub her slit through them, her panties were completely soaked, god she must have been wet. She moaned louder and louder into my mouth, and I felt her hands reach around and undo her bra clasp, letting her large tits fall out of it against my chest. I slowly pushed her face off my mouth and moved on to kissing her neck sucking on it and kissing up and down her pressure points, as she arched her neck back and sighed. My fingers were still furiously rubbing her crotch through her panties, as they got wetter and wetter. After working on her neck, I raised myself up above her on my forearms as she looked up at me her eyes desperate, and her hands ran over my rippling muscles, with her hands rubbing over every taut ab and huge pec, my biceps bulging. I then moved down to her nipples, as I lifted on of her heavy full breasts up and wrapped my lips around the nipple, slowly sucking as my şirinevler escort teeth slowly grazed over it, eliciting a small shout from Venetia as she pushed her hips up into me desperate for contact against her wet pussy. My fingers slowly twisted and teased her other nipple, as she moaned on the bed and began to sweat. However, I soon became bored of this, and was desperate to see her pussy, so I slowly kissed my way down her stomach until I reached her panties. At this point I didn’t even bother to pull them down her legs I just ripped them off, revealing a thick triangular bush, and below it a pink and perfect pussy, that glistened with her juices. I spread her legs wider allowing me full access, and then I began with one long languid lick from the top to the bottom of her pussy. She moaned and thrust her pussy deeper into my face, wanting more. I then began to slowly explore her pussy with my tongue, as I spread her outer lips open with my fingers. My hot tongue invaded her hole, eating her out, as her pussy juices filled my mouth and I lapped them up. I then found her engorged clit and wrapping my lips around it begun to suck it harder and harder, as she bucked beneath me in ecstasy. I continued eating her out, alternating between sucking her clit, and shoving my tongue into her pussy hole, all the while slowly teasing her nipples with my fingers. I could tell she was close to cumming, her toes were beginning to curl, and I wanted to be inside her when she cummed. So, getting up and looking down at her on the bed, this cougar lying there sweat glistening on her body, her pussy sopping wet and ready for me. I positioned myself above her removed my boxers, releasing my hard thick shaft, and guided it to her slit. I rubbed it up and down her seeping cunt, as she desperately pushed her pussy forward, wanting my dick. I then began to ease my head into her tight pussy penetrating her. I continued to push inch after inch into her wet cunt, filling her up until finally my balls hit against her arse cheeks. She was clenching the sheets in pleasure as I filled up her entire pussy, in between moans she just made out ‘Hard, hard and fast, please, please’. I quickly drew my cock out of her, and then slammed it back in with full force, this pushed her over the edge, and she screamed as she came, the noise echoing around the house. I felt her pussy walls clench around my cock, as I continued slamming my cock in and out of her, pummelling her through her orgasm. She was shaking and moaning as her eyes rolled back in her head and she became lost in the pleasure. I kissed her aggressively as we continued fucking, and I continued driving her arse into the mattress with each stroke. After a full 10 minutes of this, I flipped her round, onto her knees, she was panting with ecstasy like a dog, and I again slid my rock-hard shaft into her waiting cunt. It was even easier to fuck her hard like this , as I pummelled her arse. I knew I was close to cumming, and I sped up, fucking her harder and harder, as she moaned. Finally, I orgasmed spurting copious amounts of cum deep inside her, as waves of pleasure washed over me. The moment she felt my cum inside her, she too orgasmed hard, pushing her arse back against me as she pussy squeezed my cock for all it was worth.After I finished, I slowly pulled back and collapsed against the bed, my cock beginning to soften. She quickly cleaned my dick up with her mouth desperate to taste more of my cum, and then we both lay next to each other gasping for air. I looked across at her, covered in sweat, still reeling from her orgasm, with my cum spilling from her wet slit, she looked hot as fuck, and I could feel myself becoming aroused again. I turned to her and smiling said ‘Again?’.

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