Glad I Came

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Family reunions are always an ordeal. They don’t happen like they do in the movies. They aren’t joyous gatherings of long lost family members who are just so happy to see each other. In real life, it’s a girl like me surrounded by a hoard of aunts screeching at each other and laughing, drunk uncles playing pool and talking about sports and pretentious cousins competing over who was a better job or a more prestigious degree. With family like mine, I am constantly amazed that I can survive these gatherings at all, amazed that I don’t just die of irritation the minute I walk through the door.

Usually, I wouldn’t be bothered coming to them, but I’d missed the last two and had promised my mother that I would fly back to New York from L.A. for this one. “I hope she appreciates that I missed out on a fucking interview with Josh Homme for this shit,” I cursed under my breath. None of these family members ever thought that I would make it as a journalist and when I had added music into the equation, they were doubly skeptical. Perhaps the only good thing about these reunions was that I could show them all how wrong they were. I could show them that I had a great career going and was living my dream, writing for Rolling Stone, interviewing my idols and spreading the word about great new music. But then one of my cousins just had to become a fucking brain surgeon and steal my thunder. Asshole.

Lost in their self centered yapping, the ringing doorbell fell on deaf ears. Grateful for an excuse to take a breather, I went to the door and opened it to find my least favorite cousin of them all: Junior. A cocky, loud, misogynist prick. I put aside my dislike of him and politely greeted him before I went back to close the door. “No, wait Lina! My friend is coming right behind me,” he called out.

“Oh great, another asshole that I have to worry about. I’m in for a long fucking night,” I thought to myself as I reopened the door and just as I did, he walked in.

He was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen. He was much taller than me, which is hard to do considering that I’m six feet tall myself. His body was incredibly chiseled and defined with thick, muscular arms peeking out from underneath his charcoal colored t-shirt. It was a band tee, Queens of the Stone Age. Seemed like he had to have pretty good taste in music if he liked QotSA, which in my book is always a definite plus. His naturally dark hair was sun-kissed and pulled back into a short ponytail. His tan, olive tinted skin was glowing in the light of the hallway. He looked like a model. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he had just walked off of a runway. His eyebrows were thick and dark and he sported a scruffy beard. His lips were fat and juicy and his eyes looked like dark pits that you could be trapped in forever. I fought to keep my jaw from dropping as he walked by, his dark eyes fixed on me as he moved away.

“Well, at least he’s a hot asshole,” I laughed to myself. I pulled out the food and liquor Junior had brought with him and set it out on the table with the rest of the food and drinks. As I walked back into the living room where my cousins had all been lounging, Junior had just started the introduction process.

“This is Ian. He’s one of my surfer buddies.” I figured as much. Though I really did dislike Junior, he was an excellent surfer and he was always with a friend, ready to check out the waves wherever they ended up. None of them had ever looked like that though. I watched for what seemed to be an eternity as Ian made his way around the room, shaking hands with my family. Finishing up, he turned to me with an outstretched hand. It was big and warm and rough and though it looked somewhat menacing, it shook mine with the perfect combination of firmness and gentleness. His eyes were even more incredible up close and they stared into mine with an intense, matadorbet penetrative quality that made me uneasy.

“Your name’s Lina, right?” His voice was deep and dark and beautiful. No matter how attractive or unattractive a person physically was, a nice, deep voice could turn me on like nothing else and his was definitely having that effect.

“Yes.” I was feeling weak and it was all I could muster. I let go of his hand and abruptly excused myself before I quickly walked away.

I headed to the bathroom, the only room in the house that wasn’t filled with incessant talking, and shut the door. Leaning on the sink, I tried to catch my breath. I looked in the mirror and could see that my porcelain skin was brightly flushed. I was hot all over so I turned the sink on and poured some cool water over my neck, my arms and my chest. The water did the trick and the paleness of my skin found it’s way back to me, no longer marred by an embarrassing blush. I checked my makeup in the mirror to make sure I looked alright. My brown eyes were carefully lined and smudged with a black pencil and highlighted by long, black lashes. I reapplied gloss to my plump lips and put my long, dark, wavy hair into a messy bun with chunky pieces falling down. I always got compliments when I wore it like that. Though I was one hundred percent Hispanic, I was often and easily mistaken for being Greek and the hairstyle seemed to bring that out in me. If I had a quarter for every time a man asked me to be his Greek goddess, I’d be a very rich woman. If I had another quarter for how many times I had turned one of those idiots down for lack of originality, I’d be giving Bill Gates a run for his money.

I fixed my black tank top, adjusting my bra straps and making sure that my breasts weren’t spilling out too obscenely. It’s hard trying to cover up double-D breasts; they always seem to want to come out and play. I turned around and looked at my butt. It looked good in these jeans. They were tight but stretchy and fit over my curvy form with ease. Feeling a renewed sense of confidence setting in, I headed out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. I opened up the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.

“There you are. I thought I had scared you off.” I turned around and there was Ian, leaning on the wall with his strong arms crossed.

“Well then, clearly you have no idea who I am or what I’m like because that takes a lot more than a stare,” I retorted angrily before I took a sip of the ice cold water. I turned my back on him and took another sip, wishing that he would just leave the room. Who the hell was he to challenge me like that? Maybe the real reason I was angry was the fact he seemed to see right through me. He knew that he had made me nervous before and he knew exactly what to say to get me riled up like I was. He had to know how hot he was making me.

Though I couldn’t see him, I could feel him moving closer and closer until he was right behind me. I put the drink down on the counter as his hands found my shoulders and he leaned into me. His weight was pushing against me until I was bent and laid over the counter top with him right over me. His warm lips caressed my ear as he whispered into me, “Really?”

He turned me around and lifted me up on the counter so that my lips could touch his. He teased me mercilessly, moving closer to me, with his mouth barely touching mine, before he pulled away. Frustrated, I grabbed onto his hair, pulling it out of it’s ponytail and guided his warm lips onto mine. My hands moved from his hair to his chest, as I felt the fabric of his gray t-shirt cover his hard muscles, then moving inside his sleeves to roam over his biceps. He grabbed the water bottle behind me and titled my head back and poured it into my mouth. I swallowed for him, the cold water dripping down my neck. matadorbet giriş His lips once again, locked onto mine, desperately dueling. Our kissing grew more and more frantic, our faces slamming into one another as my hips rocked back and forth on the counter, my hot cunt seeking relief, wanting to be touched, licked, fucked. I pulled my mouth off of his, pushed him back and jumped off the counter. Grabbing my car keys, I pulled him with me out the door and led him to my old ’75 Chevy Caprice Classic. I opened the door to the back seat and threw him in there, climbing on top of him as I closed the door behind us.

“Babe, you have absolutely no idea what you just started,” I said, grinding myself onto his lap.

“Fuck, I think you might need to show me,” he said, breathing heavily while his head tilted back in pleasure. Seizing the opportunity, my lips found his neck, playing with his smooth skin. I kissed him softly, sucking on his skin while I did. A nibble here and there was the cherry on the sundae. His moans were growing more and more desperate by then so I pulled myself away from his throat to take off my top, revealing my black bra. His hands immediately traveled over my stomach and then higher and higher, until my breasts were cupped in his rough, warm hands. I ground myself into him, harder and heavier, as his hands reached behind me to remove the one thing that stood between him and my bare torso.

I helped him pull the offending fabric off and he pulled me forward, catching my hard nipple in his mouth. I writhed in pleasure above him as he tortured the stiff bud, nibbling and sucking until my pussy felt like it was on fire. I moved away from him, moving down on my knees in front of him and undid his belt buckle. I did it in a deliberately slow manner, trying to make him suffer as much as possible before he would find relief. I undid the buttons of his shorts and pulled down his fly, while he lifted himself up to allow me to take off his pants. The crotch of his black briefs was bulging obscenely and I could feel the warmth emanating from his cock. My hands moved slowly over him, feeling his hardness, his length. He whimpered while I pressed my lips against the hot fabric, over every single inch of his bulge until he was begging me to suck it.

“Oh, fuck. Come on baby. Please.” I peeled off his briefs and got my first glimpse of the cock that would fill countless more nights with pleasure, not to mention my aching twat right now. His dick was just as beautiful as the rest of him. Thick, meaty and long, I was almost drooling at the sight of it but that didn’t mean I was going to give him what he wanted straight away. I pulled myself up and pulled off his shirt, leaving his sexy body completely exposed to me. I went back to working on his neck, letting my soft lips drive him wild. I moved down, centimeter by centimeter, taking my time to explore his entire body. First his chest, then his hard abs. I licked him all over, slowly getting down to my main objective. By the time I got down to his throbbing cock, I thought he would cum the minute I placed my lips on that pretty little head of his. Luckily, he had more self control than that.

My lips moved all over him, tongue darting in and out and all around his stiff member. I licked him up and down, reveling in the salty taste of his skin and his deep moans that decorated the air.

“You want me to suck it? Mmm, is that what you want?” I teased as my tongue swirled over his head. He knew exactly what I wanted before I would make that happen and that was to hear him beg.

“Yes. Yes, that’s what I want. Please. Give it to me. Suck that cock. Please baby, I need you to suck it. I’ll do anything.”

Pushing myself up and taking a page from his book, I lifted my lips to his ear and whispered, “Oh, really?” I sat down on the seat next to him and motioned for him to get on his knees in front of me. I undid my jeans and put my hands over my head as I let him pull them off of me. Ian couldn’t take it anymore. He was crazed with lust and I screamed with pleasure as he ripped my black thong right off of me. He wasted no time and began teasing my hot clit with his wet tongue. I moaned as my legs wrapped around him and my hands grabbed onto the seats in front of me. His tongue traveled all over my cunt, driving me wild and then found it’s way into my waiting crevice. My body shook violently as he began to tongue-fuck me and I came hard. He lapped up the juices, sucking me dry.

Satisfied with his performance, I pushed him to go back and sit where he had been before. I got on my knees and slowly but surely, fed myself his cock. My hand worked up and down the base of his cock as I sucked, helping to stimulate him even further. I started out slow, my hand massaging him softly as I developed my rhythm. His hand held my bun and he helped to change my pace as he began to fuck my mouth. I let go off his cock with my hands and let him face-fuck me. I bobbed up and down on his cock roughly, working at a feverish pace, trying to get him to cum inside of my mouth. His cries were getting louder and louder and he was getting closer and closer to loosing control until he suddenly pulled his cock away and said, “I want to fuck you and I want to fuck you now.”

With that, he sat back and motioned for me to come and straddle him. He watched me with those dark eyes, possessed by lust and rubbing his proud cock in anticipation. “Ride it,” he commanded and I was ready, willing and able to obey. Climbing on top of him, I positioned myself just above his pulsating cock. He pushed my body down, impaling me with his long, rock hard dick. My pussy was painfully wet again and he slid into me with ease as my head threw back in ecstasy. He filled me so deeply that I almost couldn’t take it. I was overwhelmed with pleasure as hot tears streamed down my face, and my moans filled the car.

He pounded himself into me and I jumped up and down on his cock. Our moans mingled together and sweat covered our bodies as we slammed into each other, desperate for pleasure and for relief. His hands were mounted on my waist, helping to move me up and down onto his dick. My body shivering, he had me cumming again and again but I didn’t stop bouncing on top of him, even then; I couldn’t. His hard cock inside my tight, wet pussy was all that I lived for in that moment and the promise of his hot sticky seed shooting inside of me was driving me wild.

We played tug of war for what seemed like ages; pushing in and pulling out. I felt dizzy, almost delirious from the sensations he was rocking me with. Finally, overcome with pleasure, he smashed into me even harder than before and screamed out as he shot his load inside of me. I collapsed on top of him and tried to catch my breath and his arms wrapped around me and held me close to him. Once I had regained a steady supply of air, I lifted myself up and said, “We should head back inside.” He nodded in agreement and we put our clothes back on and left the car. We walked together, his hand planted on my hip as we walked back into the house.

When we got back, nobody seemed to really have noticed that we’d been gone that whole time or that we looked a lot closer coming in. At least their egocentricity had some sort of benefit for me. He asked me to put my number in his phone and I did so. He said he’d call me later that night and that I had to come visit him when we both got back to L.A.. I smiled and agreed to do so. Exhausted, I told him I was going to take off. He leaned in and kissed me softly, his strong arms holding me as he did. I left him and then went off to say goodbye to the endless amounts of family that surrounded us. I found my mother and told her I was leaving. Seeing some sort of change in me, she asked, “You sure look happy! Aren’t you glad you came?”

I laughed and thought to myself, “Mom, you have no idea.”

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