Good Morning

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It’s early morning. You wake relaxed, and have a pleasant and stimulating shower. As you are sitting down at your make-up table in your dressing gown to get ready for the day ahead, your man strolls up behind you and rests his hand gently on your shoulder.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

“Thank you, sweetie, but I’ve got some make-up to do before I’m ready for beautiful…”

“I refuse to argue the point this early in the morning, but I maintain my original position — beautiful,” he says with a smirk.

“Silly… Why don’t you go have breakfast instead of trying to sweet talk me?”

“Oh, I dunno,” he replies, his hand drifting up over the collar of your gown and gently brushing your neck and behind your ear. “I’ve got a long day ahead of me, and I was thinking that I should probably have something special for breakfast to carry me through.” He leans in and kisses you on the neck, and you notice him sinking to his knees beside you.

“Oh, no you don’t! I’ve got to get ready!”

“Don’t mind me,” he says, as he moves forward, brushing your gown away from your legs at the same time. “Do what you need to do.” And he slides in between you and the table and starts lightly kissing your left knee as his hand starts to slide up the inside of your right fixbet leg.

“Fine. Be that way,” you tell him, and you back to your makeup — feeling a thrill, but unwilling to make it that easy for him to change your plans on a whim.

“Thanks!” Kiss on the inside of your left thigh, just above the knee. “I will.” Another kiss, higher this time. His hair is brushing against the inside of your right leg, now.

His hands slide along the inside of your thighs, gently but forcibly pushing your legs apart. You feel the hot warmth of his breath against your labia as his mouth moves ever closer. His hands slide under your thighs, his arms wrapping around to the outside of your legs as his hands slide up and behind your waist. Again, slowly, carefully, but irresistibly, he pulls your hips forward to the edge of your chair as he leans in for his first kiss against your nether lips.

You try to focus on what you were doing, but when he starts to glide the hot tip of his tongue along the folds of your labia, you can’t help a little gasp. Setting everything down, you close your eyes and grip the table, trying to regain control. But then he opens his mouth and wraps his lips fully around your sex and begins to create a slow but constant vacuum that brings fixbet giriş blood rushing to swell and stimulate you. Now using the full width and roughness of his tongue, he rubs your labia and clitoral hood all at once. Your hands fall from the table and onto his head, holding him in place as you begin to rock and thrust in time to the strokes of his tongue.

When you finally start to moan, he begins to probe deeper with his tongue, stroking you inside and out, running over your clitoral hood and emerging clitoris before returning inside for the next cycle. As your clitoris emerges fully, he closes his mouth just around it. Back to careful tongue tip movements, he circles and strokes your clitoris, and begins to moan himself. The vibrations from his moans add another layer of stimulation, and your hands tighten convulsively in his hair as your whole body curls forward in mounting tension.

He brings his right hand back down from your waist and, while still teasing your clitoris with his tongue, he gently inserts his first two fingers into your now quivering vagina. Probing upwards, he finds your g-spot and begins to stroke and rub it while he strokes, stirs, and vibrates your clitoris with his tongue. He also brings his left hand around so that he can create pressure against your pubic mound, amplifying the already nearly overwhelming stimulation. Assailed on all fronts, your body races towards release. With no control left, your legs begin to squeeze him as your arms pull him closer and your hips thrust relentlessly against him.

Soon, the first orgasm hits you like a wave, throwing your head back and arching your back in a reversal of your tensely compressed state. He pauses, holding pressure on all three locations as you ride out the wave. As you start to relax back from the release, though, he resumes stroking and humming and rubbing. Still hyper-sensitive, the second orgasm comes much faster, but just as hard. Alternating between pausing and stimulating, he creates a new larger rhythm of orgasms, one after the other until you cannot control your legs or arms at all.

Finally, as you recover from the most recent release, he slowly releases the pressure and gently removes his fingers. Backing away, he leaves a last few kisses along the inside of your now quivering legs. He brings them back together so that they can support each other, and drapes your dressing gown back over them. Standing, he says “Lovely breakfast, dear. Thank you. That will hold me through the day just fine.” But as he begins to walk off to get himself ready for the day, he pauses, looks deeply into your eyes, then leans in close to your ear and says:

“Though I think I’ll need a more — complete — dinner tonight…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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