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HAPPY ENDINGSHappy EndingsbyIrishRose1215©My life had not gone as I had accepted it to. I didn’t have that dream life that women plan out when they are little girls. Sure, I had gotten married and had a c***d. But I had gotten married too young and though my husband and I never spilt up we aren’t happy with each other now. He hasn’t had sex with me in about a year now. I know he’s cheating on me, but I just don’t have the energy to start a fight with him. I really don’t care anyway; I gave up on him a long time ago. Now, I have become bored on top of lonely. My son is now in college and though he still lives at home I hardly ever see him. I’ve thought about getting a job, but then I think of all the reasons not to. Why get a job and be independent when I could just live off my husband’s money. He deserves it anyway. The hell he’s put me through, making me into this depressed shadow of myself. I figure that it kills him everyday to know that he still has to see me, support me, and when he is home lay with me in bed. It makes my day a little better to know that I’m making him just as miserable as he has made me. I know that it probably isn’t the way to live, and I might not be so depressed if I leave him, but I can’t do it. Though I tell myself that I hate him, deep down there is still the love that I had for him when we were first married, and the feeling of pleasure when I see his face draw down when he comes home and sees that I am still here. To pass the time of day I took up masturbating. I know it sounds silly that I would do this to pass the day away, but I really have nothing else to do. Plus, it makes me happy for the moment especially when I hit that point of no return. I started doing it just to relieve the sexual tension that I felt, but soon I figured out that after I calmed down I was still horny. Masturbating alone doesn’t cure how horny I am, just makes it better for a little while. I started staying in the bedroom all day long, but after awhile the scenery in there got too boring and I couldn’t get off anymore. I moved into the living room, first on the floor then moving up to the couch. Soon, that wasn’t enough either, and I started to open the blinds in the house. Letting anyone who looked in the house a chance to see me, this excited me more than anything I had ever done. I fantasized that my male neighbors were watching me intently, though I had really no idea if anyone saw me or not. It turned me on just thinking that they were. One day after one of my many sessions my son came in the door. I was putting away all my toys. I let out a breath of relief. I knew that I was cutting it close today, but I was in need of it more than ever that day. I threw my dress back on, ran my fingers through my hair, put on a smile and went to greet him.“Hi Brad.”“Hey Mom.”He looked worried, “something wrong honey?” I could hear my voice was still shaky from the orgasm that I had just experienced, I cleared my throat in hopes that it would go away. He shook his head and looked at me, “I’ve been thinking, and I don’t know why you stay with Dad. I mean obliviously things haven’t gone well between you two in a long time. Look at you, I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’re still pretty and all, but you walk around with your shoulders slumped. You have bags under your eyes, and I just can’t stand to see it anymore. You sound like you’re about to cry now.”I cleared my throat again, “I’m not about to cry, and I don’t think you need to concern yourself with mine and your father’s problems.”“Yes, I do. I hate seeing you like this, and I blame him for it. I saw him the other night at a bar with some girl. You need to leave him.”“I am not going to leave your father. I made vows a long time ago, and I will stay with those vows. I’m done talking about this with you.”“Whatever. Look if you aren’t going to leave him, at least make yourself happy. Go out find a man or something.”“I’m not going to bring myself down to your father’s level by going out and getting some man. Now, stop talking about it. I am happy when you’re here, and that’s all that matters.” “There’ll be a time when I don’t live here anymore Mom. What’re you going to do then?”“I don’t know, and I don’t want to talk about it anymore. You hungry?”“Naw, I just stopped in to grab one of my books. I’m going to the library to study with some friends.”“Oh okay. When are you going to be back?”“Late probably.” He kissed my forehead and ran upstairs. On his way back down he stopped and stared at me again. “Mom you should really think about what I said even though you wouldn’t let me finish. It might do you some good.”I gave him a stern look, but before I could say anything to him he walked out the door. I plopped down on the couch and flipped on the TV. There wasn’t really anything on, but staring mindlessly at it made me not think about what Brad had said. The days that follow were filled with lectures from my son. No matter how much I told him I didn’t want to listen to it, he wouldn’t shut up. Everyday was the same, he’d command me, and he’d plead with me to be happy again, to leave his father, or find another man. I began to shut my ears to him, and dread when it came time for him to come home. I knew he had my best interests at heart, but he was starting to make me miserable. I noticed one day while he endlessly went on about my happiness that his body language had changed and he looked at me differently than he usually did. Usually he wore that careless look of young men but now he stared at me more intently. It made me uncomfortable; I had the odd feeling that I should cross my arms over my breasts as if to conceal them from his gaze. I started to avoid him, always making sure that I was doing something when he came home so that I couldn’t look at him. The days passed and I grew more uncomfortable in my son’s presence. I didn’t know if it was because of his endless ramblings or if it was the way he looked at me, with a type of hunger in his eyes as if I were his pray and he was waiting to pounce. Most of my awaking hours were spent trying to figure out what had caused the change in my son. I was perplexed until the day that he made it known.I was sitting on the floor, naked, my toys still spread out around me; I had just finished my last session of the day. I was panting, my body still racked in convulsions when I heard a noise. I turned my head to the source, the magnificent feeling that wrapped my body disappearing quickly as a ripple of fear went down my spine. “Who’s there?” I called out, my voice shaky. I held my breath and strained my ears to here a reply or any noise from the intruder. “Hello?” I called, my voice getting braver, a hint of annoyance in it. Then he stepped out, I gasped, standing there was not a neighbor or anyone else who might take delight in my show, but my very own son. My hands went instantly to my exposed bosom and I clasped my legs together tightly as my son stared at me. He said nothing but walked closer. I followed him with my eyes that were full of shame, and a little fear as he came closer. He was now standing inches away from me; I tried to speak, to tell him to go away and that I was sorry he had seen this but I couldn’t form any words. His hand came down and his fingers ran lightly over my cheeks. I turned my head away from his touch, tears starting to flow from my eyes as the shame of what my own son had seen set in. He wiped the tears away and finally spoke.“I’ve been watching you Mom. Everyday now for the past month or so. After you’re done, I wait for you to go upstairs and I go to the den. I jack off with the images of you still fresh in my mind, fantasizing that it was me that gave you so much pleasure.”“No Brad.” I had found my voice again. “Yes, Mom. I started to lecture you on getting a man in hopes that you’d see that the man I wanted you to have was me. But you didn’t get it, or you pushed it off. I don’t know which one.”“Brad, you are my son. I can’t have you as a lover.”“But you can. It’d bursa escort be perfect.”“No Brad, it would be wrong.”“Others might see it that way, but I don’t. You’re so pretty, and even more beautiful when you’re cumming. I want to see that beauty and know that it was me giving it to you.”“Brad I can’t.”“You can. Just think I can give you all that my worthless father can’t. I can give you the pleasure that you desire.”I shook my head, to stunned to reply to him. “Come on Mom. You’d love it, I promise.”“No Brad please leave me alone.”He said nothing else; his hands left my face and went to his pants. I bent my head down as he freed his cock. I felt his hand come back to my skin; He lifted my head, my eyes now in direct contact with his engorged male hood. My body began to quiver at the site of him, my mouth watered. I felt the uncontrollable urge to feel his cock down my throat and to feel him in me, pounding my soaked pussy until I gave way to multiple orgasms, and I forgot that he was my son. But though I felt these urges my reasoning stayed with me. I tried to pull my head free of his grasp, but he had a strong hold on me. I shook my head hard while repeatedly telling him no, my lips pressed together so hard that they were starting to hurt. “I can make you feel good again. You have endless possibilities with me.”I felt my mind breaking with his persuasions. I looked up at him, and as soon as he saw that my lips had softened he brought his cock to them. I let out a moan as I felt the tip of his cock press against my mouth. He moved his cock across my lips, I pressed them together, and my body shook as I tasted the sweet pre-cum that had left a trail on my lips. I was done; I felt all resistance give way. I opened my mouth to receive his cock. He thrust it hard into my mouth, and I choked. Regaining myself, I began to constrict my throat over his cock, pushing him in and out of my mouth with the muscles. I heard him moan, and his hips began to keep rhythm with my mouth. I felt my pussy begin to throb; the juices began to flow again, down my thighs onto the floor. I moaned and began to run my fingers over my hardened clit. It seemed as soon as my fingers touched my pussy that I was going to cum. I moved them, not wanting to make myself cum. I began to feel his cock swell in my mouth, and knew that he would cum too. I removed his cock from my mouth, “fuck me Brad.” He smiled at me, “Just the words I wanted to hear.”He helped me up and took me to the couch. He bent my upper half down, my feet still on the floor, my ass up in the air. I felt him enter me, and I let out a loud moan. He began to move his hips, pulling his cock in and out of me slowly at first. I pulled my muscles tight around him as he thrust into me, and released as he pulled out. His moaning became louder as I constricted my muscles tighter around him with every thrust. “My God, you’re amazing! Your pussy feels so good!” His thrust became quicker, harder. I felt his balls slap against my clit as he moved, and my own moans became louder. I felt my orgasm begin to build deep inside my belly again. I felt my juices began to shoot out over his cock. I screamed as my orgasm began to reach its height. “I’m cumming! Oh god! Fuck me! Make me cum!” My words were lost as the waves of passion washed over me. I felt his hands grip tighter around my hips, “I’m going to cum Mom.” Just hearing him call me Mom in the throws of my passion made my pussy throb more. “Cum inside me. Fill my cunt up!” I felt the hot release of his seed, and I began to cum again. I sucked in my breath making my pussy even tighter around his swollen cock. I pouted a little as I felt him pull out. Quickly I turned around, and took his cock into my mouth once more. Tasting the mingled juices of our fucking, I moaned again as I cleaned his dick. I felt his body shaking and his hands in my hair, he pulled me from him. I looked up at him to see a smile on his face. We said nothing to each other, but I knew that this was just the beginning. In the weeks that followed I craved nothing but my son. After the first time it never crossed my mind that it was wrong, it felt right to me. The days seemed longer now that I waited for him to come home so that I could feel his cock in every crevice of my body, and taste him on my lips and tongue. I wanted nothing else; I put my toys away and had not touched them since the day that my son had given his body to me. I felt a new sense of happiness and empowerment. I taught and showed him things that he had never imagined before. I was the first one that he had ever fucked in the ass, all his little college girls were too afraid to do it. I brought to him ultimate pleasure in gratitude for releasing mine. I couldn’t get enough of him nor could he get enough of me. We’d sneak out of our bedrooms in the middle of the night and end up in the bathroom, den, living room, or sometimes I’d end up in his bed. All cautions of my husband finding us left our minds once we were joined together. There were many times when I heard my husband get out of bed while I was fucking our son, and I invited the chance of him catching us. But he was either oblivious or didn’t care because he never came and interrupted us. Soon, I had pushed all thoughts of the man that I had married out of my mind. The more I ignored him the longer he’d stay away from the house. I figured that I had gotten my revenge. He might not know that it was our son that I had been fucking, but he knew that I was getting it from somewhere since my whole attitude had changed. I knew that he couldn’t handle that I was happy again, and that was why he stayed away. I was glad of that; it gave me more time with my new lover. After our affair had gone on for a while I could tell that something was wrong with my son. He would fuck me but it didn’t seem as though he was there. I began to worry that this would end up like my marriage and I would have two men in my home that wouldn’t talk to me. I began to wonder what was wrong with me. Why couldn’t I keep a man interested in me? I had to find out what was wrong with him.“What’s the matter Brad? Are you bored of me already?”“I wouldn’t say that I’m bored with you. But I would like more.”“What do you mean? I don’t do enough for you now?”“No, you do plenty. But you’ve fucked me every way you can, and now I want more.”“You’re father said the same thing.”“Well, you ever think that maybe you should have given him more?”“I asked him what more meant, and he said he didn’t know, just more.”“You ever think that more meant he wanted other people involved? Maybe another man or a woman?”“It crossed my mind, but I couldn’t do that.”“Why not? You fuck your own son.”“Don’t be mean. At the time, I didn’t think that I could handle it. I thought I’d get jealous if I saw him fucking another woman.”“Did it ever cross your mind that it didn’t always have to be a woman? You could have had another man. Plus you could have pleasure from another woman also. You wouldn’t just have to sit back and watch him have fun.”“Why all of a sudden are you on your father’s side? It wasn’t that long ago that you cursed him for what he has done to me.”“I’m not on anybodies side. I’m just throwing out possibilities.”“Really? Well, whatever. I have to get up and get some things done.”“Always running away from your problems Mom. If you’d just sit and think about things for a minute all your problems could be solved.”“I don’t run away from my problems. Look, I’m not getting into this with you. I have things to do.”“Fine.” I got up and looked at him. He had a smile on his face, but I could tell that he was angry. His usually calm eyes were vibrant and his eyebrows were pulled down, making the smile on his face look more like a sneer. I quit going to him. I couldn’t look at him anymore without thinking about the conversation we had had. It upset me to think that my own son had turned on me. I decided to just give up sex altogether. I didn’t want anything to do with it anymore. All bursa escort bayan it caused me was pain anyway. First my husband then my lover, my own son, I started to feel dirty about what I had done with Brad. I should have resisted him the first time. I should have gotten up and run away from him, but I guess you can’t live on should haves. It has been almost a year since I decided to go into celibacy. I feel like a stranger in my own home. My son and husband now get along wonderfully, but not one of them come to talk to me, unless they want something passed at the dinner table. I guess that this is my punishment for not giving either one of them all that they wanted, and I guess it is what I deserve. I watch both of the men in my life talk to each other softly enough to where I can’t hear them. Every once in awhile one will glance at me, or they both will at the same time. I wonder when they talk like this if they are planning my fate. Thinking of ways to get rid of me so that they don’t have to look at the woman that disappointed them both, I can’t handle when they talk like this. So, most of the time I retire to my bedroom to cry, and think about what I will do with the rest of my life, for there is no way that I can stay in this house much longer. I decided to leave; after my husband and son had left for the day I began to pack up my belongings. It wasn’t much, just my clothes; everything else belonged to my husband. I brought everything downstairs and sat on the couch. I wondered where I was going to go with no money and no job. I decided that I would just have to go to my mothers until I found another place to go. It made me feel even worse that I had to go back to her after the many years of being on my own, but what else could I do. I started crying again, and hated myself for it. I was so weak, but my whole world was crashing down around me, and it was my entire fault. As I sat there feeling sorry for myself I heard the door open. I turned around to see what was going on and I saw both my husband and my son standing there. They looked at me as though I was some foreign object, and I looked back at them with wonder. They saw my stuff all bagged up and ready to go. I watched my husband shake his head with a bewildered smile on his face. Finally he spoke, “what are you doing?”“I’m leaving.”“Why?”“Nobody around here wants me. So, what’s the point in staying?”“Who told you that nobody here wants you?”“No one, I just know.”“And how do you know this?”“Stop! I’m tired of all your questions. I’m tired of you treating me like I was a little girl who doesn’t know any better.”“I’m just wondering. Nobody has said that they didn’t want you around. Have they?”“I don’t have to be told. I know when I’m not wanted.”“What if it was us who felt as though they were being left out and not you?”“What are you talking about?”“I’m talking about you not giving us the time of day.”“That’s a bunch of bullshit! It is you that have ignored me.”“I’m not so sure of that. Brad told me that just as soon as he confronted you with some things that were on his mind you quit going to him. You did the same thing with me.”My eyes opened so wide that they hurt when I heard my husband knew about Brad and me. I looked at my son in and he smiled. “Yes, Mom. Dad knew. He was the one who told me to go to you. He thought that if he couldn’t make you happy then I could.” “But..but..” I looked at them in amazement. “Are you starting to realize that it wasn’t our entire fault Dear? That you too played a role in how miserable you are now.”“No! No! You made me miserable! You and your whoring around. You’d come lay in my bed after you spent all night fucking some slut….” My voice rose in anger, and it irked me even more that both men stood there calm and collective, mocking my anger.“I never cheated on you. I wouldn’t come home to make you think that I was, but I never did. Then on the nights that I was home you never came to me. You never had sex with me. So, I decided that I wasn’t making you happy anymore. I didn’t want to loose you. So, I went to Brad, and we decided that he would come in and pretend to be just as angry with me as you were. He won you over and became your lover. I had decided that if I was going to loose you to another man then I wanted that man to be our son. I would watch every now and again and remember when you derived that much pleasure from me, and it made me happy to see that you were happy. But then just as I had Brad asked for more, and you got angry. You are a possessive foolish woman. If you would have let Brad have his way, or let me have mine, you wouldn’t be so miserable now. Yes, I have made you pay for the kind of hell I have been through with you. I know in your little mind you thought you were getting the better of me, but all the while it was I who got the better of you.” He paused in his speech, and I looked at him dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe all he was saying to me. It might be true, but at this point I didn’t want to believe it. “Nothing to say Dear? Well, then, I’ll move on. Brad and I noticed how pathetic you looked at the dinner table last night, and we decided to put an end to our treatment of you. We believe that you have suffered enough.” I threw him a drop dead look. “You may look at me meanly all you want to. It really doesn’t bother me anymore. But look at yourself before you go giving haughty looks to the person that supports you. You truly look like you are about to end your life. Your cheeks all stained with tears. Your eyes clouded in your depression. You are a wretched site to see, and it breaks my heart to set my eyes upon you.”“Yeah, I bet it does.” “Look, I’m not trying to make you more unhappy. I’m just trying to tell you that I don’t want you to go and neither does Brad. I love you and so does our son.”“No, no! That’s not right. It wasn’t me, it was all you! Don’t try to blame this on me! I won’t stand for it!” I started crying again. I knew my argument was weak. I knew that I wasn’t going to go anywhere. As soon as he said what he wanted me to do, I knew I would give in.He started laughing, “quit trying to put the blame on me, don’t put the blame on you either. It was both our faults that our marriage has failed for so long. But we can now rebuild it and be happier for it.”I sighed, my shoulders dropped, “what do you want me to do?” I gave up, he had a point. There was no use in being miserable anymore. I would rebuild my life just as he said. “All I ask is that you share your body with me again. It’s been so long since I’ve felt you. I ask that when I ask for new things that you let me have them, and don’t think for a second that I won’t let you have what you want either.”I nodded my head. “Okay.” “Good.” I watched him as he came across the living room, and stood in front of me. I stared at him as he stripped off his clothes; I looked behind me at our son, “you want to do this now?” He looked down at me an annoyed look on his face, “Yes.” “But what about Brad?” “Oh yeah. Brad come here.” I watched as Brad came up beside his father and took his clothes off. I looked up at the both of them, my eyes as wide as saucers again.“You want me to fuck you both?” I asked looking at my husband.“That would seem the case since we’re both standing here.”“But I can’t do that.”“Why not?”“Brad’s our son.”“Haven’t you fucked him before?”“Well, yeah, but..”“No more. I know you enjoyed the company of our son before, and I enjoy watching you with him. So quit arguing and get to it!” I said nothing more, it wouldn’t have helped if I sat here and argued anyway. I bent forward a little and took my husband’s cock in my mouth, swallowing all of it. I took my son’s cock in my hand and began to stroke it as I sucked my husband. I felt my juices begin to flow already, my panties were soaked within seconds. I began to alternate between my husband and son, when one of their cocks were in my mouth I jacked off the other. Soon both of them would not allow me to taste them. I was puzzled escort bursa for a second, but then I felt my husband hold my head in the middle of them both and watched as each of them began to jack off. I shut my eyes and opened my mouth, waiting, inviting the taste of their cum. With my eyes closed I had no idea who came first, but I felt the first squirt hit my chin and I moaned loudly. I opened my eyes and looked up at them as they looked down at me. I watched as both of them released their seed onto my face, and in my mouth. I moaned after each mouthful, begging for more, loving the taste of both my husband and my son on my tongue. Soon, they were both spent. Wanting more I took my son’s cock into my mouth sucked the last drops of his sperm from him, then I went to my husband and did the same. As I pulled away from my husband he caressed my face, “I had forgotten how good you give head.” I smiled at him. “Now, take your clothes off.” I stood up and shed my clothes quickly. Afterwards, my husband pushed me back on the couch. He got down and pulled my butt to the end of the cushions. I could feel his breath on my pussy, it felt cool on my inflamed skin, and I moaned. I felt his lips on me and my body shook violently. He pulled away. I looked at him sadly, he smiled, “don’t want you to cum too soon.” “Please Jeffery make me cum! It’s been so long!” “And it could be just a little longer.” “No please!” He smiled devilishly at me. I watched as he brought his head back down and flicked it across my clit lightly. I let out a begging moan and tried to pull his head down into me but he wouldn’t allow it. “Brad keep your Mother busy. She’s getting feisty.” Brad came up beside me on the couch, his young cock already fully hard again. He pressed it to my lips and I engulfed his cock. Taking him deeper than I had ever done before, I felt his body quiver and he began to thrust his hips into my mouth. My body bucked as I felt my husband insert one finger into my wet hot pussy. He penetrated me slowly with it, letting his thumb brush against my hard clit. I removed my son’s cock from my mouth. “More Jeffery! Fill my pussy please!”“You want more Baby? How’s this?” He inserted one more finger and my body went into convulsions. “More!” I screamed. My hand now wrapped around my son’s cock stroking it hard in my anticipation. I felt Brad pull from me, and for a split second I forgot about my own pleasure and thought that I might have hurt him. I looked up at him and he just smiled down at me as he began to move the tip of his cock across my breast. I moaned as I felt his cock, wet from my spit, move across my nipple. I turned slightly so he could give the same attention to my other tit. Moving back to my own passion I began to beg again. “Please Jeffery I want to feel your whole hand inside me! I want you to make me cum!” “But my Dear you are so tight. It’s been so long since you’ve had sex. I don’t think that I could put anymore fingers in there.”“I don’t care how tight I am! I want to feel my pussy filled!” “If that’s what you want.”I went back to pleasing my son, lifting my head a little to run my tongue across his cock. I twisted just a little more, and let his cock fall between my tits. Bringing my hands up I squeezed them together as he began to thrust. With each forward movement I brought him into my mouth, keeping his cock wet as he fucked my tits. I then felt my husband’s hand pressed against my opening. I cried out in both pain and pleasure as he began to push his fist inside of me. I felt my juices flow out soaking his hand, making it easier for him to enter. Once he was completely inside of me he bent his head down, and I felt his tongue on my throbbing clit. I screamed out and took my son’s cock completely down my throat as I began to cum. I heard Brad moan loudly as my throat constricted over his cock in the throws of my passion. My hips bucked and my back arched as my cum began to shoot from me. I tasted Brad’s cum in the back of my throat. I sucked him harder, taking all of his seed into my belly. As I began to calm down I started pushing my husband away and removed Brad’s cock from my throat. I need to catch my breath, but Jeffery wouldn’t let me. As soon as I pushed him away he came up and thrust his cock deep inside of me. I screamed out, still not recovered from the thunderous orgasm that I had just had, I was sent right into another one. Brad turned and watched his father fuck me for awhile. Then I felt his hand go to my clit. He began to rub it fast and hard, sending me into one orgasm after another. I could hardly breath, “Please, let me rest! My God, I can’t take it! Please! I need to catch my breath! Please stop!” My begging was falling on deaf ears, plus it didn’t even sound convincing to myself. I couldn’t plead without moan after each sentence. “Shit! Jeff, Brad, please stop! You’re killing me! I have to rest!” They quit Jeffery pulling out and Brad moved his hand, but it didn’t last long. Jeffery moved down on the floor and pulled me with him, impaling me on his cock in seconds. He grabbed my ass and spread my checks, at the same time moving me up and down on his dick. He did slow down and I began to catch my breath. I felt my son behind me. My mouth dropped and I looked at my husband when I realized what Brad was going to do. I started to protest but Jeffery hushed me. I felt Brad’s finger begin to push into my ass. Once he had it in there he gently moved in and out. I moaned, to have Jeffery filling my pussy and feeling my son’s finger deep inside my ass was wonderful. I pushed back onto Brad’s and moaned, “one more Brad. It feels so good.” He pushed one more finger inside of me, and I squealed with delight. He didn’t keep them there very long, and soon I felt the head of his cock pushing into my virgin like hole. I held my breath as he pushed in, letting out little groans of pain as he situated himself inside of me. As soon as I felt the pain go away I pushed back on him and he began to pull in and out of my ass. The feeling of both my holes begin filled at the same time was almost too much for me. I began to cum instantly screaming out how good it felt, how I loved both of their cocks, and to fuck me harder. The obliged, both of them pounding into me so hard that I was light headed. I heard Jeffery moan and looked down at him. “Look at you, such a dirty girl! Letting your son fuck you in the ass while your husband feels your wonderfully hot pussy. Such a good little slut you are!” I moaned at his words, my strength was weakening even more, I could barely moan, but I didn’t want them to stop either. Soon I was turned around, my back pressed against my husband. I felt his cock enter my ass and I felt a burst of hot energy in my belly. His cock was thicker than Brad’s and I had forgotten how amazing it felt buried deep inside my ass. I moaned loudly as Brad entered my pussy, and began to thrust his cock deep inside of me, with all his young vigor, as Jeffery’s cock pulled in and out of my ass. I felt their cock begin to swell, and new that this wonderful moment was just about over. I found a renewed energy when I knew that they were both going to cum and started to thrust my hips in time with them. “Mmmm…Yes! Cum inside of me! Fill me up! Oh fuck yes!” I felt them both begin to cum at the same time. Sucking my breath in, I tightened both my holes around their spewing cocks. I laughed with pleasure as I felt their hot cum hit my inner walls. When they were spent we broke apart. I lay on the floor panting, my head dizzy with passion. My body ached both from the exertion of pleasing them both and the pleasure that they had brought me. They both came down and lay beside me, turning on their sides to kiss my cheeks. I looked at both of them and smiled. In my blissful daze I heard my husband begin to speak, “this is just the beginning of your happiness. Brad and I will show you things that you never imagined before. Just as you showed him not that long ago. You’ll be overjoyed in the passion that we will bring you, I promise you that.” I looked at him and then turned and looked at Brad, he nodded his head, and as I lay there regaining myself, I wondered what all they had in store for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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