Heated Up Ch. 02

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As I was about to get off work the following day I received a message from her telling me to prepare for my second hearing session.

All day I had felt extra submissive..docile even in my mood. Although I was sexually turned on my cock didn’t really have any life to it. I knew the heating probably had much to do with it..along with the massive amounts of numbing cream that was applied.

I went to the men’s room at work and undressed and put on the first pair of satin panties with the hole cut in them for my balls to hand thru for the heating pad. I carefully applied the shoelace as well to fully separate them from my body so they slide easily thru the slit. It was like I was in a trance as I was doing this in a locked stall in the men’s restroom. Then I slipped over the second pair of panties to encase the rest of me. My cock was beyond snug in its womb. My balls hung loose below. I slipped my pants back over and returned to the desk and called her.

It rang twice and went straight to voice mail.

I sent a text saying I had complied and was excited to see her.

The text got a “read” receipt but no three bubbles for her to reply.

I finished up and went to the car to drive home. I called again as I left. It rang twice and went to voice mail.

My heart sunk as I knew now she was ignoring me. Oddly my arousal crept up.

When I arrived home I went to the front door and it was locked. For whatever reason i knocked as if I was there to pick her up for a date.

After a solid five minutes she arrived at the door..wow.

Dressed in a black corset. Thigh high stockings and heels I was greeted.

She smiled as she took my hand and pulled me in. Her makeup, lipstick, and hair..although was made..looked like they had been somewhat put to use.

She gave me a hug as I felt her body on my body and her lean in.

“Ready for round two?”

I kütahya escort whimpered yes..thinking it might lead me to a sense of normal again. Again..yesterday when my balls were full of sperm I would have went right for her bald shaved pussy that was exposed but for whatever reason her embrace was enough.

“Can you behave if I leave you unbound!”

Yes I whimpered.

With that she produced the first heating pad fresh from the crock pot. Then almost on cue my heart broke as she put a latex glove on before sliding it down the front of my pants and in between the panties To my balls.

I sighed as the heat rushed to them..as she kissed me deeply. I tasted her lips..and the taste of another man.

As her other gloves hand slipped down the front with numbing cream for my limp cock.

“Sorry I missed your calls..I was busy..”

As she removed her gloves and took my hand and led me to the master bedroom.

“I want You to meet someone..”

The numbing cream kicking in..along with the heat from the pack made me delirious and weak when I saw him.

“Get on your knees and watch this..”

I fell to my knees as he looked at me. She walked to him..he was naked. Built..and slowly was stroking his cock.

She kissed him..looking at me. She didn’t touch his cock. She didn’t start sucking or fucking him like all the cuckold videos I have watched..she kissed him..

I knew what they had been doing..for a long time..but she wanted me to see this.

She walked to the crock pot and took another heating pad. Walked to me and kissed me and with her gloves hand placed another heating pack into the panties.

She sat next to him on the bed and motioned for me to come over. I had to crawl to keep the heat on my balls.

“You’re not a man anymore. And I want you to feel what I feel..”

She pulled me up and escort kütahya to him.

“Kiss him”

And with that I did it. No hesitation. 24 hours earlier I would have fought it.but it was then o knew the heating was working and my manhood was slipping away.

He spoke not a word as I closed my eyes and went for it. I heard her take a photo..

Finally she pulled me away.

“I know you have tasted him on my lips..but could you taste ME on his?”

I could only nod yes..

Her bare hand started stroking his cock..making it hard. Like a stud.

Her gloves hand pulled out the heating packs. He reached over and pulled out another one..as he slide it down the front of my panties..and to my balls..his strong hand glazing over my shriveled numb cock.

She kisses him again then right to my lips almost spitting it in my mouth. I get deeper into subspace with every heating pack.

“I want you to watch what I am about to do. You have known about this. But you’ve never seen the moment of impact. “

With that she slides over top of him. Me at on my knees at his lap. Still trying to figure out the emotions of what is happening to me. Am I a Cuck? Am I Bi? Am I gay? As she takes her bare hand and guides his massive cock into her Pussy. Inches from my face..it’s worth mentioning in her attention to detail..her bare hand is her LEFT hand..carrying a ring..

She moans as he fills her. I accept that I am going to watch them fuck..but she pulls off and her hole is gaping as his wet cock flops on his stomach.

“I want you to taste my pussy..and I want you to taste it off him..”

24 hours earlier I would have winced but the heat and my dying sperm count let’s me lean in and taste his cock covered in her juice.

I lick..and assume I should suck..but she pulls me away.

“It’s not a race..it is a rebranding.”

My kütahya escort bayan emotions are a wreck..I’m almost in tears as my male hormones are leaving right before their eyes.

She pulls me up to my feet and tells me to take off my clothes except for the panties.

As I do she leans back on the bed and motions for me to come to her.

“I’m going to let you eat my pussy..but I want your ass I. The ass. Present it to him for his taking.”

“I want you to feel what cock..feels like!”

I mean I’m and start licking her pussy. Tasting what k just tasted on him. I feel him pull down the panties enough for my balls to seap out. I’m numb as he removed the heat packs..and I feel almost hollow as the chill of the room hits my dead balls and puckered asshole.

Then the panties are adjusted so the slit is now exposing my ass..and the second uncut pair almost form a pouch around my cock.

I lick her pussy as I feel him push his cock head around my backside.

He pushes on my balls. I feel the pressure but nothing else..then at my asshole.

Working his way inside me. There is never any coming back from this moment. My last sight of a pussy up close is met with my first feeling of being fucked by a cock. I feel a rush of emotions as he gets inside me.

My wife is losing it at the sight..I think she is cumming but honestly I am about to pass out.

It is then I she her take her ring off and slip it into the front of my panties. Where my numbed cock is..and he hits my prostrate inside and I…cum…I think..it’s unlike anything I have ever felt. All over the sacred ring..from a totally numb cock..clear as water..

In the movies it’s at this point he cums inside me too..but not here. He doesn’t. He was there to do this task. But he is the Bull..and he cums inside Her.

That’s when the reality sets in for me as he pulls out and I feel the gush of the cold room air. Missing the heating pack.

He crawls to her and they kiss deeply..as I collapse next to them at the foot of the bed.

Nothing is said..as I lay in my confused sexuality as they continue to kiss..deeply..and my mind fucks me where they left off.

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