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help me”…HELP ME, HELP ME, WHY HAVE YOU TIED ME TO THIS BED?!” fiona cried out in fear as she awoke and found herself tied to a bed. Looking around the room she was in, found it had no windows and evidently was a commercial building she was confined in.Her mind became clearer, and then she remembered she had stopped on her way to work for coffee, and then something hit her on the back of her head. Again Fionascreamed out, “HELP – HELP ME, WHO ARE YOU, SOMEBODY HELP ME.” Still no help came forth, and then she saw what appeared to be a video camera mounted on a stand at the foot of the bed to which she was fastened. Looking around the room fiona found a similar camera on each side of the bed.”No, let me go, who are you, where am I,” fiona cried out as she realized for the first time that she was completely nude and her body was on display. Looking at the video cameras she saw the red light was on each of them that showed the cameras were operating. Now fiona was not only frightened, but her body was nude and someone was filming her as she lay tied with no way to cover her breast or sex. Her legs weren’t restrained so fiona crossed her legs to hide her sex.As she cried out again, “HELP ME,” fiona observed a part of the wall open that she noted was a door, but hadn’t noticed before as it blended into the wall. Her eyes opened wide as she saw three men, nude all of them, entering the room. Each of the men was erect and their cocks stuck straight out from their lower body. Two of the men were normal size in length, but may have been thicker around, but the third man was at least twice the length and thickness of the other two. Her eyes took this in and her mind told her they were going to sexually **** her as she lay tied down.”NOOOO, NOOOO,” fiona cried out her fears as they continued walking towards the bed until they standing against the mattress. They each stood looking down at her and she knew that their mask was to protect them from her being able to identify them later. Why are they she wondered, then she asked them, “Who are you, why have you done this to me, why?””Tell us your name,” the man with the largest cock asked in a gentle voice?”Not knowing what she should do, fiona spoke with tears flowing down her face, “Fiona I’m Fiona Jamieson, will you please let me go?”The three men all laughed and replying told her, “After we have some fun we will let you go.” Then the man with the largest cock spoke again. He explained that they had been watching her and decided to k**nap her and have sex with her. He explained that they would untie her arms if she promised not to try to escape or fight them.Before Fiona could reply they all three got on the bed with her and commenced stroking her body and one even kissed her lips. When she felt one of the men sucking at her nipples, Fiona cringed back and pulled her lips from the one who was kissing her. “STOP, DON’T DO THIS, I’M MARRIED, STOP, PLEASE STOP!”The long with the large cock grabbed her hair and pulled her face towards him, not hard or rough, but to let her understand who was in charge. “Now either you cooperate and not try to escape of fight us and we will untie you, which will be?”One of the other men added to his comments, “You are going to be fucked, want it or not, but we are going to enjoy you for the next several hours.” Continuing on, he added, “Make up your mind – now.””I won’t fight you, but why are you doing this?” Before the words had hardly left her mouth the three men again started m*****ing her. The large cocked one moved down and used his face to push her legs apart and begin to lick her pussy.Another soon was sucking and using his teeth to nip on her nipples. Then she felt the other man move up until his cock was in front of her face. No she thought, I can’t take him in my mouth. Her mind thought about her husband Jeff, the only man she had ever performed oral sex on, and he was the only male who ever placed his face on her sex.”If you bite me, I will knock your teeth out of your mouth, do you hear me, Fiona” the man whose cock was now pushing between her lips?After a few minutes, Fiona felt her arms being untied, but she was afraid to strike her captors. Her mind returned to her husband Jeff, and the first time they had engaged in oral sex.She and Jeff had been married almost six months when they decided to take a trip in the mountains and rent a cabin. The cabin had a large hot-tub, and after a few minutes of setting in the water, Fiona found it necessary to climb out for a break from the heated water.Seated on the edge of the tub, Fiona watched as Jeff moved in front of her and then he rested his face on her thighs. When his lips started kissing, in little circles, around her legs, Fiona found the sensations of his lips on her legs wonderful.Before long Fiona found that Jeff’s face had pushed her legs open, or had she opened them, to this day she couldn’t be certain, but she found it pleasant and loving. Then she felt Jeff’s lips kissing bakırköy escort the soft downy blonde hair covering her moms. Fiona had often wondered what oral sex would be like, but her religious upbringing, as did Jeff’s. curtailed them from exploring their sexual desires.”Oh Jeff, that feels good sweetheart, but should we,” Fiona asked as Jeff’s lips covered her sex. When his tongue reached out and licked between her pussy lips and finally settled on her clit, she climaxed immediately. Falling backwards onto the tub deck, she told Jeff, “Come up here with me sweetheart.”Jeff moved up next to her and lay on the towels that Fiona had left next to the tub when they climbed in the water. Looking at her husband, Fiona also tried kissing her husband’s legs and even moved upward and started kissing his stomach, even kissing and sucking his tiny nipples. Moving back down Jeff’s body, Fiona had moved her lips to just a breath’s length from her husband’s cock.Her lips brushed across the hard manhood in front of her and her tongue moved out like a snakes and flipped against the silk like skin of her sweetheart’s manhood. Then she opened her mouth and engulfed him in the warmth of her mouth. She felt and heard Jeff express his thanks for her intimate act. She wasn’t exactly certain what to do, but Fiona remembered she and her friends conversations about oral sex, so her mouth being moving up and down on his erection/For Jeff, the sensations were unlike anything he had ever experienced. Then he felt the need to ejaculate. “OH, HONEY, it’s… it’s about to come, now, I’m…” Jeff cried out as his cum shot from his cock into his wife’s sucking mouth.Fiona was surprised when she felt the first shot of her husband’s cum flood into her mouth, but she wanted to bring him all the pleasures she could provide. Keeping her mouth tight around her husband’s cock, Fiona felt three more shots of cum hit inside her mouth. Finally she felt Jeff no longer shooting his cum and she slowly started drinking the warm thick like liquid. Never had Fiona felt so much like a wife and lover than when she drank her husband’s semen.After she finished drinking the last of Jeff’s cum, Fiona moved up and kissed his lips. Jeff knew that the taste he was getting was his own cream, but his wife wanted this from him he understood. Then he moved down and began to make oral love to his wife again, only this time his tongue touched against her tiny anus and back up through the lips of her pussy. Jeff felt her body responding and he teased her for another fifteen minutes until her finally captured her clit between his lips and then flipped it over and over with his tongue. When Fiona started crying out her feelings, Jeff used only his tongue on her clit, with an occasional lick between the leaking lips of her pussy. Fiona,s cream flowed from her inner sex and Jeff tried to lick all of it as it issued from her pussy.”Please don’t,” cried out as she pulled her mouth from the man’s cock. “I’ve only done this with my husband, and he with me,” as she tried to cross her legs so the man could not lick her sex.Then she felt the man between her legs move up and his cock rubbing across the lips of her sex. “No, don’t **** me, please don’t **** me,” Fiona cried out.Feeling the man with the large cock reach between their bodies, she knew he was going to place the end of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Then she felt it parting the lips of her sex and she felt how much larger it was than Jeff’s. Pushing into her pussy, she felt was something strange and oversized, and she knew a moment of fear. How can it go in me as it is overly large.Having gained a slight notch of his cockhead in the entrance of the woman’s cunt, the man moved it in and out for a few minutes, then with pressure he started shoving it up the tight cunt under him. When the head entered between the woman’s cunt lips, he loved hearing her cry out. “No, wait, easy, gwad be easy – no more, it hurts, GOD it hurts stop,” Fiona cried out as she wasn’t completely wet nor open for the man’s large thing.Loving the feeling and hearing the woman under him cry out in pain, he shoved with brute force and forced his cock into the woman without concern of her feelings. Deep into her body he shoved with force and continued with massive strokes into the cunt under him until he was lodged completely inside her. He pushed against her sex and with a battering ram approach forced his cock deeper as he stroked in and out of her body.For Fiona the feeling was one of fullness and brutal pounding within her sex. Fiona was only five feet fivetall and very small in frame. Her body had a perfect shape due to her roundness in shape, not fat but her body was perfect in shape. Feeling the other two men nursing at her 36a breast, and the man being brutal as he lunged into her body with his large cock, was finally getting to Fiona,No, I can’t allow this to feel good she thought as her body beşiktaş escort was being used for recreational sex by three masked men. Her sex was being hit with force when the large cock drove up inside her, and she knew he was reaching her cervix. The pounding was starting to feel good, then it would be painful when he made sharp and quick stabs up inside her sex as he had already reached the limits of his cock into her. Somehow, he was grinding his pubic area against her moms in circles and it pushed hard into her body. So hard that it seemed his pubic hair was rubbing against her blonde soft pubes, and she wondered if he wasn’t causing hers to rub off.Then her legs were pulled up onto the man’s shoulders, and his stroking became even more brutal. Her cries were of no interest to her r****t, but he now hammered her body with all his strength. His cock, now even larger as he was ready to release his cum into the small pussy under him, pounded his lust out with total power and depth.”GOD, STOP NOT SO HARD! NO IT IS TO HARD! EASY! PLEASE BE EASY! I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE!!” Fiona cried out as her body was now bent double. Her legs were up on the man’ shoulders to where the middle of the back of her thighs were on his shoulder bones. Only her shoulders, neck and head were touching the bed as her body was fucked harder than she could ever believed possible.He loved hearing her pleas, and he fucked her even harder. The she felt the massive cock move into her harder than ever and realized that someone besides her husband cum was going into her body for the first time.Fiona had been a virgin the first time she had sex with Jeff, about three months before they were married. Now she wondered if God was punishing her for having allowed sex between she and Jeff for the time before they married.After shooting his cum up the tiny woman under him, he pulled back and out of her pussy. Looking between her legs as he pulled out from her, he saw how small her pubic area was, The round thighs were perfect in shape, but her small body was unbelievable. Her pussy remained open for a moment as he pulled out. It was neither round nor a slit, it was simply an open wound between the woman’s legs. His cum started to run out in thick white goo as her pussy remained open. Then he watched in disbelief as it slowly closed around his leaking cum as it ran thick from her cunt. Damn what a sight, first time I ever saw a pussy close up like that.When her legs were again flat, Fiona thought her ordeal was over. She was wrong as she soon found one of the other men move between her legs and forcing then open being to fuck her.For the next several hours her body was taken sexually. At one point the two men with smaller cocks, had moved her until she had both their cocks in her. One was in her sex and the other had been shoved up her anus. They had placed her on her side as they doubled her and her body screamed out in pain as they took her. At one point the man in her pussy had pulled out and the one in her anus had moved her onto her hands and knees to **** her in the back hole.Feeling the man push in and out of her anus, when she was on her hands and knees was painful. But nothing compared to when the man with the large cock took her up the back after the first one had cum up her butt. The large cock man had moved her until she was standing on the floor and had her resting her hands on the mattress at the edge of the bed.She first thought he wanted to take her doggie like she and Jeff had done a couple of times when she stood at the edge of the bed. Feeling his cock pushing against her anus caused Fiona to cry out in pain as he lodged his cock inside her small rear opening. Fiona could not believe the feeling of the large cock inside her butt, the soreness and burning feelings were hard to accept. Yet she felt a pleasure she could not understand as her as was fucked deep and hard.For the man, the feeling of tiny hole muscles gripping his cock was fantastic, but the round small hips against his was pure delight. Each time he shoved his large cock deep up the bowels of the woman, he loved feeling the padded roundness of her hips against his groin. When he was cumming, he pushed against her hips and held himself deep and rubbed his pubes against her buttocks. Damn he loved those tiny hips against his own body.This was the first time they had ever been with such a small woman and they all loved feeling her tiny body moving against their own.Finally, after almost eight hours, they told her, “Time to get dressed little lady, and this time we won’t knock you out, but you have to wear a cover over your head.While they were driving Fiona back to some place, she thought that as she was in sales, no one, not even Jeff, likely missed her today. After she was released from the vehicle of her captors, she waited the five minutes they told her to do before removing the sack like object covering her head. When she pulled beylikdüzü escort it over her head, she found she was standing next to her own car.Getting inside the car, she started it and then sat and thought about what she had endured for the day. She had been ****d several times, how many she wasn’t certain. Trying to think back, she knew that each man must have taken her four or five times each, and two were up her butt. Thinking of that brutal ****, she realized how sore her anus was as she sat on the seat of the car.Taking her cell phone in her hand, she checked and saw she had not received one call all day, not even from Jeff, Then she called her home number and waited for Jeff to answer,”Hi sweetheart,” Jeff said when he answered the phone, “How was your day, make a lot of sales?” Thinking how sweet his voice sounded, Fiona didn’t know what to tell her husband about what she had just endured. “Jeff, honey, uh . . . can we like eat out this evening?” Then she asked him, “Can you meet me at Baron’s for a drink and dinner?””Sure sweetheart if you would like that, but give me about a half hour to be ready and get their.”Driving to Ben and Jerry’s, she and Jeff’s favorite restaurant, she almost hit a car as a cruel thought passed across her mind, “God, I might be pregnant, I’m in my prime cycle to become with c***d.” Fiona had been keeping her cycle checked regularly, as she and Jeff had started to try for her to become pregnant. Pulling over to the curb, she started shaking in fear that the ****s may have gotten her with the c***d she and Jeff had planned on placing in hr womb.Reaching into her purse, she found the instrument she was looking for and took her temperature. “NO!” Her voice had screamed out the word as she saw her time was ripe to become pregnant.Over dinner, she and Jeff enjoyed the meal and after eating, went into the lounge and sat down at the piano bar. Still Fiona could not bring herself to inform Jeff of what happened. Thinking to herself, I can’t have sex with Jeff for the next few days, I must find out if I have become with c***d from one of those men. Which one, or all of them – is that possible, Fiona wondered. I’ve got to purchase an EPT tomorrow.In bed that night she made no move for any closeness, instead told Jeff they should wait until she was really ready to conceive, and his juices would be more to ensure his sperm was heavy when they had sex.After dropping off the woman, the three men had decided to have a few drinks after going home and cleaning up. An hour later they were all gathered for drinks in the corner table in the back of Ben and Jerry’s. About an hour or so later, the man with the large cock told his friends and fellow r****t, “Jesus, look who is walking into this place!””Shit, holly shit,” one of the other men said as his eyes followed the couple walk into the lounge and climb up on the bar stool at the piano bar.For the next two hours they watched the couple, the one of the men said, “Hell, I will bet she never told him.”They had been working this game of **** for almost four years and each time they determined to take women who was not likely to be missed for the total day. But never, never had they had the victim walk into their normal watering hole.”Damn, what say we get her again in about a month,” the man with the large cock said. “I loved her tiny round ass when I butt fucked her, and it felt so damn good against me.” Unknown to Fiona her fate was about to be repeated.A month later, Fiona had yet to tell Jeff that she was with c***d. She knew it came from her being ****d, but not the problem had been doubled. She couldn’t bring herself to inform Jeff that his wife, and Jeff’s knowledge that no other man had ever made love to her, that she was pregnant, assuredly with someone other man’s c***d. She realized he would believe that she had either gotten pregnant from him, but if she told she was ****d, he would likely believe she had had an affair.Getting into her car after getting a cup of coffee, starting the car and commenced driving down the street. Turning onto the highway, she became aware that someone was moving up from the floor in the back seat of the car.”Don’t move, and pull over at the roadside park up ahead and drive to the far end.” Then the man told her, “Don’t try to draw attention of your dead.”Fiona knew the voice belonged to the man with the large cock who had ****d her, and perhaps had gotten her pregnant. After all he was the first to **** her. Not again, she thought.Pulling to the far end of the road side park, which was only a rest area, she saw two men standing with their back to her. Fiona knew they were the other part of the three men who had ****d her before.Pulling up to where the two men stood, she put the car in park, and turned the engine off. Before she realized what was happening the man in the back seat slipped a cover over her head.Fiona knew what was going to happen for the next several hours, should she fight or, God forbid, allow herself to be ****d and enjoy what she knew was going to happen.In the room, she watched the men undress as she did also, She moved automatically to the bed. Lying down, she lay with her back to the men, telling them, “You made me pregnant the last time, so please be…”To be continued…

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