Helped by he black farm labourer

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Helped by he black farm labourerI was walking by the stables as a young girl and saw a big stud reared up on the back of a mare. He had just gotten on her as I approached the run around area. I stopped to watch them mating. Then I saw his huge horse cock as it slid from his sheath. It was so long and very big in diameter. I was amazed at the shear size of his big cock. It was wet and red with the head dripping its precum. I stood there and watched as he jammed that cock into the waiting mare’s pussy. I saw him as his haunches drove that monster to her, sliding it deep in one quick move.My hands went to my own pussy as I watched. I slid my shorts to one side and eased a couple of fingers to my twitching pussy. I began to rub around on my enlarged clit as I kept an eye on the two horses fucking. Damn! My pussy was on fire as I watched and secretly wished it was the horse throwing his big cock to my little pussy. My slit was so wet as I watched his big cock going into her pussy.That night I fantasized to the thought of being fucked by that horse, having his huge cock shoved up me as I screamed in pleasure. I must have come ten times to the images of his cock pounding into me. I mad up my mind that night if I were to ever get the chance to have a horse fuck me, I would try it. Little did I know it wouldn’t be too long before my wildest dream came true.My father had a work bench at the stables and I made a padded covering that would go on top of it. I was planning on just how to lay on it and have the horse fuck me. Things were starting to fall into place as I took a couple of towels out to the stables, just in case I might need them. The only thing I needed was someone to help me. I couldn’t lay there and get the horse to come over and fuck me. I needed some help. We had a black stable hand, Sam, who helped with the livestock and I was going to try to seduce him first, then have him help me. It was a plan and I was going to put it into action. I put on the skimpiest little outfit I could find that day as I approached him and smiled at him, telling him what big muscles he had as he was working without a shirt on. He told me thanks and that I looked awfully good in my short shorts. I knew he was mine! I wiggled my hips and asked him if he had ever been with a white girl before. He told me that he had always wanted to but that no, he had never made love to one.”Would you like to make love to me?” I asked with a smile.”I would love to but I am afraid I might get karşıyaka escort caught,” he answered, “Besides, do you really want to have a black man do you?””I would love to.” I said as I leaned into him, letting my crotch area rub along his knee. It wasn’t long before he had my shorts off and had me lying down in a hay pile with a blanket under us. My! He had a huge cock too! I took it in my hands and slowly jacked it up and down as he kissed my breasts. It grew so big in my hands as I felt his hot flesh as I played with it. My pussy was so wet and I wanted his big, black cock in me as I spread my thighs wide open for him. Without hesitating, he took his cock and started to rub it over my slit, from top to bottom as I grew even hotter. I wanted it so bad as I felt him ease it to my tiny opening. I reached down and spread my hairless pussy lips apart for his massive cock. It was my first big cock and I really felt him as it slipped past the entrance to my cunt. He was pushing that log in me as I whimpered, telling him to be easy as he slowed it down, I felt the thick head as it slid deep inside me, prying my poor pussy so wide as he slowly fed me that black cock. My pussy was full of his cock as he went deeper, touching every spot in me as I felt the long dick hitting bottom. I would cum each time he hit my special spot and my entire body would tremble with delight as I came over and over again.I looked down to see him as he pounded that cock to me, the difference in our skins were so evident as his black cock sawed in and out of my lily white pussy. It was so exciting to see the color difference as he pumped that cock to me. I was loving it as I threw my cunt up to him, taking as much of his cock as I could. Then I felt his cock began to swell inside me as I asked him if he had ever saw a woman fucking a horse. He started driving his cock hard and faster now as he told me that he had seen two women doing it with the horses and that he had even helped them. This made me cum again as I felt his cock start to throb inside me, knowing he was on the edge of cumming. I threw my ass up to meet his thrusts as he poured that big cock to my tiny pussy. “Will you help me fuck one of them?” I asked as he slammed his cock to me, “Please I want to fuck that big white horse. Will you help me?””Yes, baby. I’ll help you,” he answered, “But it will cost you. I want to take you and make really give you a good fucking.”With his cock buried so deep in me all I escort karşıyaka could say was “Ok, You have a deal.” I felt him as his cock throbbed as the huge load of cum started to flood my pussy. It was so hot inside me as he emptied his balls of cum, coating my insides with the hot juices. I came again and again as I felt that huge, black cock shooting his load of cum in me. We hurried finished and got our clothes back on as I asked him when was he going to help me. He told me to make sure no one was at home and when the coast was clear, to come find him and he would help me. He also said that I must not ever tell a soul about us or the horse. I told him that he had to help me first and then I would keep my end of the bargain. He said that he wanted me to have plenty on time for him also when we did get the chance to fuck. I agreed and went to the house for that day.I masturbated to just the thought of getting fucked by that big white horse as well as fantasizing about his big, black cock that night. I came so hard at the thought of their big cocks in my tiny pussy as I went to sleep, still playing with my pussy.It was two days later when everyone had left the farm and I was alone. I grabbed a tube of KY jelly as I hurried to the stables and found him, telling him that no one was there and now was the time. He led me to my secret bench and already had my padding there waiting for me. He knew all along what was going on.He helped me disrobe and laid me down as he started to play with me, telling me that I would have to be good and wet before that big cock could enter me. I lay there and felt him as he rubbed my clit, taking time to kiss it as he slid a finger over my slit. I was getting so wet! I knew I was ready for the horse as he got up and told me to keep playing with my pussy until he brought the horse over to me. I did as he said and rubbed my snatch as he led the big horse over to the bench where I lay. I watched as he took the horses cock and rubbed on it as it grew larger, my hand still playing with my wet pussy. My eyes were fixed on the huge cock as he slowly jacked the horses cock. Then he brought the horse over and straddled me, the huge cock dangling as I felt the head of his cock against my little pussy. Sam rubbed the head of the cock along my slit, as I watched the long dick slide over my pussy lips. I was on fire as I felt that horse’s cock against me.Then Sam told me to hold my self open and he would put it in for me. I did karşıyaka escort bayan as he said and spread my pussy lips so wide as he guided that cock to me. I felt the big head as it found my tiny hole, drawing back away from it as I really wasn’t sure now. But Sam took my ass in one hand and the horses cock in the other as he lifted my ass to the huge cock. I felt the head as it spread me open, its slick flesh starting to slowly enter me as I gasped. Sam held it there just inside my tiny pussy as I grew accustom the big cock. Then he told me to work my pussy to it, for me to take it as he held the cock for me. I slowly began to wiggle my hips, forcing my mound up to that cock as I felt it enter a little more each time. Then it started to feel real good as I slammed my pussy up to it, taking more as it went deeper. I felt the huge horse cock so deep in my pussy as I began to shake all over from the pleasure it was giving me. It was so huge! It was hard taking that big cock into my tiny pussy as I fucked back to it. The cock was wet and I was wet as I felt it touch my special place. I was full of a horse’s big cock! My dream had come true and I was loving it as I wanted more.I came immediately as the horse cock touched me there. Then I saw Sam as he went around to my head and took out his big, black cock. He was jacking on it as I was cumming, holding it close to my face. “Now, Bitch. Suck my cock. Suck my black cock with your young girl’s mouth. I want you to suck on it as the horse fucks you,” he cried out as he moved his cock to my waiting mouth.I started to suck on his black cock as the horse started fucking me with his huge cock, filling my pussy so full of horse cock. I felt the horse as his cock started to swell up inside me, almost splitting my pussy apart as he started to cum. I felt the throbbing in me as the hot juices began to spurt from his cock. It was such a good feeling to feel that hot cum coating my insides as he just kept cumming. The force of his cum flooding me was making it hit my special place as I came over and over with Sam’s cock also starting to blow it’s load in my hungry mouth. There I was, laying there with a huge horse cock up my little pussy and a big black cock jammed into my mouth. Nothing else could ever be this great as I felt both their cocks filling me with their cum. Cum was running out of my mouth, all around that big cock stuffed in it and cum was flowing out of my pussy as the big horse cock was emptying his huge load of cum into me. My own cum was mixed in there somewhere as I was covered with cum. There was hot cum all over my mouth and chin, cum over my pussy and thighs, and I was loving every bit of it as we all slowed to a stop. I was full of cock and cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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