Helping Out Aunt Julie.

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Helping Out Aunt Julie.After returning home with my brother we found out that our parents had split up and dad had moved out, well he was’nt round all that much anyway.. his two favourite things to do were working and drinking, full time job and helping friends and his younger brother plant and harvest vegetables.His best feature was he was very good worker but not really that good at anything else, both my brother and myself worked with him sometimes on weekends and school holidays, as it was my brothers last year of high school he needed to study more so in the next few months it was mostly just me and we were helping his younger brother who was married had two young k**s and his own 5 acre property.His wifes name was Julie she was about 32 quite attractive with a nice curvy body and always looked good in tight jeans and shirts a little on the tight side showing her 34C/26/36 figure off.For a long time I liked to look at older females not the ones my own age, at school I looked at the teachers and not girls in my class.. anyone I found attractive.Both Marie and Julie were exactly the type of lady that I liked.. attractive, curvy and sexy.After we finished working for the day both my father and uncle would start drinking only stopping briefly to eat dinner then back to drinking and talking and planning, they did’nt seem to notice much else, I would usually sit and check Julie out or sit in the living room next to the kitchen watch tv with my young cousins while continuing to look over at Julie, after what had recently happened with Marie I was quite horny and was having the same sort of thoughts about Julie and after a few different times of doing this I think Julie began to notice me looking at her she would usually just smile at me when she looked over at me and keep on cooking, cleaning dishes or bathing her k**s and putting them to bed.My mother was never happy about me being bought home late or dad smelling of alcohol and they would fight all the time when around each other but everytime after finishing our work they would start drinking and talking, one night while Julie was bathing her k**s I did the same as with Marie and while everyone was busy I went into their bedroom and checked out her underwear draw and like before I took a nice sexy pair of bikini panties to wank off to later.A few weeks later it was school holidays and I was working with them for a last few days until spring, I was working in the paddock next to the house alone while dad and uncle went off to another paddock to work, and at one point I could have sworn that I saw Julie in her bra and panties through their bedroom window.. WOW NICE.Julie went out shopping with her k**s and came back a few hours later after lunch, when she got out of the car she was wearing a tight blouse, short skirt and a pair of those chucky platform alanya escort shoes that were popular in the 70’s, I had never actually seen her in anything but jeans and shirts before and she looked very sexy and caught a brief glimpse of her panties as she bent over to get her bags out the car before going into the house, I thought to myself it felt a little like before with Marie.. well I was secretly hopping anyway.A while later Julie came over with an ice drink for me, while I worked she asked how things were with mum and dad I said not good fighting all time, then asked how was school.. I said I wasnt all that happy with that either, then asked did I have a girlfriend I said no, then suprised me by asking if I had had sex yet, I looked at her for a few seconds then smiled and said yes, she smiled back and Oh with a girl from school?.. I said no, she looked suprised and said your not gay are you.. I said no, I kept on working but Julie really wanted to know so she said AND?.. and what I said?.. she said are you going to tell me?..I thought about it for a few seconds and by now I was getting a hard on, I did want to have sex with Julie just like I did with Marie but I did’nt know if it would be a good idea to tell her everything so I just said it was with an older married women that I quite fancied and when she found out I liked her in that way she seduced me and let me have sex with her a couple of times and taught me a thing or two, Julie listened hanging on every word and asked was it nice and did I enjoy it.. I said that I did and it was real nice, then the smile seemed to dissapear as she said her husband had been drinking more and more lately and their sex life had quietened down a bit mostly now only with him on top and cumming quickly and her being left wanting, then she looked at her watch and said she had better go and start dinner, I was now wondering if I stood some chance of having sex with Julie.I was finishing off what I was doing when my father and uncle came back and helped pack up then as usual into the house and dinner and drinking, Julie said to me you had better call your mum and tell her you will be home later, she took me to the phone which was next to their bedroom and as I was talking to my mother I looked over into their bedroom and saw a very sexy blue baby doll nightie with matching panties laid out on the bed, my eyes widened a little which I think Julie saw, after eating like always Julie cleaned up and bathed the k**s and put them to bed while I watched tv and her from the living room while dad and his brother kept drinking and talking, a short while later Julie stuck her head around the corner and asked me to come here, I got up and went into the hallway between the bedrooms but Julie was’nt there and the k**s doors were shut so I looked over into escort alanya Julie’s bedroom and there she was dressed in that same sexy blue baby doll nightie, she said come in and shut the door then said do you like it I bought it just for you, she said she had noticed me looking at her alot and had noticed some of her underwear had gone missing and thought maybe I had taken them, not like before this time I was not embarrassed about taking Julie’s panties and said yes I did, that I thought she was sexy and I would like to fuck her, Julie was now smiling and said lets be quiet and show me what your lady friend taught you.We started kissing but I really wanted to get to Julie’s tits pushing up her nightie and sucking and fondling them laying her down on the bed then slowly kissing my way down her stomach spreading her legs while taking in the smell on her pussy before kissing and licking her through her panties, being the horny teenager I was I was desperate to taste Julie’s pussy.. I pulled her panties off and looked down at her wet pussy lips before diving in tonguing her lips for a few minutes before working my way up to her clit, eating pussy was something that I really enjoy and was quickly learning what women like to have done by the way they would react when I would do certain things and Julie was now in another place bucking and grinding her pussy against my face finally ending in such a powerful orgasm that Julie had to put a pillow over her face to muffle her screams and not alert my father or uncle as to what was going on.As Julie was calming down I took off my clothes and climbed on the bed next to her, she said that was the first time anyone had done that to her and I was only her third lover, her husband and first lover had only had straight missionary or doggy style sex and that it was not only the first for a while but the best most powerful orgasm she had ever had, I was very happy to hear this but was far more interested in putting my horny hard cock in her pussy and said thank you but can I please fuck you.. Julie said well what are you waiting for?.. I positioned my cock at pussy entrance and slowly slid it in and out enjoying the wonderful feeling of her hot wet pussy but Julie was now so horny she threw me over on my back and started riding my cock like a race horse moving only her legs and ass up and down while I played with her tits, this new position was great and it did’nt take long before i knew I was cumming, I told Julie I was ready to cum and she said it was alright as she was on the pill so fill me up honey! hearing that I pulled her ass down on my cock and shot my load into her, this helped Julie to another orgasm and she collapsed down onto me til her orgasm finished then she climbed off me lying back beside my side facing me smiling and opening her legs alanya escort bayan showing me her pussy where in the dim light I could see my semen starting to come out of Julie’s pussy, that was the first time I had ever seen this and it was such a turn on, Julie rubbed her hand along my leg saying you like that do you and I said it was an amazing sight and Julie crawled forward and kissed me very passionately and said thank you I really needed that then said we had better get dressed and she ran off to the bathroom while I dressed and went back to the living room happy with a warm feeling between my legs.The next day much to both our dissapointment we were unable to have a repeat and the next day would be my last working for my uncle and I was working along side them in the morning but after lunch I was put to work alone in the large shed next to the house while my father and uncle went off way over at the back of the property, Julie set her k**s up with some thing to keep them busy and came over to the shed, as she walked in I could’nt help but notice she had undone the top few buttons of her shirt and her bra and boobs were clearly visible and jiggling nicely as she walked over, I put my arms around her waist and she kissed me deeply and passionately then started pulling my clothes off while saying I want you to fuck me real bad!Not wanting to miss out once she had my clothes off it was my turn to strip her off, I got her down to her bra and matching light blue lacy panties then stood back for a second to look at her, I like seeing a lady in her bra and panties as much as naked as I find a lady in her underwear a huge turn on, I told her how nice and sexy she looked, Julie thanked me with a big kiss and said she does’nt get to many complements these days and she found it a turn on, slipping off her bra and panties I lifted her onto the workbench and started licking her pussy, spurred on by my performance two day ago I really got stuck into licking Julie out and before long she was screaming her little heart out this time I bought her to two orgasms before lifting her down and turning her around and entering her from behind setting a nice pace, Julie kept saying YES, YES Fuck Me, the dirty talk helped me along and I told Julie I’m cummming, I’m going to fill you up and then I tensed pulled Julie’s hips back on my cock and blew my load inside her, after pulling out of her she lifted herself up on the bench and spread her legs again showing me her pussy spreading her lips to let me see my semen trickle out of her.Unfortunately as before I never got to see Julie again as firstly things between my parents quickly got worse and my father stopped comming around and we never saw him again and hardly ever saw any of that side of the family again either, and secondly I heard that Julie and my uncle also split and divorced, his drinking kept getting worse and worse amongst other things I suspect he might have gotten violent and she just left.It had become clear to me that these fool husbands who neglected their wives were helping me get laid.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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