High Scool Graduation

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High Scool GraduationThis is a true story that happened just before my graduation.Just a little background for the past two or three years I have been getting my mouth and ass used by my friend Mark and my cousin Paul. I was home with my dad one evening watching the baseball game, feeling down and depressed that school had ended and I’d be working full-time not seeing my friends much and going off to school after that. My friend Mark walks in through the back door and I yell I’m in the living room watching TV with my dad. I didn’t want coming in with his cock hanging out. He comes in and he’s looking the same way I am, down and depressed for the same reason. My dad suggests that since graduation is Saturday and it’s 6 days away why don’t we go up to the lake and go camping, it won’t be crowded at all. We look at each other with the same thought, mad sex for days. Just then a knock at the front door. It’s a guy named Matthew from our class better known as tank, he’s huge 6ft 4 240 pounds play football is going to a D1 college for football. He comes into the house with a box for my mom who was at some church function. He says hi to my dad and who also also is down and depressed for the same reason we are. My dad says why don’t you join them going camping. Mark and I look at each other with a No-No look, hoping he’d say no, he says yes. Mark and I look at each other but can’t give our secret away, so we say great. Two seconds later my cousin Paul walk through the door and asking us what the commotion is. My dad says that they’re going camping up to the lake. Paul then says all of them or just Mark and me, my dad replies all of them. Paul looks at us with that strange look like how are you guys going to have sex with tank around. My dad then asked Paul if he’s finished with school, and has anymore test. Paul is an honor student and finished his test today…. so of course dad says I’ll call your parents so you can go. Now it 2 guys who were looking to use me as a cum dump and now we had to be on our best behavior.My dad and I had to go to church to bring that box Tank brought over and help my mom moving stuff at church. In the meantime my cousin Paul said he’ll get the stuff out of the attic and pack up the station wagon. On the way home my dad and I stopped and got some hot dogs and hamburgers cereal and milk.The next day we all met at my house at 7 and we were up at the lake by 10:00 a.m. . It happened to be the first real hot day of the year. As we unpacked the station wagon and prepare to set up the six person tent my dad had, we realize that my cousin had packed the small 4 person bakırköy escort tent. We all looked at each other…… and basically said at the same time how are we going to fit in there. After we set everything up we decided to go for a swim. The first one to change was Mark he came out sweating like a pig and said I can`t do it, it’s too hot in the tent so we decided to jerry-rig the tarp up to enclose the campsite. The campgrounds had no one there and the site had a drop off in the back. The front had the car PLUS a tarp wrapped over rope…..no one could see in. We decided that we could change outside, no one will see us. We all stripped fast, that’s when I got a look at Tanks trunk or gun. Mark and Paul saw it before during practice with him but I never did. I might have had my mouth open just a little. That night we all went to bed squeezing into the 4 man tent….very hot and tight. I don’t remember what time it was but I had to get out. I sat out side got out of my shorts and poured cold water on me, then sat in the beach chair and dozed off. I woke up when Mark got out of the tent naked, walking towards me stoking his hard on. He whispered to me that he needed some relief. No, we can’t Tank is here and I can’t have him finding out. Just don’t scream or moan to loud Mark said. I said ok, and got on my knees and started to suck him. I had his cock so wet my mouth had saliva drip from the corners. He started to moan so I told him shhhhhj. He pushed me down on all 4s and started to fuck me, this is where I Start to moan. Mark reaches around and puts his hand over my mouth, by I can’t stop grunting with each trust forward. Mark whispers that he’s going to cut, I whisper back …in my ass. After he’s done he goes back into the tent naked and I lay on the chair naked. After that Paul walks out of the tent naked and tells me he can’t sleep, lay down on the table and spread your legs. I do what he says, and tell him to be quiet. Paul squirts some suntan lotion on his cock then fingers my hole…..surprise I said Mark was here already. He rammed his cock into my ass and fucked me hard , then took it out and made me beg him to put it back. He called me his fagot cousin and the biggest cum slut he knew, more then any girl. He pulled out and gave me a royal fascial…..then he crawled to the tent naked. I walked to the bathhouse naked and took a shower. Like I said no one was at the campgrounds. I got back to the site and laid down and dozed off, only to be woken by the tent zipper. I thought it was Mark or Paul looking for seconds……It was Tank. beşiktaş escort Coming towards me with a huge erection, stroking it. I sat up and stared as he walked towards me, I did not know what to do, I could not let on I was a sum dump. I think by the size of his cock and the smerk on his face he knew. He grabbed me by the wrist and brought me to the picnic table and bent me over. I told him no we did not have to do this. He said you think I’m a dumbass First Mark then Paul leave the tent and come back naked cleaning their cocks and smelling of cum. And I hear slapping noises in rythem, like when I fuck some of the cheerleaders (there are guy cheerleaders) Now bend over on the table and spread your fucking cheeks. Tank please whisper they will hear you. They will hear you when I stick my meat up your ass. I bend over onto the table and he sticks a finger in and then smells it….. and then makes me smell it. Now whispering he says do you smell that on my finger it’s cum, who fuckin you Mark or Paul. I was almost crying I said both. He got close to my ear and said me too. With that his cock started to invade my ass stretching like never before. He kept whispering in my ear, I’m almost in, you are going to really like this, I have never disappointed anybody (which thinking back got me thinking) he started to pound forward and up lifting me off my feet, then with 2 hands he wrapped them around my forehead and pulled back, arching me putting ass out more. I was starting to get use to the size and was moaning, he asked me how much I liked greeting fucked and who else had excess to me….I told him. Then he pushed me down onto the picnic table, he kept saying keep it up that feels good. I did not know what I was doing. Then he said keep reaming my ass….What!I couldn’t see who it was either Mark or Paul. Then tank started to come in my ass big time I could feel his cock twitching getting bigger than smaller then he started relaxing. I was able to slide out from underneath him his cock slid out of my ass with a pop. I looked back and saw mark reaming his ass like a ice cream cone. He had tank where we wanted him, bent over the picnic table like I was. he then got up and stuck his cock into tanks wet ass. I stood and realized that the cat was out of the bag besides Mark and Paul knowing now Tank knew. I got up on the picnic table I stuck my cock into tanks mouth, he sucked it like a he knew exactly what to do. As I said I was cuming he never let up, I came in his mouth, he swallowed then licked me clean. Mark announced he was going to cum, and asked beylikdüzü escort tank where he wanted it….He said his mouth. That’s when I realized the comment he made before and the fact he wanted cum in his mouth….. He has done this before. After we were all done we cleaned up and collapsed in the tent naked, and all this time my cousin Paul was out like a light.The next morning I woke up and saw tank on all fours with my cousin pounding his ass. I woke up Mark and we were cheering Paul on. Marks said I have an idea get on all fours facing tank, so I did. I was now face-to-face with tank who was panting telling Paul to go harder. Mark got behind me and started fucking me and in no time we were dripping wet in the hot tent. With tank and I face to face in fuck lust we started to kiss, both Mark and Paul started calling us all kind of names. I thought Tank would get mad but it made him hotter. We kiss like it was the last time with our tongues starting all over the place. Then Paul had a great idea he told Mark, when you’re about to come let’s give them both facials so they can do a cumswap, Tank and I heard this and we got even hotter. Then it happened they both pulled out of our ass at the same time and started jerking off in our faces. Cum with flowing all over the place we were a mess and we just kept licking it off each other tank and I. After that Mark and Paul left the tent and went swimming, tank and I got into a 69 and gave each other the greatest blowjob ever. After that we left the tent, got our suits on and went down to the beach and saw Paul and Mark who smiled at us and said did you guys have fun, at the same time tank and I said of course. For the next 3 days it was sex sex sex. Mark and Paul even tried tanks cock, and while they were getting fucked I stuck my cock in their mouth and made them taste my cum. I don’t think they had a choice especially when a large cock is in their ass. I even got to fuck tank and tank and I did the same thing to Paul and Mark. I fucked paul, tank on mark and gave them cum swapping fascial. Luckily the ground were empty and we made our site private, most of the time was spent on the picnic table or on the car.Well it ended………After that for some reason my parents and Paul stopped talking or seeing each other, about 35-40 yrs now. Never found out. Mark moved and died of cancer, I saw little of him during college, he stayed in his college town, married 3 k**s. Tank went to college in CA. stayed there, never went pro, became an insurance agent. Recently my sister who does a lot of Facebook said she saw that Matthew got married. When I saw the picture I wanted to chuckle he got married to a guy, husband and husband. Thinking back I have a feeling that tank was getting and giving it to my uncle, Paul’s Dad. He did a lot and I mean a lot of work for him, but we will never know.Sorry it’s long but it is a true story.

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