Home for the Holidays Ch. 04

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The house woke up sporadically the next morning with people dragging themselves out of bed at different times. Tom, Amy, and Diana were the last three to wake up. When Tom and Amy finally showered and joined the rest downstairs the others had already finished breakfast and were making plans for the day. Soon they decided to brave the crowds and hit some of the sales at the big mall across town. Tom quickly begged out and looked forward to a long day of sitting in front of the TV watching football.

The women all went upstairs and gathered their coats and purses. With a big commotion they all left and Tom started pouring himself something to drink in the kitchen. He was surprised a few moments later when Leslie came downstairs. “I thought you were going shopping,” he said in his surprise to see her.

“I changed my mind,” she simply said. “I thought it might be fun to hang out here and get a little workout.”

Tom’s cock twitched and his stomach tensed as he wondered what sort of a workout she wanted. He and Amy had showered together that morning and she had raised the subject of Leslie again. It seemed almost silly to be talking about it in the bright morning light, but they talked about how they had already started going down some wild roads this weekend. They agreed, half joking and half serious, that if either of them had the chance to fulfill their desires with Leslie that they should go for it and then try to include the other person as soon as possible. They agreed to this but laughed at it at the same time thinking they were just being silly and overly horny.

Now Tom stood silently and looked at Leslie as she grabbed a banana from the counter. He wondered if he wouldn’t, in fact, get the chance to live out his little fantasy. His hopes were fairly quickly squashed when Leslie headed back upstairs and said she was going to change and go out for a long run to work off some of the extra desserts she had the previous day.

A little disappointed, Tom gathered up his drink and the paper and went downstairs to his favorite chair to watch football. A short while later Leslie called down that she was leaving. Tom said he’d leave the door open for her return.

At halftime of his game Tom looked at his watch and said to himself, “Damn, she wasn’t kidding about taking a long run.” She had been gone for two hours now and he started to worry something may have happened to her. Before he could get too concerned he heard the doorknob rattle as she returned.

He went upstairs and was greeted by her spandex covered ass as she was bent over at the waist with her back to the stairs adjusting her shoes. “Thought you got lost,” he said as he tried to pull his eyes off her ass.

She spun around with a big smile and said she always tried to take a really long run on the weekends. “It gives me lots of time to think and put things in perspective,” she added.

As she talked Tom noticed that her cheeks were still very red from the cold outside. Her spandex tights hugged every curve of her legs and ass beautifully. In addition, she wore a tight fleece top and one of those headbands that covered her ears instead of earmuffs. She wasn’t dressed overly warm but as she had run her body heat kept her comfortable. However, now that she had stopped running her body was feeling the effects of the prolonged exposure to the cold and she could feel the chill growing in her. Tom’s cock twitched again when he noticed that he could see her nipples beginning to poke out against her top. She caught him staring at her tits once but didn’t give any reaction for which Tom was thankful. He was pretty embarrassed at how openly he was lusting for this girl.

“I’d better head up and take a long shower,” Leslie said. “Do you mind if I use the shower in the master bedroom again?” She added that it was just so much bigger and had a better water flow than the other shower that she thought she might warm up quicker in it. Tom told her to help herself and then was taken by surprise when Leslie added, “Besides, the shower in your room had a wonderful surprise that I surely wouldn’t have had in the other shower.” She flashed him a knowing smile and a little wink and headed upstairs.

Tom pondered her parting comment for a few minutes as he heard her moving around upstairs and heard the water start to run in the shower. It was obvious now that she wasn’t at all upset that he had surprised her in the shower the previous day, otherwise why would she call it a wonderful surprise? Tom grew excited by the idea that she might be interested in him. It was then that a devilish idea popped into his head. He felt himself climbing the stairs toward the master bedroom before he had a chance to stop himself from doing it.

He quietly entered the bedroom and moved toward the open door to the bathroom. His cock was already nearly fully hard at the very thought of what he was about to do. He had come up with the idea that he would, purely out of good will, pop his head in the escort bathroom and let Leslie know how to work the massaging head on the shower. He knew it was a totally lame excuse, but he figured if she was game it would open the door and if she wasn’t interested he could just say he was trying to be nice to her after her long run.

As he stepped into the bathroom doorway he could see the blurry outline of her naked body through the glass on the shower. “Um, excuse me,” he started.

She cracked open the door to the shower and poked her head out with a small smile, “My, but we seem to keep meeting here.”

Tom laughed, suddenly uncomfortable with the lameness of his cover story. Surely she would see right through it and laugh him out of the shower. Still, he had started the ball rolling so he continued, “Well, I just wanted to let you know that the shower head has an awesome massaging feature.” He paused as he tried to judge her reaction. “I thought it might feel good after your run.” He could now feel his hard on pressing tightly against his pants making an obvious bulge.

“Hmmm, is that right?” Leslie replied playfully. She couldn’t believe what she was about to do, but the sight of his hard cock the day before and the sight of his obvious erection for her now combined with her need to get fucked by a good stiff cock didn’t leave her thinking clearly. Was she really about to try and seduce her best friend’s dad?

“Well, I think that might feel very nice,” she then paused and built up her courage. She pushed the shower door open to expose her naked body to Tom for the second time in as many days. He stared lustfully at her and heard the words he never thought he would hear from her. “Care to join me?”

Tom was nearly dumbstruck now as he finally had the invitation he had desired in secret for over a year. He wanted to jump in the shower and ravish her, but he found himself frozen unsure how to react at this turn of events.

Leslie smiled devilishly at him and moved to the very edge of the shower stall. She couldn’t believe her own actions but she moved a hand to the huge bulge in the front of Tom’s pants and caressed his hard cock as she said, “Don’t make me beg for it.”

Tom nearly jumped at the feel of her hand on his cock. The look of lust in her eyes, combined with the feel of her hand on his cock and the sight of her wet body soon broke him from his trance and he began pulling his shirt up and over his head. Leslie watched excitedly as Tom quickly stripped out of his clothes and stood before her completely naked. She took his hand and guided him into the shower with her as he shut the shower door behind him.

They immediately embraced in a wild kiss and let their tongues roughly explore each other’s mouths. Tom’s hands roamed all over her wet and soapy back and ass and she returned his caresses with equal excitement. The feel of her big, soft tits pressed into his naked chest and her soft stomach rubbing back and forth on his hard cock quickly drove Tom into a frenzy.

He knew that the smart thing to do would be to take his time and savor every moment of what could be a once in a lifetime fantasy encounter, but his growing lust and desire soon overtook him. “I need to fuck you,” he gasped between their hungry kisses.

Without saying a word Leslie spun around and placed her hands against the shower wall and pushing her ass back toward him. Tom immediately guided his cock to her pussy and groaned when he felt her heavy wetness on the tip of his cock. He quickly drove his entire length into her wanting pussy and Leslie let out a deep, lusty moan as he filled her.

It had been nearly a year since Leslie had last been fucked and that was an awkward encounter with an old boyfriend in his car over Christmas break last school year. As Tom’s cock filled her now and started to rhythmically move back and forth inside her all she could think of was how good it felt and how she desperately wanted to cum with him inside her.

Tom gripped her hips tightly and soon their fuck became very hard and fast. Leslie began driving herself back into him as Tom rapidly fucked her. Tom soon knew he wouldn’t last much longer but before he could say anything Leslie began to cry out loudly. He felt her pussy clench and twitch around his cock and watched excitedly as her body became quickly overtaken in her orgasm.

As he watched her cum Tom lost his own control and grunted over and over as he filled her quivering pussy with a load of his cum. Feeling his cum seemed to trigger a second wave of Leslie’s orgasm and she groaned deeply as she felt him fill her and felt her own orgasm reach a second peak.

They continued fucking rapidly until they were both completely spent. Once she knew her own orgasm had passed and was sure that Tom had fully emptied his load of cum inside her Leslie straightened up and leaned back against Tom. As she moved, his cock slipped out of her warm pussy and he wrapped his arms around her stomach.

For several long moments they remained like this with her back pressing against his front as he held her tightly around her stomach and they each enjoyed the sensation of closeness and nakedness with each other. Tom couldn’t resist the lure of her heavy tits and slowly let his hands slide up her stomach until he was caressing her tits softly.

Leslie let out a soft moan and leaned back into him even further as he began to explore the tits that had been the object of many of his fantasies. He tenderly caressed and explored them and finally began to tease her nipples until they stood straight and hard.

He continued his massaging and fondling for several more long minutes until Leslie turned around to face him. Without exchanging a word they met each other in a deep, slow kiss that seemed like it would never end. Tom massaged her ass and let his hands slide up between them so he could continue exploring her tits. She soon slipped one hand down to his cock and began to fondle and stroke him.

Tom couldn’t believe he had just fulfilled a second huge fantasy in less than 24 hours and he relished the slow kiss and the feel of her young body rubbing against him. He was surprised how excited he became at her touch on his cock and could already feel himself growing hard again. Part of him wanted to shut off the water, take her to the bed, and properly fuck her, but he knew that the other four would be returning before too long and he didn’t want to risk getting caught.

He wasn’t afraid of Amy catching them as he was already looking forward to telling her about the encounter in graphic detail, but he didn’t want to face the idea of Katie catching him like this with her roommate. “Thank you,” he whispered to Leslie after they finally parted their kiss.

“Anytime,” she replied with a twinkle in her eye that let Tom know that she just might be serious about that. She fondled his cock again through another deep, long kiss before Tom left the shower. He quickly got dressed and headed downstairs.

Leslie stayed in the shower for a while longer and relived the brief, hot fuck in her mind. Tom’s cock had felt so good and the quick, hard fuck was just what she needed for relief, but it had definitely left her wanting more. She let her fingers play with her pussy briefly as she thought about being able to slowly experience Tom at some point when they had the time to work through proper foreplay and take their time as they fucked.

Tom had only been downstairs for a few minutes when the others returned from their shopping trip. He greeted them and they excitedly told him all about what they had purchased and where they had gone. Just as the water shut off in the upstairs shower Katie, Megan, and Diana went upstairs to put away their new things leaving Amy and Tom alone in the living room.

“So,” Amy said with a devilish smile, “did you have fun while we were out?” She hugged him tightly and gave him a wet kiss.

Tom wanted to tell her everything and then start figuring out how to get Leslie in bed again with them both, but he knew he didn’t have enough time so he simply replied, “Yes.”

“Really?” Amy teased. “You’ll have to tell me all about it later.” Tom couldn’t tell if she had picked up something in his tone or his expression but she seemed to be acting as if she suspected something. Before he could investigate further he heard footsteps coming back downstairs and they were soon joined by Katie and Megan.

Amy excused herself and went up to the master bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. As she walked she thought some about Diana. She thought something might have been up with Tom but she had been distracted enough by her own excitement that she hadn’t fully picked up on it.

Several times as they had been shopping Diana had “accidentally” brushed her hand against Amy’s ass or her arm across Amy’s tits. Amy was a little surprised that she found these attentions from Diana so exciting. For most of the day she felt as though she was in a partial daze of sexual excitement.

Things had nearly gotten completely out of control at one of the last stores they had visited. The tiny store only had two small dressing rooms and all four of them had items they wanted to try on. Upon Diana’s suggestion they paired up in the rooms with Katie and Megan in one room and Diana and Amy in the other.

Behind the flimsy privacy of the thin curtain Diana quickly stripped down to her panties and bra and Amy was surprised at how just the sight of Diana’s body could have such an effect on her. When Amy removed her own top Diana reached out and began to softly caress her tits through her bra. Amy barely stifled the moan of pleasure and surprise Diana’s touch brought and had to use all of her will power to remove Diana’s hand from her tit. In the remainder of their time in the small dressing room Diana again fondled Amy’s tits and they exchanged a brief kiss before Amy pulled away.

Diana had seemed completely willing to escalate the encounter as far as Amy was willing to go, and it excited Amy to think that Diana was so horny for her. The whole drive home Amy had been distracted by wild thoughts of she and Diana lying on the floor of the store and sucking each other’s pussies until they both were screaming in pleasure.

By the time she got home she was so horny that she could have thrown Tom down and fucked his brains out right on the spot, but she knew she would have to be patient until later. Now that she was alone in her bedroom she briefly thought about rubbing her pussy and clit to relieve her built up tension, but she finally decided to wait until she had Tom’s cock and mouth to satisfy her.

She changed clothes and stepped out of the bedroom at nearly the same time Diana was stepping out of her bedroom. They looked at each other and Amy could feel a knot form in her stomach. They met just next to the top of the stairs and quickly fell into each other’s arms. Their lips and tongues immediately came together in a hungry, lustful kiss that didn’t last nearly long enough for Amy.

“Later,” she whispered to Diana as they parted their kiss.

“I can’t wait,” Diana whispered back. Amy turned to go downstairs and Diana couldn’t help but caress her ass as she began to go downstairs. Diana watched Amy descend the stairs and turned back toward her room only to see Leslie standing in the doorway to the bathroom staring back at her.

“Err, hi,” Leslie said awkwardly realizing she had been caught spying. Diana smiled a devilish smile and walked over next to Leslie. Normally Diana wouldn’t have been so bold, but she was already very horny and she knew that Leslie had already seen her and Amy together in the mirror a few nights earlier. She hoped this would be the chance she had been looking for to hook up with Leslie.

“Did you like what you saw?” Diana whispered seductively into Leslie’s ear.

“Yes,” Leslie quietly whispered.

“Do you want me to kiss you like that?” Diana asked hoping that she already knew the answer.

Leslie didn’t say anything but merely looked at Diana with an expression that clearly said yes. Diana moved toward Leslie and their lips met in a soft kiss. Their lips slowly danced together and Diana had just moved her hands to Leslie’s hips when they heard rustling at the bottom of the stairs.

The rustling was immediately followed by voices and then footsteps coming upstairs as first Katie and then Megan appeared in view. Diana forced herself to pull away from Leslie just before the others came into view and quickly stepped into the bathroom to compose herself.

Leslie went into the bedroom and pretended to be looking for something to buy herself some time to regain her composure. A few nights earlier she thought she had seen movement in the reflection in the big mirror of the room where she was staying. She had seen a couple of figures silhouetted that appeared to be kissing, but the light was dim enough that she couldn’t be sure what or who she saw.

Seeing Amy and Diana together just now had excited her more than she expected. It was true that she had been with a couple of women sexually before fucking Katie the other night, but she had always viewed those as “recreational” fucks that helped her get through when no guys were around. Despite having just been fucked by Tom, seeing the two women kiss had affected her greatly and made her pussy tingle with excitement.

Diana’s kiss had only served to further excite her. She briefly wondered what might have happened if they hadn’t been interrupted and felt her pussy tingle again and her nipples stiffen under her bra.

“Did you hear me?” Katie asked in a tone that suggested she had been waiting for Leslie to answer.

“Umm, sorry,” Leslie replied, “I guess I spaced out.” Leslie took a big calming breath and turned to face Katie knowing that her nipples still were visible as they poked against her top. Leslie thought she noticed Katie’s eyes drop momentarily to her tits before Katie looked back up and resumed talking. Katie said they were all planning on playing some cards downstairs and then digging into some leftovers for dinner.

The rest of the afternoon and evening passed quickly as the six of them talked, ate, and played cards well into the night. The phone then rang and Katie answered it. She talked excitedly into the phone and then came back into the room. “That was my old friend Angie from high school,” she announced. “A few of my old friends are back in town and planning to hit this all ages club where we used to hang out all the time. It used to be a fun place, anyone game?”

“Sure, sounds fun,” Megan answered right away. Katie looked at Leslie and Diana and they each hesitated before answering. Finally Diana was the first to reply, “I think I’ll skip it if you and your folks don’t mind.”

“You two mind some extra company?” Diana asked Tom and Amy laughing to herself at the double meaning of her question and knowing full well that they wouldn’t mind the extra company at all.

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