Hotel meet up and fuck with a girl half my age.

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Hotel meet up and fuck with a girl half my age.It is not always easy to cheat when you are yourself. So my young lover and I have resorted to role playing to help facilitate our meetings. Last weekend I came home one day early from a job in Montana and got a hotel room on the business credit card since I go in on a flight that cost the company less. This is what played out once I hit the hotel.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I walked into the bar in the hotel lounge and saw her immediately. She was sitting at the bar, sipping a flute of wine looking at things on her tablet computer. The dress hugged her body like a second skin and while she was not endowed with porn star breasts, she had the attention of at least two other groups of men in the thinly populated, dimly lit room.As I got closer, I realized she was young. There was no doubt she had been carded. The question was more like, was the ID real that she used to get the alcohol! She hardly looked of age. Then she looked up at me with those big brown eyes, perfectly framed by the blonde and brown silken strands of hair that fell to either side of her face, down to her shoulders. Her lips were bright red and seemed to beg to be kissed as she looked up at me. I stood with a stool between her and myself as I pretended to be more interested in getting the attention of the bartender.I ordered the Rum and coke and then turned to look a little more closely at her. She was waif thin and probably not much more than five feet tall. Her skin was so white it almost shone and it only served to make the shadows of cleavage and those beneath the hem of the dress all the more mysterious and provocative.“Can I help you?” she asked and I nearly jumped. I had not realized I was staring at her until her voice pulled me back into the present and I saw her looking at me with an odd smile on her lips.“I’m sorry, I just was admiring how nice you look this evening and was wondering if an old man like myself dared to offer buy you a drink.” I put on a smile that I hoped hid the embarrassment that burned my cheeks and I met her look with my own eyes.“I haven’t even really gotten very far into this drink and you want to buy me another? An older gentleman like yourself buying drinks for a young woman like me… Some might think that you were trying to get me drunk!” She arched an eyebrow at me. The bartender laughed at her comment and I shot him a look.“Hey, she said it dude, not me! But I couldn’t blame you if you did buy her a drink!” He then laughed and turned to go wait on a guy at the other end of the bar.I turned from staring after him and saw a smirk on the flawless face of the young woman. I decided it was time to cut and run with what integrity I still had intact, so I laid my money down on the bar and started to turn to a booth with a good view of the TV.I had taken only a step when I heard her say, “I’d love to have another.” She was sipping her wine and looking out of the corner of her eye at me when I stopped and looked at her.“Really?”“Yeah, you seem harmless and yet there is something about a guy who walks in and doesn’t have to discuss strategy with his buddies before approaching me that is refreshing.” Then as I moved to sit on the bar stool next to her she added, “Besides, older men are better lovers, or so I have heard!”Well she about dumped me on the floor with that one and she smiled. I managed to disguise my surprise well enough and we began to chat. Soon she needed that second glass of wine. I ordered a dozen boneless wings as the place began filling up and the small jazz quartet set up and began playing some nice soft music. We moved to a booth and to be honest, it felt like the most natural thing in the world!Then she began running the toe of her shoe up the back of my calf while looking into my eye. I reached across the small table and took both of her hands in one of mine. She looked down at our hands and then, as she raised those smoldering eyes up to mine she said, “Your hand is huge. Makes me wonder who big you might be in other ways…?”I smiled and just said, “Maybe you are just going to have to find out.” We stared at each other for a few more moments during which time we each tried to read where this was going without words and then she pulled her hand back, grabbed her purse and headed toward the ladies room. I sat there wondering if there was a back way out of the women’s restroom and whether I would ever see her again. In fact, as the minutes ticked by I began to kick myself in the butt all the more for being such a stupid foolish old man.Then she was there standing beside me, asking me to scoot in so she could sit next to me so we both could watch the TV. I smiled and did exactly that. A moment later, the waitress dropped off a couple of more drinks that my young muse had evidently ordered and then left. I was just about to say something about her no longer being afraid to have a second drink when she took my hand and put it under the table on her bare thigh. I looked down into her big brown eyes and if I had not been certain whether the parting of her thighs was a hint or not, the tip of her pink tongue appearing to run across her freshly coated red lips left absolutely no doubt as to what was wanted!Her dress was soon pulled high enough that I could see the dark line on her flesh where her thigh bent from her hip. My fingers could feel the moist heat radiating from deep inside of her as she looked up at me and whispered, “Oh God, yes!” I needed no more encouragement!!! bahis siteleri I went straight to work!Years ago, I had thought that if you did not have every millimeter of your fingers jammed inside of a woman, she would not even notice that you were touching her. Then I learned that while harder and deeper has its time and place, the majority of a woman’s sensitive nerve endings are actually much less deep and much more accessible and sensitive!! So very deliberately and carefully I began.With my index and ring fingers I gently opened her up and then lightly curled my middle finger up, just dragging and touching the wet tendrils of her labia. She closed her eyes and spread her legs more, going so far as to throw her near leg over my knee. I smiled to myself, thinking about how this was probably the first time this young woman had really had a true lover and not just horny humping dog of a guy pouncing on her. I smiled at the power I knew was mine in this situation as she surrendered herself to me.Carefully, so as not to touch her pearl that rested just below the heel of my hand, I began circling my finger through the wet garden of her hidden folds. The scent of her arousal filled the air! I pulled my fingers away then and her eyes flew open and daggers were launched at my smile. Then she watched as my hand came out from under the table and dipped into first glass with just a little rum and coke in it and some ice cubes. Her eyes flew open wide as she saw the small round ice cube being lifted out of the glass. Then the fingers, holding the ice slipped back under the table. With my other hand I grabbed up the nearly empty glass and raised it to my lips. Just before I consumed the last of its contents I smiled at my nymph and said, “Before this night is over, I am going to drain you of every drop of lust in you and drink each drop down!” Her lips parted in a silent cry, and I was certain it was as much because of the ice cold drops of water now running over the folds of her sex as the words of promise I had spoken!I began with the ice up high on her young hairless pussy, but slid it down lower, leaving a trail of cold wet shudder inducing water in the wake! Down I pushed it until I hooked the ice around her “taint” and bravely pushed the cube between her ass cheeks!!!She shuddered and grabbed hold of my arm and I felt her bite down on the flesh of my shoulder! For a moment I was seriously concerned that she had bitten clear through the cloth and broken my skin!! Her hips were thrusting up into my fingers and I rubbed the heel of my hand down over her pubic bone so she could finally gain relief for the tiny nub of nerves nestled at the top of her sex. When I did she gasped and a whole new wave of shocks and tremors wracked her body to such an extent that I looked around to see if anyone in the now noisy bar were taking notice of us. A few moments later she relaxed her death grip on my arm and slumped against me. “My God that was incredible and you haven’t even entered me yet!” She whispered. I looked down at her and smiled as she managed to lift her face up to look into my eyes. The eyes that had looked eager and yet somewhat nervous before now were full of only surrender. “You almost made me squirt, you bastard!” She said in a stronger voice and she smiled at me.“Well, I will have to send you even higher when we get upstairs then.” I said. I felt her hand move into my lap and wrap around the bulge that I had there. I smiled and let out a small, quiet moan of pleasure. “Then I guess you better pay the check while I go … freshen up.” She said. Then she leaned up into me and I bent down and tasted her lips. There is something about the taste of every lover I have ever had that is unique. Something in the taste of their breathe that identifies them and imprints them upon my psyche. This young woman was no different and her taste reminded me of purity, innocence, coming of age and eagerness to learn and to please. Her tongue danced as if in a hurry and I smiled as I pulled back and broke our embrace. Patience my dear. If you aren’t careful you will have me wasting my wad right here in my pants to the disappointment of us both!” She giggled, slid out of the booth and headed toward the lady’s room while I caught the eye of our waitress and paid up our bill.It did not take long this time for my young lover to return and I was on my feet before she reached the table. Without a word, we exited the bar and made our way to the elevator. To be honest, my head was swimming from both the alcohol and the experience and I nearly walked past the button for the elevator! She pushed the button and I stopped and turned and looked at her. She was tiny with long legs, small breasts and a hungry smile that left no doubt that she knew what she was doing and why. She looked over her shoulder to make certain no one was coming from up the hall, then she pulled the stretchy top of the dress down exposing her beautiful firm tits that are capped with pale pink areolas and perfectly centered gumdrop sized darker nipples. I took two quick steps toward her and she pulled up the top quickly and giggled as the elevator suddenly dinged announcing the arrival of a car with a couple and their pre-pubescent son. The boy stared openly at my friend and the man was not much better! I reached around the corner and held the door open for us to get in.The door had not even closed when she turned and wrapped herself nearly around me. She tried to keep one foot on the floor as I picked her up and pushed her canlı bahis against the wall of the elevator. I could feel the warm softness of her yielding to the pressure of my now aching cock! For a moment I considered hitting the elevator stop button, but figured that would only delay us from getting really down to what we both by now needed. So instead I cupped her strong ass and felt her muscles moving to allow me even more access! I looked down and the bottom of her dress hem was immodestly raised up almost to her waist and instead of feeling like I should cover her up before the doors opened, it only served to make me need her all the more!!!The car stopped and I let her down. She quickly straightened her dress as the doors parted. There was no one in the corridor and we both laughed. We could not have looked guiltier had we tried!!!A few moments later we entered my room and I made a detour into the bathroom as I encouraged her to help herself to the wine that was chilling on the table. I grabbed a little blue pill out of the side compartment of the shaving kit and popped it in my mouth and washed it down quickly. “I hope she stays horny long enough to make it worth it,” I mumbled and then turned and began relieving my bladder.Being a considerate lover, I grabbed a wash cloth, got it wet in warm water and then soaped up my semi-hard cock. From having talked to enough women about sex, I knew that for many there was nothing that was more of a buzz kill than to start to give a guy head and get a nasty mouthful of stale cock! So I was just getting lathered when there was a knock at the door and before I could say a thing, the door opened a little and my sexy companion was standing there with her dress hanging on the verge of not really concealing anything. “I guess I’m nervous, can I come in and…..” She stopped as she realized what I was doing and I thought for a moment she was going to slam the door and run for it.Instead, she pushed the door all of the way open and touched me as she walked past me to the toilet, pulled up her dress exposing a firm young ass before sitting down. “Don’t let me stop you,” she said with a wicked smile. “If I approve of your technique, maybe I will let you wash me in a minute.” My jaw hit the ground. She laughed then said, “I have no idea why I said that!!!” She laughed and her face turned beat red as I watched her in the mirror and began rinsing off my cock.To be honest, generally when I ‘warm wash’ my cock before sex, I go limp. I stay fairly full in girth, I just lose all hardness. But not tonight! With her eyes watching my every move I could feel my cock growing ever harder as I washed the suds off of the shaft.She wiped and stood and while watching my face, she grabbed the bottom of her stretchy dress and began pulling it up higher, exposing first her hips as they then tapered down to a slender, flat waist. She paused there until I looked up into her face. Then she began pulling the dress up over her small breasts and then over her shoulders and head. By the time she was done I was standing there with a wet stiff cock in my hand and a jaw that was resting on the sink counter!!! She was so petite and beautiful, I felt like a virgin all over again!!“Now you get to wash me!” she said in a low sultry voice and I gulped. She stepped over to me as she carelessly tossed her dress up on a stack of towels. She took my hand holding the wet cloth and put it right between her thighs as she pulled my head down to kiss her in the most passionate kiss of the evening to that point!My pants dropped to the floor as I pulled her to me and despite her still standing in her stiletto heels, there was still a big enough difference in our heights that it was difficult to get full body contact and kiss… but we somehow managed!!! Then I moved the hand with the cloth to her ass with the other hand and without really thinking about it, I pushed the warm wet crevice of her ass and began scrubbing there! She looked up at me with a throat filled with passion and whispered, “Would you kiss it? Would you kiss and tongue my ass?” Then she buried her forehead against my chest as if just realizing that what she had been thinking had been spoken and she was afraid what I would think.I stepped back a little from her and turned her so that she was facing the mirror. Then I bent down and kissed the side and back of her neck as she watched with rapt attention in the mirror. Some women giggle and shrug when a guy kisses their neck. She was not one of those girls. She began to squirm, but not to get away from it but so that I would not stop!! My hands wrapped around her and one hand began pinching and pulling on her breasts, while the other tossed the now cooling wash cloth into the sink and began rubbing on her lower belly and teasing her tender pussy.Grabbing a towel, I dropped it, still folded on the floor between us and before she could ask what I was doing, I knelt down on the white towel and with a firm hand on her back, pushed her forward so she was bent over the counter. I heard her moan and mumble and I smiled. Then I put a hand on either but cheek and spread her open.Now for my money, there is nothing more beautiful than the puckered brown sphincter!!! With firm, young strong butt cheek on either side and just a glimpse of wet pussy below…. What could be better!! So I leaned forward and kissed the inside of her ass cheek to either side of her brown eye and I laughed to myself as I felt as well as heard her low moan! Then I leaned in and began running the güvenilir bahis tip of my tongue around and around the puckers of her tight hole!! It did not even take minute before she was moaning and pushing her ass back into my face. One of her hands came back to pull her ass open for me freeing up one of my hands. I pulled my face back long enough to coat my middle finger with spit and then dove mouth first back onto her ass. But this time, the tip of my finger slid between the folds of her pussy until the met the tight ring of her vaginal opening. Young guys ram their way through this with little regard. I did not.Slowly I began just applying pressure, but not enough to enter. Then matching the movement of tongue and finger, I began circling, pressing, probing, teasing…. Pulling back as she whimpered and pushed back for me. Biting her ass cheek, pinching her labia….Then finally piercing her with tongue and finger just a little and freezing, letting her push back onto me! The moans were not loud… but they were the kind that shook a person from their very core and I could feel her muscles begin violent quaking contractions in both the front and back!! I slid my face to one side and replaced my tiring tongue with the tip of my little finger. “Fuck yeah!! Oh yes, please… bury it in me!” she began pleading and being the consummate gentleman I did. First, as the orgasmic wave relented and muscles relaxed I replaced the little finger with a ring finger…. And then both ring and little finger. My other hand was now pinching the flesh to either side of her tender clit together and moving and shaking that sensitive bundle of nerves so as to not let the orgasm really die. She was grinding and moaning and I worked my pants off of my feet and finally stood up.She looked at me in the mirror and the difference in our sizes could not have been more emphasized! She looked so small bent over the sink and I towered over her… and my cock rested firmly in the cleft of her ass. “I want to fuck your ass, my dear. I want to fill you up to over flowing!” She moaned and closed her eyes, but at the same time she raised her ass and pushed back into me. I took that as a yes and aimed the mushroom shaped head of my cock at her asshole!I was surprised at how tight she was even after having been finger fucked and stretched. But then she gave way and the head of cock slid in. I just held there, letting her get used to the sensation. “Rub your pussy baby, it will make it more fun for you!” I said and immediately I saw fingers move down and then I felt them occasionally encountering my swinging balls. Then she began to work back onto me.It was at that moment that I saw my phone on the counter and the evil thought hit me. At my age, this was not likely to be happening every month, so I grabbed the phone, opened the camera and began taking pictures of us from every angle!! Her eyes came open and when she was what I was doing I was certain I was going to be in for a fight! Instead she shuddered and pulled back until only the head of my cock was locked in her and then she slammed back into my hips hard!!! I needed no more encouragement. I set the phone down, grabbed her by both hips and began fucking her ass with hard long strokes!!!She came two more times. As she was finishing the second, she flooded my thighs and the floor with her squirt and that was all I could handle. My back arched to the point where I could see the shower wall behind me upside down and I fired shot after shot, load after load of thick cum deep inside her pulsating ass hole until I was certain I was going to die from pleasure!!!I pitched forward over her back and we were both trembling from all of the crashing sensations wreaking havoc on our nervous systems! Finally, I pushed myself upright and scooper her up in my arms. She grabbed a towel from the towel rack and we both laughed as her dress narrowly missed falling into the toilet! I then carried her out to the bed and laid her down on the clean sheets that she had pulled down. She started to use the towel to clean up a little as I poured her another glass of wine and I drank a glass of water.“I knew it was going to be fun to role play, but.. Oh my that was simply incredible!!” she said.“My dear, dear girl. How many times do I have to say it? Trust me!! We may not be able or even want to be together always, but that does not mean I can’t share some powerfully erotic times like this with you!! I just took some of your fantasies and wrapped them up in a fun little public play that … okay finished more powerfully privately than I expected!!!”“Speaking of powerfully, it looks like your cock is not done for the night!” She said as she threw the towel at me. I caught it wiped some of the sweat off of my chest, inhaling the scent of her on the rough white cotton.“Just because we played out the fantasy doesn’t mean we have to quit altogether!” I replied. Looking down at her taut petite body, so perfectly shaped and proportioned I felt my rod dance a little more. “Who knows, maybe we will try something yet tonight that we might build upon for the next time we get together!”She laughed, rolled over to the edge of the bed and grabbed hold of the shaft of my cock. “I better take care of this monster of yours before you start thinking you can flood every one of my orifices tonight!”I smiled to myself as I decided right then that that was exactly what I was going to do before going home to my family in the morning!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~She wants to be rescued in our next get together. I have a fireman’s suit from my father’s days on the volunteer department when I was growing up…. Now to figure out how to “Save her” and have her show her appreciation to my big hose!!!Leave me a note!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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