How I Met My Ex-Girlfriend’s Mother

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How I Met My Ex-Girlfriend’s MotherThe following story is a work of fiction and is not intended to be represent any persons living or dead. It was a hot, muggy summer night. I was bored out of my mind. There’s nothing worse than being 18 and having a ridiculously early curfew. Except maybe being 18 with an early curfew in a tourist town full of hot girls on vacation.If it wasn’t for my stupid curfew I could have been out on a date with one of six different girls I had meet that day alone. Working in a beach store meant I was one of the first local guys any of the chicks meet. I had offers from 3 brunettes, 2 blondes and a redhead; and all of them were 7s, minimum.Instead it looked like I was stuck at home with nothing but a worn out VHS copy of an old porno one of my friends had snagged from somewhere.The only good news was that I was home alone until the next day. Home alone. Eighteen. Mobile. Wait… What am I doing sitting at home when there was no one to stop me from going out? True, I had been told that one of the neighbors was “keep an eye on ‘things’ “, meaning me. But, I knew which neighbor and I knew she actually wouldn’t rat on me if I explained things.I just didn’t really know where to go with my new found freedom. What club should I go to? Can I even get in? What about a bar? Again, can I get in the door? Movies? Skating rink? Dammit.Then I had a brilliant idea: my ex. We had last talked six months or so ago and had kind of, sort of gotten back together. The main problem being that she was a few years older than me and now had a k**. Needless to say my parents did not approve of my dating a 21 year old single mom. We had broken things off. But maybe…I grabbed the phone and dialed her number from memory. I started getting nervous as I listened to each ring. Finally I heard someone pick up. A guy.“Hello,” came the strange male’s voice from the phone.“Uh, hi, can I speak to Anna?”“Who,” asked the guy on the other end.“Uh, Anna…”“I think you have a wrong number, did you say Anna?,” he asked. I could hear someone else in the background, but I couldn’t make out what they said. “Hold on a second.”I heard him pass the phone off to someone else.“Hello? Who’s calling,” asked a familiar female voice.“Hi, Ms. Betty? This is Kevin, I used to date Anna…”“Oh, hi Kevin! This is Betty, Anna’s mom. I hate to tell you this, but she moved out a few weeks ago…”“Oh,” I suddenly felt dejected. “Where’d she move?”“She’s staying with her dad now. She said she was tired of all my rules and stuff.”“Oh. Uh, down in Eastport,” I asked, almost hopefully. Eastport wasn’t that far of a drive…“No, he… they live down near Mansfield now.” Mansfield is in another state, five hours away…“Oh, dang. Uh, oh well. Could you tell her I called the next time you talk to her?”“Yes, certainly. If you don’t mind me asking, why were you calling?”“Oh, uh, I wanted to see if maybe she wanted to go out tonight. I.. uh, I’m bored and uh miss her…”“Really,” asked Ms. Betty. “I thought you two broke up because your parents didn’t approve of you two dating…”“Well, we did. But, well… my parents are out of town and I uh…”“Figured they’d never know. I’m going to ask you a question. Answer honestly. Is this about sex? Or something more?”“Uh… ,” I stalled. What do you say in this situation? ‘Yes, but not because your daughter is easy…’?“Be honest…”“Kind of. I mean, I didn’t ‘know’ that it was a definite thing or anything like that… Uh…”“You just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try, right?”“Yes ma’am… Uh, to be honest we would have a few months ago, but my parents wouldn’t let me see her…”“I knew about that. Just like I knew about the first time,” Ms. Betty replied.“How? Did she tell you? Or…”“I just knew. If I didn’t approve of you myself, it wouldn’t have happened…”“Oh. Uh, thanks… I guess.” I suddenly started thinking about Ms. Betty, what she looked like the last time I saw her… “May I ask you a question?”“Sure,” she replied.“Uh, what made you approve of me?”“Well, you were such a polite young man. And kind of cute for your age. When I met you before you and Anna went out the first time I knew you were a good guy.”“Oh. Ms. Betty? Are You single?”“Currently, yes. Why?”“Uh, well… I’ve still got this one opportunity…”“And you figure why not, right?”“Uh, yes ma’am,” I replied, amazed she hadn’t hung up on me.“You realize how old I am, right?”“Uh, I have an idea…”“Do you even remember what I look like?”“Uh, kind of,” I replied as I began to describe her appearance from my memory. Tallish, short hair, a few extra pounds, but nice. huge tits, and a pretty face.“Thanks sweetie, but your memory must be playing tricks on you, my tits were never ‘huge’. I’ve lost a lot of weight though. Tell you what: you come on over and we’ll see what happens. Okay?”“I need to take a shower and stuff… I’ll be there in about an hour, hour and a half.”Twenty minutes later I was showered, dressed and ready to roll. There was just one last thing to do.I walked out to my car, locking the door behind me. I hopped in and started it up, checked to make sure it was in neutral and the parking brake was on. I left my car there warming up as I walked over to the neighbor’s house. Their front porch light was one, but only one car was in the driveway. He must be at work, which made this easier. I walked up the steps and knocked gently on the door. I hear their dogs bark and heard Mrs. Neighbor call out, “Just a minute.”A moment or two later she opened the front door. I explained to her that I was going out, that I knew my parents had asked her to ‘keep an eye on things’, and that if I wasn’t home before daybreak then she could worry them. She agreed that it wasn’t fair for me to be on such a tight leash and told me to have fun and be careful. I thanked her and she gave me a hug and told me again to be careful and have fun.Thirty nervous minutes later I turned onto the road to Ms. Betty’s house. I was torn between creeping along so I wouldn’t miss it and being nervous that someone was going to run into me. I almost missed the driveway twice. I finally pulled in and parked. I saw someone come to the side door as I was getting out. It was a guy.“Uh, hi, I’m here to see Betty,” I said nervously.“Come on in,” he replied. I walked up the steeps to the porch and he stuck out his hand, “Names John. I’m Betty’s roommate.”“Nice to meet you,” I said as I shook his hand. “I’m Kevin.”I walked in and the house was much as I remembered it from my previous visits. John went in to what had once been Anna’s room and closed the door. Most of the lights were off, but I could hear a woman’s voice coming from the living room. I walked on into the living room and found Ms. Betty sitting in an easy chair. Another woman was sitting on the couch. Ms. Betty introduced her as Millie, a friend.I sat down in a seemingly misplaced kitchen chair and we all started talking. Millie knew why I was there. She seemed slightly bemused by the whole situation. I was starting to feel a bit awkward. It must have shown. Ms. Betty switched seats with Millie and asked me to join her on the couch. I felt a bit more comfortable that way.We all talked for a bit longer and then Ms. Betty excused herself. Millie was looking me over like a side of beef. I sat quietly and tried to ignore it. Ms. Betty had gone into her bedroom and I could hear her doing something. I just wasn’t sure what. I stared at the door for a few then glanced over at Millie, she just winked and smiled.“You’re doing fine,” she said. “Don’t be nervous. Just relax. Betty’ll take good care of you.”“Uh, thanks…”I was relieved when a moment later Ms. Betty opened her door. She stood in the doorway. A lamp behind her silhouetted her. She seemed to have changed clothes, but I wasn’t sure. She motioned to me to come to her. I eryaman escort stood and slowly crossed the room. I looked back to see Millie smiling at me.Ms. Betty turned as I neared and walked to her bed. She sat down, crossing her legs and motioned for me to close the door as I entered. I stood staring at her for a moment. She was wearing a bathrobe, black stockings and black patent leather pumps. I gave her a big smile and started to walk to her.She stopped me with a look. I stepped back and she stood and began walking to me. As she did, she slowly untied the belt on the bathrobe and let it fall open, exposing matching black lace and tanned skin. She let the bathrobe fall to the floor as she stood in front of me, a devious grin on her lovely face.“You look amazing,” I told her, truthfully.“For an old broad/”“No, just amazing.”“Good boy,” she replied, smiling. I reached out to take her into my arms, but she again stopped me. “How long has it been since you were last in my house?”“Uh,” I had to think. “That was almost three years ago.”“Judging by some of the sounds I heard that night you have some innate talent. But, all of the girls you’ve been with up til now have been just that: girls. I am a woman. Women must be treated differently than girls. Understand?”“Uh, yes ma’am.”“I’m going to teach you things that no ‘girl’ can teach you. Things you can not learn from watching pornography. Things only an experienced woman can teach you. You will listen, you will do as you are told. When we are done here tonight you will be far better prepared for women than any other 18 year old. Understand?”“Yes, ma’am.”“I will not be forceful. I am not a dominatrix. I am a teacher. Okay,” Ms. Betty asked.“Yes, ma’am.”“Okay. First thing: never, ever tell a woman she’s got ‘great tits’ or ‘huge tits’ or anything like that.”“I’m sorry,” I replied. “Although they are very lovely…”“That’s better. Also, never mention a woman’s age, or tell her she looks good for her age or anything like that.” I nodded agreement. “Okay, now a real woman wants to be taken into your arms gently. She wants to feel enveloped, protected, loved, cherished. Your not grabbing her like she’s a piece of meat.”I slowly moved forward towards Ms. Betty and brought my arms up around her, caressing her back as I did so. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer, squeezing her firmly, but gently. I looked deep into her eyes and held her close, one hand gently caressing her back. She closed her eyes, puckering her lips and I leaned in a bit and gave her a firm kiss on the lips.“Very good,” Ms. Betty told me as our lips parted. “Let the kissing build slowly.”We continued to kiss, lips closed, bodies pressed closely together. Out mouths opened and I resisted the urge to slide my tongue inside her mouth. I continued to let her lead me in the kiss, concentrating on keeping them passionate, but controlled. I felt her tongue gently probe at my own as our lips remained locked. Our tongues entwined momentarily before she pulled back.“Phew,” she exclaimed as she breathed deeply. “That was perfect. Let her lead and she’ll let you know when she’s ready for the next stage of a kiss.”I waited for her to stop and then quickly kissed her closed lips. She returned the kiss and we began to kiss again, our lips slowly parting. Momentarily our tongues were once again entwined as our bodies pressed against each other. I suddenly felt her tongue exploring the farthest reaches of my mouth. As her tongue withdrew I let mine follow deep into her mouth.“Very good. Now, the bra. There are two ways to get a woman’s bra off: remove it for her, or ask her politely to remove it for you. If you are going to do it for her, do so while kissing and letting her lead the kiss, if you don’t seem distracted by removing the bra she will not notice any delay. Try it.”We began to kiss again. I started gently caressing her back as our kisses became deeper and more passionate. I let her lead the kiss as I tried to unhook her bra. Slowly, one hook at a time it came loose until it was hanging only by the shoulder straps.“A little fumbling, but you’ll get the hang of it,” Ms. Betty informed my as she stepped back and began to hook her bra. I must have looked disappointed. “Don’t worry, it’s coming off for good in a minute. What’s the second way to get a bra off?”“Ask politely,” I replied. She nodded. “Uh… excuse me, madam, would you please remove your bra?”“Try again.”“Uh, can you remove your bra please?”“Nope.”I thought about it momentarily. I had an idea. I pulled Ms. Betty close, wrapping my arms around her. I began to gently caress her back as she flowed up against me, her eyes close, lips puckered. We began to kiss, as her lips opened I pulled back and said breathlessly, “Would you please remove your bra?”Ms. Betty smiled up at me and pulled me in for a kiss. I was distracted and barely noticed that her arms were no longer around me, but reaching back to unhook her bra. As she pulled away she let her bra fall to the floor, completely exposing her breasts. She stepped back into my arms and we continued to kiss. After a moment she pulled back and said, “Now what?”I continued to kiss her one arm behind her, caressing her back, the other reaching up between us to caress her naked breast. I wrapped my hand around her tit and began to gently squeeze it, letting my fingers play over her nipples. She pulled away.“Take it slow. Be gentle, but firm. Don’t forget there are two of them.,” she said with a wink.Instead of pulling her into my arms again I stepped around behind her. I wrapped by arms around her waist and began to caress her stomach. I started to kiss her neck and she turned her head to the side and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I slowly worked my hands higher as I continued to kiss her neck and shoulder. As I began to caress both breasts at the same time Ms. Betty smiled and stepped away, pulling free.“Creative. I like that. You learn fast. Next lesson: getting a woman into bed. You’ve already done your job convincing her to give it a go. She’s all warmed up and ready. What do you do?”“This,” I replied as I moved towards her, taking her into my arms once again. Our lips met as my hands again started to caress her back, sometimes sliding down to her lower back and beyond. As we kissed I gently began to push her backwards towards the bed. As I felt her begin to go backwards onto the bed I cradled her and let her down gently. I then began to kiss her stomach working my way up.“That’s one way,” Ms. Betty said, as she pushed against my shoulders gently for me to stop. I stood and she sat up on the edge of the bed. “That works sometimes. But it’s not the best way. Try placing me in the bed instead of pushing me onto it.”She stood and walked into my outspread arms. I wrapped them around her as we began to kiss again. Betty wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in closer. I let my hands work their way down her back and then gently turned her a bit to the side. I bent my knees slightly and scooped her up off the floor and into my arms. We continued to kiss as I carried her to the bed and gently lay her down.“Perfect. Now, take of your clothes. Everything except your underwear.” I did as I was told and took of my shirt and pants. I started to just drop them on the floor. I hesitated. I looked at Ms. Betty and she pointed to a chair by make up table. I folded my jeans and placed them over the back of the chair, followed neatly by my shirt. “In the heat of passion it is acceptable to fling your clothes where ever you may. If you are taking your time in love making then a moment of care will not be noted and will always be appreciated. It also makes finding them again much easier.”“Yes, ma’am,” I said as I took of my socks and rolled them up neatly and placed them in my nearby escort eryaman shoes. I also took a moment to retrieve Ms. Betty’s bathrobe from the floor. I notice an empty hanger on door to her bathroom and walked over and hung it up. I suddenly realized that nature was calling and said, “Excuse me for a moment.”I opened the door to the bathroom and Ms. Betty was sitting up in the bed, her legs crossed. She motioned for me to join her and I walked over to the bed. I crawled up onto the bed and sat beside her. She looked at me and smiled and ran a finger down my chest. “Now, tell me, how are you going to proceed?”“Uh, I guess the next step would be to find the proper way to remove your panties.”“That’s one way. It may work, some of the time. If you offer to give a message you can achieve the same results without any of the clumsiness that usually comes at that stage.”“Okay.”Ms. Betty stood beside the bed and started pulling the comforter down, I grabbed the other side and helped her. We did the same with the top sheet. She walked into her bathroom and came back with two clean towels which she spread out on the bed. Ms. Betty lay down on the towels and smiled at me over her shoulder and then pointed to a bottle of baby oil on her nightstand.I decided I didn’t want any baby oil on my boxers, so I did the logical thing and removed them. I placed them with the rest of my clothes and walked back over to the bed. I grabbed the baby oil and climbed up in the bed with Ms. Betty. She rolled over and looked up at me with a devious grin. I reached out and hooked my fingers into the waistband of her black lace panties and began to slowly pull them down.Ms. Betty pushed her hips upwards towards me, making it easier to slide her panties down. As they slipped over her ass I got a nice glimpse of her freshly trimmed pussy. She lifted her legs up and I pulled her panties completely off. I placed them in her outstretched hand and she threw them across the room into a hamper. We both laughed.Ms. Betty rolled back over onto her stomach, slide forward on the bed a bit. I grabbed the bottle of baby oil and poured some into my free hand. I let the oil warm up a bit before spreading it out all along Ms. Betty’s back. She began to hum with pleasure as I started to massage her back. In the past I had rubbed my aunt’s shoulders, but I had never given a massage. I had also never given a massage to a naked woman before.I was enjoying the sensation of her smooth, oily skin sliding along beneath my hands and fingers. It felt deliciously erotic. I worked my hands along her back palm side down. I then flipped my hands over and started to use my knuckles to work on some of the knots I felt. Ms. Betty cooed in appreciation as I continued to work my way down her back. Her lower back was very tight and I spent several minutes working all those knots loose.Ms. Betty looked back over her shoulder at me as I began to massage her buttocks. I smiled and kept working my hands and within a minute she was moaning with pleasure. I resisted the urge to let a finger slide along her crack and kept working on the muscles until I was at the tops of her legs.“That feels amazing,” Ms. Betty moaned. “Where’d you learn to give a massage?”“Uh, nowhere actually. Most I’ve ever done is rub my aunt’s shoulders…”I continued down her legs to her feet. I tried my best not to tickle as I massaged her feet. When I felt like I had gotten all the knots out I could I asked her to roll over. Ms. Betty watched me intently as I worked my way back up the fronts of her legs. I ignored her pubic area and started to gently massage her stomach, working my way up to her chest.I didn’t ignore her breasts, but I did manage not to either be playful or rough with them, and I didn’t linger. Down her left arm. Then her right. Finally I worked on her shoulders again and the top of her chest. Once I was done I wiped my hands off on one of the towels and handed her back the bottle of baby oil. Ms. Betty placed the bottle on her nightstand.“Thank you very much. That was a wonderful massage,” Ms. Betty told me as she slide out of bed. “I need a drink of water, would you like something to drink?”“Yes, please. What do you have,” I asked as Ms. Betty retrieved her bathrobe from its hanger.“Soda. Water. Milk. Tea.”“Uh, soda.”Ms. Betty slid out her bedroom door. I heard her say something to Millie as she went into the kitchen. I lay down on the bed and pulled the sheet up over my legs and hips. It was then that I finally noticed how hard my cock felt. I reached down and wrapped hand around it, realizing that it felt longer and thicker than normal. I smiled as Ms. Betty came back in with out drinks.I sat up as she handed me my glass and sat hers on the nightstand. I drained half the glass as she walked back over to close the door all the way. She turned back to me and smiled as she slowly removed her bathrobe once more. After she climbed back in bed I handed her my almost empty glass.“Thanks.”“You’re welcome,” she replied as she placed my glass on the nightstand and took a drink of her own. “Now for some more foreplay. We’ll start with more kissing, then move on to breast play and finally I’ll see exactly how good you are at eating out.”“Yes, ma’am,” I replied with a devilish grin. I knew exactly how good I was at the last part.We began to kiss once again and after a few moments I slowly slid one hand down to caress her back. Ms. Betty pulled back and lay back flat on the bed. I kissed my way down her neck to her left breast. I teased her nipple with my tongue and then started to suck on it. Ms. Betty grabbed my free hand and guided it to her right breast. She was moaning and writhing with pleasure as I continued to suck and lick her nipples. I gave her right breast similar treatment before I started to kiss my way down her body.“Just be careful of my clit, it’s very sensitive,” Ms. Betty informed my as I began to swirl my tongue around her labia.“Okay,” I replied while thinking ‘I do some of my best work there…’.I continued to lick and suck on her labia while trying not to think about her clit. It was starting to peek out of the hood. It was larger than normal, which didn’t surprise me at all. I had read somewhere that most women’s clits get larger as the age… I gave Ms. Betty’s a quick lick and she moaned with pleasure. I wanted to suck it, but resisted the urge.Instead I drove my tongue deep into her now dripping vagina and began to swirl it around. I worked my tongue in and out and all around as Ms. Betty began to writhe and moan. She reached down and grabbed the back of my head and held my face firmly planted in her cunt as she started to buck against my tongue. Ms. Betty moaned louder and louder as she bucked against my tongue harder and harder.I did my best to keep up, my tongue sliding in and out of her vagina and swirling around her labia. She kept bucking and I drove my tongue deeper into her pussy. I was starting to think that someone was either going to bust in on us or call the cops with how loud she was. Suddenly, Ms. Betty’s vagina exploded, a warm jet of liquid squirting out all over my face and the bed. I pulled back in shock as she collapsed.“Uh… are you okay,” I asked.“Yes, very,” she replied, her eyes closed. She slowly opened them and looked at me. She then glanced down at the huge wet spot on the towel and sheet. “Wow. I haven’t came like that in ages.”“Uh…”“Never seen woman do that before?”“Only in porn. I thought it was fake…”“It’s real,” Ms. Betty replied with a laugh. “Phew, you’re good at that.”“Thank you,” I replied. “There’s something I want to try. I’ve done it before with good results and if you don’t enjoy it, I’ll stop.”“You’re not licking my ass…”“No, not that. It involves your clit.”“It’s usually so sensitive that I hurts too eryaman escort bayan much…”“I’ll be gentle,” I replied. “Please?”“Okay. But you stop if I tell you to.”I nodded agreement. Ms. Betty spread her legs and I slid between them once again. With one hand I gently exposed her clit and was not surprised at how large it was when fully exposed. I gently wrapped my lips around it and began to gently suck. Ms. Betty was already moaning with pleasure. I flicked my tongue across her clit and started to move my lips. Ms. Betty moaned louder and grabbed the back of my head.“Holy shit, don’t stop,” she almost screamed.I continued to suck, moving my lips and flicking my tongue around her engorged clit. Ms. Betty was shaking as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body. I increased how hard I was sucking a bit and pressed a bit harder with my tongue as I ground my lips against the base of her clit. Ms. Betty now had both hands on the back of my head, her legs had come off the bed and were kicking wildly as she writhed with pleasure.“Dammit, that feels so good. Keep going, keep going…”I sucked harder. My tongue was rapidly dancing all around and across her clit. My lips ground against her clit even harder. I slowly slide two fingers deep into her dripping wet vagina. I curled my fingers up and found the spot I was looking for. I continued my oral antics as I began to caress her g-spot. I felt her vaginal muscles tighten and relax with each concurrent orgasm.“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck… fuck yes,” she screamed, the rest loss in a babble as another orgasm ripped through her body. I felt her drop her legs back down to the bed. With another scream that started as a loud moan she arched her back, her vaginal muscles pushing my fingers completely out, her pussy once again erupting in fountain of liquid.I rocked back up onto my knees and Ms. Betty lay in the bed, still writing after he latest orgasm. She was panting heavily and sweat dripped from her body. I sat there watching, trying to ignore the painful erection I felt. After a few moments, Ms. Betty finally reopened her eyes. She looked up at me and broke out in a huge, toothy smile. She leaned up and pulled me back down with her and began to kiss me passionately.“Where’d you learn that,” she asked after several minutes.“No where. Natural talent,” I replied. Ms. Betty sat up and grabbed her glass of water from the nightstand. She took a long swallow and replaced it. She glanced at me and I nodded. She reached back over and grabbed my glass. In one long pull, I drained the rest of my glass.“Would you like some more?”“Uh, yes, please.”Once again Ms. Betty donned her bathrobe and made her way out to the kitchen. I caught a glimpse of Millie sitting on the couch as the door closed behind her. I heard Millie ask a question and Ms. Betty answer her. Their exchange lasted until Ms. Betty returned to the bedroom. I looked at her inquiringly.“Millie asked what all the fuss was about. Told her she wouldn’t believe me.” We both laughed. I took my glass from Ms. Betty and drank a bit. “She said no man was that good in bed.”“Did you tell her that was just the foreplay,” I asked with a shrug.“Yep,” Ms. Betty replied with a laugh. “Told her she should try to find out for herself.”“Maybe,” I replied with a devious grin.“Okay. Whew. Now, don’t take this personally, but I don’t go down on guys. I just don’t.”“No arguments here. I’m as hard as I need to be,” I replied and then proved my point.“That you are. Let’s start off slowly and see where things go…”I handed Ms. Betty my glass and she placed it on the nightstand once again. I got up on my knees and positioned my self between her legs once again. Ms. Betty pulled her legs back towards her shoulders. I slowly slid my cock into her pussy. I was still surprised by how tight it was. She smiled up at me as I stopped. I wasn’t all the way in and have one final push, my balls slapping into her ass cheeks as my cock fully entered her canal.“Big,” Ms. Betty said. I smiled and began to slowly thrust in an out. Ms. Betty moaned quietly as I did. I rocked my hips a bit with each stoke, sliding the head of my cock along the top of the inside of her vagina. I pulled back until the head almost popped out and then pushed back inside. At the end of each stroke I gave an extra little push.“Okay, you can pick up the pace a bit, if you want…” I started to thrust a bit faster, still rocking my hips to keep hitting her g-spot with the head of my cock. I got a rhythm going, ending each stoke with a little extra push. Ms. Betty was moaning louder. She looked up at me and hey eyes seemed to ask if that was all I had.I started to thrust faster. Working up to a much quicker rhythm. Ms. Betty now moaned loudly, her hips moving in time with my own. She egged me on with her eyes.Faster. Harder. Deeper. Ms. Betty was starting to breathe heavily.“Ooh fuck yes, give me that cock. Pound it. Fuck me hard.”I was starting to wonder just how hard and fast I could go. I changed the angle of my hips a bit and found some extra speed to work with, my cock slipping and sliding in and out of Ms/ Betty’s deliciously tight pussy, my balls slamming into her ass with each thrust.“Yes. Yes. Fuck me,” she cried. “Keep going. Don t stop.”I continued to thrust as hard and as fast as I could. I could feel her vaginal muscles pulsating around my cock. I felt them tighten suddenly as they forced my cock out followed by another fountain of pussy juice.I slammed my cock back inside. Still fucking furiously. Trying to get my self to cum as well. My legs were tired and I was out of breath. I continued to thrust as I gasped for air. I suddenly felt my balls tighten and I knew I was about to cum. With one final, mighty thrust I pushed my cock as deep as I could. With that final thrust I felt my cock begin to shoot a huge load of cum deep into Ms. Betty’s vagina. I felt some spurt out around my cock.I held my position as long as I could. Only relaxing a bit after I felt the last spurt of cum. My cock still firmly inside of her, Ms. Betty looked up at me and smiled a haggard smile. She was panting and out of breath and so was I. I smiled down at her and then leaned forward and gave her a kiss.“Good thing I can’t get pregnant,” she said after our kiss. “If I could, that would have done it.”We both laughed. There was a gentle knock at the door. We both looked over as Millie stuck her head inside.“When’s my turn,” she asked innocently. Ms. Betty threw a pillow at the door and Millie closed it again.“I think she was joking,” said Ms. Betty. “But I’m not sure…”I pulled out and lay down beside her on the bed. She rolled over and snuggled up against me. I began to caress her stomach.“I’m not sure there’s anything else I need to or can teach you. Lot’s of natural talent.”“Thanks,” I replied quietly.“How much of that did Anna teach you,” Ms. Betty asked, shocking me.“Uh… Almost none of it. We just kind of let things happen as they may.”“At least I know her first time was good…”“So was mine,” I replied with a laugh.“You were her first, and she was your first?”“As far as I know,” I replied.“Lucky girl.”“Lucky me too.”We lay there for a while. I looked at the clock and realized how much time had passed.“I’m sorry, but I really need to go. I’ve got to get home…”“I understand,” replied Ms. Betty. “If you want to see me again, just give me a call…”I finally got home an hour later. Everything was like I had left it. I noticed that there was still only one car in the neighbor’s driveway, which meant that my secret was probably safe. I walked in the house and went to my bedroom. I undressed and threw my dirty clothes in the clothes hamper. I decided to get a load of clothes going and then take a shower. Before I did I called Ms. Betty to let her know I made it home safely and to thank her again.When I got out the shower I pulled on t-shirt and a pair of worn out shorts. I went into my bedroom and crawled into bed. I turned on my TV and tried to find something to watch. I dozed off a few minutes later, a smile on my face.

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