How I was seduced by Older Women – Part II

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How I was seduced by Older Women – Part IIIt kind of broke my heart to see Shawn leave last night. I went to bed feeling very satisfied, and to be honest, my pussy quivered most of the evening; I even woke up once in the middle of the night replaying the events and had no choice but to finger myself to orgasm two more times before falling back to sleep. I couldn’t wait for the paper the next day. I wanted a second helping of my paperboy. I waited anxiously in my living room for 3:15 to finally arrive. I had picked out a sexy sheer purple nightie had not worn in over a year, and a matching purple thong. My erect nipples were perfectly displayed, as were my long sexy legs as a sat reclined on my couch. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter as I watched the clock on the wall. 3:20…he was late. Surely he wouldn’t stand me up. I know he had to be as anxious for a second meeting as I had been. I was already starting to get worried…what was happening to me? “Shit…get a hold of yourself girl,” I mumbled under my breath…and then there was a knock on the door. I took a deep breath and calmly told him to come in; and then there he was. He was even sexier today, because I knew what he had to offer me. His eyes opened wide at the sight of me on the couch. It gave me pleasure knowing that I turned him on. I looked down and noticed the bulge that was already in his jeans; he had obviously been looking forward to seeing me too. “Hi baby, I missed you,” I said, smiling gently at him.“Hi Ambry, I missed you too,” he shyly replied. “I brought you a Christmas gift…but I’m a little nervous about giving it to you.” He was having difficulty looking me in the eyes again…damn that turned me on. “Don’t be shy baby, I told you I was yours. I promise I will love anything you give me…but it wasn’t necessary. You gave me the best gift a girl could want yesterday.” “Well, could you close your eyes?”I was nervous and excited at the same time. To be honest, I had forgotten what sixteen year old boys thought like. He could be getting ready to eat my pussy, or he could be giving me something from wood shop. The fact was…I didn’t care…I just wanted his cock inside me again. In fact, I was prepared for him to tie me up and fuck me with a broom handle if it would make him happy. As I sat there vulnerable, I finally felt the cool breeze from outside stop as he finished coming inside and shutting the door behind him. Before I knew it, he was placing a blindfold over my eyes. Part of me knew I should resist, but I knew that he really did own me. I was his puppet to use and explore. And then he touched me. His trembling hands exploring my breasts again as his lips found mine…my pussy instantly trembled at his touch. His tongue pressed inside my mouth as his hand slid down my tummy and then in between my thighs. His fingers teased around the edges of my pussy, making sure not to actually touch it. He was driving me wild with lust, and I was just about to grab his hand and pull it against my clit when both hands grab tight to my wrists and pulled them up over my head. But there was still a hand by my pussy. I tried to speak, but Shawn’s tongue only thrust deeper into my mouth. I thought about resisting, but I really had no desire to. I was so turned on; I was already about to cum. I stopped resisting and allowed my young lover to introduce me to his friend in any way he desired. I relaxed my body and got lost in the sensations as his fingers finally made contact with my clit. My hips bucked against his tender hands as he teased and rubbed at my eager pussy. After only a few minutes, whoever was holding my wrists decided to let go of them. I allowed my arms to come to rest on the head of the young man who had now moved between my thighs and was gently teasing the edges of my thong with his tongue. The other young man stayed behind me and began massage my tits through my sheer nightie. güvenilir bahis I was so close to exploding at the feel of these four hands exploring my body. Quietly in my ear I heard the man behind me whisper, “My name is Evan…Shawn said you might be willing to …ummm…teach me…I hope you don’t mind.” Shit, he was a virgin too. No fucking way could a girl be this lucky in life. I reached up with my hand and pulled Evan’s face down toward mine. Without hesitation, I drew his lips to mine and gently pushed my tongue into his mouth. Evan didn’t wait to return the favor, and his hands continued to massage my tits as his mouth hungrily feasted on mine. As Evan continued to kiss me, Shawn had pushed the skimpy piece of fabric aside, and he was masterfully now tonguing my pussy. It was all the stimulation I could handle and I exploded in a violent orgasm, smearing my hot nectar all over his still feasting face. Evan was moving his way around next to me, and as show sucked hard on my sensitive clit, Evan clamped his mouth down upon my breast, and began sucking it deep into his mouth. I wanted to see my two lovers, but I chose to leave on the blindfold until Shawn gave me permission to take it off. Evan moved his mouth to my other breasts as Shawn tenderly slid to fingers inside my pussy and began slowly moving them around. My body was still trembling from the orgasm, but I was sure a second one was close behind. Shawn slowly moved his mouth lower and pressed his tongue at my asshole. I did love the way this young stud teased me. At first he just traced little circles around it while still finger fucking my cunt. His young friend slid one of his hands down my tummy, and began rubbing around at my swollen clit while continuing to suck on my tits. Shawn’s tongue finally began to push its way inside my ass, and again my body exploded violently. Both young men were now feasting on me though. Shawn was tonguing my ass while fingering my cunt and Evan was now nibbling on my swollen nipples while also managing to force a finger into my pussy. The harder I came, the more aggressively these boys finger fucked me. I was so lost in my orgasm, I nearly blacked out. Finally the room stopped spinning, and the young boys allowed me to calm back down. “OH FUCK SHAWN…fuck…mmmmm…you sure know how to pick a gift for a girl baby.” I moaned out as I tried to calm my breathing. “I’ll tell you boys what…Evan, I’m going to suck Shawn’s cock, because he owns me, and I believe a slave should always take care of her master first. But after that, I’m going to give you both the Christmas gifts of your lives….deal?”Both young men shook their head in agreement, and Shawn immediately began taking off his clothes for me. Within seconds the young stud stood before me, and the sight of that lovely cock made my mouth water. He was getting bolder on this second encounter, as he immediately stepped up in front of me and presented his cock to me. I didn’t hesitate as I took my young master’s cock into my hand and started pumping it. Evan was watching patiently but intently as I teased Shawn’s cock up and down in my fist. My tongue dipped out and eagerly lapped up the thick drop of pre-cum before twirling my tongue around his thick swollen shaft. Fuck I loved the taste of his sperm. I was going to tease him some more, but I guess Shawn had other plans. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down on his cock. I happily took it deep into my mouth and began devouring it hungrily, figuring my man needed to feel release. I forced his cock into my throat as my hands massaged his balls and pumped up and down on his shaft. I looked up at him as he stared down at me with those lovely blue eyes. “Oh….mmmm….suck my….oh fuck….cock….” he muttered out; his pleading voice only making me wetter with anticipation to feel him cum in my mouth. I sucked even harder on his shaft before forcing my head güvenilir bahis siteleri hard and fast down on his shaft, forcing it as deep inside my throat as I could take it. I couldn’t breathe, but it was all the stimulation he required. Shawn tensed up against me and pulled two fistfuls of my hair before finally firing his hot load of steamy delicious cum into my mouth. I pulled his cock out of my throat so that I could taste his seed on my tongue. He shot load after load of that sweet cum into my mouth as his body shook against me. My tongue continued to tease at his tender shaft until I was sure he had given me every drop. I pulled his cock out and then smiled up at him as I swallowed his delicious load down for him to see. He smiled at me as I returned his cock back into my mouth. He knew I didn’t stop that easily. I feasted on him for at least five more minutes, making sure to leave his cock as hard as I had found it. An innocent nervous grin came upon Evan’s face as Shawn moved aside and I stood up from the couch. I dropped my nightie and panties to the floor, and stared down at Evan’s hard cock still hidden in his jeans. “Come here stud…let me take care of that for you,” I said, coyly smiling as my hands began to undo his pants. Evan didn’t say a word. I pushed him down on to the arm of the couch, hoping to give Shawn a great view of my ass and pussy from behind while I sucked off his buddy. Evan’s cock was almost as long as Shawn’s, though not as thick. He had pre-cum oozing out of the tip, and I eagerly lapped it up with the tip of my tongue. Damn I loved the taste of young stud sperm; another delicious nectar to feast on. I didn’t waste any time devouring Evan’s cock. I was excited to taste him, and was looking forward to feeling him inside me later as I took his little teenage cherry from him. For at least five minutes I feasted on this young buck, taking him deep into my throat, and then pulling him out completely and rubbing his throbbing member all over my face as my tongue worked up and down it. He loved it when I sucked his balls into my mouth one at a time and teased them. I knew he was going to come too easy if I didn’t play with him a little first. Finally, taking the example Shawn had set earlier, Evan grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down on his shaft…I do love it when men take charge of me. His hands forced my head up and down on his shaft as his hips bucked up against me. I decided to make this young man cum hard for me. I began devouring his cock hard and fast with my mouth. I was sucking hard on his shaft and then forcing it deep into my throat. After only about 30 seconds, he couldn’t take anymore, and he fired his cum into my mouth. Unlike Shawn, I stayed impaled on his cock, firing his creamy cum directly down my throat. He was trembling beneath me, but I just kept sucking. I finally slowed my attack and proceeded to feast on his still sensitive shaft in the same manner as I had done to Shawn when I was surprised by the feel of Shawn’s tongue back on my asshole. He was thrusting it deep inside me this time though, holding nothing back. Waves of pleasure shot through my body as his tongue spread my asshole open and his fingers found my pussy again. It was short lived though. Shawn only teased me for a couple minutes before standing back up behind me. I was so caught up in his attention that I had almost forgotten that I still had Evan’s cock growing in my mouth. Shawn moved directly behind me, and I could feel him pressing the thick head of his cock up against my asshole. I had thought about him fucking my pussy and ass all night long, and now I was getting exactly what I wanted. “Fuck your baby’s asshole Shawn…fuck me hard baby,” I said, hesitating my action on Evan’s cock only long enough to speak. It was all the encouragement my young lover needed. His hands locked on to my hips, and then güvenilir bahis inch by inch he forced that thick luscious cock inside my ass. I moaned out on Evan’s cock only to have him force it deeper into my throat. Every wonderful inch of his cock was spreading open my asshole… and I loved every second of it. I wiggled my ass around, helping him to penetrate me deeper. The sound of both of these young men grunting as they pounded their cocks inside me made me explode for the third time. My ass locked down like a vice around Shawn’s cock as I panted violently around Evan’s. Shawn only tried to fuck me harder though. He started thrusting even more violently inside my ass, making it impossible to maintain my grip on Evan’s throbbing member. I had no choice but to take what was being done to me. His thick hard cock pounded violently at my asshole, slamming my body hard against Evan’s on the couch. I could feel his young cock throbbing between my tits as his strong hands twisted and squeezed at my nipples. My orgasm never stopped as the next one took over. I was lost in an endless world of haze and lust. Shawn must have fucked my ass for at least 15 minutes, never tiring of the fast furious pace he attacked at it with. I must have came at least three more times, trying desperately not to ignore Evan in the process. Finally he withdrew his cock from my asshole, leaving it quivering from my orgasms. Shawn sat down on the couch and pulled me down to my knees right in front of his gorgeous throbbing dick. I needed no instruction, and instantly forced it as deep into my throat as I could get it. “Take her pussy Evan, but treat her well,” Shawn instructed.“Treat her well,” this comment somehow penetrating my subconscious as I fed on my young lovers cock. He had become my protector too. I had never felt protected before by any man before today. My lust factor jumped, and all I wanted to do was please Shawn in every way possible. Hungrily I went back to work feasting on Shawn’s cock with an even more determined hunger than before. Even as I felt Evan clumsily slide his cock into my pussy, all I could think about was making my master happy. My body became consumed with pleasing Shawn…and even Evan, but only because Shawn wanted me to. My hunger must have affected the boys, because Shawn began feverishly fucking up against my mouth as Evan was rapidly fucking his way in and out of my pussy. I exploded again in orgasm as I felt Evan tighten his cock up inside my pussy before exploding with his second load of cum. As Evan backed away, allowing his cock to exit my still quivering pussy, I could feel Shawn tightening in my mouth. He was close. I looked up into my lovers eyes and devoured his cock with all of the energy I had. His cock hardened in my throat and I drove my face down hard and deep onto it. Violently my young master exploded in my throat and eagerly I swallowed wave after wave of his hot seed. His fingers tangled in my hair as his hips thrust up against my face, feeding even more of his thick delicious cum. I was drunk again…could I really be falling for my sixteen year old lover. When he had finally finished cumming and had started to relax, I allowed Shawn’s tender cock to slide out of my mouth. Evan was sitting in the chair across the room, still breathing hard. I sat down next to Shawn, and leaned into to kiss him gently. My hand gently massaged his cock as our tongues danced together in my mouth. After a little while, we all got dressed, and I told Evan that if he promised to keep this a secret, he could come back on his birthday and I would do it all again. Evan smiled and agreed, and I saw him to the door. Shawn was about to leave too, but I closed the door and pushed him up against it. I kissed him deeply again, rubbing his cock through his jeans. “I’m afraid I can’t let you leave yet lover. You haven’t put that wonderful cock in my pussy yet. How about we take care of that business before you go running off?” Shawn smiled at me as he pulled my nightie back off over my head. I could feel his cock hardening again in his jeans as my fingers started to undo them. It was going to be a great Christmas.

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