In Need of a Man Pt. 05

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Author’s note:

For those who have found an interest in this series, and have sent a personal response, I don’t converse by messages or email. Please feel free to offer suggestions or story ideas, as I appreciate the input. Thank you for constructive thoughts on all my stories.

I awoke Tuesday morning, feeling the happiest, sexiest, most sought after, that I ever have in my life. I was lying next to my husband, who has a renewed interest in sex, and who allows me to experience a vibrant young stud, that happens to sleep just down the hall.

I went downstairs and began making breakfast for Earl, as Kevin has Tuesdays off. I heard Earl in the shower as I put on the bacon. My mind went to what might happen from here. What I couldn’t know was that Earl had already begun planning all of that out for me.

When he entered the kitchen, Earl was all smiles, and gave me a kiss on the cheek, as he said, “Wow! You’re up early? Couldn’t sleep?”

I set his plate of eggs and bacon at his place at the table, and replied with a smile, “Me? I slept like a baby. You tired me out last night.” Earl laughed a bit as he sat down and began eating his meal.

He added, in a low voice while I sat down with my coffee next to him, “Hey, I wasn’t the only one tiring you out.” He raised his eyebrows in a smug look.

I couldn’t hide my giddy pleasure. “I’m not sure which of us is the most perverted here.” I sipped at my java while Earl devoured his food. Once he finished, Earl gathered his lunch and car keys, and leaned in for one more kiss. “Have a great day at work, baby,” I said.

“You, too, honey,” he replied, and was on his way.

While I got myself ready for another day at the office, I heard the shower again. Soon after, Kevin appeared in the hallway, a towel wrapped around his waist, and another drying his mop of curls. He disappeared into his room, and I called to him through the closed door.

“I thought you had the day off,” I said, slipping into my heels.

“I do. Aunt Jackie wants some help painting her bedroom,” Kevin called back, though the door. He came down the stairs as I was leaving for work, dressed in that satin basketball shirt that I wore not long ago. He also had on a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts.

“Oh,” I replied, “I didn’t know her and Frank were renovating.”

“Um, Uncle Frank is out of town for the week. He is taking the red eye on Sunday, so he won’t be back until early Monday morning – some kind of work thing. She wants to surprise him when he gets back.”

“Hmmm,” I said, trying not to say out loud, what thoughts were going through my head. Your husband is away and you invite my young son to help you in your bedroom? After I told you to find yourself some dick if your husband isn’t satisfying you? I walked out the front door, offering, “Well, don’t work too hard over there. Love you, Kev.”

“Love you too, Mom,” he called out as he slipped on his running shoes.

I couldn’t help but think that Jackie had better not be wearing out my son. When I got to work, I checked my emails and incoming mail, and then gave Jackie a call. I asked her about Kevin helping her. She gave some lame excuse about how he can reach the high places that she can’t without a ladder, but I sensed something a little more sinister. Regardless, I let it go for now, as long as Jackie didn’t interfere with my playtime.

Kevin was up in his room when I got in from work, and Earl came in right behind me. “What’s for supper,” Earl asked, settling into his recliner. “Something smells really good.”

“I put some stew on this morning. Let me get into something more comfortable, and then I’ll serve it up.” I went upstairs, and knocked on Kevin’s bedroom door.

“Come in,” he called.

I walked in, and Kevin was reclined on his bed, punching keys into his laptop. “How was your day at Aunt Jackie’s?”

“Oh. It, it was good,” he said, not looking up.

“Are you ready for supper. I’m going to change and serve it in a few minutes.

“Yeah, sure,” he said, again, not paying much attention to me. I moved next to him, and raised my black pencil skirt higher, finally getting his attention.

“I was thinking of you at work, and took off my panties. Do you want to see?”

Kevin set the computer aside and reached one hand along the inside of my left thigh and moved beneath the hem to find my damp pussy, and toyed with the trimmed pubes. “Mmmmm. Very nice, Mom,” he offered, swiping his middle finger between my sopping pussy lips. It glided along the eel-like skin that guarded the entrance to my pussy.

“Enough! Your father is downstairs. Get ready for supper.” I turned around, and as I made my way to his door, I pulled up the back of my skirt until I felt the draft of cool air on my exposed buttocks.

“Nice ass,” said Kevin, but I did not respond. I went on to my room and found a pair of leggings and a loose cotton sweater to wear for the evening. We all sat down to supper, and that is when Earl broke the news.

“Well, guess what my work screwed up for me?” yalova escort asked Earl.

“What?” I asked.

“I’ve been planning on taking you into the city this weekend, as a surprise for our anniversary, and today my boss told me that I have to be on call all weekend.”

Kevin said, “That’s too bad, Dad,” and continued eating.

I suggested, “You know, we don’t have to go away this weekend. We can do it another time.”

“No, We can’t. Chris Rock is doing stand up and I got us tickets. Plus, I’ve already booked a bed and breakfast for Friday night. I had it all planned, right to the last detail.” He took a mouthful and shook his head.

“Geez, Earl. That was really nice of you. I’m sorry to hear that we can’t go. But you are a really thoughtful husband.”

We continued eating for a few seconds and then Earl’s head popped up. “Unless…”

I furled my brow. “Unless what?”

“What if,” he said, slowly, “What if you and Kevin go?”

Kevin looked at me, and then his father. “Me? And Mom? Overnight?”

“Well, the tickets aren’t refundable, and the BnB is already paid for. I have the electronic door key already.” He reached into his pocket and drew out the plastic key card. “They sent me this key card that will be activated at noon on Friday and de-activated at noon on Saturday. You just leave it behind when you leave in the morning.” Earl slid the plastic card across the table to Kevin.

Kevin looked stunned. I had no idea that Earl had spent the whole day at work buying those Chris Rock tickets and arranging an Air BnB that would send him the electronic key card.

“Honey, that is a wonderful idea. What do you think, Kev?”

“Well, if Dad can’t go…” he said, wistfully. I caught a smug look from Earl as Kevin spoke to me. Kevin faced his father, and said, “Are you sure, Dad?” And while Kevin awaited his answer, I gave a wide grin to my husband, extremely pleased that he had set Kevin and I up for a night on our own.

Earl offered, “Well, it’s settled.” We continued eating, and I caught Kevin sneaking a peek at me and smiling. I showed him my mad mommy face so Earl wouldn’t catch him doing that. When we finished, the men took to cleaning up and doing the dishes. I overheard them talking in the kitchen. When Kevin asked why he got the Chris Rock tickets, and I heard Earl say, “Your Mom has had the hots for Chris Rock since she first saw him. I was looking forward to her getting all hot and bothered at the show, but now I have to work.”

“That’s okay, Dad. I’ll tell you how it went.” Then, on hearing his own words come out like that, Kevin added, “I mean, I’ll tell you how Mom reacted at the show.” Earl laughed out loud.

“Sounds good, Kev. I’m sure you’ll take good care of Mom for me.”

Kevin was first to come into the sitting room, and as I drank my tea, he came up to me, grinning like a Cheshire cat. When he reached out to caress my boob, looking over his shoulder to make sure his father hadn’t followed him into the room, I slapped it away. His face snapped in my direction and I whispered, “You’re going to have to wait until Friday. And don’t be wanking in the meantime either. I want you at your best! You are going to need all the energy you can get, by the time I’m done with you.”

“No problem, Mom. It will be worth the wait.” Kevin bent down and kissed my forehead, just as Earl walked into the room. “See you guys later. I’m going downstairs for a while.”

Earl had his own tea, and sat next to me, and asked “Aren’t you going to join him?”

“No,” I replied, “I’m going to let him simmer for a few days. That was really nice of you to send us off like that.” I leaned over and gave him a full kiss.

When the kiss ended, Earl said, in a low voice, “I want all of the details though.”

“Don’t you worry, sweetie. I’ll get that little sausage standing up in no time, when Kevin and I get back.” We sat drinking our tea, and I noticed the modest lump in my husband’s trousers. I placed my hand over the lump and asked, “Do you want to go upstairs?”

“Just tell me what it’s like when Kevin touches you.” Earl unzipped his pants and reached inside to play with himself.

“You mean when he slips his hand down my panties?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Or when I let him stuff his man-sized dick in my mouth?” I could feel my arousal intensifying as quickly as Earl’s. He was clearly jacking off under his trousers, so I took his other hand and squeezed all four fingers together and wrapped my lips around them. Earl quickly saw how wide my lips must stretch to accommodate all of them.

I twisted my head different ways, in an effort to work them deeper, until the fingertips found the gagging place in the back of my throat. My tongue worked the digits, and Earl shoved his hand in and out a few times, enjoying the guttural sounds I made each time he gagged me, When he removed his fingers, my eyes were watering, and I whispered, “Kevin’s spongy dick head slides down my throat really easy. You’ve never made it that far.”

That yalova escort bayan seemed to set my husband off. His hand was stroking much faster and I leaned my face into his ear and whispered, “Take it out.” Earl stopped and hurriedly unzipped his pants and slid them to his ankles. I recall wishing that Kevin would come in unexpectedly to see his father submitting to my every whim. Earl pulled his manhood out over the waistband of his underwear and began tugging his dick between his thumb and two fingers.

I held out my hand, palm up, fingers cupped. “Cum for me. Cum right in my hand, baby.” Earl’s eyes stared at the target, his face contorted. “Give me your cum!” I ordered.

Earl’s mouth gaped wide and his rhythm increased until his little meat whistle exploded in my hand. My husband squeezed his pecker until the last of his seed spilled into my cupped fingers. Tendrils of sperm dripped between them, and I brought the handful of silvery goo to my mouth. I lapped up the puddle and licked the remains of each digit, moaning softly.

I looked at Earl and his eyes were fixed on my mouth, and I knew what he wanted. I moved until my lips met his. He turned his head slightly, and was the first to part his lips. I opened my mouth and leaned into my husband, tilting his head back so his semen would drool from my mouth to his.

Our tongues danced slowly, no words needed. When there was no more to be devoured, our kiss ended. I whispered, “I think you liked that, a lot.”

“You are such a naughty wife, Mags.”

“I could be naughtier. Do you want me to go downstairs?”

Earl looked at me in disbelief. “Oh, God,” and a nod, was all he could muster.

I whispered, “Go to bed. I will be up in a few minutes.”

Earl got up immediately and left the room. I went downstairs, where my son was eating some chips and drinking a coke. “Change of plans,” I said calmly as Kevin looked up at me from the sofa.

I knelt before him, quietly unzipping his blue jeans, and hauling out his semi-erect cock. As I lowered my mouth over the tip of Kevin’s dick, I said, softly, “This is definitely the last time until our date on Friday. Make it quick.”

I sucked the still rubbery shaft into my mouth, and worked my magic on him. Kevin was hard almost instantly, and asked, “What’s going on, Mom? Not that I’m complaining.” Kevin said nothing more as I fellated him, ignoring his question.

While his hands guided my pace up and down, I gently cupped Kevin’s tightening ball sack, as if to weigh the heavy pouch. My other hand opened, and my middle finger tickled the smooth skin of Kevin’s perineum, on it’s way to my son’s virgin butt hole.

Kevin became steel hard when my finger pushed into the puckered opening. I took his entire shaft deep into my throat, savoring the familiar sensation as a real cock wedged in my esophagus. I could feel his butt contract on my finger, each time Kevin lunged his cock deep into my warm, wet mouth.

Kevin’s eyes widened, as my middle finger engaged the velvety bump of his prostate. “Awww, fuck!” he said and began to pump his hips into my face. I knew that he was ready to explode, so I lifted my mouth from his cock and stuck out my tongue.

Kevin moved one hand to the back of my head to steady his target; the other hand began to furiously whack him off, just above my face. The finger buried in his rectum strummed the walnut-like lump, and Kevin let go a jet that splattered the roof of my mouth.

I clamped my lips around the bulbous knob and received my son’s slimy load eagerly. Kevin closed his eyes as the enormity of his orgasm set in. His head bucked forward in a grotesque facial expression, and delivered more and more silvery goo. His last few spurts filled my mouth entirely. I plopped off Kevin’s rigid phallus, pursing my lips to keep from spilling out.

Before my son had even finished pulsating, I rose from my knees and silently left the room. I went upstairs and provided my husband with one more reason to expect a very erotic outcome from my unfettered date with our son on the weekend.

By the time Friday morning arrived, Earl and I had decided to take the day off work. Kevin would be home from the pool at two o’clock. The plan was for Kevin and I to leave around three, so we could check in to our BnB, get something to eat, and make the show for seven-thirty.

Earl was beside himself with angst, pacing about the house, unable to settle his nerves. I asked him to follow me to our bedroom, where I stood next to the closet and told him to choose my outfit for the evening.

He pulled out a royal blue chiffon dress; almost knee length that was shoulder less. The collar of the dress was black with fake diamonds all around. It showed off my proud D cups and has been his favorite for years. I laid it on the bed, and pulled open my panty drawer.

Earl looked through, fingers handling the skimpy panties and thongs carefully, until he came across a pair of white, frilly boy shorts. He smiled and laid them on the bed as well. escort yalova In my bra drawer, Earl went for the blue pushup that I usually wear with that dress.

I admit that I was already aroused by all of this, but more so for the surprise I had planned for my husband. Earl ran my bath, and added some lavender scented salts to it. He sat by the bath, grinning as I luxuriated in it. He had a towel ready when I got up, and he wrapped my Mom body in it and I dried off.

I sat in the chair, pointed to the bureau next to the sink, and said, “Get my razor. I want to be smooth for Kevin.” Earl moaned, and turned around with the razor and shave cream, to find me already slouched in the chair, legs splayed wide. “Make sure you don’t knick me,” I said softly while my husband knelt between my thighs and removed the cap on the shaving cream.

I saw a modest tent in his pants, while Earl carefully applied a thick layer of cream over my entire vulva. He dabbed and smoothed the foam, and slowly manipulated my lady parts so he could shear my vulva of all of my pubic hair. The scraping of the razor was the only sound other than my husband’s labored breathing. Once my labia and mons were shorn baby smooth, Earl wiped a towel over it, removing the excess foam as well as any traces of hair. With my shaving completed, Earl caressed the area with the palm of his hand. When he tried to slip a finger between my hairless labia, I tapped his hand away, admonishing him with, “That’s not yours today. I’m saving it for Kevin to enjoy tonight.”

Earl sat back on his haunches, resigned to his place in my sexual pecking order, and mindlessly tugged at his hidden erection. I did peel apart my meaty lips and ran a finger up and down the velvet crevice, so Earl could at least witness my fully prepared and naked body one last time. I was kind enough to offer my husband my juice laden finger, and he drew it into his mouth and suckled on the full length of it. His lips moved back and forth along my sopping digit, as though it was a small penis, salivating all over it. Earl’s eyes were closed, his mind lost in whatever fantasy was flitting through it. Looking down on my husband from the chair, I couldn’t help but to rub myself at the feeling of power I felt in the moment.

Even with his lack of size, the lump in Earl’s pants twitched when he heard Kevin’s name. I stood, belly near his face, and I parted my lips, and said, “Can you smell how aroused I am for Kevin?”

Earl leaned in until his breath teased my clit and inhaled deeply. He instinctively took hold of his knob through his trousers. I stepped back and said, “Stay there.” I dropped my towel and walked naked to our room and back again.

Entering the bathroom, my compliant husband was still on his haunches, awaiting my next command. I handed Earl a small bag, he opened it, and looked inside. “What is it?” he asked, pulling out a box. While he opened the box, I explained.

“I don’t want you getting too excited, and have any accidents before I get home. Remember, I still own that little sausage of yours.” Inside the box were three items – a steel ring, a coiled metal piece with a slit in the capped end, and a suitcase sized padlock.

He stared at the items, and realized that I had bought him what he had seen so many times in his cuckold porn videos – a cock cage. Earl looked at my widely grinning face, and immediately set the items on the chair next to him. “Take off your pants. It’s time to lock up my little cuckold. Is that what you want, cucky? You want to be locked up while your son takes care of your wife’s sexual needs, don’t you?” Earl had already begun unbuckling and lowering his pants and underwear, when the word cuckold registered in his head.

“Oh, God, Maggie. Is that what I am?”

I looked down at my pleading husband and replied, “Not yet. But you will be soon. That’s what you want, isn’t it?.” By the look on Earl’s face, I thought he would ejaculate right then.

When Earl’s pants and underwear fell to the ground, his chubby pecker was hard and red. “You can’t put it on with your little cock like that, baby. Let me help you.” I reached down as I bent over him, my dangling breasts nearly in his face.

I used my index finger and thumb to squeeze his cock and jack him off, a trail of precum already drizzling down his stubby shaft. Earl raised one hand to pull on my nipple, and then grunted. His cum spewed forth, and I instantly let go of him. Without my fingers imitating the sensation of Earl’s cock sliding in and out of a vagina, the usual jets of semen were stifled.

Earl looked helplessly as his cock sputtered unassisted, one stream shooting forth, and the rest of his orgasm drooling down his hardness to drip from his ball sack onto the tiled floor.

“Ughhhh,” proclaimed Earl, his cock twitching out the last of his cum. In seconds, his mushroomed tip began to lose its dark red color. I watched it droop and wrinkle up, no longer its fully erect five inches of mediocrity.

“Don’t worry, baby,” I said, like a mom settling their sad toddler, “I will give you a real orgasm when I get back. Now, slip your balls through the ring.” Earl placed the ring at his scrotum and slid each pill through the cold, metallic ring. He had to work to stuff his flaccid cock into it as well. But, once his junk hung through, he was ready for the cage.

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