In the Lightning, In the Rain

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In the Lightning, In the RainLum and Ataru were walking home in the rain one cloudy afternoon. She clung lovingly, and tenaciously, to his arm underneath their umbrella as she was known to do. The poor weather had already sent most people into their homes and Lum and Ataru hadn’t seen anyone else for quite a while at this point. Lum started to giggle as she felt the static in the air, which was quickly followed by a bright flash and boom of thunder. Lum laughed in delight at the strike of thunder, but her companion, Ataru, jerked in surprise.“What is the matter Darling?” Lum asked rubbing her head into his chest, “Does the thunder scare you?”“Umm… No, not really. Just kind of surprised me. That’s all.” He answered trying to keep his composure.“Well Lum loves the Lighting.” She said drawing her hand across Ataru’s chin.Stepping out from under the umbrella into the rain, Lum spun around as the droplets hit her exposed skin and dampened her tiny tiger-striped clothes. She laughed out load reveling in the feeling of the water collecting on her skin and matting her hair; the static in the air causing her body to tingle. Ataru only thought of how wet she would make the house once they got home. Although he did take a moment to admire how the beads of water rolled down her shapely body and how the wet clothing stuck to her body, showing off what little she did bother to cover.Boom! Another crack of thunder, right after a flash of lightning. Lum shouted in joy, while Ataru only staggered back in surprise. The young alien girl was so happy with the storm she started to float off into the air to be closer to the source, leaving her companion earthbound.“No Lum!” Ataru called out, “It’s dangerous!”Lum only giggled at Ataru’s concern. canlı bahis She knew she was fine.“It is alright Darling. Lum will keep you safe from the lightning.” She answered.She twirled around in the air causing the water collected in her hair and clothing to fly outward. Ataru threw one arm up to cover his face as the water splashed him. Lum giggled aloud.“Now Darling is getting wet just like Lum.”Flash! Boom! Another bolt of lightning followed by a crack of thunder shook the area. Ataru was only getting more worried, but for Lum it was exciting and fun. The horns on Lum’s head started to arc with electricity, causing the cute girl to pause and wonder for a moment.Flash! Boom! Lightning struck again, this time hitting the girl floating happily in the air. Energy surged through her body, electricity arcing thought the air, her figure lighting up the dark skies. Ataru screamed out in shock. But the moment passed. Lum slowly floated toward the ground, energy illumining her body, sparks occasionally shooting and electricity arcing between her horns, digits, and limbs.“Lum… are you okay?” Ataru asked in concern as the glowing beauty slowly approached.“Darling…” She whispered.Ataru thought she was exhausted or hurt, but when she called out to him again he could hear the arousal in her voice.“Darling… I need it…” Lum moaned sensually.Ataru staggered back, worried she would shock or electrocute him again as she had done in the past. Lum was on top of him within a moment. Her lips pressed against him and tongue pushed into his mouth, wrestling with his own. Ataru felt energy coursing through him. It wasn’t the pain or shock of electricity he normally felt when Lum is surging with energy. It was warm and pleasant. It caused bahis siteleri a tingle through his whole body and he could feel it through Lum too. He dropped the umbrella and embraced with both arms. Hands running through her hair, fingers caressing over the curves of her waist and hips.“More Darling, more…” Lum moaned kissing at Ataru’s neck and chest.Lum’s excitement was undeniable. She was already pulling at Ataru’s pants, desperate to get them off. The sensation of energy flowing between them and Lum’s hands pawing at his crotch, Ataru’s excitement was clear too. His undid Lum’s top as she pulled down with pants. The wet bit of tiger-stripped cloth fell to the ground in a puddle, a pair of tiger-stripped panties followed right after. Energy sparked as raindrops hit Lum’s mostly bare body, only her knee high boots remained on. She stroked at Ataru’s erection though his undergarments as he massaged her breasts and kissed at her erect nipples.“Darling… Darling…” She moaned over and over, “Please Darling, Lum needs it.”Ataru couldn’t tell if it was the rain or her own body, but Lum’s pussy was soaking wet. It didn’t matter to him; she was clearly stimulated and ready to be fucked. Pulling his cock from between his boxers, Ataru rubbed his erection between Lum’s legs against her warm and wanting lips. Another jolt of energy shot through them as their most intimate of areas came together, causing them both to groan in pleasure.“Darling! Please don’t tease Lum…” Lum begged Ataru as his dick stroked against her aching pussy.But Ataru wasn’t teasing her. Standing up like this made achieving penetration difficult. Ataru lifted one of Lum’s legs and wrapped it over his hip, which Lum clung to tightly. One hand held her by güvenilir bahis the back, while he used the other to guide his dick into Lum’s wet cunt.Another jolt of pleasure shot though them as Ataru pushed into Lum’s tight, hot hole. He groaned aloud as her warmth and firmness wrapped around him. Lum yelled in delight and laughed with happiness as Ataru hard cock rubbed against her insides. Ataru grabbed a hand full of Lum’s ass and began to pump his hips. Lum d****d her arms over Ataru’s shoulders and pressed her weight into his crotch.Lum moaned and groaned as she bounced with each thrust of Ataru’s hips. Energy continued to flow though between them as adding to the pleasure of their love making. Ataru groaned between gritted teeth, trying to hold back as this beautiful alien girl grinded on his dick. Feeling her pussy squeeze on his cock was pushing him towards the edge. “Lum… I can’t…” He gasped between grunts“Don’t hold back Darling…” Lum whispered while stroking Ataru’s face, strands of hair hanging seductively over her face.Ataru began to trust intensely, knowing he no longer has to hold back. Lum screamed out loud at the force and passion that Ataru fucked her with. He pulled her in tight and kissed her deeply. Waves of pleasure washed over them propelling them into climax. Lum moaned wildly as she rode her own orgasm. Her shaking and spasming too much for Ataru he came deep inside her. Lum’s called out his name as she felt his warm seed filling her.The loving pair needed a few moments to compose themselves. The rain washing away their sweat and cooling their exhausted bodies. The energy inside Lum from the lightning dissipated as they were physically spent. After a few moments of hugging and kissing Ataru wonder aloud, “How are we going to explain how soaking wet we got once we get home?”“We’ll tell them the umbrella blew away Darling.” Lum said with a smile.To which Ataru noticed the umbrella he was carrying was nowhere to be found.

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