In the Recession, Part II

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In the Recession, Part III found myself standing, in a daze, looking down at the half-naked woman on my sofa, not quite knowing what to think. I had brought her into my house with no intention beyond getting her in out of the rain so she wouldn’t catch her death of cold, but here I had found myself beginning to get sexually involved with her. Some part of me wondered where this was going, and whether it was a good idea at all. Another part of me was still thinking of her body, her smooth skin, her silky copper-brown pubes, the scent and taste of her hot, moist vulva, the sounds she made as I had pleasured her, and the almost painfully intense pleasure I had felt as I ejaculated in her mouth. That part of me was, as they say, “thinking with the little head.”For lack of anything else to say, I asked “Are you hungry?””Mm? Yes”, she replied, taken off guard by this change of subject. I opened a can of beans in tomatoe sauce and started them cooking with two wieners along with a chopped onion. While I was working on that, Dena got up and went to the sink and got herself a drink of water. In my cramped little kitchen area that put her standing right beside me. She was wearing only a light blue sleeveless pocket T, and whatever reservations I had had about her physical beauty, I found myself powerfully attracted. Standing there naked as I cooked, I found myself becoming aroused again.Dena went back and sat down on the couch again, sitting there watching me with her legs spread just slightly, and one arm up behind her head, showing me a couple weeks’ worth of reddish stubble in her armpit. I tried not to stare at her, and got the beans cooked. When they were ready, I put all the beans and the two wieners on the one large soup plate which made up half of my one setting of china, grabbed the one soup spoon with which I ate güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri all the courses of my meals, and carried them along with my loaf of bread over to where she sat.”Like a beer with your meal?” I asked. “Mm, no”, she replied.I got out one can of beer for myself and sat next to her on the couch, and we began taking turns eating the beans with the soup spoon. The wieners we ate with one slice of bread each.”Did you get enough to eat?” I asked, ever the anxious host.”Yes”, she said, “But I am a bit thirsty anyway,” and took the beer can out of my hand and drank.I decided that I was still hungry, but hungry for something else. Putting the empty plate on the floor at the end of the couch, I turned to Dena and kissed her mouth ravenously. She responded in kind and I felt her tongue writhing inside my mouth. I slid my right hand up the inside of her thigh and began gently stroking the lips of her hot, tight little vulva.Breaking our lip-lock she asked in mock indignation,”What do you think you’re doing, now?””I’m not through with you,” I replied,”Nowhere near through”, I told her, licking my finger. She grinned and spread her legs accommodatingly farther, getting her left foot up onto the edge of the couch. I pulled bottom of her T-shirt up to expose her nicely sized but rather pendulous breasts. Her pail pink nipples stood erect as I began to kiss them and started fingering her vulva again. As I kissed and stroked, she began to rock a bit on the sofa, breathing ever more heavily. Her vulva became increasingly moist and she began making small mewing sounds. As I kept going she rocked harder and mewed louder. When she began to arch her back and lift her hips from the couch as she rocked, I clamped my mouth over hers, thrusting my tongue in as deep as I could, while stroking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her clit faster and with more pressure. Finally, she tore her lips from mine and yelled “Ahhhh-gawwwdddd!” and pushed my hand from her dripping pussy.”I told you I wasn’t finished with you,” I said. “And I’m still not”. I was feeling as horny as I ever had, and if I’d earlier had any misgivings about having sex with Dena, I’d forgotten them completely. I had a ravenous physical desire that had been bottled up for months, and my a****l instinct was to satisfy that desire as completely as possible.I stood up and took her hand. “Come on”, I said. I pulled her to her feet and pulled the T-shirt up over her head, took her in my arms and began kissing her again, on her mouth, her neck, ears, her breasts,and her stubbly, musky-scented armpits. I slid my hand down between her legs and felt her hot juices on my fingers. Raising my finger to my mouth, I tasted her scorching hot sex. Dropping my hand back for another sample, I put my finger between her lips and let her taste, too. Beyond words, she could only moan appreciatively. “Mmmmmm”.Guiding her to my tiny bedroom, I laid her down on the full-size mattress on the floor which I slept on with no springs or bedframe. Starting with her forehead, I began kissing and licking progressively down: her nose; her mouth; her full, soft throat; her smooth-skinned shoulders; her copper-stubbled, musky armpits; her pink, erect nipples; her white, smooth belly; down into the sparse, coppery brown pubic hair to her hot vulva. Her legs were spread wide as I gently parted her outer labia with my fingers and inserted my tongue. For a big woman, she had a small vulva, and her pubes did not extend down to her outer labia. She was quite wet as I inserted my tongue and güvenilir bahis şirketleri felt the small nub of her erect clit, gently pressing it with the tip of my tongue. Dena had gotten hold of my cock and was tugging on it. It was now fully erect, in that numb, completely engorged way that will last for hours. I got over on top of her, and reaching under, I put my cock into her waiting mouth and she began sucking it eagerly. I got my mouth onto her steaming hot little pussy and began hungrily licking and sucking her outer labia, inner labia and clit. As I licked and kissed I was gazing directly at her puckered little anus, and, wetting my left forefinger with her juices, gently inserted the very tip of my finger, which excited her all the more.Licking, kissing and sucking, I soon brought her to another climax, and then another, and another. I could feel her body bucking under me and I could feel the head of my cock slipping down her throat now and then. I could hear her ecstatic moans, muffled by the presence of my cock in her mouth. I was completely intoxicated by the taste and scent of her pussy, eagerly lapping her juices as a man starved. It was a wild ride that seemed to go on and on, me licking her and her sucking me. It seemed to go on endlessly, but also that time seemed to stand still, so consumed by my lust I had no mind for anything but the sensations of our bodies in contact.Dena, bucking under me like a mustang mare with the intensity of her repeated orgasms, began sucking me harder and deeper, bringing me closer and closer to climax. Finally, as she arched her back, pushing her vulva against my ravenous mouth in the throes of her most intense orgasm yet, I blew my load of steaming hot jizz into her mouth. Our mutual orgasm had the intensity of an electric current run through both our bodies, a spasm of alarming pleasure. I was gasping in exhaustion as I heard her swallow my semen.I lay atop her momentarily before I rolled off stiff and spent. Dazed, it once again entered my mind that perhaps I shouldn’t be having sex with this woman. Before any definite thoughts formed in my mind, I heard Dena begin to snore softly.

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