In the spa and jacuzzi with mum.

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In the spa and jacuzzi with mum.We had taken a trip away for the weekend to a log cabin in the country side as part of a gift my parents had won. I had the weekend off and decided I would join them as there was enough room in the log cabin. When we arrived we found ourselves in the middle of know where, there where 3 log cabins on this plot of land, a house which I believe the owners lived in and another big cabin which we later found out was the spa area. I must admit it was really nice, the wooden cabin we stayed in was open planned with a nice big log burner, huge bathroom and two double bedrooms. When we had got in my parents had dumped there bags in there room and I had started to un pack in mine. We arrived quit late and after dinner we decided just to settle down and watch tv and relax. The next morning I went round the grounds seeing what was There. There wasn’t much apart from the other cabins and trees. I did come across the spa, I looked through the window and noticed that they had a huge swimming pool and Jacuzzi. It was empty at this point, and as I walked back to our cabin I noticed my parents car was gone. I opened the door but mum was in there tidying up. ‘fancy going to the spa’ I said. Mum being mum and being a bit forgetful mentioned that she didn’t bring her bikini and that she had totally forgot about the spa. You’ll be fine I went on to say there’s no one in there I just went passed it. She smiled and said what go naked. Although I’d love the thought of that I made out that she shouldn’t and said no stupid, in your underwear its all the same. After about 5 minutes of thinking she decided to come with me, sod it, she said your fathers gone out for the day fishing so why not, ill be bored if not. I said to her that I was going off to get my stuff and a towel when she done the same. Before we left we had noticed the bottle of wine in the fridge. Shall we take that and a few glasses I said. Yeah why not mum replied. We set off and headed to the spa it literally was only a minutes walk from our cabin. As we opened up straight in front of us was the changing room. I poked my head in and said oh this looks like the only one. I dropped my back and opened the wine and poured us a drink. Mum was hanging her towel up when I said im ready ive got my trunks underneath and headed straight for the Jacuzzi. It must of only be enough room for 4 people but I turned the bubbles on and plonked my self down in the hot bubbling water. Sipping on the wine this was now my kind of day. I could hear mum call out and say I hope know one comes in it’ll be embarrassing for me she said. I was kind of hoping that no one would either. It would look a bit stranger mother and son in a Jacuzzi and she was in her underwear. A couple of minutes later mum appeared from the changing room. As she started walking towards me I gave her a wolf whistle, she laughed and said stop it. I’m not going to lie for her age she looked pretty stunning in her underwear. Then I just thought, she was wearing a white bra and white knickers, did she realise that in the water that there more than likely to go see through. Now I started feeling excited. As she came walking over it felt like for ever and loads of things started crossing my mind. I was looking at her in a different light. Shes in her 50’s still in good shape, a little bit of weight on her, but I would never say she was fat. She had a nice chunky bum but her best assets where her large 34 dd boobs. They looked even better in her bra. Prefect cleavage on show.As mum stepped in and sat down I handed her, her wine and we both just sunk down heads the only part out of bursa escort the water and both just smiled looking up, this is nice we both said. We was just having a chat talking about the place and area when I couldn’t help but think about her, in her white bra and knickers. She was talking away and more and more I was just think about what was underneath her underwear. We was in the Jacuzzi for about 15 minutes when we was on our second glass, oh this is going to my head my said giggling, I must say it had gone to mine too. Even more reason why I was thinking about her in a different way. Now I was starting to fill brave, I had edge closer to her and every now and then our legs where touching. She didn’t flinch or anything just carried on talking. It was a great thing we had bubbles in there as now I could fill myself getting aroused. Just the mum sat up slightly and to my earlier thoughts her bra had gone see through. She hadn’t realised this and I could she her areloa, even better that the high powered bubbles had pushed her boobs up even more. I kept quiet and was looking at ever chance I could without making it obvious. Shall we finish the last drop mum said as she reached for the wine. As she reached out I saw her full boobs on show the bra was totally see through. She reached for the wine and I just laughed, what she said, as she said back down upright. I was feeling brave. Look down I said and she done exactly that, she laughed and said ahh my underwear as gone see through I didn’t even realise. Mum was pretty open things like that didn’t bother her. She laughed it off, how stupid of me she said, I hope know one comes in she said again. I just laughed. What happened next I didn’t think she would do, oh no my knickers must have gone see through too, and with that she stood up and sat on the edge on the Jacuzzi, right in view of me, she looked down legs spread and held her knickers tight to her body, ahhhh she said. I couldn’t believe it, I could see her pussy, I was like she was naked. They had totally gone see through like her bra. She was looking down when I said, mum I can see to you know. She quickly looked up and said oh sorry I didn’t even think im just embarrassed. I laughed it off theres no need to be I said. She sat back down not seeming bothered that I have practically seen her naked. How embarrassing she said once more. I was so aroused now I could fell I had a full on erection, I reached down and felt my hard cock. Mum tried changing the subject and mention something else. I couldn’t help but think if what I saw. She sat up slightly drinking her wine when her boobs where out of the water, I started to wonder if she was doing this on purpose. Having the couple of glasses of wine I was feeling brave and reached out and with the tip of my finger touched her nipple over her bra, I had made a joke of it, oi big nipples I said. She didn’t flinch she just looked down and laughed. Your boobs look huge in here I said. She looked down and with both hands grabbed them. They do done they. I nodded, I reached out again this time pressing her boobs, big softies you have I joked. She just laughed. The topic of conversation changed, I wonder how many couples have had it off in here she joked, er I hope not were sitting in the water we laughed. Maybe she was feeling horny and thinking of the idea. I laughed and said trust you to think that and splashed a bit of water at her, oi she said and she splashed some back, now we was having a little splashing war when she stood up and tried splashing me but feel over in my direction. She landed on me, easy there I said laughing, she was laughing bursa escort bayan to but didn’t move off. She was ever so close to my crotch. She put her arm round me and said this was a good idea coming her. I just smiled, I was know thinking how close she was to my hard cock and should I let her know I was. Ouch your giving me a dead leg I said, oh sorry she said as she moved over, it worked she moved her body over to my crotch, I now felt her bum on my groin area. She must have felt my hard cock now. But she didn’t say anything. I moved my body slightly and then she laughed, oh my she said, what I replied she wiggled her bum, that she said. I laughed she was talking about my hard cock. Oh im sorry I said, yet she still hadn’t moved. Blimey I can really feel it she said. I was now super horny, well I cant help it. She laughed and said I suppose this wont as she wriggled her body whilst sitting on my lap. I laughed no it wont and she was now teasing me, rubbing her ass on my crotch feeling my hard cock through my shorts. After a couple of minutes she got up and sat opposite me but on the edge of the Jacuzzi, mum I said as I nodded in her direction, letting her know I could see her pussy through her knickers, it had a tiny bit of hair on it but you could see the outline of the flaps. Sorry darling she said im so hot and anyway ive just felt your hard dick on me she giggled. I laughed it off well you don’t see me standing up do you I joked. Well I wouldn’t mind she said to my surpise. Mum I said laughing, not like I haven’t seen it before she said. With that I didn’t need asking again, I made out I was hot too. I stood up, wow she said as she saw my bulge through my shorts, I knew it must be big when I felt it on my ass. I laughed and just brushed it off with im hot too. Now I was standing up raging hard on trying to burst out of my shorts and mum was sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi in her white bra and knickers which had totally gone see through. I was mega horny now. It fell silent and we both just didn’t no what to do or say but laugh. I just found my self saying so you think its big then. No hesitation she said yeah it certainly felt it, but I haven’t seen it she said with a smile on her face. Just like that I looked around checking no one was about, although I knew there wouldn’t and pulled my shorts down, springing out my hard cock. She covered her mouth with her hand. Blimey that’s huge she said. She did look shocked. Christ, should we get out she said. I didn’t want to I felt it was only beginning but I didn’t want to push my luck. Sure I replied pulling up my shorts. As she turned round to get out she had her back to me, just about to get out I was looking at her ass when I just reached out and pulled her knickers down from behind. Oi cheeky she said, but not pulling them up. She didn’t step out just then so I slapped her ass and looked on as her ass cheeks wobbled. She laughed but slighty bent herself ovr the side on the Jacuzzi, legs still in the water but her hands on the out side of the Jacuzzi. I couldn’t help my self I reached out and said lovely bum as I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands, massaging her ass. She didn’t mind one bit. I started to spread her cheeks and got a slight peek of her ass hole and her pussy from behind. I carried on doing this feeling so aroused, I reached down with one hand I rubbed it down her crack. Just then I realised how much she was enjoying it, she let out a slight moan. I then found my fingers running down her pussy from behind. Oh gosh she said she said no, no not here she said. She pulled up her knickers and got out, had escort bursa I gone to fair I thought. I stepped out too and turned off the Jacuzzi, she headed for the changing room. I followed in she turned facing me, perfect view of her body in her see through underwear. I just dropped my shorts, my hard cock sprung out for the second time. Here I said cheekily. Wow looked at that she said as she stared at my hard cock. I walked towards mum and reached down with one hand and started rubbing her pussy lips over her knickers her arms had wrapped round my shoulders and she put her head on my chest as I was rubbing her pussy. I could hear her breathing heavily as I was going slightly faster and harder rubbing her wet pussy over her see through knickers. I slightly pulled them down and then noticed she was pulling at them herself, stepping out of her knickers. My hard cock resting on her thigh, I was now rubbing her bare pussy, entering her wet hole with 3 fingers start from the off, she was so wet, her body was shaking as she was almost cumming already. I moved her back so I could see as I was finger fuckign her hard. She was moaning a lot louder now, shhhh I said. She looked down and reached for my cock, she wrapped her hand round my cock and started wanking me off, it felt amazing, we was standing opposite each other, mum wanking me and I was finger fucking her. This is bad she said as she looked at me. I didn’t reply but just carried on like she did too. Just then I stopped fingering her as I felt she had already cummed once. I reached up as she was still wanking my cock and pulled her big tits out and started groping at them, her nipples were hard. I bent down and started sucking on her big beautiful soft tits. The whole time she carried on pulling at my hard cock. I was so close to cumming. I could feel my pulling away slightly, I wasn’t sure if she wanted to stop, I wasn’t ready for her to then look at me a smile, ive got to do this she said as she bent down and got on her knees, I watched as she took my cock in her mouth. I held her head as she was sucking my cock, I was falsing her mouth further down my shaft. She took my cock head a licked all around my helmet. Then sucking it again, wow I said as she looked up and smiled. She stopped sucking my cock after about 5 minutes and smiled as she stood up, has this finish I thought to myself. I sat on the bench of the changing room cock facing upwards were I was so hard. Mum was stood in front of me naked, when she walked in my direction I looked on as she got closer and moved a leg up and another round me. She was about to sit on my cock. She had her arms round me and was sitting on my legs when she lifted up and I felt the tip of my cock rest on her pussy. It guiding straight in easy, as she moved down on my cock her eyes widen, fucccckk she said, that’s huge as she started moving up and down on my cock, about 10 times she done this moaning, fuck fuck fuck its huge, when she started saying it louder fuck fuck fuck im going to cum she screamed as I thrusted harder into her pussy I could fill her cumming on my cock for the second time. Wow she said as she just sat there on my hard cock. Quick get off I said im going to cum, she quickly jumped off, I didn’t expect her to do anything I was just going to shot my load on the floor when she turned and sat on the bench I turned to her, her mouth was open and she was holding her tits, come on darling cum on me, I got really close to her mouth with the tip of my cock wanking off into her mouth I could feel her tounge poking out and touched my helmet, ahh ready I screamed, she stayed right there and I shot my load into her mouth, the first 3 burst of cum then I aimed the rest over her tits. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm she moaned. As she was covered in cum, I could see a load in her mouth when she just swallowed the lot. Wow that’s lovely she said.

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