Jackpot: Chapter Twelve

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Jackpot: Chapter TwelveDisclaimers & Warnings: This tale includes, elements of BDSM, and a healthy sprinkling of verbal humiliation. Readers who are offended or triggered by such material are advised to proceed with caution or bail out now. © SheriffBart 2020. All rights reserved.Feedback is welcome. Enjoy!~~~~~ Chapter Twelve: Hard Limits ~~~~~“You’re welcome,” she said with a brilliant smile. “So…I don’t know how much time we have, but I guess we should do some cuddling. Do you want to get a blanket or something?”“Some – okaaay. Frank, why do you think we need a blanket?”“Well, you know. After-care. I’m not an experienced dom, but I know you’re supposed to – what’s so funny?”“Oh my, aren’t you full of yourself? That’s cute, but a couple of bitch-sl@ps and a hard fucking isn’t quite enough to send me into sub-space. I appreciate the thought though. I wish every experienced dom took after-care as seriously.” Her bemused smile morphed into a seductive lop-sided grin as she picked up her robe, re-wrapped her voluptuous curves and straightened her hair. “So, now that you’ve sampled both our charms, who’s better? Fresh-face teen or mature whore? m0ther or d@ughter?”“Excuse me?”“Oh, come on, Frank. Don’t pretend to be offended now, after fucking me like an a****l, and calling me a greedy whore. We’re both honest adults here. No bullshit. Who’s the better cock-sucker, me or Trish?”“Wow. There’s a question I never dreamed I’d hear. I need to pinch myself. Let me think about that for a moment.” I pulled my pants up and refastened my belt to match her respectable post-coitus attire. “Well to be perfectly honest, when I asked her where she learned to suck cock like that at her age, she mentioned you. I made a joke of it, told her her m0ther had raised her well, and we laughed about it.” “Good non-answer. And thank you for the weird compliment, but that just cements what I’ve been worried about all this time. She’s too much like me for her own good – except for the honesty part. I could never get my d@ughter to be honest with me about anything that mattered.”“Dreama, of course I don’t know her as well as you, but she strikes me as very honest – and very insightful as well. Now I see where she gets it from. She’s a lot like you in fact. And she said she was leaving because she was trying to get away from her stepf@ther. Maybe Darryl thought she was a lot like you too.”Her eyes flashed with anger, and I knew I’d gone too far. “Well you’re right, you don’t know her like I do. Let me tell you something Frank. It doesn’t matter what Trish says, because she is too much like me. She’s a conniving little slut. You wouldn’t believe some of the shit she’s pulled since I got remarried.” She regaled me with stories about ‘Trish’ sneaking out to be with her boyfriends, lying about who she was with, and where she was. “We know what she was doing. She was stepping out because she’s a little slut who can’t get enough attention from horny young boys – and now, apparently, horny grown men – who just want to use her. No offense. We’re both adults and I’m just being honest. Did she tell you how many times we caught her trying to sneak out of the apartment after dark?”“Well yes. Not in so many words, but she told me about that. Do you know why she started sneaking out of the house at night?” I intended to tell her more about her about stepf@ther sneaking into her room drunk, but she cut me off with a cynical laugh. “Of course I know! You think I don’t know my own d@ughter? She was sneaking out because she wanted to get laid! I finally started calling her ‘Trash’ instead of Trish because she’s acting like a – well, I’m sure you know the term. She’s like that girl in Oklahoma.” “Oklahoma? Where in Oklahoma! She told me she had a scholarship” – “No, the musical. The girl, the character. What’s her name? Old ho Annie” She sang a bar. “I’m just a girl who can’t say no!”“You mean…Ato Annie?”“Old ho Annie, Ato Annie, Auntie Em, whatever. Ha. I think my name fits her better. ‘I’m just a girl who can’t say no’. Well Trish is just like Ato Annie. And now, heaven help her, she’s in a terrible fix.” “She told me was sneaking out because she was trying to get away from her stepf@ther.”She sighed and looked down at the floor for a moment, clearly agitated. “Right. Did she tell you why she has a stepf@ther?”“Excuse me?”“Did she tell you why her Father left? Why my first husband left?”I played back my audio files, searched for a fragment of lost info, and came up empty. “Uh…no, she didn’t. Why did he – not that it’s any of my business” – “None of this is any of your business! I’m sorry, I know you were just being polite. You’ve been dragged into this, manipulated by a sexy little girl who just used you to get what she wanted. Of course she didn’t tell you her father – my husband – left because of her. Well, not directly, not entirely. It’s… look, it’s complicated. And it’s not something I’m accustomed to talking about at all, let alone with people I’ve just met.”“It’s okay, you were right. It’s none of my business. I should just.. leave you all alone and go.”“Frank, wait. Look, I’m sorry. Stay. You still haven’t told me where she is! I do want to know. I want to know she’s safe, I’m just – I’m pissed that she ran out on us, that she threw away her one chance to make something better of herself, to be more than just a… just another pretty girl whose life revolves around her tits and her ass and her… legs. I wanted her to be more than I am.” “She turned out to be just like her m0ther.”“The reason my husband left is because Trish caught me with another man. My first husband was working double shifts to help pay some hospital bills and he was never home and when he was home, he was always tired. He was asleep on the couch one evening and I’d been flirting with one of the guys in the neighborhood.” “He came over and I sneaked him into the garage. It got pretty hot and heavy, and before I knew it, I was on my knees digging his cock out of his pants. God, it was huge! Bigger than yours. I nearly choked on the damn thing. I didn’t mean to cheat on Jesse. I was lonely. And horny. I needed…hell that’s an excuse. It doesn’t matter. ” She paused a moment, lost in thought, took a deep breath and pressed on.“Anyway, I was so caught up in the moment, so focused on trying to throat that monster that I didn’t hear her. Trish wandered in and saw the whole damn thing. I don’t know how long she was there before we noticed her watching. She was only halkalı escort 10 and she was…shocked, and confused, and angry — mad as hell at me. She told Jesse and of course it broke his heart. He left. She’s never forgiven me for that.”“So, I guess, in the long run, it’s really my fault she turned out this way. She’s just trying to get back at me for breaking her D@ddy’s heart, driving him away. Or maybe she’s just..too damn much like her m0ther.”Tears welled in her eyes. She looked down for a moment, took a deep breath, wiped them away and composed herself. I reached out and put my hand softly on her shoulder, not knowing what else to do.“Frank, she just used you to get what she wanted because that’s what Henderson women do. She started sneaking out and running around to get back at me. Or because I set such a bad fucking example, maybe she thinks she’s doomed to be another pretty girl, trading on her looks to get by. I wanted more for her, but I couldn’t make her listen! That’s partly why I married Darryl. I thought she just needed more discipline, a stronger parent in her life.”“Yeah, I’m glad you mentioned that. We keep coming back to Darryl. Do you remember when she started sneaking out of the house?”“I don’t know, she’s been doing it for years now.”“And how long have you and Darryl been married? If you don’t mind my asking”, I added with a gentle smile.She returned the smile and let it rest on her face for a moment. “Of course not. Darryl and I have been together for about seven years. Married for six.” “And when did she start sneaking out of the house? How long ago?”“If you’re implying that she started sneaking out as soon as Darryl moved in, you’re wrong. If she told you that, it was another one of her lies. I told you she can’t be trusted, she’s just a” – “No, no wait. That’s not exactly what she said. Let me think. She said – she said he drinks. Your husband drinks, doesn’t he?”A shadow of concern clouded her face. “Yes but, he’s not like an alcoholic or anything. Occasionally, he has a few too many. But he doesn’t go out to bars, he doesn’t drink and drive he” – “So he drinks at home! She said something like, he was fine when he was sober. But when he drank, he would sneak into her room at night. And that the older she got, the more often that happened. That’s why she started sneaking out. Because he was sneaking in.”“That’s what she said anyway. Look, maybe you’re right. Maybe she made it up, I don’t know. It sounds stupid now, when I say it out loud. I’m sure you wouldn’t have tolerated that. You would have known if your husband wasn’t in your bed.”The cloud darkened. She chewed her lower lip, frowned and looked away. She stood up, started fingering her collar and started pacing slowly. “I wasn’t in bed.”“Oh. You were…?”“No, I wasn’t sneaking out too. We work different shifts now. A few years ago, I got a part time job as a manager, at an adult novelties store. That was Darryl’s idea. He said he thought we could save a bundle on the employee discount. Anyway, I’m usually out until after ten or eleven at night, depending on store traffic. I sleep in the morning. Darryl goes to work, I get up, I – well, you know what I do in the afternoon. I entertain. The point is, I wasn’t home then.”“So, Trisha started sneaking out of the house…about the same time you took this job?”She nodded silently, still looking down. “That’s when it started. A few weeks later I think. But he wouldn’t, he couldn’t! That’s the only boundary I have! He can do whatever he wants with me, he gets whatever he wants from me, but not from her. My d@ughter is off-limits. It’s even in our fucking contract!”“So you are in a master/slave relationship.”“Yes! Longer than we’ve been married. He knows better, Frank!. He would never cross that boundary!”“Not while we was sober. But if he was drunk?”“Doesn’t fucking matter! He’s a dom, for Chrissakes. He’s my Dom he’s my sir, he’s my life! He knows that’s a hard limit! She looks distracted. It’s a term we use in the lifestyle, it means” – I held my hands up, partly to interrupt the needless explanation, and partly to fend off the heat of her anger. “We’ve been over this, Dreama. I know the term. As we’ve already established, I’m familiar with the rules of the slash. But I also know what happens when the hormones start surging and the serotonin is pouring into your brain. Those limits can get pushed. And, like you said, we all have that dark side that we keep in a cage.”“Why do people get drunk, Dreama?”Her answer was barely audible, but loud enough to crystallize the truth. “To let the b**st out of the cage. No, he couldn’t. He wouldn’t, he couldn’t. Oh, Darryl…” She added with a little more resolve, as if she’d almost convinced herself. “No. He wouldn’t. ”She took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and looked up at me. I couldn’t’ read her gaze, but I sensed she’d moved away to a safe distance. Her features hardened slightly.“Look. Frank. I know this sounds wrong and weird, but I – I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe that, after all we’ve shared together, after all I’ve given that man, that he would do this. Even drunk. I just can’t. If you had proof, maybe, but…like I said, she’s been running around for years, acting out. I want to know she’s alright, but I don’t – I can’t believe this.”She took a deep breath and continued. “I’m sorry, I know you mean well. You’re a good man. Just..just tell me where she is and let us deal with this in our own way. Please.”For the second time since being swept into these women’s lives, I felt small and helpless. My heart sank and it took me a moment to find words. On top of the sense of failure, another wave of anguish was slowing rolling toward me. I’d failed Trisha. That pain of that was deeper than I expected. My feelings for her were more intense than I had admitted. And with a shock, I realized that part of the anguish was the realization that this was also goodbye to Dreama Henderson. I doubted I’d ever see her again. I wanted to keep them both in my life, but any chance of that happening was dissipating like cigarette smoke in a summer breeze. Fuck my life. “Okay, you’re right. I’m sorry, I should go. Your d@ughter’s in Las Vegas, working at Centerfolds. It’s a strip club across from the Hard Rock Casino. She’s working as an exotic dancer.” A random memory flashed in my mind and breathed its way out as a sad little laugh. “Spreading her legs for the boys.” “What?”“It’s taksim escort something she said when I met her. I just remembered it. She said cheer-leading teaches young girls that all they’re good for is spreading their legs for the boys. Or something like that. Funny how little things like that pop back into your head when you least expect them.”“Hmmm. That’s actually pretty good insight. Thank you Frank. I’ll see if I can reach her, and talk her into coming home.”~~~~~ Little Big Man ~~~~~I said my goodbyes with a heavier heart than I had a right to have, and shuffled out of the apartment. I made my way down the stairs like a b-movie zombie. It could have been raining frogs and I wouldn’t have noticed or cared. I climbed into the car with memories of Trisha and Dreama swimming through my morose mind. I sat behind the wheel for a while, reflecting, then resigned myself to fate, started the car, and pulled out of the space. Just as I turned the wheel, a k** on a bike came whizzing by. I damn near hit him. I slammed on the brakes and, as he turned and flipped me off with both hands, his Batman t-shirt waved in the breeze. “FUCK!” I yelled out loud. “Frank, you idiot! That’s it! Thank you Father!”I slammed the car into reverse, bolted back up the stairs and pounded on the door of Apartment 604.Dreama opened the door looking confused and annoyed. “Frank, please! We just settled all this. What” – “Dreama, I just remembered something! You gotta let me in, just for a minute! Please!”She shrugged, and opened the door. She looked just as she had when she greeted me earlier, except for the sadness in her face and the glass of scotch in her hand. With a look of weary resignation, she waved me in and lead me back to the living room. I charged in and sat opposite her. “I’m sorry I didn’t think of this before, I just remembered it. I almost ran over some poor k** in the parking lot and it reminded me of something. God must have put him there right at that time so I’d see it and” – “Frank! Please. Slow down. What did you remember? What’s so important that you think God Almighty dropped it in front of your face and sent back in here to fuck up my life?”“The little things you remember when you least expect to. Trisha told me one more thing about Darryl that I’d forgotten. She told me that your husband has a rather unusual tattoo. She said he went and got a bat signal tattooed on his crotch – below his underwear.” Her eyes went wide and the glass slipped from her hands and crashed to the floor. She buried her head in her hands and sobbed. I touched her shoulder and tried my best to comfort her, but there were no words bright and brave enough to stand against the weight of the dark truth that had collapsed around her. For what seemed like an eternity, there was no sound in the room but her sobbing. I looked around the room, noticing for the first time the array of photos on the walls. There were framed pictures of Dreama and Darryl, standing together, his hand always wrapped tightly around her waist or her shoulders. The theme repeated in each picture. Dreama was obviously a prized possession. My gaze fell on one picture in the center, and my heart sank. Darryl stood in the center, flanked by Dreama and Trisha. Dreama was smiling contentedly. Trisha wore a pained smile, and Darryl was grinning like the cat that ate the canary.Alarms started going off in my head. That gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach was back. Something deep inside me was yelling at me to get up and leave and take her with me. Maybe this really is a rescue operation and it’s time to get the victims on their way. “Dreama, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry to have to be the one to bring all this to you. I wish I could fix all of it. Look, why don’t you – why don’t you come with me? You can stay with my wife and I until you have a chance to sort it all out and” – “What? Why would I do that? No, I’m…you’re still trying to rescue me, aren’t you, Frank? I assure you that’s not necessary. I can take care of myself. Darryl and I will deal this this, I’ll deal with him!”She rose to her feet and started pacing again, fists clenched. “That dirty, filthy lying m0therFUCKER!” She growled. “I can’t fucking believe this! My m0ther was right. I am such a stupid, worthless, white trash whore!”“Dreama, now wait a minute, you’re being” – “We’re supposed to believe women, right? Right?” She shouted at me. “How did he get to not believe my own d@ughter? Darryl, you bastard!”, she screamed at the ceiling. She collapsed back into the chair, her face a mask of pain. “She tried to tell me, she tried. Why didn’t I listen? Why do I let these men do this to me?”We both heard the footsteps on the landing just before the front door opened. My blood ran cold as the front door swung open and in walked Darryl Henderson. Darryl planted himself in a wide stance just inside the living room, squared off facing me. Perhaps it was that wide stance that diminished his stature, but in truth he couldn’t have been more than 5′ 10”. He was dressed in oil-stained denim overalls with a Ford logo embroidered on the chest. Tattoos covered his wiry arms and snaked their way up his neck. While jaws were opening and words were still forming in my mouth and Dreama’s, Darryl hurled an accusatory finger at me.“AHA! Caught you m0therfucker! You the nigga been steppin around here smashin’ my wife. I’m bout to break my foot off in yo black ass!”Before my stunned brain could marshal the words ‘what the fuck’ and direct them to my lips, Dreama leaped to her feet, her face a mask of fury. Her robe and blonde mane flew like SuperGirl’s cape as she launched herself at Darryl.“You sonofabitch!” she screamed in his face. “Trish ran away! Because of you!”Darryl initially recoiled in shock. then quickly regained his composure and deflected Dreama with a firm but gentle shove backward.“Bitch have you lost your mind? Git the fuck out my face, before I put you in your place.”Dreama’s fury was not to be denied. She took on the mantle of the District Attorney of Building Six. She pelted him with accusations and presented the truth of his crimes at 95 decibels.As she laid out the charges, Darryl – no stranger to interrogation – remained calm and collected. “That’s some sorry-ass bullshit. She ain’t left because of me. She probably ran off with one of her boyfriends.”The DA looked my way, calling her star witness to the stand. “No bullshit,” I testified. “And she did leave because of you. şişli escort She said you’ve been m*****ing her for years now. She told me she abandoned her scholarship because she needed to get as far away from you as possible.” “And who the fuck are you, her guidance counselor?”“I’m the one who picked her up hitchhiking on the highway and gave her a ride to Tulsa. I tried to talk her out of running away. I warned her about the dangers she might face as a runaway on her own, but there was nothing I could say that was worse that being here. With you.”“Ah so you gave her a ride huh? Shit, you the m0therfucker she’s runnin’ away from. Bet you fucked that tight ass didn’t you?”I rose in indignation and took a step forward. “What did you say?”“Look, you better back up outta my face m0therfucker. You in my house. You ain’t deaf and I didn’t stutter. You know the rules. Ass, cash, or grass. Don’ nobody ride for free! I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “So that’s where she got that lame old bullshit.”“Yeah, you done tapped that tight li’l ass didn’t you bro?”I ground my teeth and growled out a response. “You’re the only one here who’s done that, you fucking scumbag.”“Boy you better back the fuck up out my face fore I fuck you up! This is MY HOUSE! Who the Fuck you think you are comin’ up in My House with this bullshit?”The gnawing in the pit of my stomach intensified. Alarms were going off in my brain stem. I took a step back and took a deep breath. “You’re right Darryl. This is your house. And, this is between you and your wife. For now. I just came here to tell Trisha’s m0ther where she went, what happened to her. And why. What you two do with that information is up to you.” I stepped past him and headed for the front door. Little big man couldn’t let it go. He had to have the last word. “You damn right, it’s up to me! Shit, that little freak probably just left cause she couldn’t get enough dick down here in Bumfuck Texas. She pro’lly headed for Las Vegas. She gonna go work at the Bunny Ranch so she can get a steady supply of bbc. Horny little bitch,ll be up there backin’ it up 24-7.”Dreama screamed and swung. “You sonofabitch!” She landed a blow on his chest and began pummeling him with fists and invective. “Bitch I know you done lost you damn mind!” He grabbed her by the wrists and pushed her away roughly. Undeterred she lunged at him again. Darryl’s right hand flashed across her face sending her blonde mane flying. The noise of the vicious sl@p was followed in an instant by her cry of fear and pain as she crumbled to the floor. I froze and turned toward him not knowing what I could or should do next.What the FUCK! Is this part of their normal interaction? ‘Yes Darryl hits me. Only when I deserve it.’ She is a sub, a slave, and a brat. Maybe this is normal for them, but it doesn’t feel right. She didn’t ask for that. Unless he physically hurts her, I don’t have a right to intervene. What do I do, Lord?Darryl answered my unspoken question. He strode toward his fallen wife, knelt over her, grabbed by the hair, and sl@pped her again. She buried her face in her hands and lay trapped and whimpering. “You miserable sonofabitch!” I heard the voice as the words rumbled from my throat. Before I could think, I had lunged across the floor and landed next to Darryl in a fighting stance over him. He looked up just in time to see my fist as it came down hard against his jaw. His lower jaw gave way with an audible crack. Fury raged through me as I barked at him.“Get up!”I stepped back into a horse stance. He swung with his left and I blocked it. Before he could follow with the right, I pivoted into a sidekick. I’d practiced that move a thousand times, but never intended to use it in anger. The side of my foot hit his ribs with full force. The cracking was followed by the rush of air from his lungs and the loud thump of him crashing into the gallery wall. He collapsed to the floor under a shower of framed photos. I heard Dreama gasp as her sir went down in agony, clutching broken ribs. I turned to look at her and she sat staring wide-eyed, absentmindedly fingering the choker. Her face was bright red and her lips were already swollen.“Dreama? Are you all right?”“m0therfucker,” he wheezed, as he struggled to his feet and lurched down the hallway. “Fuckin’ told you…”Dreama’s face blanched. “Go! Go, Frank! Leave now, please!”“I can’t leave you here with him. Come with me!”She scrambled to her feet and rushed down the hall. “There’s no time! Just Go! Run!” She ran down the same hallway Darryl had staggered into and disappeared around the corner. I heard a commotion from the room. “Darryl No, please don’t! He’s leaving. He’s already gone! He’s” – Another sl@p and another scream. Shit. What do I do now? ‘My house’ he said. This is My House. Technically, I’m a trespasser. An image of an old wooden sign popped into my mind. ‘Trespassers will be shot on sight.’ There are about a thousand ways this thing can go south. Time to go, Frank. It’s now or never. I turned and headed for the door. “Too late moth’ fucka.” He lumbered into the hallway wheezing. “I told you..dis is my motha-fuckin..HOUSE!” The gleaming black metal in his right hand occupied my full attention. Having a wounded, humiliated man point a semiautomatic pistol at you tends to do that. Shit. Missed my chance. I took a deep breath, breathed a silent prayer, and braced myself for whatever was going to happen next, hoping for the click of an empty cartridge, a misfire, a miracle. Shluck! shluck! Shluck!Two, three noises that sounded nothing like gunshots. If I was confused, Darryl was shocked, then terrified as the kn1fe plunged into his back again and again. Finally, he screamed in pain, dropped the 9mm and crumbled to the floor. Dreama stood behind him, the dripping kn1fe still in her trembling hand. She froze for a long moment, then threw the kn1fe away and collapsed, sobbing, on her fallen king. I walked slowly forward, pulled out a handkerchief, picked up the gun, and ejected the ammo clip. Before I could offer assistance, she had her phone in her hand and had dialed 911.Over her muffled sobs, I heard the operator ask about the nature of the emergency.“Oh God, please help! It’s my husband! He’s been st@bbed. I – I st@bbed my husband. Please send an ambulance. Hurry, I think he’s – Oh, God, there’s so much bl00d! I’m sorry. My name’s Dreama. Dreama Henderson. Village Pointe Estates, Apartment 604. Yes ma’am, 604.” She looked me calmly in the eyes as she spoke to the dispatcher. “Yes ma’am, we’re all alone. Please hurry!” While the dispatcher responded with assurances and more questions, she slowly, silently mouthed the words, Go. Now. I hesitated for a moment, then my feet carried me toward the door and I used my handkerchief to close it behind me.

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