Jamaican Vacation turned Gay PT2

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Jamaican Vacation turned Gay PT2After the events of yesterday, I slept hard. I’m not exactly sure what time we fell asleep, but I woke up from a combination of the sun hitting our room and a hardening big black cock in my mouth.I can’t believe I slept the whole night in lingerie with Big Daddy’s cock resting in my mouth and my right hand clutched onto it like a stuffed a****l.Instinctively, I started slowly stroking his cock. I took my mouth off of him and leaned back to admire, resting my head on his abs to get a full view as his cock towered above me.How had I gone my whole life without this? How did I ever think I could bring pleasure to anyone with my little penis? How was I ever going to leave Jamaica and just forget about this?I must have been staring for too long and awoken Big Daddy. I felt his hands grab my pony tail and lift my head up about 12″ so I could give him head instead of just marveling at him.I’m glad I kept my hair long. Before I felt like a cool guy with a man bun, but now it made me feel even more girly.As I positioned the rest of my body to give him head, I felt how sore my ass was. It ached. But the ache also felt so good. It was such a foreign feeling. I clenched my butt cheeks to feel the sensation again, the ache brought me pleasure in a weird way. I don’t know if it was the actual sensation or just that it triggered the memory of the most amazing sex I have ever had.As I serviced his big black cock, I felt a familiar feeling as Big Daddy slid his hand behind my thing and stuffed a finger in my boi pussy. He just left it there, plugging me.Once I realized he wasn’t going to finger me, I started to slowly grind my ass into his hand while I gave him head. It wasn’t as intense of a pleasure as his big black cock, but it still felt so good.After giving him head for about 20 minutes, Big Daddy grabbed my head and held me on top of his big black cock, shooting rope after rope of his cum in my mouth. I couldn’t keep it all in and some of it dribbled out of my mouth.When he finally released me, I took my mouth off of his cock and used two fingers to scoop the lost cum back into my mouth. Since he came in my ass last night, I didn’t get a chance to really taste his cum. It was delicious!”Good morning Alexis, how does that pussy feel this morning?” Wiggling his finger inside me.I gulped, swallowing his cum so I could talk. “So good Big Daddy. Sore, but so good.””I figured as much,” he responded, letting out a low laugh. “Why don’t you go get yourself cleaned up. You’ve already had breakfast, but I signed you up for a workout class this morning.” He said as he pulled his finger out of my pussy.”Oh nice, is it another spin class?””No baby, you are going to be cutting back on spin a bit. You will still do it for cardio 3 times a week, but the other 4 days a week you are going to be doing double workouts focused on your ass and waistline. You already have a great ass, but with a little more work you can have an amazing bubble butt with a skinny waist.””Whatever you want Big Daddy” I responded.Daddy then took his finger that was inside of my boi pussy and presented it to me. At first I was grossed out, but then realized I just worshipped his big black cock and that was inside of me last night too. I sucked his finger hard.Back to the workout, The idea of rebuilding my body to be a sexy sissy was too much for my mind to comprehend, but I was in. I was addicted to his big black cock and wanted to do anything to please him.”Now go get yourself cleaned up. Also, I know your legs are hairless from cycling, but shave your armpits and and pubes, everything has to go.””Yes Big Daddy, sorry I didn’t do that last night.”I showered, shaved, and spent a few minutes combing and blow drying my hair. Typically I just let my hair air dry and get messy like a guy. But now I wanted to take better care of it to make it more girly.After that, I came out into my the bedroom and started putting my workout clothes on from the night before. Although I was already mostly smooth before, I felt even sexier being smooth in my spandex and tank.”You look great! Looks like you have a little sway in that ass as you walk after that fucking I gave your pussy last night.”I blushed. “I do feel different today. For the first time, I feel sexy.”I looked at him, his big black cock laid obscenely over thigh. I couldn’t help but stare.”Why don’t you go grab that other bag from last night. We need to take care of a couple things.”I didn’t know what he meant, but I brought him the bag and stood in front of him as he sat up in bed.The first item was a strange looking purple plastic contraption.”Lower your spandex sweetie.”I hooked my thumbs in the waste band and lowered them until my little penis popped out. Shit I was already hard just from looking at him. Actually I don’t know if my little penis ever got soft after giving him head this morning.”We need to take care of that,” he said pointing at my little penis, “go get me some a cold soda from the fridge.”I walked over the fridge and brought him a can of Coke. He took it and placed it against my little penis until it went soft and shrunk back to my normal size.”Good thing I got extra small! I almost feel bad for the women you tried to pleasure with this. They probably have no idea how good sex can be.” He said matter of factly.Next thing I knew, he was sliding the plastic device over my penis, and locked it in place. He then took the key and laced it through his necklace, so it hung from his neck.My penis was locked in captivity.”This will keep you from getting in trouble walking around with a boner here. Even though it’s so small and hidden from the public eye, I don’t want you being tempted into playing with it.”I didn’t know what to say, I just nodded and looked at the floor. I was mortified and kind of nervous. How would I get this off? What if he disappeared on me?”Please can we not do this? I won’t touch myself, I promise!””Sorry sweetie this is just a precaution for right now. This whole world is new to you right now, this will help you adjust. Here, this will help, lay down on your tummy across my lap.”I did as he asked, afraid to say no now that he has be under control. As I laid down, I felt cold lube hit my asshole and something start to enter me.I was more sore than I realized, but the further this object went in, the more relief it provided.It was small compared to Big Daddy, but still felt big. I never saw what went in, but eventually he pulled my spandex up over my ass and spanked me to stand up.”Alright, let’s get you to your training session!” He said as we headed to the door, no discussion of what just transpired the last 5 minutes.As we walked, I felt my ass sway thanks to what I assumed was a large butt plug, as well as the deep fucking I received last night. I wonder what people thought, me a small white guy who in girls clothes walking down the hall hand in hand with this gorgeous black man.Big Daddy dropped me off at the gym, and re-introduced me to Veronica, the lady from last night who dropped off the bags. She did have an amazing ass.”So I assume last night went great you two lovers!” Veronica said, giving me a wink.”Hey V!” Said Big Daddy. “It sure did! So Alexis here is already working with a pretty sexy feminine figure. She’s an avid spinner, but I want you to focus on getting her that Kardashian bubble butt and thinning out her waist a little bit more.”V scanned me up and down. “Yea absolutely. This will be a pretty easy task. She does have a great body. 2 sessions a day and we will get her into amazing bikini shape by the end of the week.”I shuddered. Bikini shape? I couldn’t wear a bikini in public. But also, how sexy would that be! All the people watching me flaunt the sexiest beach body at the resort. I felt my penis twitch, but couldn’t get hard. Maybe it was good after all! I wasn’t going to have to hide my erections anymore.Big Daddy noticed the wheels spinning in my head and my hands going to my crotch as I worked through this all. He knew I would have had a boner.And then, ‘BUZZ’. Shockwaves went through my body as the plug in my ass started an intense vibration. My knees went weak, Big Daddy caught me.”So that plug I put in you this morning. It’s just a little something to remember me by. I have the remote, and will let you know throughout the day when I’m thinking of you by turning it on when I’m working behind the bar!”Oh my god. I just nodded. I couldn’t function with that much pleasure rushing through me. Thankfully, he turned it off.”Wow shes wired for pleasure!” V laughed, “look at that wet spot on the front of her spandex.””No joke!” Big Daddy responded, “I made her squirt in the first 20 strokes from this monster!” As he lewdly grabbed his cock.I didn’t even think of that. Like I said, I have almost been quick in bed, but I’ve never cum as fast as I did at the hands of Big Daddy last night. Also, 10 seconds of vibrations from this plug and I was already leaking. This was too much!Big Daddy leaned in and gave me a deep kiss.”Have a good workout,” he said “I’ll be in touch with you later!”Over the next 2 hours V kicked my ass! She knew what she was doing. She explained to me exactly which workouts would shape certain parts of my ass, and how to keep my waistline minimal. It was also just kind of fun doing these exercises with the plug in my ass. No body crunching buzzes from Big Daddy, but just a gentle reminder of why I was doing this.After the workout, she sent me on my way back to my room with a smoothie for lunch. I was feeling pretty good about myself!When I got to my room, it was cleaned up from last night and there was a note on the table with a couple of boxes.”Hope you enjoyed your workout. I checked in with my friend at the front desk, he said your bag showed up. I took the liberty of throwing it out and have replaced them with a new wardrobe that is already unpacked in your room. Your mini fridge is also packed with smoothies. To help with your workout regimen, do not eat any food, just drink one of these every two hours. Also here are a few necessities I thought you might enjoy! Have a relaxing afternoon, I’ll pick you up at 7. Wear something that you think I’ll like.”What the fuck? I thought to myself. This was all fun, but it was getting very real. He threw out all of my clothes. What was I going to wear home when this week was over and I had to get back to normal life?I walked over to the closet, it was filled with short dresses, mini skirts, and sexy tops. I hurried over to the drawers and there were more panties and bras that I could imagine, there even looked to be garters and stockings.I went back to the table to open the three boxes, two big and one small. The first box was a pair of black stilettos with straps. The second was a casual pair of wedges to wear to the pool. The third was a choker with a ayvalık escort bayan circular charm on it that said “Big Daddy”.Lastly, I noticed that there was a clutch with a small metal box inside it and some lipstick. I opened it up and there were 20 joints in it. In the box there was a note that said “smoke one of these every other hour in between your smoothies.”Big Daddy wanted me high and horny!This was all too much. I decided to sit outside and smoke one of the joints and figure out what I should do next. How could I get out of this predicament?I smoked the joint, it was nice. He had it cut with some tobacco so I could sit and enjoy the entire joint without being insanely high. But make no mistake, I was high!As it always does, the weed has me feeling everything in overdrive. I realized I was sitting with my legs crossed like a girl. Why was I sitting like that? I felt the my tight spandex shorts cupping my ass.I felt the heavy plastic of my chastity device containing my little penis. And of course, I felt the giant plug in my ass. I wiggled my ass into the chair. Damn it felt good. I wish Daddy would turn the vibrations on. I was nice and high and horny. With the cage, this was going to be only relief. I decided to take my mind off of my horniness by taking a shower.As I walked into my bathroom, I noticed that my bathroom had completely turned over too. The soap wasn’t unisex anymore, it was feminine. My shampoo and conditioner was nicer. There was a curling iron, nail polish, make up, and hair spray. What was I supposed to do with this?Oh well, I hopped in the shower and got cleaned up from my workout. I didn’t know if I was allowed to take my plug out, so I just left it in.After my shower I walked over to my dresser to find some lingerie to wear. I sifted through my new underwear, they were all so feminine and sexy. I landed on a bra and panty set that was light purple with grey lace flowers on it. I slid the panties on and then clasped the padded bra.Damn I felt sexy.”BUZZ!”My knees almost buckled and I let out a moan. I caught myself by putting my hands on my dresser. I looked up and saw myself in the mirror. My mouth hung open. But I looked sexy.I smiled and embraced it, Daddy was thinking about me. I reaching down to play with my penis, the vibrations had me all worked up.As my hands slid to my panties, I remembered that I’m caged. I couldn’t get any pleasure from my penis. So this is why he knew I still needed the cage. I didn’t have any self control.Instead, I decided to take advantage of the vibrations. I laid down in bed and started massaging my breasts, trying to bring myself to orgasm. It felt so damn good, but this plug wasn’t his big black cock, it wasn’t enough to send me over the edge.Frustrated, the buzzing stopped. I laid there for a minute catching my breadth, thinking through what I wanted to do the rest of the afternoon as I waited for Big Daddy and his beautiful big black cock.I heard a beep from the keycard entry of my room and panicked.”Sorry I’m busy, I don’t need any fresh towels!” I yelled from the bed.”Hah! I’m not room service. Your man sent me up here!” said a woman with a Jamaican accent as she walked into my room. “Aren’t you a doll! Ty was right about you.””Who are you?””I’m a friend of Ty’s. He sent me up here to help you out with a few things.” She said as she patted a plastic box she was carrying. “First, did you have your smoothie? He wanted me to check to make sure you are on schedule, it’s very important.””I smoked my joint, but I need to have my smoothie.” I said as I walked over to my fridge.I grabbed a smoothie and drank it.”Alright, let’s get started! First, we are going to pierce your ears. Ty likes his white bois nice and dolled up.”Before I knew it, she had numbed my ear lobes and pierced both of them.”So right now I just have two little studs in, but for when you want to dress up here are two hoops. I know Ty likes these. Next, let’s have a female 101 in the bathroom!”Over the next hour, she showed me how to do mascara, apply blush, style my hair, and paint my nails. I was getting a full on makeover and beauty lesson.I looked so hot, she knew what she was doing!”Oh shoot, I need to smoke a joint to maintain my schedule. Want to join me?” I asked.”I have my own weed, but I’ll hang out for a bit she said.We walked out onto my balcony and sat down to smoke our joints. As the high washed over me, I started to get horny and sensitive to everything again. I was loving how my hair has been slightly curled and hung down on my shoulders. I felt so feminine sitting there in my lingerie smoking my joint. I couldn’t help but notice my purple nails with fake tips holding my joint.”So tell me about Ty’s cock,” she asked, “I’ve only heard stories.””Oh my god,” I gasped, “it’s unlike anything I have ever seen. Not that I’ve ever been with a man before, but I’ve watched my fair share of porn. He is probably a foot long, and thick, oh my god, so thick. I mean he made me cum in like 20 seconds last night, and I wasn’t even allowed to touch my penis.””I’ve never seen a white penis before, can I see yours? I’ve been trying to catch a glimpse in your panties but I haven’t been able to make anything out.”Embarrassed I stood up and pulled my panties down.She giggled and put her hand over mouth. Kicking her feet trying not to laugh too loud.”I’m sorry…it’s just…you are so small!!” She laughed.”Thanks a lot, I know that now,” I replied looking at the floor. I pulled my panties back up to cover my tiny caged penis.”Well you know what?” She said. “Who cares! You aren’t ever going to need that little thing ever again, right? You are Ty’s girl now and he’ll be able to give you all the big black cock you could ever need.”I sat back down and crossed my legs, taking another hit of weed. Was she right? Would I ever have sex with a woman again? Now that I know where I stand in that department, could I even get over my newfound insecurities to get hard for a woman? I took another hit of weed, finishing the joint.”My boobs are sore!” I said out loud, rubbing both of them with my hands.It felt so good. I’d never known that area to bring pleasure, but it did now. I stopped myself after a minute because I almost felt like I was masturbating.”Alright sweetie, well I need to get going. Have fun tonight! Ty said that he will come pick you up at 7.” On that note, she left. Leaving me in alone to my own devices.I looked at the clock, it was 4pm, time for another smoothie. I walked over to the fridge and slurped another one down. These were tasty, and I wasn’t even hungry for other food.”BUZZZZZ,” Daddy was thinking about me again, I felt my the vibration deep in my body.Damn it felt so good. The vibrations kept going. Between the weed, the lingerie, and the plug this would have been like my 5th boner of the day if it wasn’t for the stupid cage. I needed to get myself off.Lucky for me, the vibration was still going! I was determined to get myself over the brink. I ran over to the bed and straddled a pillow like I was riding Big Daddy. I used the leverage from the pillow to grind my ass in a circular motion, forcing the plug to hit different spots inside my boi pussy.I kept riding, I was getting close. I remembered my new found erogenous zone of my breasts. I grabbed them hard and kneaded them in a circular motion as well.I moaned in pleasure and frustration. I needed to go harder. I started to grind my ass harder, but couldn’t get myself over the edge. After about 20 minutes of this, the vibrations stopped.I got off the pillow and stood up, walking over to the mirror. My panties were soaked. The light purple was now dark purple. I had been leaking through my cage almost the entire time, but I never had an orgasm.I needed relief so bad. I needed Big Daddy’s big black cock so bad. He was my only source of orgasm with this damn cage.I looked at the clock, it was almost 5. I needed to smoke my joint and get ready for Big Daddy. I needed to make sure I was perfectly dolled up so I could seduce him as soon as he got here.I turned on some music and lit up my 3rd joint of the day. Despite my pent up sexual frustrations from the entire day, I did feel good.Alright time to get ready. I rinsed off my body quickly in the shower, but was careful not to get my hair or face wet. I wanted to keep my makeup intact.After drying off, I walked over to my dresser to pick out the perfect lingerie for the night. After carefully looking through my options I landed on a classic black lingerie set that included ice stockings and a garter.I started with the black satin thong, it felt so good sliding the material up over my shaved legs. I also loved how the thong felt resting in between my ass cheeks, but also how it creates a slight pressure to the base of the butt plug.Next, I started to put on the bra. As I clasped it into place on my stomach before spinning it around and looping my arms in, I couldn’t help but notice how puffy my nipples were. Big Daddy must have been pulling on them last night when he was fucking me. Maybe that is why they are sore? I thought to myself.Next came the garter, I stepped into it and slid it up to my waistline. After that, I sat down on the edge of my bed and rolled the lace stockings up my leg. This was my first experience with stockings, they felt so good against my shaved legs.Once I figured out the tricky clasps to connect my stockings to the garter, I stood up to check myself out. I looked hot, but wasn’t done yet!I went over to the table and got the heels out of the box. They seemed tall, had to be at least 4 inches. I slid them on and took a couple wobbly steps.It was tricky at first, but after about 10 laps of walking back and forth from the door to the balcony, I had the hang of it. I loved how it lifted my ass, toned my calves, and added a more pronounced sway of my ass to my walk. I was a natural!Then I remembered the advice about the hoop earrings that I was given earlier, Big Daddy loved them. I hurried over to the dresser and removed my studs, popping what felt like huge hoops in my ear. They felt heavy at first, but I did love how they made me look. They definitely completed my image.I debated putting on a dress, but decided against it. I was hoping Big Daddy would be ripping it off of my as soon as he got here anyways.Speaking of which, it’s 6pm, time to drink another smoothie. I grabbed another one and chugged it down. Right when I finished, I heard a keycard slide into the lock.Big Daddy is here!! I’m finally going to get some big black cock and have a proper orgasm.The door opened and his jaw hit the floor.”Wow Alexis, you look amazing. I knew you had some serious potential, but you are next level hot.”He walked over and roughly grabbed me behind the head, giving me a deep and passionate kiss. ayvalık escort I loved how his big tongue invaded my little mouth and his lips felt so masculine against mine.I melted.Big Daddy has one hand behind my head and the other on my ass, pulling me into him. Instinctively, I put one hand behind his back to steady myself, and the other dropped down to his big black cock. I ran my hand up and down his impressive length, and gave it a squeeze every so often. I felt it start to harden.Big Daddy broke from the k**s and gave me a look, I knew what he wanted me to do. I put both my hands on this chest and slowly dropped down to my knees until I was at eye level with the enormous bulge in his pants.I looked up, making eye contact with Big Daddy as I began to undo his belt and zipper. I tried to be slow and sexy, but in all honesty, I couldn’t free his big black cock fast enough. The sooner I could begin to give him head, the sooner I could get fucked.I worshipped his big black cock the best I could. I licked the underside, I kissed up and down his shaft, I took as much of him as I could in my mouth. After a few minute of this, I felt him reach under my arms and pull me up. As I stood up, he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his lower back. I could feel his big black cock slapping against my ass as it bobbed up and down from walking me over to the bed.I was so worked up. I was finally going to have an orgasm at the hands of Big Daddy and his big black cock. I’ve been needing this all day.He laid me on the bed and flipped me over so he could take me doggy style. I raised my ass and bit into the comforter as he moved my thong to the side and pulled the butt plug out from my boi pussy.”Did you keep this in all day?” He asked.”Yes,” I replied meekly, “please fuck me Big Daddy, I’ve been aching for your big black cock all day.”I get His big black cock, still wet from the head I gave him, line up with my boi pussy.Pop. The head one is. I moaned.He slowly kept pushing in. Further and further. No in and out this time, my body was eager to accept him. I didn’t need the warm up.Once all the way in, I felt him reach down to my cage. He fumbled for a second with the lock and then freed me from my prison.”No touching,” he reminded me.”Of course not Big Daddy, all I need is your big black cock. Please fuck me, I need to cum,” I begged stretching out to grab the pillows in front of me.On that note he pulled his big black cock all the way out and slammed it back all the way in.”Mmmmpphhh,” I moaned.Then again, and again. I felt it building, I looked between my legs and saw my little penis was already rock hard and leaking. On the 5th slam, I came. I came hard. Last night was intense, but this build up was from the entire day. I shot rope after rope of cum from my little penis directly onto the bed in below me. I came so hard that my balls even hurt a little bit from the impact.I screamed from the pleasure and Big Daddy just laughed.”You just came from 5 pumps from my cock, that’s a new world record, even for a black cock addicted sissy like you!” He told me, continuing to wreak havoc on my boi pussy even after I came.Big Daddy pounded me for what felt like 30 minutes, but I have no real idea. All I know is that I came two more times, the first multiple orgasm sex I’ve ever had, and my little penis was just quivering and shooting blanks by the time he let out a primal roar and came deep inside of me.He pulled out, making an audible popping noise, leaving me feeling completely empty.Instead of cuddling like I had hoped, Big Daddy walked over to the table and grabbed me a joint.”Time for your 7pm joint,” he said, “I have a special one for you now.””Why is it so important that I smoke these every other hour?” I asked.”It’s just part of the experience,” he said.Whatever that means, I thought to myself as I laid on the bed smoking this joint. As I started to re-renter my high, I thought back to the amazing sex I just had. Sex with Big Daddy was head and shoulders better than any other sex i had ever had. His big black cock did things to me that I didn’t think were possible. I was also so proud of how I was able to seduce him so quickly. I needed him, but he definitely at least wanted me too.”Alright Alexis, we need to get out of here in 30, time to stop day dreaming about my big black cock and get dressed,” Big Daddy said, breaking me out of my daze.”Where are we going?” I asked.”Just a party with some friends. You look sexy as hell, but I think you’ll need to change. I’m sure you will end up this way, but I don’t want to bring you to the party covered in cum to start with.”He was right, between my 3 orgasms I had and the massive load of his that was leaking out of my boi pussy, I needed to get cleaned up.I went into the shower and started to rinse off, making sure to not mess up my makeup again. As I washed my ass, I couldn’t help but notice my ass was still gaping wide open. Big Daddy really did a number on me.Once I finished up and dried off, I walked into the room to pick out the third set of lingerie for the day. I smiled thinking about how ridiculous it was that already ruined two sets with my cum today.I ran my fingers through my options, and landed on a lacy white bra and thong set.”Not those, let’s save those for tomorrow,” Big Daddy said.I’m not sure what that meant, but I kept looking through all the sexy pieces in here.”This one is fun!” I said out loud, holding them up for Big Daddy to see.”Perfect!” He said, approving of my choice of a hot pink thong and matching bra.Doesn’t get more girly than hot pink, I thought to myself.After putting them on, I went to the closet and found myself drawn to a very short stretchy pink dress that matched perfectly.I always thought it was so slutty when a girl matched her lingerie to her clothes, but it was such a turn on for me.I slid the dress one over my head and started to pull it down. I realized my little penis had gotten hard again and was now in the way. I pulled the dress over it, but you could definitely make out the outline of an incredibly small, but incredible hard penis pointing straight up as the stretchy material of the thong and dress held it in place.”Are you going to lock my penis back up?” I asked Big Daddy, “I look ridiculous with my little boner in this dress.””You look amazing Alexis. the cage was important for today, but you might not need it moving forward. Regardless, I want you feeing everything tonight. If people realize what you really are tonight, then that’s great! But come here,” he said, motioning with his finger to walk over to him.I stood in front of him and he pulled my dress up and my panties down. He reached into his pocked and pulled out a white ribbon with a charm on it that ‘Big Daddy’. The same charm that was on my choker.He wrapped the ribbon twice around my hard penis and then tied it off in a bow.”I thought this would be the perfect length to wrap it around once, but your little clit is needle thin, I could wrap it around twice!” He said matter of factly before tucking me back in my panties and pulling my dress back down.I didn’t know what to say, I just stared at the ground and listened to him.”Alright, cab should be here any minute. Go drink another smoothie and pack up a few joints and some makeup in your clutch.”I chugged down another smoothie and walked over to the table to pack up.”Ready!” I said enthusiastically, I had been cooped up in my room all day. If Big Daddy wasn’t just going to fuck me all night, I wanted to go do something.We walked out through the lobby and to the cabs. Big Daddy gave some of his friends who were on the clock fist bumps as we walked passed. I felt their eyes trying to undress me. I would have normally been so self conscious walking through the lobby like this, but holding hands with Big Daddy alleviated all of my fears.We got into the cab and Big Daddy lit up a joint. I was surprised at first, but it turned out he knew was friends with the cab driver, small island I guess!After taking his own hit to start, he took a huge hit and pulled me into him and gave me a deep kiss, blowing all of the smoke into my mouth. He broke the kiss and held my mouth closed. I inhaled and held my breath until he motioned for me to exhale.As I did, one of the biggest highs I’ve ever had hit my like a ton of bricks. I turned to face forward and braced myself, one hand on the car door and the other on Big Daddy’s thigh.He noticed how high I was. “You’re doing great Alexis,” he assured me.This high was crazy. My whole body was on fire. The dress felt so tight. My little penis was throbbing. I could t stop thinking about Big Daddy’s big black cock that was just inches from my hand that was on his thigh.I turned my head to look at him and moved my hand up his thigh to find his big black cock. I was so horny, I wanted to feel it again.”Easy Alexis,” He said, “we have a long night ahead of us.””But I need your big black cock now Big Daddy!” I pleaded.”I know you do baby, but now is not the time.”Frustrated, I took another hit stared out the window, keeping my hand on his big black cock. Even soft, it felt like I was holding a baseball bat.I looked down, there was a dark pink spot on the front of my dress. My little penis was leaking pre-cum again. Between the weed, these clothes, and his big black cock, I was helpless.After a few more minutes, we pulled into a gated entrance and up to a beach front mansion.”Who lives here?” I asked.”A good friend of mine who shares similar interests,” he responded.Big Daddy got out of the cab and helped me out. It was surprisingly tough getting in and out of the cab in heels and such a short dress!As we walked up to the door, a white man in a tuxedo opened the door for us handing Big Daddy a rum cocktail and myself a glass of Champaign with two raspberries in it.”Thanks Roger!” Big Daddy said, clearly knowing the Butler.In we walked to one of the most amazing houses I had ever stepped foot in. Marble flooring, huge ceilings, and an amazing oceanfront view.I looked around and noticed there were probably about 40 people there, mostly black men, but about 10 white women there as well.”Ty, You made it!!” I heard someone yell as a tall black man gave Ty a big hug. “And who is this delightful piece of eye candy?” He asked.”This is Alexis,” Ty responded, “thanks for the invite Marcus. I always look forward to your parties!”Marcus took my hand gave it a kiss.”Jess!” yelled Marcus and a cute little blonde girl came scurrying over, “why don’t you take Alexis here and introduce her to some of the other girls.””Absolutely!” She giggled as she took my hand, leading me across the room. “I’m always so excited when we have some new girls here, and you look absolutely amazing!”Before I could respond we were I was standing in a circle escort ayvalık of white women amongst the sea of black men.She introduced me to each of them. I was feeling very self conscious away from Big Daddy. These women would shun me once they found out I was a guy.”I can see you really have it bad,” said one of the women named Tanya, as she nodded her champagne flute at my hard penis.I can’t believe I was still hard, but I was still so horny from earlier. I was embarrassed. I just looked at the floor.”Yea I know, I’m a guy, I…”Jess cut me off. “No shit you’re are guy,” she laughed, “or better yet, used to be a guy. We all used to be guys before big black cock showed us there was more to life than coasting through life with a mediocre sex life thanks to our little white clits.””Wait!! You are all sissies? I thought I was the only one!” I responded.”Far from it!” Jess said, “there are more of us than you can ever imagine. And there are more of us every year. A lot of black men even prefer us to white women. At least down here!”We kept chatting. I couldn’t stop asking questions. Turns out that 2 of them were tourists like me that fell in love with a local black man, and the other 3 moved down here with their black boyfriends from the states because of the more open lifestyle here. They explained that in Jamaica, you are viewed for who you are, not what you were born as. And black man who take sissies aren’t viewed as gay here, because they are the ones doing the fucking.It was eye opening.Eventually, I felt a familiar hand on my ass.”Having fun Alexis?” Big Daddy asked, leaning down to nibble on my ear.”Yes, thank you so much for bringing me to this party. I had no idea!” I said.Over the next couple hours, we mingled, danced, drank, and smoke weed. I was having so much fun meeting other sissies and their black men. I was falling in love with Big Daddy. He was so charismatic. Everyone wanted to talk with him. I was proud to be his sissy. I wanted to take him out back and give him a blow job to show my appreciation for him.”Can we find somewhere quiet? I want to give you a blowjob. I’m so horny and I just want to take care of your big black cock.””Soon enough, the first round of games is about start,” He said.”Alright, Time for the entertainment to begin!” Marcus yelled. “The first game will be musical chairs. Can all the sissies please strip down to your underwear and come to the middle of the room?”I turned to Big Daddy to protest, but he grabbed the bottom of my dress and lifted above my head. I lifted my arms and let him undress me, unsure of what was about to happen.He gave me a kiss and gave me gentle push to the middle of the room. As I got there, I looked around and noticed 9 chairs in a circle, but each chair had a dildo suctioned to the middle of it. All the dildos were various shapes and sizes.Marcus went on to explain the game. It was standard musical chair rules, but it didn’t count as sitting on the chair unless you had the dildo inside you.Oh my god, this was insane. But whatever, I was having fun and always had been competitive with games.A few of the girls stripped down to take their panties off because they were wearing boy shorts or bikini style, but I kept my thong on and just slid the back to the side.Next thing I knew, the music started and I was in line with the girls walking around the chairs. The music stopped and I urgently jumped on the closest dildo. It was a small white one and I slid down it easily. I clapped my hands, excited that I made it to the next round. I looked around and saw a few of the other girls struggling to work there way down some bigger black dildos.Eventually they made their way down them and the next round started. I slid my way back up and started walking again. The next few minutes were a blur. I worked my way down all sorts of dildos. Big black ones, small white ones, medium size pink ones. I laughed when I landed on the small white ones, I could barely feel it. Maybe this is why my precious sex life sucked.I was crushing it! In the end, it came down to me and another girl who I haven’t met yet.”Time for the final round!” Marcus yelled as he pulled away the 2nd to last chair.The last chair standing had a small white dildo on it. It couldn’t have been more than 4 inches long and an inch wide.”That just won’t do, right girls?” Marcus asked rhetorically.He took that dildo off and threw it across the room. He replaced it with a giant black dildo that wasn’t in the game earlier. It was massive, even thicker than Big Daddy and probably 14 inches long. It was intimidating.I looked over at the other sissy. She was standing there in just her bra and heels. Her little penis was soft and hung down about an inch. So tiny. She was staring at the dildo in awe.The music started. We walked around the dildo, waiting for the music to stop. Kept walking, kept walking.Screech. The music stoped.She was standing right in front of the dildo. She grabbed the base and tried to work herself onto the massive black dildo. She tried and she tried, but she couldn’t get it in.Marcus stopped the show. “Ok Jenny, you have 30 more seconds. If you can’t get the dildo in and at least halfway down, the Alexis here gets a shot.”I still had a chance to win. She tried again, but couldn’t do it. Her body just wouldn’t accommodate the massive black dildo. It was not my turn.I walked over and lowered my thong, throwing it into the crowd to the delight of some cheers. Unlike the other sissy, I was hard as a rock. Granted my boner was equally as pathetic as her small penis, but I was so horny. I licked my hand and rubbed my spit against my pussy. I was ready.I grabbed the massive black dildo and angled it towards my boi pussy as I started to lower myself down.It took a bit of coaxing, but the crowd cheered as the head popped in. I slowly started to lower myself down. I had only gotten about 4 inches in when I hit a brick wall. My pussy wouldn’t take anymore. I had to work it in like Big Daddy did to me last night.I wanted to win, so I started to ride. I put my hands on the chair to brace myself. Up two inches, back down, up, back sown. After a couple minutes of riding the four inches I had a breakthrough and my pussy accepted more of the massive black dildo. Soon I was working my way up and down 5 inches, then 6, then 7, then 8.”We have a winner!!” Marcus yelled.I was so happy! I shrieked and raised my hands into the air in excitement, forgetting that I was using them to steady myself on the massive black dildo. Because of this, my body weight was completely resting on the dildo and I dropped down 6 more inches.It was so intense, I felt fireworks and blacked out for a second. A couple seconds later I came to. I was completely bottomed out. I heard everyone cheering loudly and Big Daddy walked over to me and gave me a big kiss, telling me how proud he was of me.”Can you help lift me off of this dildo?” I asked, “I don’t think I can get off of it.”He laughed and scooped me up, sliding me gently off of the dildo.”You must have shot cum 5 feet when you bottomed out on that dildo! You really are something Alexis,” he said.I didn’t even know that I had an orgasm. That must have been when I blacked out for a second. How embarrassing. The other sissy could even get an inch inside of her and I had an orgasm from it in front of 50 people.Big Daddy set me down and I almost collapsed. My knees were weak.Big Daddy laughed and caught me, “let’s go find you somewhere to sit and smoke a joint, what do you say?””Sounds great, thanks Big Daddy.”We worked our way through the crowd and found a comfortable couch in the corner. Now that my adrenaline wore off from the game and my orgasm, I felt a bit ridiculous siting there on a couch in the middle of a party wearing a bright pink bra, heels, huge hoop earring, a choker that said “Big Daddy” and a ribbon around my softening penis that said “Big Daddy.” Not only that, but Big Daddy had his arm around me as snuggled in next to him.Luckily, Big Daddy still had my clutch from earlier and handed me a joint. I took a hit and handed it to him.”I’m good, those are special for you, I have my own,” he said, lighting his own joint.”Why don’t you want to smoke these?” I asked.”Well they are special for you. Have you noticed your boobs hurting a little bit and your nipples being a little puffy?””Well yea, but that’s just from you fucking me, right?” I prodded.”Not exactly. You are starting to grow boobs. You have been smoking joints and drinking smoothies that are packed with estrogen. It normally takes a few weeks, but I talked with my friend who is a doctor, and with your current regimen, you will have A cups by tonight. After that, we’ll just keep you on the regimen to see how your body adapts.””What the fuck? Is it reversible?” I asked. “After this week I have to go back to my normal life.””Why?” Big Daddy pushed.”Why what?” I responded.My head was spinning. Unknowing to me, I had been chemically feminizing myself over the last 18 hours at an extremely high dosage.He took a big hit of weed and gave me a kiss. I wanted to push him off but I melted into his kiss.He broke off the kiss and looked me straight in the eyes, “Why do you have to go back?” He said. “Actually, I don’t think you can go back. I think this life here is perfect for you Alexis. I’ll tell you what. Take one more huge hit from your joint for old times sake and I’ll explain to you what your life would be like down here. It your little white penis gets hard and starts leaking, then I think we know your answer, even if you aren’t ready to accept it yet.””Ok,” I poured. I took one huge hit and blew it out. He wasn’t right. I had already came so many times in the last couple of hours, I don’t even know if I could get hard again.”Alright,” Big Daddy started, “so first there is the economics of it. You can sell your place in the states and but a mansion like this. I’ll keep working at the hotel for some income, but we can live very nicely with whatever you have. And imagine being able to fully embrace your femininity? We could keep the hormones going and get you implants if you want. You would look so sexy with that beautiful hair resting on some perfect C-Cup tits. You could always be dressed in the sexiest bikinis and lingerie. And then there is this.”He pulled his big black cock out of his pants and shook it.”Imagine having this big black cock to pleasure you every hour of every day. You would finally have real meaningful sex. Not the bland sex you have had your whole life. You would cum 10 times a day. I could even invite some of my friends over and we could bring you more pleasure than you think is even possible. This is the life you want Alexis.”I didn’t even realize it, but as I listened to him I was biting my lower lip and staring at his big black cock.I didn’t even look down to my little white penis. I felt myself get hard the second he pulled his big black cock out of his pants and wagged it in front of my eyes.I grabbed ahold and leaned forward to take his big black cock into my mouth.”That’s what I thought Alexis, that’s what I thought,” I heard Big Daddy say and he reached behind me to stick his finger in my hungry boi pussy.

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