Jason and Kershaw

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Jason and KershawJason and Kershaw were college roommates. Both were straight,good-looking, well-built athletes, Jason was white of Irish descent,Kershaw was black. They got along well and often dated the same chicks,which tended to be co-eds that put out since neither of them were lookingto fall in love, as young as they were.One night, Jason and Kershaw got drunk over a few pitchers of margaritaswith two girls, Tammy and Sheila. After the girls had a few too many, theysplit, but the room mates stayed until they were hammered and staggeredback to the dorm, where they did several shots of tequila and drank beerwhile watching a porno tape until they passed out.The next morning, Jason woke up first, to find himself lying beside Kershawon one of the beds. Jason was fully dressed, but Kershaw had his jeans andboxers pulled down to his ankles, with his long, soft, black, uncut penisresting limp against his bare thigh. Jason tried to wake his roommate up,but Kershaw was still out of it. Realizing this didn’t look good, Jasoncarefully pulled up Kershaw’s pants and underwear, then went to thecafeteria for some coffee.After Jason left, Kershaw woke up. The last thing he remembered was doingshots with Jason, after which he must have passed out. He remembereddreaming that he got a killer blowjob, but that was it. Meanwhile, Jasonwas trying to remember what happened to him the night before. Why was histhroat so sore? That never happened before when he got drunk. Even hisjaw ached.Over the next 24 hours, both roommates slowly recollected what hadhappened, but as if through a haze. Neither was sure if it really happenedor was just a very freaky dream. Jason kept getting flashbacks of a longblack cock being shoved in and out of his mouth until a burst of hot cumshot down his throat. That’s when Jason touched his face and found thatsomething sticky had dried up on his chin. Embarrassed as shit, Jasonrushed to the men’s room to wash his face. Eventually, Jason realized itwas Kershaw he dreamed about, but what if the dream really happened? No,that wasn’t possible! They weren’t gay. At least, Jason knew that hewasn’t and he was pretty sure that Kershaw wasn’t either. Why would hedream such a thing? Why did he have something crusty on his chin if itwasn’t sperm? The very idea made him sick to his stomach.Kershaw, meanwhile, was putting his fragmented dream-memories together too.Was it possible that Jason had gone down on him after he passed out? Nah,Jason wasn’t no freak. But why would he dream about such a thing?The roommates avoided each other for a few days and never discussed this.But Kershaw was so troubled that his cousin Mohammad, a Muslim, noticedsomething was on Kershaw’s mind. After smoking a few blunts, Kershaw cameclean with Mohammad and confessed the strange dream to him. What hiscousin told him was even more disturbing.According to Mohammad, what probably happened was that when the roommatesgot drunk, their natural instincts took over. Whiteboys are inferior tobrothers, Mohammad explained:”Yo roomie must have given in to his natural Caucasian impulses and suckedyo dick, cuz.””But he ain’t no fag,” argued Kershaw, who was very ashamed to think thatit was true, that he had let another man go down on him.”Don’t matter,” said Mohammad. “Deep down, all white boys is basicallyfags. Didn’t you ever notice whiteboys checkin out yo Johnson sometimes?They jealous cuz Allah cursed white men with little dicks, yo! Think aboutit, Nubians gave the world everything: the alphabet, medicine,architecture. Them Europeans stole that shit from us! We dominate them insports, music, everything, b*o! The day gonna come when all white menadmit they inferior to the Black Man and that they messed up the wholeplanet tryin to deny it. That’s when we gonna see some changes aroundhere, know what I mean?”Kershaw said, “I still don’t like the idea of another man even lookin at myjohnson, let alone suck it like some bitch.””But that’s what I’m telling ya, whiteboys is bitches. You remember when Iwas locked up for 3 years? How you think I got through that shit withoutno females? I had whiteboys on my jock all the time. Shit, it didn’tbother me none. canlı bahis siteleri I even fucked that whiteboy pussy a few times. A bitch isa bitch, yo. Now, I ain’t sayin I’m proud of that shit, but what the fuck.Least whiteboys is good for something, see what I’m sayin?”Kershaw felt a little better, but he still didn’t like the idea of a mangiving him head, even, as Mohammad said, it was the natural order ofthangs.Poor Jason had no one to confide in. He was tormented by the idea that hemight have sucked cock, and a nigger’s cock at that! Jason didn’t haveanything against blacks, and didn’t consider himself prejudiced, but theterm “nigger” came naturally to him, as he grew up using the word at hisall white high school. Jason didn’t know which was worse, cocksucking ingeneral or putting a nigger’s cock in his mouth. If the dreams were true,maybe Kershaw had ****d him, he figured. Niggers were a****listic when itcame to sex, always bragging about how much white women craved their bigcocks. Their bestial nature explained their prowess in sports, which Jasonhad always envied. That had to be it. If the dream was true, Kershaw musthave ****d him. Jason hoped to God that Kershaw didn’t remember whathappened that night.For the rest of the week, the two room mates avoided each other. OnFriday, when they usually headed to the campus pub to pick up chicks, theyboth made other plans.Saturday night, they went to different bars in town and both came homedrunk, drinking to forget what troubled them. Jason staggered into theroom they shared to find Kershaw jerking off to a porno flick.Kershaw was drunk, not as drunk as that night, but extremely horny. Jasonstood there, staring embarrassed, so fucked up he didn’t know what to do.Kershaw was so horny, stroking his dick in front of his roomie, rememberingeverything Mohammad had said, that he said to Jason, “How about another oneof them jobs, man?'”Jobs?” said Jason, not understanding.”Yahhh,” said Kershaw. “I need one of them blowjobs like you gave me lasttime. Talkin about some head, man! Help a brotha out!”As in a trance, Jason dropped to his knees and took Kershaw’s nine inchblack cock between his lips. He knew what he was doing, but couldn’t helphimself. He licked the uncut head and sucked on it like a popsickle untilthe foreskin slid up and down. He couldn’t believe he was actually doingit. To make matters worse, while he felt Kershaw’s long black pipe pushdown his throat until he gagged, he could feel his own cock getting stiff!drunk as he was, Jason wondered why he was doing what he was doing.Christ, was he really a faggot?”Yahhh, choke on it, whiteboy,” said Kershaw, “Yahhh, that’s what I’mtalkin about. Suck the dick! Take it all the way down!”Jason did exactly as told. Even though it disgusted him, he couldn’t stop.There was something in the way Kershaw spoke to him that he knew hecouldn’t refuse, he had to obey. It even felt good having a cock in hismouth. It felt natural submitting to another man’s desires, especially anigger.Up and down his mouth and throat took that nigger cock, for hours itseemed. At one point, Kershaw even put his hands on Jason’s head andforced him down on his long dick, jamming his sausage as deep as it wouldgo.”Suck the dick, whiteboy,” Kershaw urged, totally into the pleasure thistight throat was giving. He no longer cared that it was a guy, especiallyseeing how Jason was getting into it,. “You like suckin this nigga dick,don’t ya, whiteboy! C’mon, make me bust this nut, bitch! Suck it good!Yahhh, like that, suck it, suck it, boyeeee! Suck the dick!”Kershaw shot a thick load of hot cum down Jason’s throat, then he passedout. Jason went to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet, then stumbledback to his own bed, but had a hard time getting to sleep, thinking aboutwhat he had just done and because his own cock was hard as hell.Jason tried to jerk off thinking about girls with big tits, which usuallygot him off, but his mind kept returning to Kershaw’s cock. Finally, Jasoncouldn’t cum until he looked over and saw Kershaw naked on the bed, hisblack cock limp but still larger and longer than his.The next morning, when Jason woke tipobet up, he saw Kershaw still naked on theother bed, but his black dick was fully erect. Jason had to admireconsciously for the first time how much he respected and admitted hisroomie’s physique: not an ounce of fat on Kershaw’s body, his hairlesschest and abs perfectly ripped, his shoulders and arms packed with muscle,his hard cock the biggest cock Jason had ever seen, except in porno movieswith Jake Steed or Sean Michaels.Kershaw said, “Good, you awake. How about some more of that shit. Gitover here and git busy, yo!”What happened next was the strangest thing of all. Jason got up andkneeled over Kershaw.”Suck the dick, whiteboy,” said Kershaw. It was an order. He was seriousand Jason felt like he didn’t have a choice. He was horny too and heactually wanted to suck his room mate’s cock.Jason gave head for twenty minutes while Kershaw talked nasty, racial, sexyshit to him. The more Kershaw ordered Jason to suck his black cock, themore Jason got into it. The whole time he wondered why he was doing it,but he couldn’t help himself. Damn, he wanted that black cock in his mouthso bad. Finally, Kershaw shot his load and Jason greedily swallowed everygooey hot drop!Kershaw said, “I guess you know this changes everything, boy!””What do you mean?” asked Jason, knowing perfectly well what Kershaw wastalking about.”Stand up and pull down yo drawers,” said Kershaw. Again, in a tone thatJason felt he couldn’t refuse. Jason pulled down his white briefs andexposed his stiff 6 and a half inch, pale, circumcised penis.”Dayumm, that all you got?” Kershaw laughed. “Cuz was right, y’all isinferior, aint ya! Dayummm!”Jason blushed with shame, both at what he had done and being ridiculed forthe size of his manhood.Kershaw said, “Aiiiight, you know what you are, right?””What do you mean?” mumbled Jason.”You a stone fag, that’s what!” said Kershaw. “And you got a thing forblack dick, don’t ya! Look at you, man, yo dick is hard as shit. Youreally get into this shit, don’t ya! Dayumm, my roomie is a fuckincocksucker! Let me hear you say it, yo!”Jason hesitated. Everything about Kershaw’s body, voice, attitude, madehim want to submit, but still he hesistated. It couldn’t be true! Heloved girls, he wasn’t a fag. But the fact was that he sucked a nigger’sdick for the third time, and this time he was cold sober.”Let me hear you say it, or I’m gonna tell everyone what a fuckincocksucker you are!”Slowly, the words came out of Jason’s mouth.”I…. am….. a…. cocksucker. I guess. Please, man, don’t tell anyoneabout this shit. I was fucked up! I didn’t know what I was doing.””The fuck you didn’t,” said Kershaw. ” I think you like taking orders froma brotha, don’t ya?”Jason stood there, not saying anything, but his thin white cock was stillstanding at attention, and he knew that Kershaw was right. There wassomething about the way that Kershaw spoke to him that Jason knew made himfeel helpless and submissive. Of course, Kershaw knew why. It was becausewhiteboys are naturally inferior to black men. A black man would neversuck a dick, but get a white boy drunk enough and he would do anything!Only now Jason wasn’t drunk and he still obeyed him.Kershaw decided to put his power over this whiteboy to the test.”From now on, you gonna do whatever I tell you, understand?”All Jason could do was to nod his head. He was humiliated, but he knew itwas true. Even if he wanted to disobey Kershaw, he feared that his roommate would expose him for a faggot.Kershaw decided to put his power to the test. He ordered Jason to lie downon the floor and give him 50 pushups.Jason did what he was told, while Kershaw laughed at him, a deep, cruel,smug laughter of triumph at his mastery over this whiteboy. Mohammad wasright! Kershaw wondered how far he could push his power.”Lissen up, whiteboy,” he said, as an evil idea came to him to test theextent of his newfound authority. “I want you to crawl on yo hands andknees into the bathroom and stick yo face in the fuckin toilet! Do it now,bitch!”Jason not only did as he was told, he wanted to do it. It was disgustingputting his face in the water of the tipobet giriş toilet bowl, but he couldn’t helphimself. The water was cold.”Drink it up, like you a puppy dog,” ordered Kershaw.Jason obeyed, hating himself, but helpless to refuse, because it made hiscock so hard.While Jason had his face in the toilet, Kershaw stood over him and took along piss, his hot urine splashing over Jason’s head.”Keep drinkin, freak!” said Kershaw. “Drink my fuckin piss.”After Kershaw was done pissing, he made Jason take a big gulp of piss-waterfrom the bowl, then gargle it like mouthwash and swallow it!From that day on, Kershaw had total mastery over his white roommate. Mostof the time he just had Jason wash his clothes and buy him beer and pay forhis meals, but some nights when Kershaw was horny but couldn’t get anypussy, he made Jason go down on him.One night, Kershaw decided he wanted to fuck Jason in the ass. Thewhiteboy’s ass was so tight that he resisted taking it, so Kershaw tied himdown to the bedposts spread-eagle on his belly and ****d his plump whiteass. He had to gag Jason’s mouth with a rag to keep him from hollering.Another time, Jason returned to the dorm room to find Kershaw hanging outwith two other black friends of his, whom Jason recognized from thebasketball team. At first, Kershaw merely demonstrated his power overJason by making the whiteboy go to the liquor store for them, but afterthey got drunk, Kershaw proved that his roommate would do anything he toldthem to, by making Jason give them pushups on command..”Shit, this bitch will even suck yo dick, if I told him to,” boastedKershaw.”You bull-shittin,” scoffed Tyrese.Kershaw smiled and ordered Jason to get down on his knees and open hismouth. Of course, Jason had no choice but to obey. He was totally underKershaw’s power.Tyrese, skeptical, lowered his sweatpants and let his big cock hang out.It was soft, but still large, about six inches, almost as big as Jason’scock when fully hard.”Show yo dick, boy,” Kershaw ordered.When Jason pulled out his cock, it was hard, but nowhere near the size ofKershaw’s or Tyrese’s black serpents.The three black men laughed at Jason. It was funny as hell, not justseeing a whiteboy do what he was told, but seeing his useless white dick,as well.”Now, suck the dick,” said Kershaw.Jason went down on Tyrese and sucked his cock until Tyrese busted a nut inthe whiteboy’s mouth.”Dayummm,” said Tyrese. “I want me a whiteboy for a roommate now!”The other brother, Malcolm, wanted his dick sucked too. By the end of thenight, Jason swallowed three loads of hot, thick African sperm down histhroat!For the rest of the semester, Jason was like a slave to these black men.Whatever they told him to do, he did. He couldn’t help himself and heloathed himself for doing it, all the more because it turned him on.After that semester, Jason thought it was over. His new roommate, Malik,was also black, a quarterback. Jason lusted after Malik, but tried to putthe past behind him. He didn’t want to be a faggot, a slave to niggers,even though the memory of his semester with Kershaw haunted him and kepthis cock hard. He hoped it was all over until two weeks into the newschool year, when there was a knock at his door. It was Kershaw, Tyrese,and Malcom.”Hey, b*o,” said Kershaw to Malik, ignoring Jason altogether. “You luckedout gettin this whiteboy for a roomie!”Kershaw and his boys told Malik everything! So, Jason was in for anothersemester of hell and pleasure. He never fucked a girl again. He tried afew times, but couldn’t get it up. The only thing that turned Jason on wasblack cock and doing whatever he was told, the nastier and the moredisgusting, the more he wanted to do it. Malik quickly discovered the funof making a whiteboy stick his head in the toilet and paying for his meals,not to mention giving head.After graduation, Jason started hanging out at gay bars and train stations,to satisfy his insatiable craving for dominant black men to use and abusehim. Eventually, Jason ended up in the hands of a gay black top, whoseknowledge of torturing and manipulating whiteboys was extreme. Jason hadhis nipples pulled and twisted so brutally that they swelled up three timesas big. He started referring to his asshole as a pussy. He not onlyaccepted being a faggot, he understood what it meant to be a whiteboy in ablack man’s world: nothing more than a cocksucking pussy, a slave, a pieceof shit!

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