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Joe’s StoryGrowing up in the 60/70s I suppose many of us had a carefree upbringing. At least in comparison to what today’s generation have to endure. I was brought up on a council estate and my days were filled with football when we were k**s and strangely enough greyhound racing when I was approaching my mid teens. My mate’s brother had a dog and I would go down to our local track whenever it ran. Well I quickly realised that this was an ideal place to hang out. Providing we weren’t causing a nuisance and behaved ourselves we could sit quietly in the corner of the bar with a pint and even have a bet. How grown up was that? A lot of the lads from school quickly latched on to this and very soon we had a right little posse gathering at the track every Saturday night.Of course the hot topic of conversation among us ‘young adults’ was always girls. Who did what to whom. Well you know the score at that age. Outlandish tales of sexual conquests abounded and if you believed the accounts that were related, you would wonder why anyone would bother hanging around a greyhound track every Saturday night when there was obviously a land of milk and honey available just around the corner. For my part I was very much a bit of a k**. The smallest lad in the year, ridiculously baby faced and could easily pass for 12. Great when trying to get in the football ground cheaply but a pain in the ass otherwise. Girls ‘liked’ me but apart from the odd ‘peck’ at the school disco not a great deal was happening for me. My eldest brother used to bring back porno mags back from work which I would sneak a look at when he was out. They tended to be a bit more hard core than you average top shelf mags with titles such as Whitehouse and Rustler. Well apart from making sure my semen was being regularly released, they gave me a clear idea of what the female anatomy consisted of as opposed to the airbrushed offerings in softer top shelf mags.Things were a little different for me. I suppose I was a bit of a swat, but then again I did enjoy school work. The ‘lads’ just didn’t and couldn’t wait to leave. For me I got a decent crop of O levels which put me in 6th form. The lads went to the world of work. We’d still meet up every now and again, often down the track, but we lived different lives. For them, the big adult world out there wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. For me, higher education beckoned. Part of me was jealous that they had ready access to cash but I also knew that they weren’t living in some kind of paradise.By the time I was 18, physically I had put on a spurt. In between studying hard for my A levels I still popped down to the track to meet up with the lads. But as time passed there numbers began to dwindle as they lost interest or got engaged or moved on. It was around this time that I began chatting to a guy called Pat. I used to see Pat out walking his greyhounds around our estate. He lived up the top end so wasn’t exactly a close neighbour. A few times he gave me a lift home from the track and I enjoyed chatting to him. He knew a hell of a lot about greyhound racing and I was fascinated by his knowledge. He was in his late thirties and was married to Lynn, who was, I would say mid thirties. After one lift home I asked Pat that if ever he needed a hand training the dogs, I’d be willing to help out.Well pretty soon I would be out a couple of times a week with Pat which was good for me as it gave me a break from my studies. First thing on Saturday mornings we would normally take the dogs out to a deserted beach for a good gallop around. When we got back, Lynn would have the bacon sarnies ready. She was attractive, short dark hair and was pleasantly rounded with out being fat. Always wearing jeans and a baggy sweatshirt she was always friendly and making pleasant conversation. I suppose, as a young 18 year old, I quite fancied her but this was something that was well out of my league. Apart from that I had a great deal of time for Pat, who was turning out to be a good mate. I wouldn’t dream of taking liberties with his wife. It was not the done thing.Well my exams came and went. I now had so much time on my hands that I was able to devote much more time to helping out. Pat worked in a local car factory as a supervisor. His shift patterns began to change and fortunately I was there if to pick up the slack if needed. I would be out first thing of a morning if he was on 6am to 2pm. I would sit around chatting to Lynn for a while when I got back with the dogs. She had met Pat at a party when she was in her early 20’s. He was a lorry driver and she was a nurse and she very quickly realised that he was the man for her. They married and financially they were very secure. Pat did a lot of work on the continent and the money was great but time spent away began to take it’s toll on their relationship. Sometimes Pat could be away for three weeks at a time and I suppose for a young married couple this is an eternity. It’s not as if they had mobile phones in those days. Eventually Pat decided that enough was enough and he needed a job where he was based at home more. Hence the car factory.As Lynn explained, much to my blushes, they had a ‘very physical relationship’ and being apart for lengthy periods of time wasn’t working for them. Too much info there, I thought. And for me? How were my physical relations developing? I began going out with a girl called Jan who was 16 and went to the local convent school. Can I immediately ataşehir escort dispel the myth that they were all sex crazed nymphos. Jan was anything but. A nice young lady with the emphasis being on ‘nice’ and a lady! Her parents barely tolerated me as I was ‘off’ the estate, the only saving grace being that I was heading to University which meant that I was a little different to the rest and come Autumn, I wouldn’t be around but safely tucked away in some distant part of the country, hopefully. She made it very plain, without having to say anything, that full on sex was never going to happen. A few late night fumbles was about the best I could hope for with one memorable night she ‘wanked me off’. In fairness to her, she had never done this before and was horrified to find as we emerged into the lamplight that I had succeeded in losing my load all over her jeans. Fortunately we managed to clean up so her parents didn’t spot anything. But when she did it again she very much kept me at arms length which hardly added to the intimacy!The weeks went by and I noticed a difference in Lynn. Instead of the jeans and baggy sweatshirts I would get back to their house and she would be wearing tight jeans, clingy t shirts which showed off her ample boobs. It was obvious she was teasing me and she would come out with some very flirtatious remarks. Pat seemed oblivious to all this or if he wasn’t he was playing a very unusual game in my eyes. He left us on our own quite a few times making the excuse that he had to go and meet someone. Looking back now, it was all fairly obvious but to a raw, inexperienced youth like my self, it just seemed a little bit strange. She asked me about Jan on a couple of occasions. What was she like? Then on one occasion bluntly asked me was I getting my jollies? I kind of mumbled ‘chance would be a fine thing’ and she quickly replied something about ‘we’ll have to do something about that’ before leaving the room.I called round one Saturday morning and while we were out Pat told me he would be going away. Now they did tend to go away for the odd overnight stay fairly regularly so I assumed he would be taking Lynn with him. No. As it turned out he was away in Luton for the week on a course with work. He asked me to keep an eye on his wife as he worried about her while he was away and suggested I might stay overnight if I wanted to make sure she was OK. Again, the slight glint in his eye made me wonder if he meant something else. Surely not though. Also one of the dogs was running on Saturday night so when he got back we would have a good night out as he thought the dog had every chance of winning.The following day I called around at the usual time and Pat was packing up to drive down south. He gave me a few reminders of how much walking the dogs would need before asking me once again to ‘look after Lynn’. ‘You’re a good mate, I know you will’ before grinning and winking at me.I returned later with the dogs. Pat had gone and Lynn was busy around the house. She was rather ‘glammed up’ wearing a skirt and blouse and was insistent on making me a cuppa and something to eat before she was meeting up with friends in town. Now this was the 1970’s and if she was meeting up with friends there was basically nowhere to go. No shops open and the pubs shut at 2pm. Apart from, it looked very suspiciously like she wasn’t even wearing a bra under her blouse. She was chatting away about everything and nothing and it was difficult to get a word in. Eventually she ‘accidentally’ dropped a spoon and bent down to pick it up. As she did so her skirt rode up and she clearly displayed that as well as being bra less she had ‘forgot’ to put her panties on. Lynn was taking an inordinate length of time to pick the spoon up and was making sure I got a full view of her pink shaven pussy. “ Seen anything you like?” she said, smiling while regaining her upright position. “Or perhaps you prefer to have a look at these?” she grinned unbuttoning her blouse. Well, dumbstruck was the word and I croaked something like “What about Pat?” as she led me into the living room. “ He won’t mind. He told you to look after me didn’t he?”.The rest was a bit of a blur. Head spinning, senses reeling. Call it what you like but as she pushed me gently onto the sofa and started to kiss me passionately, I could feel pure lust taking over. Fairly quickly she had my jeans off and my cock sprang out from the confines off my underpants which she deftly removed. “ Ooooh! Lovely!” she exclaimed as she eyed her prize. Expertly slavering over my cock she began to give me a deep and lusty blow job. Bearing in mind I had never experienced anything like this before and she was extremely skilful I rather quickly lost control. With a couple of hand movements from Lynn, my spunk erupted. The first jet hitting her under the chin before the rest spewed jet after jet over her boobs and blouse. Scooping the spunk up off her tits and blouse she licked the spunk off her fingers. “ That’s better than tea and toast” she said laughing out loud. A bit of a difference to Jan’s reaction on my careless ejaculation!I suppose I felt a bit guilty but the whole ‘ matter of factness’ about what had gone on by Lynn calmed my thoughts. I sat on the sofa drinking tea, naked apart from an unbuttoned shirt. Lynn sat opposite drinking her tea topless and it was like the most natural thing in the world to her. Eventually she suggested üsküdar escort we might pop upstairs as my semi erect dick began to stir in anticipation as to what might happen. Slipping her skirt off Lynn lay back on the bed displaying her wet, shaven pussy inviting me to take a closer look. Well it may have been the marital bed that hours earlier Pat may have been sleeping in (or God knows what else) but I didn’t need asking twice. I began to lick and probe her pussy with my tongue, not having a clear idea of what I was doing but learning from the various gasps of appreciation from Lynn, I had a fair idea of when I was hitting the right spot. Eventually I climbed onto her as she guided my straining, eager cock into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me greedily trying to cram every inch of my cock into her. Faced with this total wantoness by the lady,I very quickly lost control again releasing a second load deep into her pussy.The week seemed to continue very much the same way. Lynn seemed to be insatiable and I was more than happy to oblige. It did concern me about what Pat would say if he found out but that could wait for the time being. I was having so much fun and was on a very steep learning curve. She introduced me to various positions and scenarios. One was her lying back on the bed masturbating with one of her array of vibrators while I fed my cock into her hungry mouth. Then she got on on all fours I would fuck her from behind as she sucked her own juices from the vibrator, while playing with her clitty. She never ceased to cum long on hard when she did that. They had a big collection of porn nearly all of it hard core. Pat’s previous job as a lorry driver on the continent meant he had ready access to the much raunchier stuff available there. Tucked away I also noted that they had a few contact magazines and when I brought the subject of them up Lynn brushed them off with being just porn. Nothing special. But I noticed they were well thumbed and when I sneaked a peak at one of them could see that some ads had been circled or marked.Well all good things as they say and as Pat was due back on Friday evening, Lynn asked if I would like to stay over on Thursday. Of course I readily agreed and we wasted no time in getting down to business. After I came in her for the first time that evening she asked if I would like to shave her pussy to get it good and ready for Pat’s homecoming. Of course I said yes, and after I had finished it looked good enough to eat, something I wasted no time in doing! After this she set about shaving my pubes, which I had no qualms about. The process took about 20 minutes and she did a great job considering my cock was fully erect throughout with pre cum glistening and dribbling down it. She completed the job by massaging baby oil all over the area. Obviously I was more than good to go again and we fucked in various positions before she came, riding on my cock while rubbing her clitty to a loud and convulsive orgasm. Pat duly arrived back on the Friday night and as usual I took the dogs out on the Saturday morning. Pat was up and about when I got back from their brief race day walk. I must admit to feeling a little awkward on seeing him but he seemed to be in a very good mood. “Thanks for keeping an eye on Lynn” he said “ She says you took great care of her”. A faint smirk spread across his face when I replied “ My pleasure”.We discussed the arrangements for that night. He would pick me up at 6pm and hopefully, if all went well we would be back for about 10pm. Lynn wasn’t going something which I was secretly pleased about. Maybe a bit of guilt was kicking in but I tried to put it to the back of my mind. The dog duly won it’s race and having picked up our winnings decided to head back home early. I expected to be dropped off at home but Pat insisted that we go back and have a celebratory drink with Lynn. I couldn’t rationally refuse as Pat might suspect something.On arriving back Lynn greeted us. She looked sensational in a white silk blouse and black skirt with stockings. She got us a drink and we sat in the living room discussing the evenings events. We had won a fair bit of money so it had been a very rewarding night. After the first drink I began to make my excuses and leave but Pat was having none of it. “Christ Joe. After the way you have looked after Lynn and the dogs this week I won’t hear of it. Lynn, get him another drink”. She popped through into the kitchen bringing two cans of lager back on a tray minus her blouse. “Oh my God” I blurted out. Pat and Lynn laughed. “ Come on Joe. It’s not something you haven’t seen before is it?” I looked at Pat and then Lynn and half blushing, half laughing stammered. “ I suppose so!” Pat obviously knew everything and was quite blasé about it all. “ You’re a good guy Joe. You’ve been invaluable to me over these past few weeks and well, I hope you enjoyed yourself this week. Certainly Lynn has!” They both smiled. Anyway, even if she didn’t tell me I would have guessed. You left one of your pubes on my razor!”. Laughing I began to relax a bit more and they opened up a little on their sex lives. They loved each other to bits but had been involving others in their sex lives for a number of years. “It’s just recreational sex Joe”. We trust each other and let’s face it, we are both highly sexed. What would be the other option be? Running around having affairs behind each others backs?” Put çekmeköy escort like that it was difficult to disagree. I brought up the subject of the contact mags. “ You saw those did you? Yes we advertise in them and of course we answer a few of the ads as well. There’s no harm in it. It’s just like minded people getting together for the same thing”. They explained how they got started into the lifestyle. They both loved porn and particularly the magazines that featured group sex. Lynn had talked about a group of people at the hospital where she worked that allegedly indulged in ‘wife swapping’ and what a scandal that had created among the gossips. So for a laugh Pat had brought home a contact mag to test the water as it were. Lynn’s eyes lit up apparently and after answering a few ads found themselves talking to a couple in a neighbouring town. They met up for a drink and seemed to hit off so they agreed to meet up again the following week to take things further. It was a watch and be watched session but they enjoyed getting naked in front of others and being watched having sex. They repeated this again before they met up for a full swap session which they absolutely loved. The couple that they had met with were experienced on the scene and put them in touch with others and pretty soon Pat and Lynn were away once or twice a month enjoying their alternative lifestyle. I asked did they ever worry about people finding out? A risk they took but by and large everyone they had met were very discreet. What about me? Did they worry that I might spill the beans? “ Joe. I think we know you well enough to trust you. You keep your cards very close to your chest I’ve noticed. You may think your a bit of a k** but you are far more mature than your years”. Well we continued to chat for a while longer before Lynn, wishing to move things on gott down to her stockings and sussies and began, once again, to un buckle my belt. Slipping my jeans off she once again started to wank and suck me off. Pat meanwhile was also stripping off and pretty soon totally naked, shaven cock in hand began to gently fuck his wife. After a while, we swapped positions before kneeling down, Lynn began to suck both our cocks in turn. Eventually we both began to wank as she readied herself for her creamy reward. I was first to cum and my initial jet flew across and hit Pat’s cock before the rest of my ejaculate splattered in string after string over Lynn’s boobs, neck and face. She cooed her approval as grunting, Pat added to the impressive mess. Her face and boobs were plastered with the spunk dripping in globules down her body. Pat meanwhile was snapping away with his Polaroid camera taking what he called his souvenir pics.We chatted for a while longer and eventually headed upstairs before taking it in turns to fuck Lynn in all manner of positions until we were all sated. For the rest of the holidays I continued to help Pat out with the training and on a few occasions helped out in the bedroom! But as I knew full well they were using me as much as I was using them. It was purely for sex although I had a great deal of affection for the pair of them. They continued with their nights away and Pat would often fill me in on the details of what they got up to. Eventually I headed off to college and I suppose this is where I felt the effects of all that had gone on. All the female students of my age bored me senseless. My male friends with their constant talk of mythical bedroom gymnastics annoyed me. I did have a fling with a 40 something married mature student which was fun as long as it lasted. I don’t like cheating but in this instance her husband did sound like a proper tosser so I didn’t see much harm in that. There were a few one night stands as I frequented a few local clubs that were notorious for ‘grab a granny’ nights. But girls of my own age? It just wasn’t happening. Leaving College I worked in logistics for a small firm primarily as a trainee transport manager but I took out a HGV licence as back up. Well, I wasn’t in any meaningful relationship so the odd two week jaunt onto the continent was just the thing. Apart from anything else it paid very well. Eventually, as you know I bumped into Dawn on that fateful night and everything just seemed to click into place. Obviously the initial attraction was physical but within half an hour of meeting her I realised she was something special. Funny, witty, a good talker and listener, I just loved being in her company. The first night I met her I don’t think I even kissed her although she did give me a quick peck on the cheek getting out of the taxi. Sexually she was very much lacking in experience but was an incredibly fast learner. There are some things you can’t put on or disguise and that is the enjoyment of sex. She absolutely loved what we did together. I did introduce her to adult vids which I had picked up on my foreign travels. She enjoyed these as a precursor to a proper heavy session, as she called it. So eventually I told her about Pat and Lynn and my escapades all those years ago. She loved hearing about what we got up to and so when I brought a contact mag home one night for a laugh I could tell from Dawn’s reaction, this was something that was most certainly on the agenda. So it proved to be.As for Pat and Lynn. No, we never met them as a couple. My first Christmas back from college we picked up more or less where left off. I even accompanied them on one of their nights away. But by summer they had gone. Pat I learnt had been relocated with his job so they moved away. I often wonder how my life may have been different if I hadn’t met them. Would I be now be holed up in a boring sexless marriage hating every minute of it? Who knows.

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