kate monday continued

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kate monday continuedDo you mean go out now I askedYes why not Kate askedI told her I was nervous!OK do you like the way you lookYes I repliedSo stop being silly , let’s goWe stepped out onto the street, the first thing I noticed was the cool air going up my skirt, also the way my tights held everything in on place,I found it a huge turn onWe walked onto the high street looking in shop windows, sally pointed at a dress in a charity shop window , do you like that ChristineIt was a king fisher blue satin dress, I noddedLet’s go in I had a choice follow them in or stand outside on my own feeling really conspicuous,,even though no one had given me a second glanceI still felt nervous, so I followed in , we looked at the dress , Feel it Kate asked , I reached out , it felt so silky and soft, I imagined how it would feel against my skin Would you like to try it on a lady asked , yes please Kate repliedthe lady took the dress down and passed to , you can change over thereThank you Kate saidCome on Kate said, the changing room was nothing more then 2 curtains hanging from the ceiling in a corner,I will wait out side sally saidNo Kate I saidChristine come on I stepped in , take your skirt off she said II obeyedshe lifted the jumper over my head trying not to move the wig, then put the dress over my head I pushed my arms through , she let the dress fall then zipped the back upIt felt wonderful slipping down my body , I loved itKate move my wig a little and backed out through the curtain,come and look in the mirror, I stepped out Sally said wowI looked in the mirror , I looked so feminineWhat do you think Christine, before I could answer , the sales lady said you look really pretty, it really suits youWe went back into the changing room, Kate helped again for me to change, I will buy this for you as a presentThank you Kate I saidOnce I was dressed and stepped out , sally was looking through the shoes, she was holding a pair of black ladies boots and a pink pair of trainersTry these Christine , I think they are the right sizeI tried the pink training shoes first , which was harder then I expectedI sat on a small wooden bench , my skirt kuşadası escort bayan drifted up my thighs as I looked down to my feet , I could see the bulge of my genitals, through the tights and pink knickers, I did the white laces up , as I stood up I pulled my skirt back into place , I took a couple of steps,How do they feel ChristineI just nodded, OK keep them on she took the dress and boots to the counter and paid for them.We walked further down the street to the huge shop sally worked at, let’s go in , we can get some knickers for herMy confidence had grown , It felt naughty being dressed like this, I was loving every moment of it,The shop was busy , mainly women , A few people spoke to Sally as we passed through the store we got to the lingerie section,My cock started to get hard looking at all the different styles and patterns of the bras and knickersSally said she could get her staff discount on anythingKate told me to choose something , sally would buy them , but I would pay sally back , afterI agreedAfter 20 minutes I had chose three pairs of knickers with Kate’s advice , a pink see through pair with pink lace trims, a pink thongAnd a pair of black see through knickers with pink bows,sally went out the back of the counter then paid for the goodsWe then went to a pub Kate was treating us to lunch,The sun was getting really hot , let’s have it in the garden,she told me to sit at one of the tables with the benches attached,they soon returned with drinks, they had ordered me a plough mans lunch She passed me a glass of white wine, There was other people in the garden no one taking any notice of me, except for two women sitting opposite me We ate our food and finished our drinks , sally went to buy some more drinkThe women opposite kept glancing over, As sally came back she place the drinks in front of me Close your legs she laughed , I could see right up your skirt I blushedWe finished the drinksLet go home Kate saidAs we got up Kate said I want a photo of you two sally put her arms around me Kate took some picture , the two women still staring and laughing We got home Kate asked me to bring the escort kuşadası washing in I placed it on the tableTake your tights and knickers off, I obeyedShe went to the sink and took the carrot out of the bowl of water and picked up the bottle of baby oilBend over the table , soon as I did two fingers covered in oil penetrated me thrusting in and outthen the bottle was pushed into my little bum hole , I felt the fluid squirt in side me, then the cold tip or the carrot, enter my body ,Slowly being pushed in a bit then being pulled out, then pushed in deeper, she did this till the carrot was all the way in,Then the support knickers was pulled up locking every thing in place, it wasn’t as painful but uncomfortable.good girl she said Right come with me both of you , she led us up to the bathroomshe told sally to stripSally didn’t question she just did itBoth girls embraced kissing each other with passion tongues going into each others mouths really slow mMy cock staining to errect against the elastic material of the support knickersKate’s hand was between Sally’s open legs her fingers thrusting in and out of Sally’s vagina, her mouth moved on to Sally’s neckSally sighed I cumming Kate’s hand moved faster, as Sally’s breathing got deeper and more erratic groans of pleasure coming from her mouthHer nipples was fully erectOh Kate don’t stop , her knees started to tremble , her groans changed to a scream as she gasped for air ooh gods she screamed as her legs buckled, her body trembling , Kate lifted her mouth from Sally’s neck , a huge love bite was left , both girls started kissing againI couldn’t hold back I had started cumming my self I felt the first load shoot out of me , I reached down and pushed my hand against my cock through the knickers rocking my hips my second load pulsed out of my cock , I felt the hot sticky cum hit my tummy and trickle down onto my balls , my cock pumping as my legs buckled, the rocking movement making it seem if the carrot was fucking me , I was in heavenhave you just cum you dirty girl Kate said playfullyYes I’m sorry Kate I replied in a timid voiceShe laughed so you sluts have kuşadası escort bayan cum its my turn, She lifted her top and took off her top and undid her bra and let it fall to the floorKate started sucking on one of Kate’s nipples I lowered my head and sucked on the other my hand slipped up the inside of her thigh and pushed my hand up to the warm damp patch of her leggings , the crotch of her leggings was soaked , I reached up to the waistband and pulled them slowly down, as I got them over her bum, they started to roll , I gathered the material and pulled down harder , Kate’s was rolled up in the black Lycra i knelt down the carrot pushed deeper inside me , as I pulled down the pink knickers peeled away from her body revealing pubic hair I got the material half way to her knees her knickers stretching from her vagina pulled away I looked at the pink cotton gusset soaked in her juicesLick them she said I was happy to obey I licked the slippery juice of till my tongue reached the cotton gussetshe stepped out of the leggings and told me to lay on the floorAs my bum hit the floor the carrot pushed in deeper , Kate stood a stride my head I watched as she lowered her self on to my face her buttocks spreading, I could see her puckered hole she wiggled a little , I didn’t wait I penetrated her bum with my tongue,Take his knickers off sally I lifted my bum she pulled them down Lift your legs Chris As I lifted sally took my ankles and pushed them back to Kate, As she did the carrot slipped out of me lick himSally lapped at the cum over my balls and across the smooth skin her tongue twisted through the line of pubic hairHer mouth then dropped and licked the crack of my bumKate leaned back almost breaking my nose Sally’s chin rested on my chest and licked Kate’s clit Do you want nectar Kate asked Yes please sally replied Kate’s bum tensed as she pushed down her anus opened a little, I could hear Kate’s pee going into Sally’s mouth and feeling the warm liquid land on my chest and roll down my shoulders and neckLick me you slut Kate raspedsally head was rocking up and down as Kate pulled her hairShe let out a scream as she made it Oh god that was fantastic she criedShe stood up and turned around,Close you eyes open your mouth She squatted above me the flow of her urine filled my mouthThe flow stopped she stood up looking. Me in the eyes If you love me swallow itI gulped it down Good girl she said Tbc

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