Lesbian Dream Real Thing PT3

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Lesbian Dream Real Thing PT3The door to the apartment doesn’t even get a chance to click shut behind us before my hands seek out the curves of your body, desperate to feel you…but you easily overpower me and before I can even think to move I am pressed firmly against the door with your body against mine. I can instantly feel my wetness already, and I know that you are wet for me as well.Just when I think how I can possibly get you more aroused, your hand makes its’ way in between my legs. You slide your fingers back and forth a couple of times as I let out a slight & you mumble “damn” under your breath because you can’t believe how wet i am in that short moment. I press my hips toward you and suck my breath in sharply as I feel your hand slip beneath my panties and I moan and grind against you.As you teasingly play with my pussy as you ever so slightly touching my clit, just enough to make me gasp and show you the urgency building within me. After what seems like an eternity you part from me and we move into the living room. I lie on my back and pull you on top of me as you are sliding up between my legs and start grinding your body against mine. The touch of your body grinding against mine and the soft touch of your fingers are rushing fresh waves of pleasure through me and causing a fresh gush of wetness to seep out from between my legs.You tell me that you could smell me and that you want me and everytime you try and fight me off it gets harder. But this time it may be harder. As you are you start grinding against my pussy I let out a soft moan as I bite my lip. I could tell the sound of my is making your vision fade out. Suddenly you grab my throat demanding that I open my mouth so you can hear me.I can already feel an orgasm building up within me and the shortness in your breath makes me wonder if you are close too. You pull the black laced boy shorts off, force my legs open, pushing them over the back of the couch, revealing myself to you. Two fingers slide in me and you start to finger fuck me slowly and deliberately. You slide down between my legs and begin to tease me by blowing on my swollen clit and laugh at my desperation bakırköy escort as Your fingers move in and out my soaking wet pussy. I start grinding against you letting out faint moans and you start moving your fingers quicker and harder … now I’m moving against your hand uncontrollably now.In a low and soft tone moan your name “K”, and beg you to fuck me hard. “Fuck me…please fuck me.” You laugh and reply “you think I’m about to give in that easy.. you know me better than that.” You release me from your touch getting up and walking to the bathroom. I just lay on the couch for a moment to regroup before getting up. When I finally do get up I walk in the bathroom to see you holding on to the counter with your head down as if you were exhausted from a workout.I walk up behind you and in a soft tone I ask if you’re alright and what was on your mind. You respond “No. and fucking you.” Again, I instantly feel another rush of wetness between my legs, but this time it’s starting to move slowly down my inner thigh. I get ready to walk away from you when I hear you as “where you going?” I responded to lay down. About 5 minutes later you come a lay beside me on the bed and you ask if I’m alright and I respond “no!” Still panty-less and just a t-shirt on, I climb on top of you and whisper in your ear that I want more, as I sit on top of you. You quickly flip me over and you whisper back in my ear saying “Spread your legs for me, the moment you fail to comply I’m stopping.” I nod my head in complete understanding and in agreement, I obey immediately and open myself to you, wet and dripping with anticipation. I close my eyes because the touch of your hands gliding over my body is making me squirm and is starting to send me over the edge. You take off my shirt and make me take off my bra releasing my full breast and hard nipples. As you place your soft and warm lips on one breast and your hand on the other I arch my back let out another shaky moan. And then I feel your tongue and lips as you slowly start to make your way down to my hip.You stop, tell me to open my eyes and in a low tone you tell beşiktaş escort me to “Get on top.”My body weak and slightly numb I listen and do just that. At this point I’m thinking to myself and hopping you’re not playing with me because I don’t want this to stop. At this point the inside of my pussy is throb and I and my wetness is rushing down my leg. You pull my body over your mouth, I hold the wall for support, and then I feel your mouth, hot and wet on my clit. I instantly through my head back and moan your name. I start to feel your grip tightening make hard for me to escape.I slowly start to move my hips slowly back and forth as your tongue plays with my soaking wet pussy. I moan louder and incoherently as I begin to speed up, riding your face until I orgasm and my body shivers uncontrollably because you’re not stopping. At this point I’m yelling your name & driving my nails into your shoulders. You continue to lick me softly until I absolutely can’t take any more, and I finally push your face away from me.”Turn over,” you say as you go into your book bag to grab your strap and a condom. I nervously hesitate to move at first, but I know that you will accept nothing less than full compliance. Moving to the edge of the bed I Turn over on all fours. Holding my waist you start to slowly thrust in and out of me giving me more and more of its’ length until you are fully within me. Gripping the sheets tightly I cry out and moan seeking the full length of your you inside me. I begin to match your thrusts with my own, putting a deeper arch in my back I begin to make my ass go in circles and bounce against your pelvises making you go inside deeper with each thrust.I begin biting the sheets to muffle my moans because I could hear myself getting louder. You demand me to stop and open my mouth, but because I didn’t do so immediately you pull my up by holding my throats making the strap sit deep inside me. I release a groan and you slap my ass hard when I try to rock back in a futile attempt to get you slap my ass again and thrust inside me harder it inside me.”Fuuuck, you’re so wet,” you beylikdüzü escort say as you rub against my clit & your fingers to your mouth to taste me. You demand for me to turn over again, I do so, and you slip back inside my now creamy pussy and I let out another loud moan & I cry out “Yessssss!” Holding the edge of the bed in a death grip as you pound into me, your need now driven by hearing the desperation in my words. You rub my clit with one hand while exploring my tits with the other, still driving hard into me…and with this I call out to you, grinding my clit into your hand and grinding my hips. I can feel myself Cumming again, It’s only a matter of seconds.I scream out your name & plead for you stop but you don’t. My clit is still sensitive from coming, but you tell me until I hear the safe word you’re not stopping. My moans are now growing louder, becoming shakier and my breathing is heavier. You ease up to see if I would say the say word, but everytime you would thrust out you would pound back inside me hard. I slip my hands under your shirt to take it off, I unstrap your bra, but as I was doing so you showed no mercy and I started to drive my nails into your back. I take one of your nipples between my fingers and tease it…hoping to work you up to where I am. l whisper “keep going papí” as I sat up to take your breast in my mouth as i listened to you moan and watched you through your head back, exposing both breasts to me, and I suck hungrily at them.I make you slide out of me and I move to an almost sitting position, kneeling in front of you. Removing your strap from your body i push your legs up, holding them with my hands under your knees, and look at clit. Red and swollen with desire. I kiss it lightly and revel in the current of energy it releases through you, arching your back and making you gasp. I slowly trail my tongue past your clit and into your pussy, determined to get every bit of wetness out of you that I can. Cupping your ass in my hands I pull your body closer toward me and onto my tongue. I work my mouth over until finally I have to come up for air and I think of a way I want you even more. licking and sucking on you I find a solid rhythm with my fingers rubbing your pussy. moaning and crying out, bucking wildly against my face, clenching and spasming around my tongue and fingers.As we lay there both catching are breathe she starts kissing me again and rubbing her fingers on my already wet pussy, Think you can go again?

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