Lesley part 36

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Lesley part 36Geordie Ridley parked his car in the visitor car park, at the nursing home where Lesley was in employment. He had been here once before, but only to drop a bag off, for his ‘daughter’ Lesley, when she’d left home without it. He didn’t know where to go. He walked around the corner at the nearest point, and came to a door where their was a wooden shed outside. Two women were sitting inside, of what he assumed was the smoking hut. “Hello Geordie….god I haven’t seen you for years! How you doing?” Said a surprised Dot. “Oh Dorothy. Yes…oh, it must be ten years. I’ve heard our Lesley speak of a Dot….didn’t know it was you. “Haha…only mum called me Dorothy, Geordie. God rest her soul.””Yes..it was sad. Far too young””She was an old bugger…and you and I both knew it. Still miss her though””Yes….you will””If you’ve come to see your Lesley she phoned in sick…..got a bit of a bug””Oh…er yes I know.” He said, not knowing what she’d told them so she get out of working to spread her legs for all and sundry. “No…I’ve come to visit one of your residents….Ernie Hedley. I’m know he’s here coz I’ve heard Lesley mention him.””That old devil….that’ll be a change for him, getting a visitor.” The two women shared a laugh together, then the other younger woman left, leaving Dot talking to Geordie. “He’s not a nice man, Geordie….I wouldnt normally bad mouth residents, but he’s a particularly nasty man, I think I can safely tell you that. You a relative or…..?” “No no…I know he’s not nice….just want to see him for a chat””Ok…come with me and I’ll take you to help his room. You’ll have to sign in first, mind.””Er…any chance I can just see him and not sign in…..would rather our Lesley doesn’t know I’d been””Bit mysterious…Geordie. Your not gonna bump him off are you?…… Tempting as it is…I’d better not let that happen. Haha””No no….sorry. It’s a personal thing…just Ten minutes. That’s all I want””Ok…his rooms just the third one down. When your done, just use that door to exit. No one will know you’ve been here……no blood mind….I’d have to clean it up. Haha. Stranglings good! Heehee. Nice to see you again Geordie….take care””Thanks Dorothy. I’ll only be ten minutes”Knock knock. “What. What. Am trying to sleep here. Who is it.?””Hello Ernie.””Who the fuck are you?” said a woken up Ernie Hedley. “Geordie Ridley””Who…..Geordie….oh my god. Geordie Ridley. Well well well. What brings you to my door?….oh I know. Lesley. She’s told you. Well….if you’ve come for c***d maintainance, ya about 50 years too late. I’ve no money and if I had you’d be getting fuck all off me.””No Ernie. Money isn’t my reason to he here. Just a chat. Been a long time since we had a chat. A long time. Must be…..what, 40 years.””Don’t think we ever, really, had a chat Geordie. Did we? All we had in common was….well. Lesley’s mother. Did you know I was her real father.””Let’s get one thing straight Ernie…..I’m her real dad. And you know it. Maybe your the egg donor….but I raised her as my own. I’m her dad””Ok…thank fuck your were there. When she told me she was up the stick…I nearly shit myself. If she’d wanted me to be her ‘dad’, I’d have fucked off immediately. No sweat. Why did ya put up with her? I wasn’t the only one ya know….shagging it. Must have been four or five after me. Fuck knows how many before.””I’ve asked myself that question thousands of times””I you were a strange one, Geordie. Could never understand you. None of us could. Did ya know we all did her on her wedding day””Yes…I had an idea. When I got her into bed I noticed her wet soggy knickers. Her fanny was dripping sperm””Why. What possessed ya to marry her. Mavis was just a slut…sorry for being so….blunt. But….she was.””Easy….love. I thought I could change her. I was wrong. It was a long time ago….too many years. Far to many. Lesley, can hardly remember her.””Yes Lesley. Shouldn’t have told her should I. My gob runs away with me most of the time. I use being old as an excuse. But I like causing pain for them…just the way I am. Too late to change now.””Yes, was always frightened of you. Your reputation wasn’t good. Probably why Mavis went after you. All the girls love a bad boy.””Aye…I was wild. Surprised I never got bumped off….all them married women. They all loved my big cock….your Mavis did…fucking loved it. Said you were a needle dick…..never came on ya cock…just ya tongue.””Couldn’t help being under endowed. Just the way I was born.””You just shouldn’t have married her Geordie, but…..it’s late now though. Water under the bridge. But, She’ll never be too far away, though, long as that Lesley struts her stuff””Why…what’re ya saying…what’s that mean.””Come on Geordie, ya must know…that Lesley…your daughter, my daughter, what ever the fuck she is…..she’s just like Mavis….worse maybe, I don’t know. She’s cock mad Geordie,,,,,cock mad. And not, just any cock, like your size….no, man, not her……huge fucking cock…bigger that makes mine, ha..I she loves, 8″/9″…. and thick…fuck me…Geordie, she ödemiş escort throats them too. Mind…I’m telling you this coz you’ve asked….Im not telling you tales out of school, coz they’d report me to the police for slander….her and that fucking Sylvia. Threatened me…I…the pair of bitches…did that to me””It’s a right mess, this….all of this, Ernie. I’m at my wits end””What’s your main problem with her….she bringing men back?” “Since the boys were born and her ex did a runner, she knuckled down worked hard, and concentrated on being a mother. These last few weeks, she’s changed. Tattoos….lying….drinking….attitude….and more….totally different. I’m too old for all of this””I…them tats…and the piercings….””Wwwhat….piercings….how….?” “How did I know?….. Easy. She showed me”Geordie dropped his head into his hands , and nearly started crying. “She showed you?…. I’m beyond words now…she showed you?” “Yip…..even frigged herself for me. Told ya, man…..worse than mammy..she is. Wouldn’t know what to say to you really. She’s shagging the boss here…man called Mcpeevie. Big fat jock….nasty piece of work, he is. Shagging Lesley and that Sylvia. Dirty lucky bastard, Geordie. He’s got the biggest fattest dick I’ve ever seen….and our ‘daughter’ loves it. In her gob, pussy…oh and loves it up her arse. She’s also shagging some other bloke, don’t know his name, but he’s got a dick, must be 9″10″, long. Never seen him but she showed me a picture of his dick…fucking massive!, it is…massive. Then their was a gangbang…a stag party. Don’t know much about it….heresay, really. Just know she’s putting it about a lot. Loves it Geordie…..she fucking loves it.””It’s a not nice subject for a parent to have to deal with. She’s nearly 50 years old, and she’s suddenly changed. God has she changed. If only she could find a man her own age….someone who she respected, and respected her. She can’t go on like this….all this sex. It’s not right. Not right at all……Can’t believe she’d have the gall, to show you her naked body….then masturbate. God, she’s sick.””Nearly gave me a heart attack” Ernie lied convincingly. “I’m sorry you had to see that Ernie””I, don’t worry. I’ve seen it all Geordie. Nowt surprises me now””Still, it’s not right. She’s out of control. Tell me…Ernie. Where did Mavis go…when she left. Is she still alive? Not that I want to see her. Just curious.””Last I heard she was working in a charity shop. In Gateshead, I think. She’ll, be what…68, 69, now. Wild, wild woman, that one.””Yes….69. Two years younger than me.””She might just be going through a faze….catching up on lost years…give her time Geordie. Mid life crisis….think that’s what they call it nowadays. Haha. Mavis, just had them 5 times a week. Sorry Geordie. Don’t want to upset you….but your Mavis. God…tell me….Geordie. On your wedding night….did you fuck her?…. Knowing we’d all shagged her…during the day…..did you give her one, that night?…. It’s always troubled me, not knowing. She wouldn’t tell us” “When we got everybody, away home, and then up to the bedroom, she was very tired. Pissed and tired. She let me strip her but wouldn’t let me into her, until after I’d eaten her. I knew what she was doing, Geordie, she used me. And I let her. I know, what your thinking….’stupid bastard ate other men’s cum for years’…I know…..I was a sick man….still am probably. Not proud of it. Hardly ever snagged her, you know. She wasn’t a good wife. At all. I saw how her arse was gaping open, some nights. Stretched by yours or some other bastards cock. Never mine. The the salty taste in her mouth when I kissed her. She’s got a lot to answer for””You sick fucker! Stupid useless spineless cunt. You need help. Thought i was bad!….and I’ll bet there’s more to tell, but your too sick to mention….you disgust me Geordie. Fuck off. Just think what you’ve told me…..your a cuckold, sissy. Bet you wear your daughters underwear…too. Get out! NOW…..don’t come back””Don’t you dare categorise me. I know my failings……do you?” “Ya whole families a load of sickos……two nymhpos, and a cuck. What a combination.” “I’m sorry I bothered you…I just wanted to try to understand her….well….both of them. I didn’t want to disgust you. I know I was….different. I won’t come back””Hold on…..why are you really here, Geordie. You’ve known for years, that I’m her dad. Why now? What’s changed?……so, she likes a bit of cook…so what. Plenty of women love cock..always have. So…..what’s the real reason your here. Come on….spill!” Geordie turned, closed the door and faced his nemesis. “I think she’s selling her body””Eh….say that again””You heard””Yea….I heard….selling her body?…. Your fucking deluded””I…hope I am. It’s all I can think about. I’m sure she is!” “Geordie……I shagged your wife….I dunno….a thousand times….maybe more. I shagged her from when she was sixteen till she was twenty eight, at least twice a week. I never gave her a penny, nor did she ask for one. Fuck me, I don’t think I ödemiş escort bayan bought her more than ten drinks in that time! What I’m saying is…..she used me for sex, same as I used her….and all the others of course. Lesley’s just the fucking same. Let me tell you…this bloke here….the jock bastard….he would charge her if he could. Right piece of work he is….what I’m saying is, Geordie, his cock is the only thing that attracts her to him….nothing else…not his personality or table manners…no, just that lump of obscenely hard cock. Nothing more…. And the rest…all the others…just their cocks. That’s all she wants. Cock. She’s no more on the game than Mavis was. Believe me. I know. On the game…..haha….don’t make me laugh. Heehee””I hope your right””she wouldn’t get rich if she was Geordie. I’ve bred an ugly bitch, and there’s no argument there.””She’s not ugly, you sad man. I see beauty, and a lovely person, every time I look at her. She’s just….lost, at the moment. But. I’ll be there for her, same as I’ve been for ever one of the last fifty years. I won’t be coming back. Ernie. Don’t worry. I just thought you may have some…..compassion. Seems I was wrong. Goodbye””Aye…fuck of cuckold!” Geordie Ridley slipped out of the same rear door as he had entered. He now fully understood why Dorothy didn’t like him or feared he might kill him. A diffent man might very well have done. He wondered where Lesley was, right now, as he headed to pick his grandk**s up from their friends. OooooRob Kevin and Lesley, were onto the third bottle of wine, in the cafe/bar, Rob had taken them too. Lesley was feeling no pain. Her new lover Kevin, was quite pleased they’d bumped into Rob, as he was feeling that she was going to kill him with sex. The longer they weren’t together, alone, the more he could recover. He was worried she’d want him in toilets or alleys or on the bus….she was sex crazy. Good fun…but…Rob, as always, had an ulterior motive. The wine in here, would be £40 a bottle, and he’d invited them….so the tab would be his. He’d have to get that back. Somehow. And he had an idea….A nice MMF. And a live show too boot. Timing was paramount. “So Lesley….sexy Lesley…..did young Kevin here…..size up ok?” He said smiling at the giggly 49 year old. “Rob….a girl never tells….heehee. Kevies lovely. My friend.” She said taking him by the hand and placing it in her lap, coveting him. ‘We had a lovely night….didn’t we Kevie?” “Sright…..lovely. No sleep…t’all. Knackered…n pissed now. Haha””Bet you enjoyed her…..oral skills!…. I taught her well. Didn’t i Lesley.?” “Heehee. Rob. Your embarrassing me”Kevin, sitting on Lesley’s right hand side, noticed the older mans hand resting on her thigh, just above her knee. She made no move, at all, to remove it. She was holding her wine glass, to her chest, and was very close to spilling some down her front. She was wearing a halter neck tee shirt, showing a little bit of cleavage….a denim skirt, riding about four inches above her knee. And no underwear. He knew this, from the journey into town when he had frigged her pussy on the way in. She giggled when they had mucked about, like teenagers, him trying to get something a girl try’s to stop. She just didn’t seem to care. Right now, he watched the hand, waiting for it to move…upwards. He had realised the relationship between the two of them, when she had told him the latest instalment in a saga that he wasn’t quite privy to all the details of. Rob had sat and listened while she told him the details of Ernie Hedley and her parentage. He offered her sympathy and a shoulder to cry on, then poured her more wine, changing the subject to something more happy. Sex. Rob, ever the smooth operator, included Kevin in all conversation, making him feel totally at ease with the ménage a’ trois to be. He asked Kevin, simple, friendly questions…getting him comfortable with the possibility of all three of them having a really close, afternoon. Getting Lesley’s tongue loose was important to how things panned out. If he could get her tactile with both of them….he knew he’d won. Leaving his hand on her knee while getting her talking about sex, was the first step. If only Kevin would follow his example….well! “Now….come on. What about those lads…on the stag do…can’t think of his name…one was called Ryan. He wanted to take you home with him…..to teach his wife how to suck him off!.. Can you believe that Kevin…..haha. True…All true. And she learned from me..tell him Lesley. Am I lying?” Lesley drained her glass, and the bottle was immediately filling it up, even before it stopped wobbling on the table. “Yesh Kevie. Sall troof…. Rob taught me…all of it. He seduced he…n turned me into his slut… heehee””Now, Lesley. Tell the truth….who seduced who? Tell Kevin the truth””Hic….” She leaned over and gave Kevin a big wet kiss, taking his hand and pulling it into her lap again, just tighter. “Well…..I might have started it…heehee hic….he flashed his big willy at me…and well, I hadn’t seen one that escort ödemiş big….so….I had to see if it was real…heehee…hic””You naughty little girl” Kevin teased, noting Robs hand slightly higher. “Kevie it was thish big” she said, taking her hand out of his and holding both hands about a foot apart, not exaggerating the size of cock by much. “Troof…this big. Heehee.””And you just had to suck it””Yip….a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do” and she near fell apart laughing, not noticing a hand riding high on both thighs. Rob caught Kevin’s eye and winked at him. Kevin got the message. His cock twitched at the realisation. “My glash is empty….””Here, drink mine” Kevin offered, not being a big wine drinker. She took it, gratefully. “Then what about when you got your wax?””Eeeee. That was….wow….Kevie….Lesley was a bad girl….a naughty…little….slutty….girl.””Come on….spill the beans, dirty, slutty, girl!” “Mmmm Lesley had sexy lezzy sex with two girls. Wow. Squirted all over the place…fuck that was hot””And…Kevin….that’s when she got this, properly smooth for the first time” he said, lifting her denim skirt up and running his fingers over her mound. Her legs spreading as if by magic. “Mmmm I think you’ve went back to the razor…haven’t you?” He continued, noticing the, not as smooth as a wax, mons Veneris. “Rob…shorry….didn’t have time. Kevie was coming down and it was growing in….you told me all men love a smooth pussy…heehee. Just….got the razor out””It’s fine sexy girl…..it’s a lovely pusssy..isn’t it Kevin” “It’s fucking insatiable…I know that” he replied laughing, not taking his eyes away from Robs fingers….rubbing her clit ring, her legs still wide open and accessible.”Yes Kevin it is that. She’s my sexiest girl ever. Aren’t you gorgeous?” “I’m not gorgish.” She giggled, drunkenly. “You are too us…isn’t she Kevin” he said winking once more. Kevin, looking round, seeing they were quite secluded, leaned forward and spiller Lesley’s pierced breast out of her tee shirt. “Sure thing Rob….gorgeous…ans sexy as fuck!” He quipped, catching on fast as to what was going down here. He rolled the erect nipple, squeezing in tightly as he knew from last night experience how she liked it. “Mmmm fuck…you two…what are you like…” she said, rolling towards Kevin’s shoulder as Rob slid two fingers deep into her pussy, eliciting a continuous moan of pleasure. “Fuuuucccckkkk” escaping her lips, getting louder. “Lesley…Lesley…Lesley. What shall we do with you?….””Don’t please….don’t stop…close… God….Kevie…so sorry, I’m pissed..n so tucking horny…tis Rob…gets me going…fuck, it’s…so….ooooh”Kevin could hear the squishy noise, as the older mans fingers, plunged her sticky cunt, and strummed her pierced love bud. Looking at her face, her eyes seemed to be rolling on her sockets. When he pinched her nipple hard, her jaw shook and wavered. With Robs continued near fisting of her, it wasn’t long until Kevin felt her body gently vibrate, and shudder. In case she screamed, he placed a hand gently over her mouth, not realising that that would restrict her oxygen, hence heightening her orgasm, similar to when both Rob and Mcpeevie near choked her with their cocks. Those times, had made her cum with such velocity that she had passed out. It happened again. With skirt round her waist, and breast hanging out, she gushed over the bench seat she lay on. Kevin had never seen anything like it. Rob, obviously had. He watched as fluid jetted out of her and onto his left leg, but mainly onto Robs leg and the bench chair. The smell of sex was unmistakeable. “Good girl….that’s my sexy little slutty Lesley!” Said a beaming Rob. A bit of mess on his leg, not bothering him one bit. His words were only heard by Kevin, Lesley having a temporary sex induced sleep. “You ok with this Kevin….she loves it. I know her only too well. Believe me in all my years I’ve never known someone so sexual. I was thinking….maybe…get her back to mine…maybe a threesome?… Ever had one?” “Er…..no, I haven’t…..you sure about this..look at her, she’s out cold””You stopped her breathing…temporary. Starved her brain, just as she came. That’s the result….she fucking loves it. Look at my trousers..and yours. Ever seen a bird gush as much?” “Fuck, no….never. Fucking amazing.”.What do you think she’d be like with my cock in her cunt and yours up her arse….think of that my friend…..she’ll cum so hard you’ll never want to leave….how’s that sound?” Kevin’s cock was fit to explode. He was still playing with the u*********s girls nipple as Rob cleaned her up with a beer towel. “Let’s fucking do it!” “Good man….I’ve got plenty viagra, we can fuck the dirty bitch all night””Does for me, fuck, this is…..crazy” he laughed, adjusting his pants. “I’ll get a taxi…see she’s coming round. Get her tit away n sit the bitch up” “Ok Rob…hi Lesley…you ok””So…..horny””Don’t you worry gorgeous..me and Robs gonna sort you out””Oh..goodie, can I have another drinky, first.?” “Yes, precious. Time for one. Then we’ll get you back to mine and look after you””Mmmmm will my big Al, be there too?…..he’s got a big willy…heehee…big fat willy!” “Maybe Lesley….maybe” Rob said, shrugging his shoulders….saying to Kevin…..’I fucking told you….,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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