Long Lost Friends

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They hadn’t seen each other since college, nearly fifteen years ago. They’d all been best of friends since high school and had double-dated numerous times. After graduation, careers had taken them in different directions. All that remained the same was that Danny and Charlotte were still together, as were Will and Marissa. Both couples were married a few years after college, but neither were able to attend the other’s nuptials, even though they had once been so close. Initially, they’d all kept in touch, but as time went on, contact became less until it dwindled to none. And now, with no prior concurrence, both couples had decided to attend their twenty-year high school reunion, which for the first time in years brought them back to their hometown at the same time.

Danny and Will had met in junior high school and had become fast friends. Charlotte and Marissa had not known one another prior to dating the boys. They subsequently became friends.

The four reconnected at the Friday night dinner prior to the actual Saturday night reunion. Neither couple knew the other would be in town for the festivities. Even after so many years, the women recognized each other, and were more than happy to see one another. Their embrace was heartfelt.

“Oh, my, Charlotte,” Marissa said excitedly, “How long has it been?”

“Way too long.”

Danny and Will were not far behind, and warmly shook hands.

And then the men greeted the other’s wife. Will and Charlotte hugged.

Danny, who had always had an eye for Marissa, said, “You’re as gorgeous as ever. And yet, you’re still with this loser.” With a grin, he jerked his thumb at Will, then gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“As charming as ever,” Marissa shot back. But she did hug him.

The four sat together during the mediocre dinner. Having to listen to the seemingly endless stream of boring reminiscences from their former classmates preempted any opportunities for them to catch up, so when it finally ended, Will suggested they all go to his and Marissa’s hotel suite to become reacquainted.

The wine served at the dinner was poor, so Danny ordered a couple of bottles of a nice Cabernet from room service. The suite was huge. Will made an excuse about the excessive hotel accommodations by saying that he and Marissa did not travel much, so when they did, they liked to splurge. The suite had two sofas that faced one another and were separated by a coffee table. Danny made certain to sit across from Marissa, who wore a short dress and still had a great pair of legs to show off.

This was in no way to say that Danny was dissatisfied with Charlotte. He absolutely was not. He loved her very much, she was as beautiful as Marissa, as desirable as Marissa, and had as great a pair of legs as Marissa. However, he’d always had an attraction to Marissa, but that’s all it had ever been.

Once all were seated, wine glasses in hand, conversation began.

“So, what have you guys been up to?” Charlotte asked.

“Surviving life,” Marissa casually answered.

“You two still work for the same firm?” Danny asked.

“Yes,” Will responded. He and his wife were lawyers.

“Is it difficult working together?” Danny wanted to know.

“We have separate offices down the hall from each other,” Marissa explained. “We rarely work on the same case.” She uncrossed her legs and re-crossed the opposite leg.

Of course, Danny caught it. All he saw was leg, but there was just something about a nice pair of legs in a short dress.

“Hell, most days we don’t even see each other unless we have lunch together, or until we leave for home,” Will added. “What about the two of you?”

With a grin, Danny said, “We definitely don’t see each other during the day. I watch the weather all day.” He was a meteorologist. “And Charlotte’s at the university most of the day.” She was a teacher.

“University?” Marissa questioned. “You’re teaching college now?”

“Yeah. A couple of years now,” Charlotte said.

“Is that better than elementary or secondary?” Marissa followed up.

Charlotte shrugged. “It’s probably just different.” She smirked. “Just kids of a different age.”

“Are they any different than we were at that age?”

Now Charlotte laughed. “What did we do? Park on Lover’s Lane and smooch. Now, they go all the way.”

They all laughed.

“I wouldn’t have minded going all the way back then,” Danny admitted.

“Nor I,” Will agreed.

“I think we all did,” Marissa confessed. “But we were too afraid.”

“You wanted to go all the way?” Charlotte asked in amazement.

“Come on, Charlotte,” Marissa shot back, “all those nights we spent in the back of a car, swapping spit, and doing almost everything else except going all the way. Feeling Will’s hard… dick… through his pants, him caressing my breasts. The wet spots on his and Danny’s pants. Hell, I would even have to change my panties when I got home, they were so wet.”

“Wow! That was vivid!” bahçeşehir escort Charlotte commented.

“So, yeah, I wanted to go all the way. But nice girls like us didn’t go all the way.”

“I guess I thought about it, too,” Charlotte confessed. “But apparently not to the extent, or not with as much–” she bobbed her head from side to side “–desire as you.”

Marissa shrugged. “Guess I was just horny.”

“You still are!” Will quipped with a grin.


“Either of you guys want to make a confession?” Charlotte asked.

“The mention of all those nights in the car swapping spit had me remembering,” Danny said. “Listening to the two of you going at it was pretty exciting. I mean, it sounded hot, and like you two were doing more than you were. And while I was also having the time of my life with this beautiful woman–” he gestured to his wife “–there was a part of me that wanted to be back there with Marissa. I even snuck peeks back at you guys, and your kissing alone was pretty hot. I’m sorry, Charlotte. I never had any other interest in, nor did I pursue Marissa behind your back, nor did she and I ever do anything–“

“Absolutely not,” Marissa chimed in.

“Relax, both of you,” Charlotte said. “I never had any worries about the two of you. And I agree with you, Danny, I was listening to them also, and it maybe helped me get into it a little more with you. But sorry, Will, I never wanted to be back there with you.”

“No worries,” Will said with a smile. He glanced at his wife, then asked, “How about now?”

“Now? What do you mean now?”

“Well, I’ve noticed Danny has been eyeing Marissa all night. He made sure to sit across from her, no doubt to look at her in that smashing dress, so I would guess he still would like to, you know, be ‘back there with’ her.”

“Will, no, I don’t–“

“It’s okay, Danny,” Marissa said.

“What does that have to do with me?” Charlotte asked.

Both Danny and Charlotte noticed Will and Marissa strangely glance at one another and nod.

“What’s going on here?” Charlotte pressed.

“We, uh… Will and I, that is… we’ve been, uh, considering looking for–” Marissa paused for a deep breath “–looking for another couple to try a foursome.”

“A foursome?” Danny repeated.

“You mean, a foursome as in have sex with another couple?” Charlotte asked for clarification.

“That’s, uh, exactly what we mean,” Marissa confirmed.

“Why? Are you two having marital problems?” Charlotte asked.

Marissa chuckled. “Oh, no, no, not at all. We still love each other very much. We just thought it would spice things up. I mean, there’s nothing really wrong with our sex life.”

“But it has gotten to be kind of routine,” Will added.

“So, what do you guys think?” Marisa asked.

“So, you think doing it with another couple will spice things up?”

“We hope so. We’ve read some articles about people who have done that with positive results.”

“Why are you telling us?” Charlotte wanted to know. “You want our opinion?”

Now, Will chuckled. “No, we were thinking who else would we want to do it with.”

“You want to do it with us?” Danny asked with incredulity.

“When we started thinking about it,” Will went on to explain, “we naturally considered couples back home we were friends with. But the ones who were our closest friends we felt fairly certain wouldn’t do it, and of the ones that might, well, they were ones we didn’t want to do it with.”

“And we didn’t want to just do it with strangers,” Marissa added.

“Of course, not,” Charlotte remarked, almost flippantly. “How did you decide on us?”

“When we first received the notices about the reunion,” Will told them, “we started reminiscing about high school, and of course, we immediately remembered you two and all the good times we had with you. We actually felt bad that we didn’t keep in touch.”

Marissa once again switched her crossed legs, but Danny thought, she curiously did not tug down the hem of her dress.

“Anyway,” Will went on, “we decided to come to the reunion and hoped you guys would be here.”

“Why didn’t you just call us?” Danny asked, trying hard not to keep eying Marissa’s legs.

“We were too nervous,” Will admitted. “Every time we thought we would call, we chickened out. It wasn’t until we saw you at the dinner that we knew for sure we wanted to pursue this.”

“With two people you haven’t seen or been in touch with for years?” Charlotte questioned, suspiciously. “You don’t want to do it with strangers, but we’re almost like strangers.”

“No, you’re not. You’re just as you were back then,” Marissa said. “You’ve hardly changed.”

“Well, I have to say,” Charlotte said, “I’ve never had any thoughts about doing a foursome, or even a threesome. And I’ve certainly never considered cheating on Danny.”

“Nor I on Charlotte,” Danny agreed.

“So, bahçeşehir escort bayan does that mean you’re not interested?” Marissa had to ask.

“I don’t know what I am,” Charlotte responded with a shrug. “Certainly flabbergasted. But at least you guys were upfront and didn’t just try to seduce us.”

“Well, if you’re going to do it, we would want you to do it because you wanted to, not because we seduced you.”

“And yet, you’re teasing Danny by showing off your legs,” Charlotte accused, though not maliciously.

Marissa glanced down at her legs, much of which were exposed. “Sorry, I’m not used to wearing such short dresses.” She chuckled. “Though I do have to admit, and I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I used to always wonder how big Danny’s dick was.”

“Excuse me?”

“Come on, Charlotte, all those nights parked in the car, I got to where I couldn’t help feeling Will’s dick through his pants. And I was amazed at how big he was–is. So, naturally, I was curious about Danny.”

“Wow, Marissa, you’re revealing–in more ways than one–things about yourself I never knew.”

“Not really. We just haven’t seen each other in so long, you’re getting it all at once.”

Charlotte noticed her husband imperceptibly adjust his dick in his pants. She wasn’t really surprised he was getting an erection. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, Danny?”

“What? What do you mean?”

Charlotte pointed to his crotch. “I saw you fix yourself. I’m sure Marissa did, too.”

“Well, at least he’s interested,” Marissa noted.

“Are you, Danny?” Charlotte asked. “Are you interested?”

“It is a stimulating conversation.”

“Is it just the conversation, Danny? Or Marissa showing off her legs? Or the fact that she wants to see your dick?”

“Well, I guess if I’m being honest, Charlotte, it’s all of it,” Danny admitted.

“Look, I’m sorry if we’ve offended the two of you,” Marissa offered. “That honestly was not our intention.”

“No, I’m sorry, Marissa,” Charlotte offered after a moment’s consideration. “We’ve just never had a conversation like this with anyone, so it’s a little… I don’t know… unreal, but I also have to agree with Danny. It’s also somewhat stimulating. So, you want to see his dick.” Charlotte turned to Will. “You’re quiet, Will. You okay with your wife wanting to see my husband’s dick.”

“Well, to be truthful,” Will said, “I’d like to see your tits. It always looked like you had, and still have, nice breasts.”

Charlotte started laughing. “And next you’ll say you want to lick my pussy,” she added facetiously.

“Yes, I absolutely would.”

She was still laughing. “Of course, you would.”

“Charlotte,” Will said, “if you’re uncomfortable with this, just say so, and we’ll change the subject, or if you prefer, we’ll leave. But don’t say no until you two think about it and talk to each other.”

Charlotte frowned and gave them a stern look. “Okay, where are Will and Marissa and what have you done with them? You sure you guys aren’t just messing with us liked you used to do?”

“We’re very serious.”

“What do you think about your best friend wanting to see your wife’s tits?” Charlotte asked her husband.

“His wife wants to see my dick, so…” he shrugged. “As long as everybody seems to want to see something, I wouldn’t mind seeing her tits, either.”

So, without hesitation, thinking they had their friends moving in the right direction, Marissa slowly peeled the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and pulled the top of her dress down to expose her large breasts.

“And there they are,” Charlotte noted.

Danny didn’t try to hide staring. Marissa’s tits were amazing, nice, and round. They were not bigger than Charlotte’s, nor particularly better. But they were nice to look at, especially given the way she displayed them.

Charlotte couldn’t really blame Danny because of Will’s and particularly Marissa’s peculiar behavior. But even though odd, there was something erotic about it. The situation took another step in that direction as Will undid his belt and pants, slid down his zipper, pulled out his cock and started stroking it.

“Sorry, I get horny when I see my wife’s tits,” Will said.

Of course, Charlotte’s eyes widened, less because of what Will was doing, but rather, he had an impressive cock, long and straight. It didn’t seem bigger than Danny’s, but it was enticing to watch.

And if that wasn’t enough, Marissa now hiked up her dress to her waist, pulled aside one leg of her panties and started fingering her pussy. “Sorry. When I see Will’s cock, I can’t help myself.”

With that, Danny blatantly moved his dick around in his pants, even rubbing it through the material a few times.

Will and Marissa didn’t want to seduce Charlotte and Danny, but they had no shame in teasing them.

And it was all getting to be more than even Charlotte could take. escort bahçeşehir She scooted closer to her husband and placed her own hand over his rock-hard cock. It felt delightful, so she unabashedly, one-handedly undid his belt and pants, slid his zipper down and pulled out his cock which was already producing clear pre-cum.

Charlotte intentionally looked over at Marissa, who was watching intently, swiped the pre-cum with her finger and licked it off with her tongue. Marissa merely smiled and winked her approval.

With her dress effectively around her waist and the rest of her body exposed, Marissa turned, laid on her stomach and slid her mouth over her husband’s cock. Will let out a helpless moan of pleasure.

With his cock in his wife’s hand, which felt glorious given what else was going on, Danny leaned over and whispered in Charlotte’s ear, “Are we doing this?”

“You want to, don’t you?”

“What do you want to do?”

“Well, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t erotic.”

Their eyes were locked on Marissa blowing Will the entire time.

Of course, the situation was so arousing and stimulating that Danny was swept in. He would love for it to proceed and see where it would go. But he also didn’t want to seem eager. He really wanted Charlotte to make the decision.

She saw the way he was looking at her. “You’re waiting for me to decide, aren’t you?”

He shrugged. “It’s either no, and we move on; or let it proceed and see where it goes.”

Instead, she did nothing. And when she let go of Danny’s dick, Marissa eased off the sofa, crawled over to Danny, gently held his cock, and then slid her lips over it.

Danny could not help but moan his pleasure, and Charlotte strangely found it exciting to watch.

Meanwhile, Will stood and stepped over to Charlotte, his big cock pointing the way. He didn’t stop until the tip of his dick touched her lips. She merely looked up at him, and he twisted his hips slightly, which caused the head of his rod to rub against her mouth. Her tongue somewhat involuntarily poked out and swiped his peehole. He applied a little bit of pressure against her lips, and that was all that was necessary for her to open her mouth and allow his cock to slide in.

Oral was a somewhat regular part of Charlotte and Danny’s sex life. However, having a cock with a different taste and feel was actually thrilling. So much so, that she let it slip out of her mouth only to push his pants down until they dropped to his ankles. In that moment, she took a quick glance to the other end of the sofa and recognized the pure lust on her husband’s face from when she sucked him as he succumbed to the obvious talent of Marissa’s mouth. Charlotte grabbed Will’s dick at the base, aimed it at her lips and devoured it.

Danny noticed Charlotte glance over at he and Marissa. He tried to maintain his composure and not appear to be enjoying it so much, but he couldn’t help it, Marissa’s oral skills were amazing. She was blowing his dick, but she was also blowing his mind. He tried not to let the thought enter his head that she was so much better at sucking cock than Charlotte, and that was saying something because he’d never had any complaints about his wife’s abilities.

For Will, just having a different mouth on his rod was enough of a thrill. He considered it too difficult to even make a comparison because their techniques were so different. He reached down to attempt to unbutton her dress but could only manage the first two. Still, it was enough to worm his hand inside to fondle her breast.

“Mmmm,” Charlotte purred, then pushed Will back to finish undoing her dress herself.

As soon as she did, Will eagerly pulled each part aside to expose her lacy bra and bikini panties. Now, he was able to caress both boobs. Gently, he pinched her nipples through the material, but he wanted more, so he reached behind her to unclasp her bra. She did not resist, and even held out her arms so he could pull it completely off.

With a grin, Charlotte grabbed her breasts and closed them around Will’s cock. He naturally started fucking her tits. She almost couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying this considering she’d been so surprised when Will and Marissa first brought it up.

Out of the corner of his eye, Danny caught his wife undoing her dress and his friend unclasping her bra. He wasn’t sure what he should or how he did feel seeing the other man slide his cock between Charlotte’s ample tits. For sure, he was aroused by the sight, but he also thought he should maybe feel some jealousy. However, having another woman giving him the blowjob of his life took that feeling away. Perhaps there was some comfort in the fact that the other couple were not strangers, particularly since it didn’t seem as though Will and Marissa had changed much, either–aside from their new sexual openness.

When he and Charlotte had sex, once they each came, they were done. As spectacular as Marissa was, she could have Danny coming in no time. He didn’t know how far this even would go, but he didn’t want to come now and be done, so he maneuvered Marissa to stand, boldly tugged her dress down so she could step out of it, walked her over to the other sofa, and sat her down. He quickly stepped out of his pants, and then knelt, spread her legs, and dove on her pussy.

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