Love, Lust, and Incest

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It has been said that we make our own life by the choices we make. Some good some bad. I made a choice some time ago that changed my life and I am here to say it was not only a good choice it was a wonderful choice.

I am a single mother of two beautiful teens. Bryan age eighteen and Norman age nineteen. Both are going to college out of state next fall. But the summer is for me to enjoy my sons before they are off into the world.

I am forty two years old and a widow of six years. My husband left us very comfortable. I have made my sons my priority in life and have not dated since my husband death. However that changed last May just before the boys were to graduate from high school.

A man I knew in high school moved back to Valley Town after being away for many years. His wife died and he moved back here. He has no children but came to know my boys through the school baseball team as he is an avid fan and goes to every game. Just by chance we came to sit next to one another at a game. I of course recognized him and he me. I was intent on watching the boys getting ready to play when I noticed a pair of trousers standing next to me. Looking up I looked up into the face of Denny Wheeler. I had once been kissed by this man at a party. We were playing spin the bottle. The kiss did not seem to make much difference to him but to me it was one of those things I have never forgotten.

He smiled and said “Well as I live and breathe if it isn’t Honey my kissing friend of high school.” I stood and took the hand he offered me and said “Welcome home.”

Through out the game we talked of old times and some not so old times. He asked me out and I accepted not even thinking of what my boys might say or feel about me dating.

After the game we went down to meet the boys and I introduced my sons to Denny. They already knew him as he had made a donation to the school for new uniforms. The boys were happy to see that I and Denny were old friends. Later that night after dinner I told the boys Denny had asked me out and I had accepted. Both surprised me by smiling and saying it as about time I moved on with my life. The boys seemed so grown up about my starting to see another man.

It was Friday and after my shower I was standing in my bedroom in front of a full length mirror looking at my five foot ten inch, one hundred and fifty pound frame. My breasts are some what pointed and not so prone to stand out as they once did. My long legs have always been my best and sexiest part of my anatomy.
My rump is firm round and as my husband had called it “Black woman ass. But a great ass.” My waist is small and this accents my hips to make for a hell of a nice figure. My face is broad shouting my germen heritage. My mouth is wide; my lips are full and well formed. I am I think a lovely lady for a forty something year old.

I was thinking of my date that would be here to pick me up in an hour or so. He is broad shouldered, handsome, very intelligent and seems to be well off. He drives an expensive car and his cloths are all tailor made. However he was shorter than me. I wondered if that would make any difference to either of us later. While standing there naked in my dream state I had run a hand down into the thick tangle of dark hair that forms a vee between my legs.

Over the last six years I had only masturbated a few times but I felt like it now. I wondered if Denny would find me attractive and want to make love to me. What should I do if he made a pass? We are not kids we have both been married and we know about sex. Should I let him kiss me, should I let him do anything on the first date? What if he does not like me and this is only a one night date. Maybe there will not be another date. Should I let him know I want to see him again? But them how do I know I want to see him again. He may turnout to be a less than I want out of life. My God I am jumping way ahead of myself. But on second thought I could use a good fuck. I stood there looking at my self and was embarrassed by my own thoughts.

Searching around I found a half bra that lifted and held my breasts out like a pair of offerings. Maybe that is want I wanted to do. The dress was not tight but it did hang very close and it followed my cures well. A little of this and a little of that and I was ready. I wondered if he will notice I was not wearing panties.


One thing I did not know till some time later was that both boys had been watching me stand naked before the mirror feeling my clitoris. I would learn this later as we all came to know one another intimately. I was headed down a road of choices, choices I would make and in doing so enrich my life for ever. In the next few months I would learn that my sons had for many months been secretly watching me in my shower and in my bedroom. Together they and mounted a video camera in the air vents so they could see their mother naked. It was a surprise to me that my own sons had feeling for me in a sexual way. I would pendik escort also soon learn that love, lust and incest are only a hairs breath apart.

Denny picked me up and after a few minutes talking to the boys we were off to the Riverside restaurant. The Riverside is an elegant place. It is a motel, restaurant, and dancing lounge. The restaurant looking down over the river as do most of the motel rooms. The lounge is built out over the river, there are even tables out on the deck where you can dance and drink in the cool of the evening.

After dinner we moved to the outside deck and ordered drinks and watched the sun go down. Denny was an easy dancer guiding me around the floor flawlessly. I could feel the strength in his arms as we danced. I had worn low heels so I would not tower over him. However I don’t think he would have minded if I were six two. Denny was a strong man in body and his feeling for life. He was at ease with himself. I also felt very good just being around him.

I did not notice when the drinks took me over. But I started to feel very warm and aroused by this man I had not seen for many years. Denny asked me if I wanted to go and I told him I thought the drinks were getting to me and maybe we should call it a night.

The ride home was only thirty minutes but I fell asleep and did not wake till I we were in my driveway. Denny helped me out of the car and into the house. I was feeling very foolish for getting drunk. The house was dark and I thought the boys were out on dates. So when Denny helped me up stairs to my bedroom I kind of acted drunker than I really was. Denny laid me on the bed and said he would wait downstairs till the boys got home. I told him no, wait here and in bed next to me. He turned out the lights and as he lay next to me he said “I hope the boys don’t get home too soon.”

In the next few minutes we undressed one another. Naked he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I reached for his erection that was pressed up between my legs. It felt good and I held it for a long time. It was hot in my hand. I could not remember the last time I held a throbbing cock in my hand. I wanted to do more than hold it I wanted to suck it deep in my throat. I wanted to feel the soft skin with my tongue and if let me I wanted to suck him off and taste his creamy cum. I wanted to drink every drop. I wanted to show him I was a fucking cocksucker of the first order.

I had sucked my first cock in my freshmen year at FSU and had found I had a fondness for it. It was not until my third year at college that I lost my cherry. I had gotten drunk that night too. I was at a party in one of the sorority houses and my date had me up in a bedroom where I happily suck him off. But as I was finishing him off another boy came in and I gladly sucked him off too. But boys will be boys and before I could finish off the second boy my date got behind me and rammed his cock in my pussy ripping away my virginity.
Denny lay back as I ask and let me have my fill of sucking cock before he shot a load of sweet creamy sperm into my hungry mouth. I was so happy with just feeling his cock in my mouth and the taste of his sperm that I just drifted off into dream land his sperm still seeping from my mouth.

I woke and found myself alone naked on top of the sheets. It took my eyes a few minutes to focus on the clock on the night stand. Its little red number told me it was two forth five Am. I started to pull the sheet up and return to sleep when I heard voices.

My sons were home and talking in the hallway out side my door. Norman was saying. “Bryan don’t try it Mom will wake up and she will be fit to kill you.” Bryan said “Bullshit; I have wanted to fuck Mom for a long time and now is my chance. If she wakes up then she will find out her son is a true Mother fucker and if she don’t then Norman you can have seconds. Mom will think Denny fucked her in the morning and never know the difference.”

I blinked in the dark wondering if I was dreaming or still drunk. My sons wanted to fuck me as Bryan said. Both my sons were out side my door talking about screwing me while I am still in a drunken state…

I thought if I make noise they will see I have awaken and go back to bed and not take advantage of my helpless drunken state. But was I really helpless maybe not I was fully awake now. But what would I say to the boys in the morning, could I say “Well boys I heard you talking last night about wanting to fucking me. What do you have to say for yourselves?”

Just then the door open and I quickly closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep. It was stupid I thought but now I know that it was a choice that changed my life.

The bed shook as weight was put upon it. Norman said “Bryan your crazy as shit.” Without opening my eyes I knew it was Bryan pulling the sheet down off my naked body. I was on my side but he took me by the hips and rolled me onto my back. Just for an instant I felt tuzla escort a shiver of embarrassment. The thought of my son looking at my naked body with lust in his eyes was strange yet I felt a kind of arousal that gave me a tingle deep in my gut. I almost gasped out load as he parted my legs. Bryan lifted one leg with a strong arm and moved between my legs. He was holding his weight off me with the other arm but after a few probes from his jerking hips I felt the tip of a very manly cock touch my wet pussy lips. He felt it too and knew his cock was touching the opening of his mother pussy. He pressed forward and the tip of his cock head rested well into the opening. There he stopped as he savored the feeling of my wet pussy on his cock. I thought just for a moment he was going to stop and withdraw.

In a strange way I was almost disappointed. Then he lowered his hips and I felt the swollen head pass deeper into me. It was totally involuntary but I lifted my hips to take him into me. It took my breath away it was so exciting and wonderful. Bryan lifted my leg higher and pressed down shooting a long stiff cock to the bottom of my cunt. I let out a gasp as he hit bottom followed by an “Oh, god.” I could not keep my eyes closed any longer. Opening my eyes I looked up into the face of my youngest son. “Oh God Bryan what are you doing?”

He smiled and said “Giving my mother the best fuck of her life.” His words were full of confidence and enthusiasm. “Oh, Bryan no you must stop this is not right.” My mouth was saying words by my arms were around his neck now and I was bouncing up under him wanting more of his stiffened cock. He heard my words but read my actions and drove deeper and faster into me. I reached back and took the cheeks on his ass in my hands. I pulled him hard to me wiggling under him getting as much of his throbbing cock as I could. The rush I was feeling was one that I had not felt since I was a kid learning of sex from my first lover. I arched my back throwing my body up into his thrusting cock, he hit bottom again and I cried out “Fuck me Bryan, God all mighty; fuck me.” He cried “Yes mom, yes Mom I will fuck you senseless.” My climax came rushing out of me like a river I wet Bryan and the bed as if I had taken a piss. Bryan followed with his own explosion. I felt the warmth of his sperm filing me. He went on and on till I thought he would never stop. Our fluids mixed and flowed free from my cavity. Bryan came to a stop and let my leg drop heavily on the bed. He smiled down at me and rolled off.

I was unable to move or speak. I saw Norman standing next to the bed with a hard on. He was taller than Bryan but not so husky. He was the older brother that let his younger brother take the lead in their lives. Norman had become the follower. He wanted to follow in Bryan’s foot steps but yet did not want to hurt me or fuck me as his brother had without my permission. I could see torment in his eyes as he waited for a sign from me.

I smiled and lifted my hand toward him. A smile filled his face as he moved toward me. His cock was there in my hand. My fingers curled around it lovingly. It was warm to the touch and so smooth the skin was so soft but the muscle under the skin was hard as rock. It throbbed with coursing blood pumping through it. Lifting my shoulders and turning I moved close to him. As I looked at this beautiful cock the thought that I had already sucked one cock off in the past few hours made me smile. I wanted to make this something special for Norman. I pulled him closer and opened my mouth. Norman moved up on the bed so I would have easy access to his throbbing cock.
Over the next few minutes I licked, sucked and lovingly caressed my son’s cock with my tongue and fingers. Cupping his heavy balls in one hand I slipped the other hand farther under him. Finding his tiny puckered butt hole I wormed a finger into it. I had forgotten all about Bryan I was so engrossed in the hope of making Norman happy.

I felt Bryan slip up in back of me, spooning with me. His raging cock was hot as it slipped between my legs. He worked his cock back into my cunt and held me by both hips. Something came over me and I turned to Bryan and said “Put your fucking cock in my ass Dear.” “Well God damn it my Mom wants her fucking ass fucked. Mom you are going to be so great for us from now on. I’ll fuck your ass, you cocksucker, I’ll fuck you till you turn blue.” Bryan said. He changed for my wet pussy to my ass and as I was about to get my reward from Norman Bryan slipped his sizeable cock up my tender ass. It must have been a surprise for both boys because they both came off at the same moment. I felt Bryan shot in my ass as Norman filled my mouth with sweet warm sperm. They jerked and shot me full of the sweetest come I had ever enjoyed. I was full of love for my sons and they were filling me up with there love.

After a few minutes of complete stillness I told them both to go to their rooms ataşehir escort and let me shower and sleep till morning.


I woke slowly my mind in a fog. I was not sure how much was dream, how much was desire and how much was real. Cramps in my gut told me the fucking was real. As I sat up my bowels felt full and there seemed to be a great deal of air in me. I knew that feeling and I knew it was not air. I had been fucked in the ass as well. My mouth tasted like sour milk. God the cocksucking was real as well. I had sucked Denny off; sucked off one of my sons and let the other screwed me twice, once being in the ass. Damn I was being a whore.

I slipped into terry cloth rob and went down to the kitchen. The boys had the coffee maker working. They both smiled and Bryan poured me a cup of coffee. In unison they said “Morning Mom.” I wanted to speak but no words came out. My hands started to shake; I had to set the cup down. My legs felt weak so I sat down. Norman came to me. He put an arm around my shoulders and asked if I was alright. “Hell yes,” I stammered. “I always feel good after being raped by my sons.” Bryan laughed and said “Sure we raped you and you freely sucked Norman off and asked me to fuck your lovely ass all under duress.”

Even Norman smiled at Bryans words. “Mom we may have started it but you were more than willing for us to continue.” Norman said.
I let my head fall to my crossed arms on the table and closed my eyes. Of course the boys were right I had wanted it and even encouraged them for more. It was a choice and I was about to make another. Norman was kneeling next to my chair. He slipped his hand inside the loose rob and cupped a hanging breast. His finger milked it twisting the nipple between his fingers. I liked his hand on me and I was fast becoming aroused. Bryan was standing across the table watching everything very closely.

I straightened up. My rob fell open letting both my breasts out in plain sight. Norman was still cupping one. Bryan said “Nice tits Mom. You got a great fucking body. I think we all should go up to your room and have a little party. What do you say Mom?” “No please, I am very sore from last night. Let’s wait till later OK?” I asked. The boys agreed and they said they really needed to go out any way. Norman kissed me on the cheek and told me I should rest and take it easy today. He was very concerned for how I was feeling. Bryan came around the table, grabbed a tit squeezed it hard and kissed me on the mouth. He said I should get well rested because they both were looking forward to fucking me later. As he was going out the back door he turned back and said “Norman wants his turn as your fine ass.”

I was alone, thinking and enjoying my second cup of coffee when the phone rang. It was Denny. He asked how I was and seemed truly concerned. I said I was very embarrassed about last night. He told me not to be. He had a great time and hoped I did too. He said he wanted to see me again. Then he asked me out for dinner again. I accepted and he said he would pick me up at seven.

The boys did not come back at noon so I fixed myself a sandwich. I took it up to my room and while I soaked in a deep tub of hot water I had the sandwich. The water turned my body blood red and it felt so good. I even fell asleep for a few minutes. I was so tired I got out and could hardly walk to the bed.

I woke after six. I remembered Denny was going to be here at seven so dashed around getting dressed. The boys were still not home so I wrote them a note. I told them not to wait up as I may be late.

Denny told me he had bought the old Underwood house. It had been a show place at one time. But I was sure the renovations would take some time. He said he was living in his motor home in a RV park just out of town till the work was done. I had never been in a motor home but had heard they were really nice so I asked him to show it to me after dinner.

We ate slowly and he did not mention last night at all so neither did I. a couple of drinks and we were off to the RV Park.
The coach as he called it was wonderful inside. It had every thing a home had except it was smaller. The bed was a large queen and Denny laid me down gently after we had dropped our clothing all over the place.

He cradled me in his arms and kissed me. He was so strong; I found his cock and let my hands send all kind of visions to my brain. He rolled me over on my back as I opened my legs for him. He found my pussy wet, hot and very needy. Denny started slowly and worked a strong hard cock deep inside of me. I could feel it every inch of the way. He held his weight off me and yet worked his hips up and down letting me get the full range of is wonderful cock. It was not long before I started to feel that warm rush start in my guts working up to my mouth letting I it out in the form of a joyous moan as I climaxed for the first time.

Denny let me enjoy my climax long and deep before he let go with his own. His cock jerked and hit bottom. The warmth of his sperm was like a small fire burning inside of me. He was tight and every muscle showed in his face and shoulders above me. I circled my arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of me. He relaxed and I did too. But his cock never slipped from me and that felt good too.

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