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Cum Between

Amy lay awake in bed, unable to sleep. A women’s voice filtered through the thin wall of her bedroom and she could tell her father’s latest girlfriend was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Her father had only been dating again for a year but had brought home more women then Amy could count. She never meet any of them: her father always brought them in quietly, long after he thought Amy was sleeping. Noiselessly, the two lovers would creep to the man’s room where Amy’s father would pleasure the women in ways Amy couldn’t even guess.

But Amy didn’t have to guess. Each time she would be awoken by the sounds of sex pouring in through the wall she shared with her father’s bedroom. It was getting worse too: each girl her father brought home, it seemed, was louder then the one before. Amy lay awake for hours listening to the moans and screams. She hated it. More so, though, she hated the women.

She didn’t know or care to know any of them. She knew, she felt, all she needed to know, that each of them had taken away her father. It was a hatred based solely upon jealousy because more then anything she wanted to be the woman on the other side of the wall moaning and screaming to all hours of the night.

It was nearly three o’clock in the morning before the two lovers finally stopped making noise. Amy was still awake and when she was sure they were done she found her hand sliding below the comforter on her bed and coming to rest on the damp spot between her legs. She found her clit with ease and, slowly at first and then picking up speed, she vigorously worked her fingers and hand over her sensitive area until the orgasm building inside of her was let out. All the while she dreamed it was her father pleasuring her: his hands, his tongue, his cock. Amy lusted after this man more then any other and tonight, like many nights, he gave her the release she needed through her fantasies. When the orgasm had subsided Amy rolled over and drifted into a blissful sleep.


The weekend sun had been rising steadily in the sky for a few hours before Amy had woke up and got out of bed. It was just past eleven o’clock before she stepped out of her room and headed to the breakfast table.

“Morning, sleepy head,” Dave called to his daughter from the kitchen. He was sitting at the table and reading the Sunday paper while he sipped on his coffee. “How’d you sleep?”

Amy thought about her reply. She wanted to say how the sounds of his fucking had kept her awake and that she desperately wished it was her moaning instead of some cheap slut. “Fine,” she finally murmured.

“Listen, I have to meet a client today for a little while. I’ll be home around five o’clock. Maybe we can go out to dinner?”

Amy had guessed he was going to work today. She noticed his suit as soon as she walked into the kitchen. He wore the suit like a glove. To Amy, he almost looked regal. At that moment, Amy knew she was looking at the most beautiful man in the world.

“Sounds good, Daddy,” she said and began making some toast.

“Well, I need to run. You have fun today, kitten, and I’ll see you at five. Remember to dress nice.”

Dave stood up and headed out of the kitchen. He stopped at his daughter and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Amy smiled a frustrated but contented smile.

“Great,” Amy thought to herself when she was alone, “and after dinner you can send me off to bed and go find a new slut to fuck. And when that bitch is done panting maybe I’ll get some sleep.”

Amy’s toast was burning. The idea of her father sleeping with yet another woman, even after spending an evening with her, was more distracting and infuriating then she ever imagined. She was tired of it but knew that there was nothing she could do. Dave was her father and Amy knew all too well that she would never be more then a daughter to him. About this, she was dead wrong.


By nine o’clock in the morning, Dave had showered and dressed for work. He had already kicked his woman of the hour out: he didn’t want Amy to find out about her, or any of the others. But it was guilt, more then fear, that caused Dave to keep his secrets. He lived with the most beautiful woman in the world and he couldn’t touch her. Every day, just looking at her, his desire would grow to an almost insatiable height and he needed a release. So Dave found the first willing woman he could, brought her home long after Amy had gone to bed, and worked out all of his frustrations onto her; all the while he dreamed it was his eighteen-year old beauty he was with.

Dave always knew he had a gorgeous daughter, but it wasn’t until she turned eighteen that he realized exactly how beautiful she was. It was then that he knew he wanted her; he needed to be with her and from that moment no other woman would satisfy him.

He was frustrated. He lived alone with the only woman he wanted and there was nothing he could do about it. He almost screamed in contempt. At once he realized that he had to do something üsküdar escort about it and he set off downstairs to make his plan.

It was almost eleven o’clock before Dave had finished designing his

scheme. He had finished breakfast and was reading the paper while sipping his coffee when his angel came into the kitchen.

“Morning, sleepy head,” he said.

The two spoke very little but Dave made sure that his daughter would be ready by five o’clock that evening. He would start out with dinner and, if everything went according to his plan, he would have Amy in his arms before the night was up.


The afternoon was waning. Since her father left for work, Amy had spent the majority of her time by the pool. She laid in the low chair, feeding her tan. The sun had an affection for her: it’s scintillating rays swept through her flaxen hair, it brought out the beauty of her emerald eyes, and it bathed her skin to show a mystical luminosity.

As she lay there, droplets of water from her recent dip into the pool glistening on her light-brown skin, images of her father raced through her mind. She focused on one memory in particular:

It was about five months ago, and early one Saturday morning, Amy had started the shower. She realized then that she had forgotten a towel and left the bathroom in search of one. Unbeknownst to her, Dave had noticed the empty, running shower and stepped in. When she returned, she quietly undressed and opened the curtain to an image that had been engraved in her mind quite clearly ever since it happened.

Standing there, water pouring out onto him from the shower head was her father. Their eyes meet each other and for a quick second each looked over the others naked body. Before Amy could close the shower curtain again she saw Dave’s hand gripping his massive hard-on. He had been stroking it, and quite fast by the looks of things. Amy could tell he was close to orgasm just by looking at his face: she could see it even through the embarrassed shock he was now showing her. Without a word she closed the shower curtain, wrapped a towel around her self and left.

The two never spoke of the event, but Amy thought about it often. She was thinking about it now, by the side of the pool, and it sent a tingle into her pussy. She felt her hand reach up to her bikini top and massage one of her nipples through the swimsuit. It hardened under her touch and Amy smiled. Her other hand slid down the silky length of her body to feel its warmth and softness.

The fingers of her second hand danced over her flat belly and down onto the heat of her pussy. It was wet like the rest of her, but not from her journey into the pool. Either forgetting she was outside or not caring, she pulled her bikini bottom aside and her fingers travelled into the heat. They massaged the soft skin for a moment and as Amy’s desire grew, they found their way to her hard and waiting clit. She pinched it gently then rubbed her fingers across it slowly.

Her back was arched slightly and taking the hand that had been massaging her nipple, Amy pulled out a more then ample breast into the open air. The hand went back to her nipple and after rubbing it for a moment she began to pinch it. Harder and harder she pinched her nipple as her expert fingers worked on her clit.

Moans began to escape from Amy’s lips and the familiar sensation of an orgasm was building inside of her. She continued to pinch and rub and pull on her nipple as the fingers of her other hand had started to move at a feverish pace of her clit. Amy’s moans were getting louder and she was writhing around on the pool chair.

At once, between the work of her two hands, Amy had reached the climax of excitement and the juices in her pussy gushed forth a flood of pleasure. Her orgasm was intense and the muscles of her pussy walls contracted over and over again. She was breathing heavy and lay there almost completely spent: one hand resting on her pussy, the other holding the nipple on her exposed breast.

She stayed like that for what seemed like years before the tones of the clock inside the house brought her out of the trance. The bell rang three times and Amy knew it was time to get ready for her dinner date.


Dave had lied to Amy about his plans for the day. He did need to go into the office, but he had no intention of doing any work or seeing any clients.

When he arrived at work he found the building empty. He had expected this on a Sunday and was pleased to see he was right. He went straight into his office and set to work on his plan for Amy.

He called first one of the few highly upscale restaurants in town and made reservations for six o’clock. He then phoned the only five-star hotel in the area and reserved a penthouse room for the next few days. He was being optimistic at this point, but Dave was confident: he knew what he wanted and had an idea he would get it. A few more phone calls and anadolu yakası escort the plan was set.

He leaned back in his chair and thought of his daughter; she really was an angel. Amy had been such a great help since her mother had passed, nearly nine years ago now, and Dave loved her for it. He had always somehow seen her as more of a friend then a daughter. Growing up, she was always very helpful around the house, taking on the duties of a wife, and never once did she complain. She never got into any kind of trouble, never stayed out late, never got drunk: she was perfect in Dave’s eyes. And when he first saw her as a woman instead of a friend and his desire for her grew, all this just made him want her more. But Dave wanted more then to have her in bed, he wanted her with him always. He loved Amy and now, tonight, he was going to tell her everything.

With his eyes closed, he let his mind wander over Amy and all his memories of her. He did love her and wanted to be with her beyond sex, but the sexual desire was still there. Many times he had found himself with visions of her in his mind as he pumped his hand up and down his cock in the lonely hours. He came more times then he could count at the thought of fucking Amy. She had even caught him once.

It was a warm Saturday morning and he found a shower running but no one around. Dave assumed Amy had started it then went off to do something and forgot about it. He stepped in feeling perfectly safe in his privacy. Not long after the warm water had started to caress his body his hand had travelled down and found his cock starting to harden at the thought of his daughter. He needed a release and started working over his member to provide it.

He didn’t have the time he wanted to linger about it, so he brought himself close to orgasm quickly. A moment before he was ready to erupt his seed down into the shower the curtain opened and he saw Amy standing there, naked as the day she was born, but all grown up. The light from the wall behind her lit her up like the angel she was.

Dave found himself glancing over her body. In the seconds before she closed the curtain and left his eyes engulfed every inch of her. He took in her breasts: brilliant and tan round globes. They stood proudly, high on her chest as if to taunt and defy gravity. They weren’t absurdly large, but more then a handful, and they were perfect. His gaze fell below Amy’s chest to her flat stomach and then further down to her womanhood. A small patch of trimmed pubic hair marked her pussy. Below that, Dave took in his daughter’s legs. They were shapely and shared the same light-brown color that had covered all of her skin completely.

She was a gorgeous creature and no sooner had she left and closed the bathroom door, Dave had reached his climax and his cum shot out from the end of his cock.

When Dave’s desire for Amy was strong, this was his fondest memory. In his office, he found that his hand had moved down to his twitching cock while he remembered that Saturday morning. He needed relief and had started to give it without even thinking. Once he realized where he was he got nervous but didn’t have the will power to restrain himself, not even long enough to go into the men’s room. He took the chance. After one quick glance to ensure he was still alone, he opened his pants and pushing down his boxer shorts, pulled out his almost hard cock.

He stroked it a little, slowly at first, and it came alive in his hand. He leaned back in his chair again and closed his eyes. Visions of his naked daughter ran through his mind, and the thoughts of what might have happened possessed him. His cock was completely grown and he was moving his hand up and down at a good pace when, in his mind’s eye, he was back in the shower on that wonderful Saturday morning.

“Oh, Daddy! That’s too big for you. Here, let me help,” he heard Amy say in his head. She stepped into the shower, and slowly dropped down to her knees. Amy wrapped her long, slender fingers around Dave’s warm cock. She moved her head in and her tongue emerged from her mouth. Starting at the base, Amy licked and sucked her way slowly and gently to the head of his penis. She put her mouth over the tip and moved her head down again towards the base. Amy had taken Dave’s entire member into her mouth and throat before lifting her head again until only the tip remained in the sanctuary of her mouth.

She continued the bobbing motion, always taking Dave’s entire cock into her before pulling out again. Dave started groaning and Amy could feel he was close; she worked faster and faster. At last, she removed all but the tip of his cock from her mouth and grabbed the shaft with her hand again. She pumped her hand up and down as fast as she could, jacking her father off into her mouth.

The first load of cum shot into Amy and she swallowed with all eagerness. Dave shot two more loads of cum into his daughter’s wanting mouth before he was finished and ataşehir escort she was cleaning his member with her lips and tongue. She had swallowed every drop, save a little that dripped out onto her chin.

When the fantasy was over, Dave looked up and saw his desk covered in cum. He grabbed a nearby tissue and cleaned it all up. Closing his pants, he walked briskly to the bathroom and tidied himself up there.

Emerging from the bathroom clean and with all evidence of his self-pleasuring event gone, he left the office and headed out to lunch. It was two o’clock and he knew he would have just enough time to get a bite to eat and finish up his errands before he was due home.


It was fifteen minutes to five when Amy came into the living room fully dressed. She remembered her father’s last words before he left: “Remember to dress nice.” Amy wasn’t exactly sure what he had meant, but dressed up the best she could. With hair, make-up, and nails, she was shocked that she had done it all in just under two hours. She sat on the couch and five minutes later the door bell rang.

Amy was confused and wondered aloud who would be coming over. She opened the door and saw Dave standing on the other side holding a single red rose.

“Good evening, madam. I trust you are ready for our date. You look very lovely tonight,” he said handing the rose to his daughter.

Amy beamed a great smile: half from his ‘date’ comment and half from the compliment. She took the rose and held it to her nose for a moment before she spoke.

“Thank you, kind sir,” she said with a giggle at the rouse they were playing, “I am indeed ready.” She gave a small curtsy.

The two were in Dave’s car soon and driving off towards the restaurant. It took all of his composure not to let his mouth drop open at the sight of his daughter. She had on a wondrous black, silk dress. The back went almost to the ground and the front rode up around her knees. The V-neck cut on her chest revealed enough cleavage to entice and the back was cut low. Her hair had been turned and pinned back and she wore just a small amount of make-up: enough to enhance her overwhelming quantity of natural beauty. Dave was almost speechless when he first saw her, and even now after driving for thirty minutes he had trouble keeping his eyes and mind off of her.

Amy was little different then her father. His suit was nice, but it was nothing compared to the outfit Amy had worked up. She looked far older then she really was and hard as he tried to hide it, Amy loved the look in her father’s eye. She spent most of the drive, whether in conversation or not, stealing glances at the man she loved.

At fifteen minutes to six the couple arrived at the restaurant. They walked in together and the expression on each of their faces gave off the air of happiness.

“Mr. and Mrs. Holden. You’re table will be ready shortly. Would you care to wait in the bar?” the host had said after they approached his podium.

The two were led to the bar and each ordered a drink. When they were alone Amy turned to her father.

“Mr. and Mrs. Holden?” she asked.

Dave smiled. “It was easier to make the reservation that way. Besides, this way you’ll be able to drink and not worry about your age.”

Amy smiled too. She leaned into her father and squeezed his arm affectionately. With a small kiss on the cheek she stood up.

“I’ll be back in a second, Da-” she stopped short and corrected herself. “Honey.” She giggled and was off.

The drinks were served while she was away and Dave sat there, sipping slowly, enjoying how the evening was turning out so far. Amy had been gone only a minute when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Mr. Holden?” came the man who had tapped.

“Yes. Can I help you?” Dave replied.

“My name is Bower, sir. We spoke on the phone earlier.”

“Ah, yes, Mr. Bower. Good to meet you. Is everything arranged?”

“Yes, sir,” Bower said, “At precisely seven o’clock my men and I will come out to you and your lady friend at the table.”

“Excellent, Mr. Bower. Thank you.”

“Thank you, sir” he said and with a small bow of his head he left.

“Who was that, Dad?” Amy didn’t catch herself quick enough this time, but no one was around to hear.

“Not sure, someone who thought I was an old friend. Felt bad to disappoint him.”

Amy opened her mouth to say something but the host that had greeted them at the door arrived before she could.

“Mr. and Mrs. Holden. Your table is ready. If you’ll follow me please,” he said and the two stood. Amy tried, and failed, to hold back a smirk and being called ‘Mrs. Holden’ again.

The were seated at their table in a moment and a little while later after they had ordered the food arrived. The two enjoyed pleasant conversation about nothing in particular while they ate.

When dinner was finished, Dave convinced Amy to indulge herself in dessert and she finally gave in. The couple shared one and at length Amy announced that she need to use the restroom again. Before she stood, Dave glanced at his watch and noticed it was almost seven o’clock.

“Not just yet, sweetie,” he said.

Amy was puzzled. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” Dave replied, “I just have a little surprise for you.”

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