Luke & Sky Final Fantasy.

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Luke & Sky Final Fantasy.We have chatted about this fantasy many times and it gets us both very aroused. Our story and my sexual awakening became a reality one long Weekend in Melbourne. Thursday morning around 11am we had a spontaneous moment and decided to drive to Melbourne for the long weekend “to try our luck at picking up a handsome hung businessman. We packed a suitcase full of clothes and our favourite sex toys and drove to a hotel near Melbourne CBD. Thursday was an early night as we wanted to save our energy for what may happen in the coming days. we had a couple of cocktails and chatted at the restaurant about how we would go about fulfilling our fantasy. After dinner we retired about 830.Our chatting and cocktails had gotten us both a little hot and horny, I decided to take a shower in our walk in shower room. My thoughts wandered to the thought of flirting with a new unexplored man and kissing unfamiliar lips for first time in quite a while! ?I wondered how he would taste, if He was circumcised, how he would smell and feel.My questions multiplied as I subconsciously reached for the flexible shower head and placed it between my legs.Luke walked in naked and grew an instant erection when he realised what I was doing. I didn’t waist any time kissing him passionately whilst he twisted my nipples and talked about our fantasies. ?He usually starts slow and adds to it every couple of minutes with things like how i will react when i first feel another mans growing cock through his trousers! in front of me! Knowing as i look at his very hard cock that it turns him on just as much as it does me. Also he told me how he would like me to flirt with the man we choose. We would get dressed nicely, me wearing no panties so it’s easy access, if needed. I shaved a beautiful landing strip on my tight blonde pussy. Which drives Luke wild. After my very quick orgasm i was soaking wet and pleading to be fucked, i suggested our new toy! with which i saw that cheeky smile Luke always gets before an amazing night.I slid the bigger half of our new double ended vibrator easily into my very wet pussy and told him to get dried and on his back on the bed. Slowly i started rubbing oil into his ass cheeks and his tight little hole with one hand and rubbing it on the end to of the purple vibrating shaft that will slowly enter him. I start to work the head into his tight shaved little hole while he continues our story of what might unfold. He said he can fuck him with his half flaccid cock, as when it gets hard would tear him apart, Luke said he can feel it vibrating on his prostate as i start to grind it in harder and start to fuck him hard while we both have the most mind blowing eye rolling orgasms. we both love talking about our gentleman adventures while making love. And secretly we will being recording the events on my tablet set up discreetly out of site in front of the TV for future viewing?!After recovering we decide on a plan for tomorrow and fell deeply asleep rapped in each others arms listening to thunder and lightning on My Phone. We wake up about 12:30 in the afternoon and decide to shower and groom and I start to dress in a short tight skirt without nickers for easy access if i desire to allow our friend to slip a finger or two inside me at the bar. I would put on a short white skirt with a white see through singlet, without a bra or knickers i would bend over to put on the black thigh high, buckled, CFM boots showing me and the camera a beautiful ass and very wet pussy.? After a short time Luke grabbed my hand and led me to the lift for the venture down to one of the two bars downstairs, I would go in first taking a seat at the bar, a seat up from the guy of my choice. Luke would sit anadolu yakası escort at a table and order 3 drinks while watching me flirt with the most handsome man in the room, he would ideally be around 45 to 60 in slacks ?and business shirt with nice shoes, around 6’!But this guy that came in tonight was the full package, He was around 6’3” and muscular! With thick legs and and large strong hands. a noticeable large cock pressing against his grey trousers. He oozed of confidence. It was then i looked and noticed he could see rite up My thin rolled up skirt! It rode up without me knowing as the bar stools were quite high. This was perfect!?His black hair confidently styled into a 1950’s James Deane look with grey streaks. My attention was on his bright bright blue eyes. I offered him over with my eyes and he sat next to me touching my leg with his. We chatted for a bit and his large hand rested on my leg as he tried to pick me up. “Little did he know he didn’t have to try at all” I told him about our little fantasy to see his reaction? But all there was from him was a cheeky smile. offering him a seat with Luke and myself at the table i slipped beside Luke opposite Michael. as we all chat and get to know each other I always try to make eye contact with his stunning blue eyes and seductive smile, trying to guess what he was thinking. slowly i look at Luke while sliding my leg in between Michaels pants to feel his soft large cock, telling Luke how big it is and how it feels, Luke also asked Michael if he could slip a leg over to feel it, as that is part of our fantasy. Michael nodded. “it is huge” Luke gasped-but he just chats normally not showing any signs of nerves I am still very good at getting the opposite sex to talk to me by using eye contact and subtle gestures. by now i realise that many eyes are on me from admiring gentleman tipping there heads and drinking scotch and whisky. I was taking in the atmosphere wondering how many of them i could fuck over the weekend. And if Luke would be ok with that. Luke was nearly lifting the table with his erection by this stage. We all laughed while i was open mouthed lusting at the thought of how big it will get and if it will fit? I always love a challenge though!? i am a good girl. Sometimes. Luke stands and leads the way to the lift making sure we get one without any people, the doors shut and we both place a hand on his very large bulging slacks while kissing each other, then I ask Luke f i can kiss him? of course Luke says “go ahead, it’s your night, our night / wknd and anything goes, your in control! ???Caught up in the most erotic moment of our lives , we didn’t notice the doors open and three young handsome guys standing there before we finished kissing, I turn around to see there jaws drop and bulges getting bigger, both of the guys left the lift and laugh as I stared straight at there growing crutches and licked my lips while slowly sliding my hand over there hardening cocks as we walked slowly past them. Not looking back. Luke uses the card to open the door when we arrive and Luke asks if anyone wants a drink before i entered the bathroom to freshen up, by this stage I am dripping wet and very nervous knowing I can do anything with our new fuck toy that my heart desires, i look at myself in the mirror and decide to slip my tiny soaked skirt and singlet off revealing my Angelic white body, totally vulnerable!when i return Michael and Luke are sitting at the edge of the bed chatting about our fantasies while He is assuring him that he isn’t dreaming and that I will direct him to what i want. I walk over to the king bed and lie down on my back joining the conversation, ataşehir escort Michael puts his large tanned hand on My leg taking in the contrast of my pale white skin as he slides one hand down her leg getting closer to her very wet enlarged clit with each pass, we can’t wait any longer to see his cock and Luke asks him to stand while I unzip his trousers and let them drop to his ankles, he wears cotton jocks with the opening fir his cock. Wow! Such a turn on. I slowly pull at the opening while trying to put my mouth over his huge bulge, I start to slowly slide my hand inside the opening and feel the first touch of hardening, thick, soft cock, Luke also grabs at the other side of the opening and we slide his cock out. What stands in front of us is a sight to behold, I have never seen such a beautiful thick long cock in my life and Luke and I look at each other while licking our lips, i try to put my hand around it but can’t. ?Luke also asks if He can hold it, sure Michael says, I’m bisexual, do what you like… His cock?is cut, smooth and has very little veins, it would be four hands long easy with a beautiful bulbous pink head. I start to lick his head and shaft as Luke cups his lightly haired large heavy breeders balls, they don’t sag like some you see, they just hang perfectly either side of his shaftLuke gently stroke his shaft, he said it feels so fat and hard in his hand, I was wondering how I would handle him, but I am a pleaser and love Lukes 8” cock sleeve, although this is much longer but i will slowly get used to it. Finally I start to work my mouth over his very large cock head! Luke takes it and helps me pump the shaft, it’s getting bigger in my mouth “omg” and starts to stretch my jaw, i know if he cums i won’t be able to get it out of my mouth without hurting him so i slowly take it out and both Luke and i lick it and spit on it while pumping it vigorously trying to make him cum, before too long his cock starts pulsating and he shoots his first massive load over the bed, we keep pumping until he has finished, Luke concentrates on his head and squeezes it hard which Michael seems to really like. then we both lick him clean and French kiss each other. Slowly we start to all kiss and entwine tongues allowing Michael to taste his own cum, gently stroking his cock back to its impressive mammoth size, Michael gently breaks our kiss and picks Me up and lays me on the bed, Luke lies next to me and ? my nipple and squeezes the other one while Michael starts to lick her enlarged clit and ass hole, slipping a big finger in and then a second, I can’t take much more and orgasm very loudly while wrapping my hands around Michaels long black hair while grinding myself on his brown / silver beard. We all lay down and touch and kiss each other allowing Me a chance to catch my breath, after a short time i say to Michael, I need to feel your cock inside me. Both Luke and Michael look at each other looking for Lukes approval approval and He smiles and says be gentle and listen to what she wants knowing I will guide him to the best fuck of his life, he gently lifts my ass and legs off the bed with one hand and placing a pillow under me with the other (he is very experienced i thought. )slowly he starts working his head into and around my opening, seeing this has made Luke hard as a rock and He goes to the bathroom to get the lube, returning He warms the lube into my hands and i work it on that gorgeous cock head, luke lubes My clit and around my opening, pulling his cock out at the same time to lube the head. Michael gently guides the head of his cock into My very tight pussy and i look over at Luke and roll my eyes letting out the faintest moan. ümraniye escort He slides a little in at a time pulling all but his head out and thrusting a bit more each time, at this stage I was moaning with my eyes shut scratching down his back with my legs rapped around his muscular slim waste when Luke lies down and tells Michael to kneel in front of me so Luke could get in a 69 position lapping up my soaking juices while licking Michaels shaft and i could suck Lukes cock. Luke is starting to lick softly while i lick Lukes pre cum from his slightly smaller and manageable cock. Michael kneels in front of me and starts guiding his huge cock back into my dripping wet pussy as Luke licks his shaft and grabs it so he cant go to far until i am ready. he is only about Lukes length inside me and he is getting thicker and harder. Luke pumps his shaft as I start grinding into Michaels huge cock, a bit more until my pussy hits Lukes hand at the base of Michaels cock, Luke starts chewing on my pussy as i start to rock my hips back and forth. so He pulls his hand back and starts playing with Michaels balls while He sucks all of my clit and flaps as i cum hard and long, shaking and holding Lukes cock in my mouth, leaving myself completely to the moment.It reminded me of another huge cock i had a long time ago in Qld! His name was also Michael. Must be the name! ?Luke came in my mouth while i orgasmed and I swallowed it all like a good wife. He rolled over and watch Michaels huge cock only half way in still gently rocking in and out. I was well and truely ready to be fucked hard! Like only a long thick cock can do. Michael leant over me and held my hands back behind my head. I felt so vulnerable and looked at Luke who kissed me and whispered! “When ever your ready hunny. Im here if you need me. Its our anniversary and I’m having a great time” as he held his cock again with one hand. I grabbed Michaels hair and pulled him close while kissing his pouting lips ?. He was a great kisser. I told him to fuck me now. Luke pulled his hand away and i wrapped my legs around Michaels waste and took him deep inside me. I felt his cock head pop threw my cervix and i lost all control telling him to fuck me hard in a possessed raspy voice. Luke started videoing as Michael lifted my legs above my head and fucked me good and hard. I felt him come and it was enough to bring my earth shattering, leg shaking orgasm on. OMG! Michael started to go limp as I collapsed under him. Luke started to lick and suck my smashed pussy and Michaels still large but soft monster cock. I was soaked with our juices but Luke loved it, he said it was his ultimate fantasy to watch me like that. ?Luke cleaned us up so well and whilst doing so got Michael and myself very horny again. I wanted to try everything now!Spit roast. DP. I also wanted to see Luke take that cock. I bent over and started to suck on Luke who was already dripping pre cum. Michael positioned himself behind me and easily entered me this time. I was still tight but relaxed enough to know that i can take him. ?And once again i was filled with cum from both ends while having orgasms that lasted for the entire spit roast. We lied there for some time without words. We just all smiled and laughed. I got us all a long island ice tea and we sipped and talked about what we all wanted to do next. Luke wanted to see me cowgirl on Michael. So Luke started sucking his growing cock like a champion cock sucker. I was impressed. I wasnt the only one enjoying Michaels massive member. While Luke took care of that i started kissing Michael while lying next to him. We kissed and touched. It was so erotic i lifted myself over his cock without taking my lips away from his. Luke spat on his semi hard cock for lube and i sat on it all the way down to his slightly smaller balls. Luckily he wasnt hard or i would have been in trouble. I grinded down on him enjoying the feeling of him growing inside me. Before to long i had to squat as it was starting to hurt. He was huge and i couldn’t possibly take him all when hard. ?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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