Making Amends

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Big Tits

The porch light was out when I came up the walk. That means trouble. It means that Mom or Dad woke up sometime after my curfew and realized I still wasn’t home. Not that I think I need a curfew – after all I am eighteen. But Daddy says as long as I’m still living under his roof then I’ll abide by his rules. I leave for college in one month, so I guess I can live with it until then.

I bend over, quite a feat in the clothes I’m wearing and lift the doormat to find the key. I can’t see anything since the light is out, and it takes several minutes for me to determine the key isn’t there anymore. They must be really pissed.

It is nearly 3 am, and I was supposed to be in a 12:30. My friend Laura and I were at this rave and just totally lost track of time. Normally I change before I come home from a party, but this time I just threw a baggy sweatshirt over my halter-top and coochie cutters. All that peaks from beneath the sweatshirt is a tiny triangle of fabric in front, and the round bottom of my tight little ass cheeks. I do a little tug, to straighten myself out as I rise from the mat. The shorts are tight, and have been pressing against my pussy lips all night. I could smell myself driving home in the car. All I could think about on the drive home, was that I hoped that no one noticed I was so late coming home, and that I desperately needed to play with my pussy. Now I know both hopes are dashed. I’m going to have to knock on the door to get let in, and the resulting fight will ensure I don’t get to shove anything in my box for several hours.

Just as I am about to knock I see the living room light come on inside. I see Mom’s small, thin shape winding toward me in the darkness and say thanks it is not Daddy awake. She opens the door, her mouth a thin line of disapproval. I walk through the open door, pulling my sweatshirt lower, hoping she wont notice. “You’ve really done it this time Kara Nicole,” she scolds. “Your father is furious. He’s waiting for you in the living room.”

We stand there for an awkward moment, before she turns and goes into the living room. I follow her, pulling hard on my sweatshirt. I know the second I am in full light my mother will be as angry as my father. I turn the corner and stop abruptly, for not only is my father waiting in the living room, but my sister and brother as well. Tina is 20 – a tall girl with an athletic build. She has small, high breasts with the largest nipples I’ve ever seen, and long muscular legs. If you looked at Tina and I side by side from the neck down you would never know we are sisters. I am much shorter than her, with a thin build, and while my tits still aren’t huge, they fit well on my frame. From the neck up however Tina and I are near mirror images. We inherited our black hair, fair skin and green eyes from our mother’s side of the family.

Jason, my brother, at 21, looks more like our father. He is several inches over six feet, with the build and musculature of a quarterback. His hair is a sandy brown, his eyes a startling shade of blue. I’ve often thought to myself that my brother is quite handsome.

Both Jason and Tina come home during the summer semesters at school to work. Normally I love to see them, but I sensed tonight that their presence didn’t bode well for me.

My mother sat in the couch between Jason and Tina, and Daddy sat alone in his armchair. I stood in front of them, feeling smaller every second. Daddy’s voice was deep and thick with sleep when he finally spoke. “Where have you been Kara?” I swallowed a few times, trying to make my mouth work, but before I could answer he spoke again. “It doesn’t matter where you’ve been I suppose. I can merter escort see what you’ve been doing.”

My face flushed instantly at his insinuation. While I dressed provocatively, and often flirt, I am known as a cock tease only. I have never been with a man. “No Daddy, I .. “

“Be quiet Kara,” Daddy ordered quietly. “This family will not tolerate anymore of your behavior. This is the third time this week you have come home after curfew. Don’t think we didn’t notice. You brother and sister both abide by my rules and I expect the same from you. Your behavior shames this family, and thus the whole family will see you receive your punishment. Come here.”

Now I am not a stupid girl, I know when to fight and when to cut my losses. I could tell by the set of Daddy’s jaw that tonight it would be better not to argue. I walked slowly to his chair. “Take off your sweatshirt Kara, so your family can see how you have representing them.” Now I wanted to die, to disappear into the carpet. But slowly I grasped the hem of my shirt and lifted it over my head. I felt the pull of my shorts as they rode higher into my crotch with the stretching motion. I knew that Daddy could perfectly see the outline of my pussy lips, and that Mom, Jason and Tina could probably see half of my ass. My halter-top is tight, and rides up without constant correction. Now it is nestled comfortably just beneath my breasts. My nipples are hard, my skin flushed and I can imagine the image I represent now.

I hear my mother gasp, and see the frown on Dad’s face. “You look like a slut Kara. Did your mother and I raise you to be a slut?”

“No Sir,” I meekly reply.

“As your punishment you will receive forty spanks, ten by each member of the family. You will count each one out loud, and thank each person for helping to punish you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” I nearly sob. Spankings have always been a family affair. Daddy has always said that public humiliation stings longer, and so from the time I was a tiny girl the ritual has been the same. The one being spanked kneels down, puts their head on the floor and their bottom in the air. Everyone sits on the couch and watches Daddy spank. This is the first time that everyone has spanked someone. I know Daddy is really mad.

I slowly turn from him, and walk to the center of the living room. I drop to my knees, and lean down, placing my cheek against the harsh carpet. I feel the crotch of my shorts nearly disappear into my pussy, and I know that my lips, as well as most of my ass are probably visible. “Tina,” Daddy says, “you go first.”

My eyes are tightly shut and I hear Tina rise and move toward me. I feel her kneel next to me and place one hand on my bare back. She leans forward and whispers to me, “I can even smell you, slut.” Now I should explain that my sister and I don’t get along. Actually we pretty much hate each other, and I knew she would make this as painful as she could. She raised her hand and brought it down swift. SLAP!

I jumped in surprise at the strength of my sister. “One,” I began counting. SLAP! “Two.” SLAP! “Three.” Already I could feel my butt warming, the sting lingering after only the third blow. SLAP! “Four.” SLAP! “Five.” I felt the tingle begin – the same sensation that I feel when I’ve used my hairbrush on myself. I will it to go away. But it does not good, as the sixth, and seventh and eight blows fall, I feel my pussy pulse and moisten. SLAP! “Nine.” SLAP! “Ten.” My sister rises from next to me, and I open my eyes to see a smug smile on her face. “Thank you for helping to punish me Tina,” nişantaşı escort I whisper. She smiles wider, and I cant help but think how disappointed she would be if she knew how much I wanted it to continue.

I hear another person rise from the couch, and can tell by the quiet shuffle it is my mother. She kneels beside me, again places her hand on the small of my back. slap! Her hand falls much gentler than Tina’s. “One.” slap! “Two.” slap! “Three.” She is too gentle, and I find myself pushing back against her hand. I push back just as her hand falls, and contact is made with my pussy. slap! Just that slight tap against my already sensitive cunt makes me gasp, and I forget to count. My mother pulls back; sitting on her heels, and holds up her hand.

“Michael,” she says, holding up her hand. “I think she’s enjoying this.” You can see three drops of cum glistening on her fingers, and she wipes them on the back of my leg. My Dad rises swiftly from his chair and closes the gap between us in three long strides. His hand is suddenly between my legs and rubbing, and again I moan aloud and thrust automatically toward him. He withdraws his hand and lifts it to his face, sniffing.

“What a whore,” he spits. His fist is suddenly in my hair, dragging me upward. He whips me around to face my family. “Do you like this Kara? Do you like being spanked?” When I don’t answer he shakes me hard. “Answer me girl? Are you a slut how gets off from being spanked by her own family?” Again I don’t answer, and he shakes harder, pain shooting through my skull.

“Yes,” I whisper.

“Say it louder whore.”

“Yes Daddy.” As soon as the words are from my mouth, he releases me.

His movement are quick, and without a chance to resist at all I find my shirt pulled over my head and my shorts around my ankles. “Well Kara, if you are going to act like a slut, then we are going to treat you like one.” He grasps my hair again, pulling me down to the floor. He releases the tie of his bathrobe and lets it fall open. His cock is eye level with me, large and straining against his briefs. “Suck it slut,” he orders.

I glance quickly at my mother, and see that not only her, but Jason and Tina as well are looking on in rapture. Their mouths are slightly open, breathing hard. Jason’s hand is on his crotch, rubbing slightly.

I turn back to Daddy and find he has released his cock. It is only maybe six inches long, but it is as wide as a soda bottle. He pulls my head toward him, and I barely have time to take a breath before his dick is in my mouth. He moans aloud, his other hand coming also to rest within my hair. “That’s it Kara, show Daddy what a slut you are.”

I have no choice, he is fucking my face – thrusting forward with his hips and pulling me to him by my hair. I am suddenly overwhelmed by the fact I’m sucking my Daddy’s penis, and slight tremors run through me. I release my subconscious grip on Daddy’s thighs and one hand goes to my left breast, pinching and tugging at the nipple. The other goes to my pussy, I feel the wet trails on my thighs, as I plunge three fingers upward.

Daddy’s humping motion rocks us both, and the thrust of my hand matches tempo with his cock. My lips barely fit around it, my teeth gently scraping how and then, and when that happens his hand momentarily fists tighter in my hair.

Suddenly he stops, releasing me. The taste of pre-cum is on my lips and I want more. I want to suck my father’s dick more than I’ve ever wanted anything. Again, before I could make a move, Daddy is moving. He comes behind me, grabbing my hair, ortaköy escort and pushes me toward the couch. I see Tina, once hand beneath her tee shirt, and I know she is probably pulling on her nipples, like I was moments earlier. Mom’s hands are clasped tightly between her thighs, and she is rocking slightly back and forth. Jason sits between then, one hand in his shorts, open jacking his cock. “Take out your brothers dick,” Daddy commands. “Suck him.” I don’t have to be told twice, and pull him hastily free of his clothes. His dick is longer than Daddy’s, but not nearly as fat. If feel more like a popsicle.

I feel Jason’s hands replace Dads and then Dad’s hands on my hips. I realize suddenly what he means to do. I am scared now – I’m a cock virgin, and I don’t think Daddy can fit inside me. I pull away from Jason, “Daddy no!” I receive a quick, sharp slap on the ass.

“Put that dick back in your mouth Kara!”

“Daddy please, I’ve never done that before Daddy! You’re too big. Daddy please!” He laughs at me.

“You expect me to believe a slut like you has never had a dick in her? You suck your father and brother off without any objection, and expect me to believe you’ve never fucked anybody? Spread your legs Kara, or we’ll do it the hard way.” Try as I might I couldn’t bring myself to move, I was paralyzed. Daddy’s hand was suddenly back on my head, thrusting me down into Jason’s lap. His public hair tickled, an I could feel the hardness of his half satisfied cock against my cheek. “Tina, Mary – grab her arms.” I feel them, my sister and mother, holding me down. I feel Daddy’s knee come between my legs. My wetness has slicked the entire inside of my legs, and he slides easily between. He has me open now, my tight pink slit open to him. I am trembling, I am afraid, but I need it so bad. I turn my face and again take Jason’s cock in my mouth. I feel Daddy’s hands spreading my ass, and then his moan of pleasure. He is rubbing against me now – sliding his thick cock up and down my wet pussy lips. I feel him stop, just at the entrance, the large mushroom head gently pushing against me. He rocks back and forth, and in time with Jason’s thrusting, works the tip of his cock inside his little girl. I am moaning into my brother’s crotch now, sucking for all I’m worth. I’ve never been so full. Mom eases her grip on my arm, and I quickly pull my hand free, pressing it against her flannel covered mound. She moans aloud, and I find Tina releasing my other arm, and placing it herself against her bare pussy. Daddy is pushing deeper, thrusting a little harder each time, and Jason’s grip is tightening in my hair. I fingers find the folds of Tina’s damp pussy, and she is kneeling over my hand now, lunging herself up and down on my digits. Mom raises her gown and the fingers of my other hand slip beneath the elastic of her panties and into her warm, hairy bush. Daddy’s hands are on my hips, pulling me – and I can feel my pussy stretching wide. I raise my head just enough to encourage him.

“Yes Daddy, fuck me! Harder Daddy, give me all your fat cock.” I slide my tongue back over Jason’s dick, just as Daddy buries all of himself in me with one final shove. I am so full of cock at his moment, so aware of the thickness of the cum coating my fingers from my mother and sister, that I cannot stop the orgasm. It washes over me, making me spasm around my Daddy, my hands and arms trembling. I suck in, trying to breathe through Jason’s meat. I feel him trembling too, and suddenly my mouth is filled with cum, warm and sweet, sliding down my throat. It sends me into a second orgasm, and I hump back against Daddy, moaning aloud, cum dribbling down my chin as Daddy empties his cock into my virgin womb.

I collapse into Jason’s arms, feel Daddy pull his dick from me. He gently turns me around, and lifts me off the floor, settling me in Jason’s arms. He stands before me, raising his limp dick and says, “Be a good little slut and clean Daddy up.”

To be continued . . .

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