Making Mom Mine

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While this is a fantasy of mine, it is a complete work of fiction and all names, places and persons are all made up and if it matches you is a complete coincidence. As a female writing in a dominant male perspective it was slightly challenging so please be respectful of that when reading. I know it is kind of long but there are some good bits at the end. Any comments or concerns may be directed to me at the contact in my profile.


My name is Travis DeVille. I am the only son or child of James and Jackie DeVille. My father is a high ranking executive for some big company and afforded us the luxury of some wealth. We weren’t rich but we were financially well off to the point that my mom didn’t have to work. Because he did work so much, and I recently graduated from high school and had no job, it meant my mom and I spent a lot of time around each other in the house. We had always had a close relationship and were always comfortable around one another.

My mother was about 5’5 with a very nice body for her age. She never worked out or anything but I guess the daily chores around the house kept her in good enough shape. She has a thin face with shoulder length brunette hair and big dark hazel eyes. Pencil eyebrows, full lips and a fair complexion. She was just a shade higher than pale without a blemish on her face. She certainly didn’t look her age. At 41 there were slight wrinkles around her lips and eyes when she smiled but otherwise one would be hard pressed to assume she was any older than mid 30’s just by looking at her. She weighed around 120 pounds had very little body fat. She had smallish breasts that were a mid-sized B cup but still a nice handful (not that I would know at this point in the story but would soon become very intimate with) and a nice, round and still firm bum. She dressed semi casual around the house in pants and tops that befitted her age but made her look older than needed and hid most of her body. She seldom wore makeup but her face had a natural beauty quality and often you couldn’t even tell she didn’t have any on.

Yup, my mom was a real looker and it was fast approaching her 41’st birthday. That is right about were our real story takes place. My workaholic, money over everything father once again dropped the ball. But afforded me the luxury of swinging in and saving the day and setting in motion events that would change the lives of all three of us forever. It goes a little something like this…

It was a Friday morning and my alarm was ringing 8:30am not that I needed the wakeup call because down in the kitchen mom was making breakfast and the scents of bacon and hash browns on the stovetop lingered up the stairs, flowed through my room and into my nostrils. We were fairly well off but didn’t keep a maid or cleaner (although we definitely could have) instead my mom did all the cooking, cleaning and virtually every other chore around the house. I suppose she felt it was her duty since the main breadwinner of the house made it his life’s mission to remind her who brought all the money to the table. In any case, I was the recipient of some delicious meals and this mornings was no exception.

I ran down the stairs in my regular sleeping attire as per usual which is only a pair of boxer briefs. As I said my mother and I were comfortable around one another and we’d gotten used to this ensemble as it was a daily routine. My dad had left for work long ago so parading around in my boxers was no big deal to either of us who still remained in the house. I had just finished high school and was turning 19 that year without really any sense of direction I was home a lot. I was fairly fit and semi muscular. I was big into sports but that didn’t constitute me as a jock per say. I just enjoyed the action. I didn’t join any team or anything, but the exercise was enough to keep my body fit and I would do crunches once in a while to develop some stomach muscle, and indeed the first fledgling signs of a six pack could be seen but nothing too developed. I had short brownish straight hair like my mother’s but it was lighter in colour almost blonde. I have an average face with a straight jawline and light blue eyes. I had attracted a few girls from school and been out with a few girls. I’d had sex before and I banged a girl on my prom night but nothing really stuck. I wasn’t interested in relationships. I’d just say to them “I was here for a good time not a long time”. They knew that and were fine with it. My whole body was fairly tanned because I had nothing better to do the lay out in the sun during my days off.

Running downstairs and greeting mom in the customary fashion, her by the stove with spatula in hand keeping a close eye on three pans cooking at once, I’d stand beside her, wrap my arm around her and say “mornin’, mum! Smells delish!” She’d crane her cheek out towards me for a quick peck and say thanks. This routine was all very much rehearsed now from doing it so many times. I’d take my seat and she’d serve me and sit down across from me with half a piece of grapefruit or sometimes ümraniye escort some yogurt with granola in it.

Being so close to her for so long I developed an uncanny knack for her mood. She sat down across from me and while talkative, she seemed distant and troubled. She had been excited all week because it was her birthday this weekend and my father had promised her a big night out tonight. Given this information and her current mood it seemed natural to assume that he had flaked on her or something like that. I decided to press the issue with her and see what was up.

“So, tonight’s the big night huh?” I said with a mouthful of hashbrown not even looking up from my plate.

“Yup…well kinda..” her voice was weak and it trailed off at the end. He head was down and she was just touching her spoon to her grapefruit sheepishly.


“Yeah, well your father said we’d be going out tonight then just this morning he said he had to go away for the weekend. He said we could maybe do something when he got back on Monday but he doesn’t know what time he will be home. So, I’m not really expecting much.”

This was a recurring theme with my father. Hype something up really big for her and then let her down right at the last minute. Last Christmas he had bought her two tickets to see her favorite show and then did his typical disappearing act but this time with the tickets. He said he absolutely had to give them to a client to keep moral high. She never did get to see the show but took it in stride and said it was fine. This was the last time he’d ruin her parade not while I’m around.

“Nope, on the contrary, you should expect a lot.”

She looked up from her grapefruit and gave me a quizzical look.

“I’m takin you out tonight little lady.”

She slowly shook her head, “No, no. It’s okay I…”

I cut her off mid-sentence. “I have to go out for a bit but I’ll be back to pick you up at 8pm sharp. Don your best frock my dear and expect to be catered to for once. Let me take care of you and of everything. This will be one birthday dinner you won’t soon forget! Capiche?”

As I spoke she looked me in the eyes, hers widening and flicking back and forth between mine. Her smile broadening with each word. When I finished she was still smiling but was looking around as if to see if she had permission from the invisible bystanders.

“I guess…well…”

I cut her off again. I reached over and put my hand on top of hers. “That’s enough. You’ll go and you’ll have fun.”

With a little giggle she looked me in the eyes again and, smiling said “Alright then, it’s a date!”

“It sure is!”

I got up and took my empty plate and her empty grapefruit rind in the sink and went upstairs to change. Down in the kitchen I heard her humming a soft tune as she cleaned up. Her spirits were certainly uplifted from my proclamation.

I ran down the stairs after changing and, passing by the kitchen told her I was off to get things set up.

“Don’t forget 8pm sharp. Get yourself done up nice little miss!”

“Yes dear, see you at 8.”

With a quick wink and a smile to her which she enjoyed, I turned to the door and left without another word.

It was easy to set up the reservation and get some new fancy clothes. Remembering how she joked that this would be a date, I decided that I would take it totally literally and bought her a string of pearls that I would present her with at dinner. A bouquet of roses, a car wash and wax and I was ready. I rolled into the driveway at 7:53pm. Let’s just see how ready she is.

Armed with my roses, I approached the front door and rang the bell. From inside the house I could hear her running back and forth upstairs from her bedroom to the bathroom. “Oh just a minute” she called down from the room still fumbling with some piece of clothing presumably. I doubt she knew it was me, thinking that I probably would have just walked in the front door as usual and not rang the doorbell. She came down the stairs and flung open the door with a half scowl on her face ready to tell whoever was at her door to hit the road she was getting ready for a night out. When she saw me though her eyes widened and expression changed to shock.

“These are for you gorgeous” I said handing her the flowers.

“I’m here to pick you up for our date. Not ready yet I see huh. Typical.” I gave her a small smirk and pushed my way into the house.

“I’m so sorry dear I wasn’t expecting…oh these flowers are soo beautiful! I’ll go put them in water and then go finish up.”

I took the flowers from her saying I would put them in water while she finished up. She was in barefeet and I noticed the back of her dress wasn’t done up.

“Wait a second”

“Yes? What is it?”

I stood close to her. Her eyes looking up into mine searching me for what I wanted. I placed my hands on her shoulders and turned her around gently. She still didn’t know what was going on and was fidgeting yenibosna escort slightly.

“Calm down” I said, parting her hair and pushing it over her exposed right shoulder. Reaching down I grabbed the zipper which rested at the base of her back and slowly zipped her up. When completed I turned her back around to face me. Her cheeks were touched with red and she giggled and thanked me. I winked at her and went back to putting the flowers in a vase.

She finished up her makeup with mascara, eye shadow and lipstick all perfectly applied and came down the stairs again, this time with heels on that did up around the ankle with a clasp.

“You look amazing mom.”

“Yes well when I saw what you were wearing I knew I had to make it count!”

“Yes well are you ready?” Standing at the base of the stairs I held my arm out for her which she took. I walked her to the passenger side of my car, opened the door for her and helped her in. Sitting in the driver seat I couldn’t help but notice her legs. She had chosen a little black dress that came only slightly lower than her mid-thigh. Sitting as she was the dress rode up and I could see most of her exposed legs from ankle to upper thigh. She wore this for me?

“Are you excited?”

“Oh I’ve been excited all day! I was fretting about what to wear all day to!”

“Well you picked a damn fine dress you’re gonna make all the other girls there jealous”

She giggled and lightly slapped my shoulder. “Maybe because I’m with you, that’s the only reason they’d be jealous.”

I kissed her on the cheek lightly and patted her inner thigh which I don’t think she was ready for because she jumped ever so slightly. “We’ll see mom.” And with that we headed off.

When we pulled up she was shocked again. “You took me here? This place is soo expensive! I can’t let you do this.”

“Don’t worry about it! We agreed this was a date remember.”

“Yeah but this is too much I just thought we’d go to the Keg or something.”

“Pfft! The keg isn’t nearly good enough for you! This place will be fine, you’ll love it.”

I led her in under my arm and we were seated at a nice intimate booth for two. Our waitress came around who was cute and young and smiled at me profusely. She placed two menus in front of us and I said we’d only need one as I would do the ordering for both of us which again, was a shock to Jackie but eventually only looked at me for a second, shrugged and handed back her menu to the waitress. I ordered the most expensive bottle of wine on the list and said we’d have two appetizers to start.

Jackie and I flirted relentlessly throughout the night. It was a date after all I said to her with a smirk and a wink, there should be a little light hearted flirting involved. When the wine came, I made her drink from my glass and I from hers. I fed her little morsels of food from my bare hands putting the tips of my fingers into her mouth and her, licking my fingers clean of grease. When it came time for the main course I ordered myself prime rib and her a salad with mixed vegetables. She would never have gotten this on her own but nonetheless thanked me for my choice for her. We talked in hushed tones and always leaning forward towards one another. I reached across the table and took her hand in mine and held it moving my thumb in small concentric circles over the top of her palm. When the main course came again there was more hand feeding and giggling. By this time we’d gone through two bottles of the expensive red wine. Shortly after the main course had been taken away I thought now was a good time to present her with my pearl necklace gift. I presented it to her just as the waitress was coming by to see if we wanted anything else. Both my mother and the waitress gasped at the gift in its lavishness and beauty. Mom was too preoccupied with being shocked and with the waitress being there to stop me as I picked up the necklace, delicately placed it on her chest and clasped it behind her neck giving her a quick peck on the neck and cheek while I was there.

“Woww, you two are such a cute couple. What…may I ask what the occasion is?” Mentioned the still awestruck waitress.

This time it was both our turns to be shocked. We looked at each other, my mother’s eyes wide. A couple of seconds past before I said “Yeah, actually it’s my girlfriends and my sixth month anniversary. Isn’t that right…baby?” Jackie’s face turned bright red but it was too late for either of us to get out of this now. Instead of just simply smiling or nodding it off my mom, being the trooper that she is, decided to play along.

Again, reaching across the table to take my hand in hers and looking up at the waitress (whose name was Cassie, but is irrelevant to the story) said, “My man is so good, to me. I mean look at this gorgeous necklace.” I lifted her hand to my lips and kissed the back of her hand making her smile and blush.

“Yes it truly is beautiful. And I’m sure you have something as equally nice yeşilköy escort as well huh!” Her voice lowered to sound like a conversation for just us girls and dripping with sexual innuendo. “Oh yeah, he’ll get his present later tonight.” They both giggled and I pretended not to hear.

The waitress, getting back to her job asked us for any desert and we agreed on a small chocolate cake. “Great, shall I bring two spoons?” It was my mother who answered first clearly warming up to the roleplaying. “No, one is plenty for us. My baby loves to feed me himself.”

“Coming right up.”

True to form, we did end up feeding each other from the same spoon.

We finished the night with more close, hushed talking and intimate hand holding and an Irish coffee. When the bill came, the waitress knew right away to give it to me and said again that we were a great couple and that we made her night. “Also…” she said leaning in to my mom’s ear but still loud enough for me to hear, “…go easy on him tonight, don’t go crazy there’s still one more day to this weekend.” I, again pretended not to notice while my mom blushed profusely and gave a wink and a nod to Cassie.

We paid up and left, this time with my arm draped around her waist and he leaning against me.

She was oddly silent the ride home, and when we pulled into the driveway I asked her what was up.

Grabbing her face under her chin I gently turned her face towards mine. “Look at me, what’s up with you why were you so quiet just now?”

“It’s nothing I was just thinking…”

“Yeah thinking about what?”

“Well, I was just trying to think about another night I had out with your father. This night has really been the best night of my life and that’s kinda sad.”

“Why is that sad? Also, I’m glad you had a good time, I did too!”

She smiled at me and reached up and petted my face. “Yes, it was the best thank you again for these pearls they are beautiful.”

“Not as half as beautiful as you.” I said with a smile. “Now, why are you so sad?”

“It’s sad that I have to be taken out by my own son to have a good night when I’ve been married to a husband for 18 years and haven’t had one nice night out.”

“Yeah that is kinda sad, but we both know what a dick he is. And besides, I’m not your son tonight remember. I’m your “baby” I say the last word mimicking her voice and making light of it all and it works. We both start laughing. “And who said this night is over yet! Let’s get comfy and watch a movie or something.”

“That sounds wonderful.” She is looking into my eyes and smiling broadly. I go to kiss her on the cheek just as she goes to kiss me on the cheek. I end up kissing half of her cheek and half of her lips, the corners of our lips overlapping. Neither of us pull back and I give her the tiniest little peck on the lips. “Comon, let’s go in babe.” I said continuing the running joke.

She nods and we go inside, I have to help her up the stairs because we’ve drunken quite a bit of wine. “Let’s just change quickly and we’ll watch something.” I drop her off at her room and, unprompted she begins taking off her dress in full view of me. I’m out in the hallway watching her. Her back is to me but her door, usually always closed especially when she is changing, is wide open. She shrugged off the single strap of her dress off her left shoulder and the whole thing comes cascading down to the ground revealing her naked backside to me. Well not completely naked, she wears no bra but is wearing black panties and the hem of her nylons are clearly exposed. She begins to turn around and I quickly head down into my room before she sees me. I realized later, had I any balls this was the first instance when I could have taken her and made her mine. But I was not quick enough to the mark and the opportunity passed me by. But never fear fair reader, more chances and eventually success is my eventual reward.

We reconvened at the couch, I in a pair of sweat pants sans underwear and a tank top and she in a robe. I can tell she took off her nylons because her feet were bare. I could see her chest from the robe opening and could assume she didn’t put on a bra. For all intents and purposes she was naked save for maybe her panties under the robe. I was delighted to see she still wore the pearls.

She noticed me eyeing her over from the couch and stopped in the doorway leaning against it.

“Let me just grab a quick drink then we can begin.”

“Grab me a beer too.”

“Of course baby, I was going to…” Then suddenly realizing she’s continuing to call me baby, “gosh I’m sorry it’s so hard not to call you that anymore now that we’ve been doing it all night.”

“Then why be sorry I don’t care but it’s only fair if I get to as well honey, I am your boyfriend after all.”

She walks back into the room with my beer and a gin and tonic for her. “Yes I guess you’re right, and if I’m your girlfriend it stands to reason you calling me baby is totally fine too.” We both chuckle and she sits on the couch but at the opposite end of me.

“Uh uh, no way is my baby going to sit way over there by herself. Get over here now!” The end I say with mock annoyance which she picks up on. “Oh I’m sorry baby, here is this better?” She scotches over right up against me, legs tucked up underneath her on the couch and she rests her head on my chest looking up at me.

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