Mandy’s Exile

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Summer Lovin contest 2018. This is my first contest entry so please vote… often.


Mandy Muller growled in frustration as the data bars on her cell phone blinked between 1 and zero. Sitting on the front porch of her grandparent’s farm was the only place that even pretended to give her data service. Her phone worked for calls and texts as long as there were no pictures and she was staying in the 7 foot area between the driveway and the haybarn. Being 18 she was hoping to spend her last summer break before college on the sunny beaches of Southern California with her friends, but due to an over eager history project partner, she had been banished to the backwoods of Oregon.

Back in April she had been assigned a final project in American Government and with it came Doug Brennen, jock, popular and entitled. He had come to her house in the guise of working on the project. While they sat at the dining room table pouring through the various books on the subject of passing a law. Mandy drew a rough sketch on a paper of the best way to format the visual presentation.

“It is so distracting. Trying to read while your brother plays Mario Bros on the x-box.” Doug muttered. “Can’t we go into your room?”

“My parents would not like it.” Mandy said.

“We aren’t getting anything done with all that noise.” Doug pointed out.

“Zac! Turn it down.” Mandy yelled.

“No. I am playing.” Zac yelled back.

“I guess we will just fail.” Doug said.

“Fine. Let’s go.” Mandy said. Grabbing her school supplies. They trudged up the stairs, Mandy left the door open as they settled in her bedroom. Doug flipped through a book not really reading it mostly he was scoping out nerd girl’s bedroom. She was geeky but she had a fantastic rack.

“I gotta take a piss.” Doug said standing up.

Mandy motioned to the bathroom across the hall. She turned back to the desk reviewing the layout of the poster board she was designing. She didn’t notice Doug close the door behind him when he returned from the bathroom.

Mandy’s phone pinged with a text message. Distracted she checked the phone and saw message from Jenna her best friend.

You are so lucky to be hanging with Doug Brennen

Mandy sighed and turned back to the desk. Doug was standing very close to her, when she turned her head Doug’s hard cock was pointed right at her face. When she opened her mouth to protest he slammed his cock into her mouth. Just then the door opened and her very religious mother walked in.

No matter how Mandy protested her innocence her mother and father grounded her to the end of the school year, forcing her to miss prom and her friends graduation parties. As soon as the tassel got moved to the other side of the cap, she was on a plane to the wilds of Oregon.

She hopped off the porch and headed toward the haybarn trying to get data, to no avail. She was wandering up and down the strip of connection when a car turned into the drive. A dark blue truck that could only belong to her Uncle Lee. She waved excitedly as the truck came closer.

“Did they leave already?” Lee said jumping from the truck.

“Yes, Gramma had a hair appointment she didn’t want to be late. Grandpa told her they should just take me but she was going to be under the blower for 45 minutes and not be able to see if I started blowing the staff at the Hair Cuttery.” Mandy snorted.

“Well you do have that reputation, kid.” Lee joked bringing her in for a hug. It had been a couple years since he had seen his niece and in that time she had tripled her bust size, grown 4 inches taller and grown out her long golden hair to mid back length. The best description of her pixie face and hazel eyes was adorable.

“Hey Uncle Lee, you look great.” At 30 years of age, Uncle Lee was more like a friend or a brother than an uncle. He knew all about what was cool and knew most of her cultural references. It was easy to joke and kid with him because he was no where near as strictly religious as the rest of her mother’s pack. He was also tall and handsome with dark brown hair and sparkly brown eyes. “You here to babysit me?”

“Yes, I promised the family that I would watch you on Saturdays so that mom and pop could get a break from your teenie bopper whining.” Lee laughed. “Their words.”

“So how is Salem?” Mandy asked eager for news of the city life, even if it was Podunk Salem.

“Well, Starbucks put out a new cold brew coffee, and the berry summer salad is back at Panera.” Lee said with an exaggerated glee.

“Fine. I swear, I am an adult, if I did not require my mother to sign off on my college tuition I would so run away.”

“What even happened? Did you plot the take down of the government?” Lee asked.

“No, I got caught with a cock in my mouth.” Mandy said embarrassed.

“Wow, that might be worse in your mother’s eyes.” Lee said only slightly joking.

“It is so unfair, I didn’t want his cock in my mouth he forced me and you know what my erenköy escort mom said?” Mandy griped. “She said if I had not acted like a slut by taking him to my room this never would have happened.”

“Classic victim shaming…” Lee muttered.

“I know, right?”

“Well, according to the ‘rents, you are supposed to be doing chores.” Lee said glancing around. “It is too damn hot. Why don’t we head to the pond and take a dip?”

“Oh, lord that sounds fun.”

“Let’s go. We only have a few hours before we turn into pumpkins.” Lee headed off toward the bridge that crossed over the creek.

The pond was deep enough to have a tiny pier or more accurately a floating deck. Lee stepped out onto the pier and stripped down to his boxer briefs before cannon balling into the water. Mandy laughed and began stripping to her underwear as well. In her bra and modest boy shorts she was more covered than most bathing suits but the long legs and bust were still a little uncomfortable for Lee to be noticing so well. He was getting uncomfortable so he decided to swim away until she was safely in the water.

They swam and splashed and laughed for about an hour before they decided that they should get back to the house and finish up her chores. They worked together and just finished up when her grandparents were pulling into the drive. Grandma Elma climbed out of the car and gave Mandy the stink eye.

“I see that you went swimming when you should have been focusing on your chores. Sloth is a sin.” She chided.

“My chores are finished.” Mandy explained.

“Well that is a pleasant surprise, but unfortunately you are still going to your room for the evening. Because your chores are done you will be getting a sandwich. I will not allow your sinful pleasure-seeking ways to continue. Go on now, to your room.” She pointed her gnarled finger toward the house and Mandy sighed and headed that way. “Lee, you are staying for supper so help your dad get the shopping inside.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Lee felt awful for getting Mandy in even more trouble, but calling his mother out on her tyrannical behavior was not going to help Mandy. Lee did know one way that he could make it up to her just a little bit. He helped with the groceries and hung out with his dad while dinner was made.

After dinner he nodded to the loft bedroom where Mandy was, “I am going to say goodbye.”

He sprinted up the stairs before his mom could say no. He found her on her twin bed, her eyes puffy playing a rousing game of minesweeper on her phone. Lee sat on the bed and took the phone from her grasp. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to get you in more trouble.”

“It isn’t you. Tuesday, I wore a shirt that she thought was too tight and she made me scrub the bathroom with a toothbrush. She is very disappointed in me and what I did.” Mandy sniffed. “I really wish I had actually done it, then I might feel like this was deserved. All I feel now is resentful at the injustice of it all.”

“I get it. I do have to say one thing, remember that you may not feel like it but you are in fact an adult. If you want this to be over, just make the choice and let it be over.” Lee said smiling softly.

“I know, I am making this choice so that I can go to college. I am scared to try to do it alone.”

“That is understandable. If it gets too much, I will try to help.” Lee said still holding her phone. He was tapping at the screen and Mandy looked down to see what he was doing.

“There is wifi?” Mandy squealed.

“Do not go on social media, your mom is probably monitoring that, but now you can snapchat your friends and kik and whatsapp and all them other new-fangled emoji parties you young’uns are into.” Lee smiled. “Do not let them know I signed you in. This is our little secret.”

“Absolutely. I love you Uncle Lee you are the best!” Mandy sat up and threw her arms around him in glee.

“Alright, alright. I will see you next week.” Lee laughed.

“Thank you!” Mandy said barely glancing at him as she zoomed through the notifications and feeds she had missed in the last week. She could deal with her prison sentence if she had her feeds.

Mandy pulled down another box of papers from her gramma’s shelf and set it close to her desk for it to be sorted. Apparently, it was time to clean out the files because there was a Cinderella to carry the boxes. She set the box down and her mother’s name caught her eye. She looked around and grabbed the file. Inside were hospital records from when her mother was 16. Mandy sorted through and discovered that at the age of 16 her mother had given birth.

Apparently, her mother and grandmother had gone on an extended stay in Idaho and when they returned to the farm, Uncle Lee was the newest addition to the family. Her ‘uncle’ was actually her ‘brother’ and this was the reason that she had the sexuality patrol so far up her ass she tasted the color of their uniforms. Her entire life she was overprotected and underexposed göztepe escort because her mother was impregnated young.

Mandy did not want to think it but her fucking whore mother was ruining her life. So much for the purity of marriage and the need to wait. Her mother hadn’t waited, the hypocrite. Now mom was so ridden with the guilt of her own actions that she was not even willing to listen to her own daughter when she had basically been assaulted.

Mandy heard her gramma heading her way and quickly shoved the papers back in the box and all of her feelings to the back of her mind. She would deal with that jumbled mess later when she was alone. The one thought she kept having at least her mom had gotten the experience before her prison sentence.

That night as she lay in her bed staring at the google search engine trying to figure out how to find the answers to the questions that were fragmenting through her mind, she began to type weird collections of words, Brother Uncle, Sister Mom, the one thing that kept popping up was Tumblr. Every time she clicked the link it told her that her search was on safety mode so she could not view the post indicated.

Frustrated, Mandy found the app and downloaded it. Set up took several minutes and safety mode took even longer to disable but when she did her naïve little mind exploded. Images and stories, barely legal teens being bred by brothers and dads, girls swallowing Daddy and brother cocks, taking it in the ass so that they don’t get pregnant, keeping it secret, hoping to get caught. It sunk into her brain and started her clit to pulsing. Her panties were soaked and her nipples were hard and achy, she scrolled and clicked and hearted and followed and tumbled down into hours of depravity and sexual awakening.

Mandy spent every night scrolling and masturbating until she fell into an exhausted slumber only to be woken but the call to get her chores started entirely to early every morning. Until Saturday, when she would be free of the gramma warden and be able to have some fun and peace with her Uncle/Brother Lee.

She pondered whether she should say anything to Lee about it. Was it her place to disrupt his world? He was as much a victim in this as she was, but he was not aware and ignorance was bliss. Was it something that he would even want to know? His relationship with her mother was casual, how would he react to the truth?

Mandy decided that she would wait to decide, because she just wanted to be free and normal for a little while during her grandparent’s absence. Lee arrived and the old folks departed. Lee waited until they were gone to suggest heading to the pond. The taillights were barely out of site before they went running for the water.

Lee stripped to his boxers and was just about to cannonball off the pier when he realized the mistake. “You know that we got caught because our wet underwear soaked our clothes, right?” He asked. “Turn around so I can take off my boxers, once I am in you can get ready.”

Mandy turned her head but kept going until she could peek at him just a little. The dirty GIF’s and memes that she had been pouring over for the last several days made her horny just thinking of getting a peek at her uncle in such a taboo way. She heard the splash and began disrobing, hoping he was catching a peek as well. She stood proudly at the end of the dock and jumped because he was looking away and not even cheating slightly in her direction.

Lee felt something brush against his leg and jumped. When he turned around there was Mandy. The water was not dark enough to hide her impressive tits from view, so while he had been very good about keeping his gaze averted here he was faced with the thing he had been hoping to avoid. In a completely abject way he could say that Mandy was young and nubile and attractively put together. His male brain located south of his belly button did not care that she was supposed to be off limits. All his cock saw were firm, perky, big, soft, fleshy, pink tipped, glorious, delicious tits.

Lee quickly retreated. Time to distract himself from his niece’s body. He swam around but there was not a lot of place to hide especially when she kept popping up right next to him. She must have been part mermaid because she cut soundlessly through the water. At one point he surfaced to find her floating on her back, slowly frog kicking through the water, showing every nook and cranny of her pussy and her soft tits to the elements at large and him more specifically.

It was nearing the time when they should head back and they were lounging near the bank chatting.

“How are you holding up?” Lee asked watching the trees across from them sway in the breeze. Avoiding looking at her was his only hope.

“Well, I am angry. I mean I am being punished for the actions of other, I think that if I had ever been bad, even one time, I would be able to accept that this was fair. I know I sound like a broken record. I just kadıköy escort want to be bad. I want to put a dick in my mouth on purpose. I want to get my tits sucked and my pussy fingered. I want to be the slut they are accusing me of being.” Mandy sighed. “Sorry to unload all of this on you but you are the only one that would even listen to me. Deserving the punishment meant you had something to enjoy before the walls closed in. You know what I mean?”

Lee swallowed. It was hard enough sitting next to her in the see-through water looking at her long legs and awesome breasts, but when she started talking dirty he felt his cock grow and a shamed blush cover his cheeks. He could see her with a dick in her mouth… his. He could see her tits being sucked… by him. He could feel her pussy being fingered… with his fingers. He wanted to let her be a slut… his slut.

“I know what you mean, it is really unfair what you are going through. We need to head back now. But believe me, I hear everything you are saying.” Lee nodded. “Why don’t you climb out and get dressed and I will follow right behind you.”

Lee needed an extra minute to calm his wayward thoughts that were swelling his wayward cock. He really did try not to watch her ass as she swayed up the bank to collect her clothes. After a few minutes of air drying she began to wiggle into her clothes. Lee ignored the bounce and sway as he headed up the bank to retrieved his clothes.

15 minutes later in the chicken coop, Mandy paused for the third time while feeding the chickens to look at her phone. Lee noticed as he continued to hut for eggs in the coop. They finished up in the coop and headed for the barn to get the goat feed.

“What is so damn interesting on the phone?” Lee asked.

“Nothing?” Mandy swallowed feeling slightly guilty.

“Come on. You are totally distracted. What is it?” Lee asked again.

“Fine, Tumblr alerts.” Mandy sighed. She blushed to her roots. Lee looked and felt his eyes bulge a bit. If she was looking at Tumblr there was no telling what had caught her interest.

“I am glad the internet is working out for you.” Lee said briskly.

“Um… I need to go pee before we head down to the goat barn. If I am going to milk the beasts it is going to take a while.” Mandy said. She set her phone down and headed toward the house.

Lee waited until she was out of sight and quickly opened the app and knowing he was on borrowed time went directly to her Tumblr page and checked out her user name. “SweeCandyMandy.” Lee said committing it to memory. This he was going to use, just to keep an eye on her, make sure she is okay. The more he considered it the more he was doing it to protect her. Then he popped open her feed. The volume of incest and taboo Tumblr blogs she was following were blowing his mind. Filthy GIF’s and stories streamed past with a flick of his thumb. His cock was the only thing processing. He heard a noise and quickly returned her phone to where she left it.

Lee spent the remainder of the afternoon trying not to think about or look at Mandy. Every time she looked at her phone he imagined that she was looking at porn. Every time he imagined her looking at porn he imagined her getting wet. Every time he imagined her wet he imagined licking her wetness. Every time he imagined licking her he felt like a pervert and berated himself that he wasn’t looking or thinking about her. It was a long afternoon. When his parents pulled into the drive, he helped them unload then made quick excuses and bolted.

Mandy hid her phone upstairs so her grandparents wouldn’t get suspicious of her access to the wifi. Knowing how often she had looked at her phone while Uncle Lee was around she knew that there was no way she could not look at it if she had it with her. She impatiently waited until she could escape to hang out with her phone. Hours later after dinner was eaten and the dishes were done, Mandy hurried upstairs. She threw off her dusty jean shorts and t-shirt and climbed into her soft camisole and sleep shorts. She grabbed her phone and crawled into bed. There were numerous notifications from her apps, the 6 from Tumblr she was saving for last.

When she finally got to Tumblr, there was a follow notification. It was her fourth follower since she has set up the app. It was a generic blog space with no real information in the heading. The blog name was 123EhBeeSea. Apparently, the blogger had combed her page and liked all of her posts, reblogged a few of them and sent her a message.

123: Really like your blog. Send me a pic of you.

Send a pic? Mandy thought. Dare she? Maybe if it wasn’t her face?

Mandy sat up in the bed and held the phone over her, watching the screen, she grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled it so her cleavage showed. She aligned the photo so that her mouth to her cleavage were the only parts of her in the screen. It was sexy yet tasteful and not incriminating.

Lee lay in his bed scrolling through the nasty perversions on his niece’s blog and stroked his cock. When the message notification pinged. He opened the photo and growled. That pic request had been a test and this little girl had failed. Didn’t she know how dangerous it was to send photos of herself online?

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