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“What the fuck are you wearing?” My Mom’s giggling tone of derision wakes me.

I am disoriented and slow to wake fully from the deep warm sleep I was enjoying.

“Damn, you look cuter in that little thing than I do!” She is pulling back the covers trying to get a better look at me. “Stockings too! What a little hottie you make!”

I catch hold of the covers, trying to cover myself back up as the shock and embarrassment start to consume me. “Aww, come on, let me look at you. It’s the least you can do since you’re wearing my clothes.” She pulls against me. She is still giggling, having fun at my predicament.

“Please, Mom.” I plead, holding on to the covers as if my life depended on them.

“Come on, Sweetie, I wanna see, I wanna see!” She giggles like an excited schoolgirl. “You should see your face, it’s almost the same color as the babydoll!”

“Please, Mom. it’s embarrassing. I’m sorry for wearing your things. I won’t do it again. Please let me get dressed.” I whine, trying to get her to be reasonable.

“Nope, no way! She laughs, bossily. “I’m not leaving until you stand up and give me a twirl!

“I’m sorry, mom.” I whimper again, too embarrassed to show her.

“Apologies accepted, assuming you haven’t ripped the seams out or laddered my stockings. Now get out of bed and show me what you’ve got, girlfriend!” She looked at me expectantly.

“I’m sorry, it just looks so sexy and it felt…..”

“Shhhh, Sweetie. I know how great it feels to dress up. I do it all the time, makes me feel super horny. But I want to see, this is so cool and screwy, I’ve gotta see. You don’t need to say anything, just stand up and show me your best girlie pose.”

How could I resist! She was in the best mood for dropping a bombshell like this one. Better to get it over and done with and face the music with her drunk and happy than wait for the grumpy hangover that was sure to come in the morning. I dropped my grip on the covers and climbed out of my bed. I stood and gave her a little twirl, letting the lacey little baby doll lift out and away from my skin as I did so.

“Oooheee, baby, you look gorgeous, one hot little babe!” She said with a dirty grin.

I moved to sit back down on the bed.

“Not yet, sexy. I wanna see the full thing. This is fun.” She kicked out the red sparkly sandals from the foot of the bed. “A girl always has to wear fuck-me shoes with her lingerie!” She purred.

I thought about refusing, but my resolve was not strong enough to resist my mom, so I didn’t think about it long before I sat down on the bed and picked up the sandals. They were difficult to fasten. I fumbled them in my nervousness.

“Jittery, baby?” She cooed, then knelt down and fastened them for me. She chattered away as she did it then stroked my legs all the way up to the lace stocking tops. It was incredibly arousing and my body felt it, responding unbidden to her sensual caress. She noticed the swelling in my panties and raised an eyebrow in a dirty way and purred: “MMmmmm, stockings are so sexy and you’ve got great legs.” Her hands stroked over the top onto the bare skin of my thighs. “Fabulously sexy young girlie legs and a gorgeous boy cock between them. Mmmmmm, how irresistible!” And she stroked her fingers over the lace panel encasing my cock. Back and forth, she teased her fingers over my aching meat as it grew under her touch, watching me all the time, feeding off the shame I felt, seemingly oblivious to any shame she should be feeling. “Mmmmmmm, nice cock, sweetie, just like your daddy’s!”

I groaned as her hands left me and she sat back. Frustration coursed through me. I had edged myself to two big cums during the evening dressed in these sexy clothes, dancing and playing and smoking weed and looking at porn. If not for that I would probably have cum in her hand. Frustration too for the lack of knowledge I had over my Dad. All I knew for sure was that he was a little guy because I was graduating high school at 5’4″, oh, and that he had a cock like mine.

She sat in the chair opposite the bed and said. “Time to show off your cat walk strut! Don’t tell me you haven’t got one cos every girl who’s ever worn fuck-me heels has a catwalk strut! Come on, up! Let me see.”

Humiliated beyond belief I stood and attempted to strut up and down my long thin room. It was not a good attempt, the heels were high but I had done much better on previous occasions on my own. When I got to the doorway, I thought about bolting but I heard movements in the house and realized that Mike, mom’s soon to-be-husband was here with us. I turned and swayed back to the bed even more jittery. “No way!” She laughed, incredulous. “You’ve got to be able to do better than that. When we wear fuck-me clothes we have to wear fuck-me attitudes. Every step has to tell him you are wanting sex. Watch!”

She proceeded to strut magnificently up and down the room, leaving no doubt that she was the sexiest woman in the world and that she wanted all the sex she could şirinevler escort have. In her little mini dress and spike heels, she looked amazing. She was 34 and looked like she was in her mid 20’s; slim sexy and vibrantly alive. She coached me how to walk, how to turn, how to balance on the towering heels. She grabbed my ass every time I walked near her, saying it was the sexiest ass and she couldn’t help herself.

Finally, my legs got tired and I toppled. “I’m sorry.” I mumbled.

“For fucks sake, stop apologizing!” She mocked. Then she looked at me, held my eyes with hers. “You have a body most women would die for and you like the feel of sexy clothes. I have no problem with that and neither should you. But, you seem to need to do something. The only person you might owe an apology to is downstairs. Mike bought that baby doll with me in mind, he didn’t buy it for you.” With that she called out: “Hey, Mikey. Come see what I found!” A call that she often used to coax him upstairs, usually followed by the click of their door locking and an hour or more of gasps, moans and cries of sexual bliss.

“Oh, fuck!” I thought.

I had just got up of the floor and was standing, rather leaning, against Mom when Mike’s big frame filled the doorway.

“Tada!” Mom sang out.

Mike’s jaw dropped. He stood looking us both up and down, whilst I tried to pretend I was invisible, clinging to my mom.

“Oh, Fuck!” Said Mike, in a soft low sexy groan.

Mom spun me in a twirl, the flimsy material spinning away from my skin, then she held my hand and pulled. “Strut!” She hissed in her no nonsense way. We both strutted away from Mike, turned and strutted back holding hands all the way. I couldn’t look him in the eye. She nudged me down kneel in front of him. “Now is the time to give your apology.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy, for wearing the clothes you bought for Mom. It’s just that they looked so pretty and felt so good that I couldn’t help myself.”

“Look at him!” Mom instructed me, tipping my chin with her fingers. I looked up into his big powerful face hoping for some measure of kindness. He wasn’t laughing which was a good thing, but there was a look in his eyes that frightened me.

Mom gasped with delight. We both looked at her, not understanding her excitement. She stroked my hair. Then giggling, said: “I’ve solved the bridesmaid problem. I didn’t know anyone petite enough to fit into Jenny’s dress. Now I do!”

“Ha! Perfect!” He snorted, looking me in the eye and grinning, then snarled at me. “If you are really sorry you can show it by being your Mom’s bridesmaid tomorrow. If you don’t, I’ll kick your sissy ass out on the street tomorrow night for good.”

I was stunned. Mike had already told me that I would have to look for somewhere else to live after they got married but, even though I was eighteen, I hadn’t taken him seriously. He was serious now, deathly serious. I looked at my mom. She was no help, she wanted a bridesmaid and it amused her to make me fit that role. “Oh, do it for me, we’ll do your hair and makeup so that no one will recognize you. You’re going to look so cute.” She was playing with my hair as she spoke.

“Rick will be delighted. He’ll think we did it for him.” Mike chuckled.

“Mmmmm. Yeah, I want this, I really want this!” Mom said, almost dreamlike. Rick was Mike’s best man, a very successful guy with two businesses, he was very masculine, very attractive and openly gay. He made no secret of the fact that his taste was for younger men and he always paid me a lot of attention when he was around. I liked him, had a bit of a crush on him, and always looked forward to seeing him. “I would love to see you walking down the aisle in that gorgeous salmon pink dress and heels, holding Rick’s hand. Fuck! That will be hot.”

“Ask your mom nicely, then maybe she will let you play bridesmaid tomorrow and then maybe I’ll let you stay a while longer.” Mike smirked down at me.

I swallowed hard, I couldn’t think of any way out, I was scared and exhilarated at the same time. “Please, mommy dearest, may I be your bridesmaid tomorrow?” My voice was almost a whisper, I could barely get the words out.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!” Mom said, her voice hoarse, her eyes wild. “You ok with this, babe?”

“Uh huh, the writings been on the wall with this slut.” He said slowly, eyeing me with distain. “That’s what that outfit is for, to turn women into the dirty little sluts they want to be. That’s what you want to be, isn’t it? Daddy’s dirty little slut?”

“Fuck! Mike, you’ve got a boner.” she reached down and stroked the length of the very visible outline of his hard cock inside his pants, inches from my face.

He groaned, deep and throaty, it was a very sexy sound. “Of course I have, you’ve been a cock tease all evening and now this!” He looked down at me, blatantly ogling me.

“You want to see a real cock, Jamie? You want to see why he’s called big mike?” She pulled his big cock free şişli escort and it was directly in front of my face. She jacked him slowly. So close up it was huge, 8 or 9 inches of thick hard male flesh. It was so close I could feel his body heat rising off it and smell the heavy sexy scent of him. Her hand stroked him gently, but purposefully, her painted nails slipping up and down the length of his shaft. “Is this what you think about when you dress up in my lingerie, Sweetie?”

Mike groaned: “Oh, Fuck!” She silenced him with a deep kiss, then they both gave a muffled chorus of animalistic sounds as they kissed each other greedily. Mike’s hands were all over mom, squeezing and pulling at her tits, making her squeal into his mouth. Then disappearing under her mini skirt releasing the sweet scent of her sex and the gentle squishing noises as he probed her making her moan. But all this time I was mesmerized by his big thick hard cock, its swollen purple head leaking pre-cum inches from my face. She stroked him closer and closer to orgasm, it didn’t take long. His hips began to buck and he was fucking back into her hand, they broke their kiss and he was panting and gasping. The big cock got even more swollen in front of my eyes, she was still being slow, gentle and deliberate with her sensual stroking. But his hips were bucking more wildly and his moans more desperate.

All of a sudden she pulled her hand away, he groaned and bucked his hips, desperate to make contact with her pretty little hand again. She giggled into his neck, enjoying the teasing she was giving him. “I love how desperate you get, fuck, I love your cock!”

Mike was groaning, his hips still moving, pre-cum oozing out of the slit, hanging in a long sticky bead. It looked so tempting, I could hardly bear it.

“And, my, my! How desperate you look, Sweetie! You want his cock, don’t you! Want to taste it! Want to suck it! Want to fill your greedy mouth with it!” She taunted. “You can have it if you promise to be the best bridesmaid ever for me tomorrow!” She teasingly ran her finger around the swollen purple head. “Don’t tell me you haven’t fantasized about Rick when you’re in my clothes! Now you get to live the crossdresser’s dream, walking down the aisle, looking like a million dollars in a cute dress and heels, arm in arm with a tall dark gay man!”

I couldn’t bear it any longer, she knew how to push all my buttons. I opened my mouth and took the swollen purple head inside. It was hot and sticky and salty and I had never tasted anything so amazing. I willing made love to it with my mouth, hearing myself whimper involuntarily as I did so.

“I’ll take that as a promise, Sweetie!” Mom giggled in my ear, stroking my cheek.

I heard Mike moan. “Oh, fuck, yeah! Suck it, bitch!” and I greedily accepted more of him between my lips. It was a wonderful feeling, my mouth full of hot salty cock. His hand held my head and he fucked my mouth, moving my head in time with his thrusting hips. I heard Mom moan with lust as she watched what I was doing, her hand joining his on my head.

I saw her other hand go down and join his under her skirt and she groaned: “Yeah, suck it, you pretty little whore, suck your Daddy’s big hard cock. Make him cum for me.”

I sucked and slurped on his big hard cock, I took him in as deep as I could, bobbing my head into his thrusts, slurping the head as he pulled out, feasting on this new treat. I was completely enthralled, my only desire was to make him cum, their hands on my head ensuring I couldn’t retreat even if I had wanted to.

He came in thick hard blasts that hit the back of my mouth, I tried to swallow, but the thick gooey mess was building up faster than I could cope with and his cock was thrashing around in and out of my mouth so much that I barely swallowed half of it. Mike was grunting above me, grunting and gasping as he lunged uncontrollably in and out of my mouth.

Mom cried out, grinding herself onto mike’s hand. “Oh, yeah, you dirty little bitch, swallow all his cum. You love it, don’t you! Love his nasty cum. Daddy’s tasty reward for our dirty little girl. Clean him all up, sweetie, don’t waste a drop.” Her hand still holding my head so close that I had barely room to breathe.

I sucked and slurped on his big thick cock, finally swallowing enough of the tidal wave of cum that I could gasp a breath. I cleaned him with my tongue, luxuriating in the silky soft feel of his skin, the slick, sticky cum filling my senses. He pulled his cock free of my lips and I greedily followed it, kissing and licking the cum from the base of him, my hands coming up to hold him, cupping his balls and stroking the last of his cum into my eager mouth.

Click! I looked around. Mom had taken my picture with her phone. She winked lasciviously at me. “Just letting Rick know who he will be walking down the aisle!” She giggled as she texted a note then hit send. “That was so fucking hot, you two. We have to do some more of this.”

“Ohhhhh, suadiye escort fuck! That was good. You have a nasty little mouth, bitch.” Said mike, slapping his softening cock against my cheek with a wet smack a few times before slumping back on my bed.

“Let’s go to my big bed.” Suggested mom. “Come to bed with us and you can eat Mommy’s pussy and suck on Daddy’s big fat cock again.” She purred.

“Nah. Stay right there for a while!” Said Mike, folding his hands behind his head, gloating at me.

“Ha! Rick says: That kind of service from one so cute does not come cheap. Then he says: What kind of sick parents are you anyway, lol.” Mom giggles, then repeats as she types. “The fun kind, just ask Jamie!”

“Ask him how much!” Mike says leering at me, something dark behind his eyes. I was starting to feel awkward, truly out of my depth. Mike saw it and enjoyed it.

“I am fucking horny!” Mom smirked. “Let’s go to bed and fuck.” Her phone pinged. “Huh, 100 bucks a blow he says! Fuck, Jamie, you could make bank!” She teased.

“No, how much for complete ownership? Take him off our hands. Marry him. Chain him up in a dungeon. Whatever fag crap they like to do!” Mike sneered at me as he spoke.

“Oh, fuck!” I thought. What’s happening to my life? To be sold!

“Please, No! Don’t do this.” I blurted out.

“Oh, sweetie, calm down, we’re just messing around!” Mom giggled as she typed. But Mike’s cold stare chilled me to the bone.

“Jeez!” Mom gasped, with a giggle. “He says 15 thousand dollars! Oooh, Jamie’s going to make mama rich!”

My stomach churns. I am so frightened, yet strangely excited at the prospect. If it were Rick, it would be ok……maybe. But terrifying real, I feel as if I might be sick.

“The cheap bastard!” Mike laughed. “He was offered a Ukrainian kid for 30K last week by a Russian dude in that gay bar on Main Street, what’s it called? Nasty Nellies, or something like that.”

“Fuck off! Really?” Mom asked, astonished. Then almost carelessly. “The Nelson Column. Really? Like a slave market? That is really, really nasty. Fuck! Nasty cruel or nasty hot; or both; I’m so fucking stoned and horny, it all sounds good.”

“Tell him 40 grand. He’s speaks English, he’s eager and he’s definitely Ricky’s type – young and cute. And for fuck’s sake he’s Jamie and we all know Rick’s had the hots for his little ass since he met him! And to cap it off he’s a virgin, his pretty little ass hasn’t been opened by a cock yet, has it, bitch? We might not be able to say that in an hour or so though!”

“You text him, ya sicko!” Mom giggles, tossing him the phone. “I’m too horny!” Stepping over to where I am kneeling and slipping her thong to one side, she pulls my face into her crotch under her tiny skirt. “Eat mommies pussy, baby. Lick my hot little clit.”

Her scent overwhelms me. Her pussy is hot and slick, what little hair she has not already removed is trimmed short. The puffy lips of her sex are swollen and parted, a bead of her juices hangs from the crease like drool. The crotch of her panties is soaked and it wets my cheek as I press my face into her. My only thoughts are to taste her and please her as I push my tongue up between her glistening folds. I lap up the full length of her slit, reveling in the moans and gasps of pleasure this brings from my Mom. Her gasping gets louder and less controlled the more I flick and lap at the hard little nub at the top of her crevice. She staggers a little, putting more weight on me for support. I don’t care, I just keep licking her sweet pussy, it’s all that matters to me.

She cries out. “Ooohhhh, fuucck, yessss. Lick me right there. Oooh fuck, right there! Don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop.”

I am so turned on, so completely entranced by her sex and her abandonment to her desires, that I eagerly, desperately, comply. I lick her clit, flicking it over and over with my tongue, sensing the pressure growing inside her, feeling her tension building. I lick at her harder and faster, flicking my tongue across her sensitive little bud as fast and as hard as I can.

“Fuck, you look so fucking hot, sweetie. Make me cum, you sexy little slut. Make me cummmm. Ohhhhhhh, fuuuuuck, yesssssssssss, yesssssssssssssss, yessssssssssss.”

I slow my tired tongue, feeling her buck against me every time I come close to the most tender parts of her flesh. She groans. “Ohhh, baby, you are a natural, that was so good!” She slumped down next to me and kissed me deeply, her tongue slipping between my lips as her hands stroked, caressed and explored me. She lifted her mouth from mine and looked at Mike. “Take me to your bed, big guy.” She purred. “I need my pussy filling with that gorgeous cock of yours.”

“Not just yet, babe.” Mike answered smoothly. “Ricks coming over.”

“Ooohh, is he coming to make a purchase?” She said jokingly.

Mike tossed her the phone, then grinned his nastiest grin at me. Mom read the stream of text messages. Her eyes growing wider, a gasp came from her lips occasionally. Eventually she laid the phone down and looked at me. “I dunno, Mike, I mean this is serious.”

“He’s genuine and at least you’ll know where the little sissy is. He’ll look after him too, won’t let him get into trouble. There is no downside to it.” Mike grinned.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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