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MaryThey broke out of prison, the four of them, all dangerous men willing to do anything not to go back. Their stolen car ran out of gas a few miles away from the next city, nothing around for miles. They had been travelling for two days, trying to put as many miles as they could between the police and them. A storm was coming, nothing would be moving for days, the snow out here making the roads impassable. The lights of the house were inviting, the family living there believing they were safe. They broke in, surprising them before they could even react. They were confronted by four large men carrying guns and the look of evil in their eyes. There were four of them, Bill and Alice having two c***dren, Mary and Becky. Bill was tied up quickly and tightly, not wanting any trouble out of him. A gag shut him up, a blindfold so he wouldn’t see anything that was going on.Alice was a pretty woman, forty, but the hard farm life kept her figure trim and desirable. Two of the men took her to her bedroom to engage her in the perverse acts of pleasure they would demand from her.Becky was a year older then Mary. She was a bit shy, but the one man that took her to her bedroom would cure her of that. He had her on her bed, her stuffed a****ls s**ttered around as he forced her to stroke his growing cock, getting it ready for her young body to service his carnal desires.Mary was shy like her sister, a slight girl. She had few friends and never had a boy friend. Bruno took her to Mary’s bedroom.“Nice room, Mary,” Bruno looking around the room, but eying the bed with the metal headboard.“What are they going to do to my mother and sister?” She saw them dragged out of the living room by the other men.“They’ll be all right. I just worry about you.”“Me?” What did he mean?“Jocko doesn’t like you. I saw it in his eyes. He’s as mean as a man can be.”“Don’t let him hurt me!” Mary was scared, the men strong and mean.“That’s why I brought you in here. Away from him. It’s the only way I can protect you from him.” Bruno smiled at the deception. “I can’t watch you all the time, so I will have to tie you up.”“No, not like my father.” She saw what they did to her, tying her to the chair until she couldn’t move a muscle then a gag and a blindfold sealing her from the others. Mary would go crazy with the isolation.“No, nothing like that. I just need to tie your hands. I’ll let you be nice and comfortable. How about on your bed? You can stretch out and I can sit over there and watch television.“I guess that would be okay.” Mary had no choice. She sat on the edge of the bed as Brice pulled a piece of rope out from behind her back.“Take off your shoes and socks.”“Why?”“You ain’t going to run out in the snow without shoes and socks. Take them off.”He waited until she took them off. “The shirt too, you’ll freeze your ass off in your pants.” She bought it, taking off her shirt, her young breasts are very small.“On the bed, hands over your head.” He watched as the innocent girl resigned to being tied up in only her pants. He grabbed her wrists, wrapping the rope tightly around them until the skin bulged out. He pulled the rope and her arms up through the iron headboard, tying her securely to the headboard. “That’s not too bad, is it Mary?”“NNNO,” Mary stammered. She was tied up, unable to move, scared by the men and this one.“I gotta piss.” Bruno went into the bathroom connecting the bedroom. He closed the door, opening up his pants and pulling out his cock. It took a moment before he could piss, his cock still erect. Finally, his yellow piss spurted noisily into the toilet. He shook his cock, stroking it a few times until it grew harder then stuffed in back into his pants. He sat on the toilet and took off his shoes and socks, then pulled his shirt off. Just like Mary. He opened the door to the bedroom, Mary looking at him.He had taken off his shirt, his chest covered with thick black hair, his arms bulging with thick muscles that rippled, even his chest muscles rippled when he walked. Mary watched him walk over to the bed and then stretch out next to her. “I thought you were going to watch television,” she stammered nervously.“I thought I would keep you company. Just in case, Jocko comes in. He wouldn’t bother you if I’m on the bed with you. You don’t want Jocko to mess with you, do you?”“Noooo,” she whispered. Bruno stretched out next to her, one of his hands pulling him close to her, Mary growing more worried as his hand slid over her small naked chest and touched one of her nipples.“Scrawny little k**, Mary. Do all the boys pick on you?” He pinched one of her nipples, seeing Mary’s lips clenched tight, but she didn’t protest. “Be a good girl and we‘ll get along just fine.” He could feel the nipple grow in his fingers, in spite of the severe pinching. He pulled it and twisted it, but Mary didn’t even whimper. His hand slid over to her other nipple, this time fingernails digging into the tip until she drew blood.“OOOWWW,” Mary finally cried out, the pain shooting into her nipple as if he stabbed it with a knife.  “That hurts!”“Don’t be such a wimp, Mary. I don’t like wimps that cry over anything.” He released the nipples, pleased with the drop of blood that stained the swollen nipple. Mary shut up, afraid of Bruno almost as much as Jocko.“You need to exercise more, Mary. Get some muscles.”  He pushed her until she was on his side facing away from Bruno. His hand ran over her naked side, the young girl squirming. “Hold still.” Mary’s body froze; Bruno’s hand sliding lowed down over the buttocks of the girl. He grabbed one buttock in his powerful hand and clenched on the flesh. Her buttocks tried to contract, but they weren’t powerful enough compared to his hand. “Skinny ass too.”Mary trembled as his large hands ran over her ass cheeks, squeezing her buttocks as if they were ripe fruit. “SSSSPLLLAATTT!”Mary’s ass cheek stung, Bruno spanking one cheek with his powerful hand, stinging down to the bone.“SSSPLLLAATTT!”Another spank rang out in the room, her other buttock aching from the spanking. Her parents had never spanked her before, this coming as a surprise, the flesh of her buttocks feeling hot and blistered.“You need your ass warmed up, Mary. Lay flat on your belly.”Mary had no choice, lying down on her belly, bracing for another spanking, but still surprised when Bruno’s found her unprotected buttock with another canlı bahis punishing blow. “Yes, thank me for that spanking, Mary.”“TTThhhank you,” she was forced to say. Another spank on her other cheek rang out in the room, the pain lacing though her body. “TTTThankk you,” she repeated.Ten times Bruno spanked her, ten times the meek little girl thanked him for the spanking. Bruno finally stopped, but his hand returned to her ass. Mary jumped from the first touch, but Bruno’s hand was gentle, at least for Bruno. It did grab and clench on the girls buttocks, pulling her cheeks apart each time. Bruno could wait to felt the heat of the girl’s buttocks.“That wasn’t so bad, was it Mary.”“No, sir,” Mary learning her place real fast if he wanted to survive.“On your side again, Mary.” Mary rolled over until she had her back to Bruno. Bruno’s hand slid over the girl’s hips, than Bruno slide closer as his hand slid over Mary’s belly.  She jumped from the touch on his naked skin.  “Hold still, I wouldn’t hurt you.” Mary felt the hand slide over her belt buckle, than lower, inching down the front of her pants until strong fingers curled around her clit. She turned red in shame when Bruno said.“Damned, if you aren’t wet, Mary. You like the spanking? Did warming your ass make your cunt get wet?”  Bruno’s fingers curled around her clit like a girl in her age. He squeezed it in his hand, feeling it jerk in pleasure.Mary tried to will her clit to get soft and end her shame but his fingers crushing the soft young cunt only made it jerk in excitement. She could say anything as Bruno’s fingers squeezed the blood from her cunt until Mary thought it would explode.“I asked you a question, Mary!”“I couldn’t help it,” Mary cried out in shame.The girl liked a little pain. That was good, because Bruno liked to inflict pain, that is what made him harder. His hand crept down lower, until he cupped Mary between the legs. “Spread you legs open a bit so I can find your cunt. Now!”She watched as the top leg pushed up, until Bruno’s hand went between her legs and squeezed. The leg clamped down, but it was too late, Bruno’s hand finding the young girl’s cunt with his fingers. He squeezed his fingers on her labias as if they were ripe oranges to be squeezed for their juice.It hurt, her labias trapped beneath his large palm, his fingers moving in and clenching tight until her labias felt like they were trapped in a vise. “EEEEHHH,” the pain deep in hiser guts as her labias were crushed. Mary tried to push away, but her ass brushed up against Bruno, feeling the hard erection pushed into her ass cheeks.Bruno released them, than squeezed again, Mary rubbing back against his growing cock. “You like it when I crush your labias.  You’re rubbing that little ass against me like a little whore.”He finally released her labias, but his hand slid up and grabbed her clit again. “Just as I thought, Mary. It’s getting harder. I think I need to spank you some more. Ask me to spank your ass again. This time with your pants down so you can feel it better.”She knew she had to say it, afraid of defying Bruno. “Spank me again. Without my pants.” She was fearful and humiliated when she felt Bruno’s hands at her waist. Her hand slid into the front of her pants, grabbing her cunt, Mary shamed as she felt the wetness Bruno tugged her pants down until they were at her knees.Bruno lightly tapped her buttocks. “Kneel up for me Mary.” He pulled Mary over onto her belly, than his hand slid underneath her until Mary’s ass rose up submissively. “Yes, like that.” Her underwear was drawn tightly over her skinny buttocks, her ass waving up like a flag, begging to be spanked or worse. “Get ready, Mary.”Bruno’s hand slid under her body, grabbing her clit again, this time pushing her up until her ass was high up in the air. Mary would know the humiliation, Bruno spanking her and her cunt jerking in excitement with each blow in spite of the pain.“SSSSSPPPLLLAAATTT!”It shocked her system, the burn in her ass going to the bone, but it was her cunt twitching in excitement that shamed her worse. When her cunt jerked, Bruno squeezed her clit harder, Mary though she would draw blood. “SSSSSPPPLLLAAATTT!”This one was harder, Bruno’s hand underneath her keeping her ass up submissively for the painful spanking. It went on for long minutes, one hand spanking her ass, the other gripping and squeezing her cunt until it happened. The wetness soaked her legs and Bruno’s fingers. “Damn, if you didn’t cum on me. He pulled his hand out from under Mary. “Lick it clean,” sticking his cum soaked fingers into Mary’s mouth.She knew she had to do it, afraid of what Bruno would do it she didn’t. She licked the fingers, her lips wrapped tightly around them, tasting er own wetness as she cleaned the fingers.“That was good, Mary.” She would make a good cocksucker. Soon she would find what it was like to have a cock in her mouth and forced to swallow a load of cum. “On your side again, Mary. I’ll be right back.”Her back was to Bruno, but she knew what was happening. She heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down and than the rustle of pants being taken off. Mary felt the bed sink down and then she felt Bruno push up against her ass. His hairy chest pushed into her back along with the hair on his legs rubbing against Mary’s legs.“Those shorts are too wet, let’s slip them off, Mary.” Bruno’s hand slid into the waistband of Mary’s shorts. Mary tried to push away, but only succeeded in sliding her ass up against his growing cock. Bruno got his hands on the naked, skinny breast, his large hand able to encircle it. He pushed his cock into Mary’s ass harder, his other hand rubbing the girl’s clitoris. He released the cock to slip the shorts down, his hands reaching down to find Mary’s labias. “Raise you leg up, Mary. You know what I want!”His hand was on her cunt, making it jerk in excitement, his cock pushed into her buttocks as if he were trying to drive it through her. She lifted her leg submissively until the large hand slid between her legs. She closed her leg, the hand trapped but so were her cunt. “OOOHHH,” her guts aching as the fingers searched out her twin labias and compressed them until they were trapped in the pinching fingers of Bruno. It hurt, humping her ass back onto the waiting hard cock, but Mary could do nothing but hump back and forth on the cock as Bruno bahis siteleri played her like a puppet, goosing her labias to force her hips to move back and forth as it she wanted to rub the cock on her ass.Bruno knew the secret of controlling Mary, her labias would make her dance once she had his cock in her asshole. He released his balls, but only long enough so he could slip the shorts down off of him, leaving her naked on the bed. Bruno looked at her white cheeks with the red hand prints etched in the skin. His eyes were drawn to the sharp divide that split them apart and held the girl’s treasures. With one hand slipping up to grab his cock, Bruno’s other hand slid over Mary’s cheeks. “Relax now, Mary.” He could feel her buttocks clench tight. His finger slid over to the tightly clenched crack. His fingernails dug into Mary’s clit until she cried out.It felt like a knife was jammed into her clit, Bruno’s fingernail piercing her flesh until she felt a wetness, sure that he drew blood.“I told you to relax your cheeks, Mary. You going to obey, or should I cut off your clit?” He squeezed his cock again until she cried out. His other hand slid down to his crack, finding the muscles suddenly surrender and relax. “Much better, Mary.” Bruno’s finger traced along the sweat-drenched crack, from his balls, ticking them from behind, then up until Bruno found the tight knot of Mary’s anus. Her buttocks clenched tight, but it was too late, only succeeding in trapping his finger on her anus. He could feel Mary’s heart pounding in the muscles of her asshole. It felt strange with his finger on her anus, but at least her clit wasn’t been cut by his sharp nails. The finger just sat on her anus, not trying to do anything, Mary relaxing her cheeks even though she was still vulnerable. She felt the finger move away, and then it was a minute before it returned. She felt something cold and slippery touch her anus, then the other hand went to her labias, squeezing them until Mary had no choice but to push back.Bruno greased up his finger with the tube of Vaseline he brought over to the bed. His goo covered finger pressed against the hot flesh of her anus, circling it with the slippery Vaseline. He reached under, grabbed Mary’s vulnerable labias, and began to squeeze them into the powerful vise of his fingers until he was forced to arch up away from them. Bruno kept his finger still, centered on the middle of her anus.Each time Mary tried to move her ass away from the finger poised at her anal entry, Bruno would release her labias and than squeeze them tighter, igniting a new cramp deep in her belly. She had no choice but to push away from the crushing fingers, pushing her anus onto the finger until Mary felt the gradual stretching of her anal ring surrounding the waiting finger. “No, don’t do that,” she cried out, but the tip of his finger was already penetrating her bottom, slipping into her rectum. It felt strange, but really didn’t hurt. Just humiliating to have Bruno’s finger in her asshole.Her asshole was so hot and tight, Mary forced to penetrate her own asshole onto Bruno’s waiting finger. “Good girl, Mary.  Back a little more, take more of my finger. Your asshole is so hot and tight.”  He squeezed Mary’s labias until his finger was half way inside her asshole, rubbing his knuckles harshly over her anal ring until they were sucked into the hot depths of her bowels.Bruno was corkscrewing his finger in Mary’s asshole, feeling the thick knuckle beating against the soft elastic walls of her anal passage, her muscles fighting a losing battle to keep the intrusive finger out. Mary turned red in shame when the finger began to move in and out, a soft squishing sound coming from behind her as the gooey lubricant made her slippery. Bruno had released her labias, but his hand slid up to her clit and stroked it, just as the one behind her grew bigger from rubbing against Mary’s ass. That is what she was afraid of. She knew the finger in her ass was only opening her up and lubricating her for something much bigger. The bloated cock that was pulsating behind her was going to be shoved into her intestines and Mary could do nothing to stop it.One finger became two, stretching the tight asshole as Mary groaned in pain, but Bruno’s hand on her clit kept her erect and aroused in spite of what she knew was going to happen. After she shoved two fingers deep into her asshole and fingered her for long minutes in preparation, did he finally pull his fingers out of her asshole. He looked down, the tiny hole now pink with abuse, staying open for long seconds before snapping shut. Bruno backed away to take off his shorts, than coated his massive cock liberally with the Vaseline.“Lie on your belly and spread your legs real wide, Mary!” Reluctantly, Mary did as he ordered, still bound to the headboard, naked, her asshole lubricated for something big and perverted. She felt Bruno get on the bed between her legs, pushing them open wider until they hung over the edge. A pillow was thrust under her belly, arching her ass up higher, the wide spread of her legs making her cheeks split open leaving her open and vulnerable. She felt the heavy weight of Bruno on her back, then the fumbling of his hands between them. There was no mistake when he felt the hard, rubbery head of his cock pushed between the cheeks of his ass and pressed against his anus. The cock was huge, her asshole small, Mary not sure how she would survive it. Sodomy, the word finally coming to her brain. Bruno’s hands slid under her hips, one hand finding her clitoris again, still hard in spite of what was going to happen, the other slipping between her spread legs to find her labias vulnerable to his punishing hands.Bruno moaned when he felt the heat of Mary’s asshole on the head of his cock. He reached down, grabbed his balls in his powerful grip, and began to squeeze them. Mary’s ass rose up slightly, inch by inch, each time Bruno holding still, each time the head of his cock squeezing into the tightest asshole he ever felt. Bruno’s kept Mary’s clit hard, but his balls crushed, the girl beneath him humping up and down until the head of his cock slipped into the hot, buttery depths of her rectum.“EEEEEEHHH,” Mary cried out, when her anal ring couldn’t find the intrusion any longer. Her labias felt black and blue from the crushing fingers, forcing Mary to güvenilir bahis push her asshole onto the waiting cock until it was sucked inside by the sheer force, plunging into her rectum with a ferocity that forced the cry from her lips. It felt like a huge rock inside, but Bruno wasn’t happy, stroking her clit and squeezing her labias, Mary’s insides reacting by clenching its muscles on the cock that sodomized her.Bruno let her do all the work, inch by inch plunging up her bowels, the thick head of his cock stretching open the elastic passage as her muscles reacted to the perverse invasion, squeezing and clenching with such delightful contractions on his hard cock. Mary was groaning beneath him, taking almost five minutes before his pubic hairs tickled at her rounded buttocks. Bruno flexed his cock in the tight hole, flexing it a second time when her muscles reacted so delightfully.It was all the way inside her, feeling the log of flesh pulsating in Mary’s intestines, each time her labias were squeezed her muscles milked at the man flesh that split her up the middle. Mary felt the shameful scratchy hairs rubbing on her buttocks, heavy balls hanging down between her legs. Mary could barely breathe from the heavy weight on his body, but that was the least of her problems. Bruno began to draw his organ out, Mary’s insides feeling like they were being sucked out by a powerful vacuum. The head of his cock almost popped free, stretching and tugging on her anal ring, before Bruno pushed back in, his hips thrusting powerfully, Mary’s guts going from empty to stuffed in seconds, taking her breath away as she was impaled on the giant organ. Bruno didn’t wait this time, drawing his cock back up and down again, making Mary take the full measure of his cock in a single painful thrust. No girl should have to suffer this shameful act, but Mary was destined to lie naked and spread while Bruno sodomized her virgin asshole for his pleasure.Bruno was fucking Mary’s ass hard, his abdomen and balls slapping against the up thrust buttocks that shook Mary, her insides clenching on his cock like a hot, tight blanket. Bruno began to stroke Mary’s clit, wanting to make her cum when Bruno did, shaming her as Bruno flooded her guts with his hot cum.Mary fought him as long as she could, fingernails slicing along the delicate flange of her legs, bringing a masochistic pleasure to her belly until her wetness was bubbling for release. Her asshole felt like the friction was rubbing it raw, the lubricant long rubbed away, only the leaking cum from Bruno’s cock eased the passage of the sodomizing cock as it hammered away in her bowels.They both cried out in pleasure, Bruno’s hand coaxing the cum from Mary’s cunt, his other hand milling the cum in jets that flooded the bed below her. Bruno shoved his cock so deep that it felt like he was pinning Mary to the bed with his cock, the head exploding and filling her guts with jet after jet of hot crème. Her asshole milked his cock, Bruno pumping gallons of cum into Mary’s intestines, until her clit was finally drained.It was humiliating to have a man cum inside her asshole, but Mary couldn’t stop her own orgasm. Not even the hot crème that flooded her bowels could dampen her own orgasm, jet after jet releasing her pent up lust onto the bed beneath her.  Bruno laid on her for a long time, Mary needing to breathe, forced to squeeze her muscles and force the shrinking cock from her asshole until she farted the last of the cock, the drying cum flooding out behind it.It wasn’t over, Bruno getting up and going to the bathroom, leaving Mary to bathe in the cum that leaked from her sodomized asshole and the cum that soaked the bed from her masturbated cunt. Bruno came out, still naked. He untied Mary from the headboard, pulling her until she was kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed. He tied her arms to the footboard of the bed, over her head. Bruno stood in front of her, his cock already growing harder, though not stiff yet.“Open your mouth, Mary. You’re going to suck my cock.” Bruno’s toes tapped between Mary’s legs. “Or would you like me to kick you in the cunt until you cooperate.” A gentle nudge with his toes against the wet cunt was all that was needed to gain her cooperation. Her small mouth opened wide as Bruno flopped his semi-erect cock onto the waiting tongue, Mary’s lips closing and trapping it inside. Bruno grabbed Mary’s head. “Tongue my cock; I’ll guide your head for my pleasure.”Mary could taste the leaking cum flooding her mouth as the rubbery cock began to get harder the more energetic her tongue became. The cock grew in her mouth, but Bruno didn’t pull away, pushing farther into the back of her mouth until it only had one place to go. Mary gagged and choked, but the cock grew bigger and longer, shoving against the tight opening of her throat. A loud gag made her throat open up, Bruno taking advantage and shoving the head of his cock into the open hole. It took over thirty minutes, Bruno never taking his cock from Mary’s mouth or throat, thirty painful minutes, her tongue tiring, but a slap on the side of her head inspired Mary to continue. Her head was jerked back and forth onto Bruno’s cock, Bruno enjoying shoving it so deep that Mary’s mouth was pushed into the wiry hairs of his pubic hairs as Mary gagged and choked on the cock that pierced so deep in her throat that it felt like it was coming out in her belly. The only time the cock pulled free was when Bruno was ready to cum. Mary had to keep her mouth open submissively, her tongue out as Bruno pumped the first load of cum out. It arced across the short distance to Mary’s tongue and face, coating it with the thick crème as Mary gagged. Another load, this time into her mouth, Mary forced to close her lips around the spewing organ as it filled her cheeks until Mary was forced to swallow the salty swill or choke to death. It was so thick, barely able to go down her gullet, coating her tongue, gums and teeth with the thick, pasty fluids. Mary gulped down gallons of cum before Bruno was finished with her. He wiped his cock on Mary’s face as the last degrading act, tying her back to the headboard, naked.The others came to visit Mary, some alone, some in pairs, once all four of them. Mary was forced to suck them off, jerk the other ones with her hands and keep them hard as they took turns sodomizing her, their cocks rupturing her asshole and cunt from the constant pounding into her once virgin holes. Her intestines were flooded with gallons of cum before they left, her mouth and belly covered in their vile sperm. The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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