Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 04

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I turned over, covering my breasts with my arm.

Not that Melvin would have looked at them, of course. I was his sister.

He glanced at me curiously.

“Pass me a towel?” I said, and he threw me one. Draping it across my boobs, I lay back and let him continue his massage.

I was filled with a mixture of relief and disappointment when he abandoned my thighs, and began massaging my belly instead.

“What’s this?” I gasped. Touching my stomach shouldn’t have turned me on, but I felt like a coiled spring, ready to pop. Every inch of my body was throbbing with arousal, begging for release.

“Stomach massage,” he said. “Good for the…pecs.”

I nodded, and he continued.

As his fingers fluttered over my skin, I could feel my mind drifting, unable to focus.

“Mind if I sit on you?” he said. A grunt was my only reply.

His weight was again on my thighs. It felt different. Not bad, just different.

My eyes were open as I watched my brother work. It was like I could feel my heartbeat in every one of my erogenous zones; I’d been so close to cumming, it was all I could think about.

There was something so damn hot about watching Melvin massage me. He had a look of such focus in his eyes, as he stared at his fingers, his weight pressing down on me.

He was such a nerd.

That absolutely shouldn’t have turned me on, but somehow…it did. His acne-covered face was scrunched up with concentration, as his hands kneaded and prodded my sensitive sides. His mouth was moving, whispering words that I wasn’t listening to.

This, I suddenly realized, was the furthest my brother had ever been with a woman.

Me. His sister.

Touching my stomach, massaging my butt – this was my brother’s first contact with the opposite sex.

I moaned aloud at the thought.

Like I said, my brother’s not a looker. And it might be immodest to say so, but I know I’m attractive. I’ve had so many friends tell me that they’d kill for my ass, my tits.

Surely my brother had noticed.

However many years of sharing a room with his twin; he must have noticed as I started developing. Especially after I’d lost my virginity, and cried into his arms. I couldn’t remember how detailed I’d been – had I told Melvin that I hadn’t made the drummer use a condom?

Had I described how it felt to have the teenage boy cum inside me, his dick throbbing as he filled me with his seed?

I was sure that I hadn’t, but Melvin had known I’d been fucked. He knew I was sexually active.

My brother knew I was a sexual being.

We’d never gotten off in the same room…at least, not that I knew of.

Had he ever noticed the way I’d spend slightly too long in the ensuite? Had he suspected I was in there, rubbing myself to orgasm?

He was my brother. He absolutely shouldn’t have been thinking these things.

But did he?

I knew he jerked off. I’d never caught him, but…I knew.

Maybe it’s a twin thing.

He must have jerked off hundreds of times. Thousands. Imagining women who were as hot as me. Imagining the tits and ass of women with a similar build to me.

And now…he got to touch a set just like them.

He’d just spent several minutes touching my ass, brushing lightly against my pussy.

I was practically mewling at his touch, panting and groaning as he had free reign to run his hands all over my body.

My brother knew how wet I was. He’d had to put a towel down. He knew what his touch was kartal escort doing to me, how much it was turning me on.

Had he known that I’d fled the room to masturbate? Had he known that his massage got his twin sister so worked up, she had to run into the bathroom to get off?

I couldn’t help myself as I watched him, hard at work. These sick, wrong thoughts kept passing through my mind. The more I thought about it, the more aroused I grew, and the more aroused I grew, the more I thought about it.

My eyes widened as another realization struck me – was my brother hard? Right now, as he touched his sister’s stomach – did he have a hard-on?

I shifted slightly, trying to see my brother’s shorts, but my damn tits were in the way.

Melvin’s hands moved up my body, threatening to slip under the towel.

I wanted to tense up. I wanted to stop him. But I couldn’t…I was too relaxed.

My brother’s goddamn magic fingers wouldn’t let me.

My mind continued to race with wrong, perverted thoughts. I was so wet. I was so turned on. I just wanted to escape the room, call Keenan, have him fuck me into a puddle.

A puddle.

Like the one I’d left on the bed.

But I couldn’t. I had to stay here. I had to help my brother. I’d promised.

Melvin’s mouth was moving quicker, his utterances were getting faster. As he worked, his hands continued to stray. Every now and again one of his fingers would go under the towel and brush against the bottom of my breast.

I should have stopped him.

Instead, I moaned. Each and every time he touched my breast, I moaned.

As if spurred on by my flushed face, my panting, my groans of arousal, Melvin started to get bolder. I felt the towel moving up, revealing more of my flesh as the massage continued.

He was trying to uncover my breasts.

My brother was trying to uncover my breasts, and I was letting him.

It’s not like he hasn’t seen them before, my lust-addled brain reminded me. You flashed him yesterday, and again the day before.

But that was an accident.

This was…


My brother wasn’t trying to see my breasts. Not on purpose.

Was he?

I tried to sit up slightly, but I couldn’t muster the energy. My brain was so foggy, filled with a lusty haze.

I just wanted to…I just wanted to see my brother’s dick.

No. Stop him. I wanted to stop him from revealing my tits.

Why not both?

I lay back and closed my eyes, trying to summon enough energy to sit up. My brother’s hands were so forceful, so gentle. Sometimes alternating, sometimes both at once.

It felt so damn good.

Finally, just as I was about to do it, his hands went under the towel.

Before my brother’s hands could make contact with my breasts, I opened my eyes. My hands moved fast, grabbing his.

Melvin froze, like a kid who was just caught with a hand in the cookie jar. For seconds, we just stared at each other, his hands on the bottom part of my boob, my hands clutching his.

I knew that if my grip loosened, his hands would just slide up, grabbing my whole breasts. I didn’t want that, but I felt my body betraying me.

I was trembling with arousal.

My hands weakened and slowly let up, and he slid his palms upwards. He brushed over my nipples with his fingers, which sent a shockwave through my body. His touch grew gentle as he felt up my rack with each hand, taking his time, appreciating the surprising kurtköy escort size of my big breasts compared to my tiny body. Each time he draw a circle, his fingers bumped into my nipples and I let out a moan.

We shouldn’t be doing this. We couldn’t.

And yet, we were.

Melvin pulled his hands from under the towel and tossed it aside, not wasting the time to fold it neatly. There I was, in nothing but a pair of panties, laying on his bed covered with oil.

He caressed my breasts, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

This was too far. We had to stop.

We had to.

But with the towel gone, I could see Melvin’s pants. There was a bulge within.

It was huge.

We have to stop, I wanted to say. We can’t be doing this. We’re brother and sister. We’re twins.

“What does this massage do?” I asked instead, enthralled by the size of his bulge.

He snapped out of his trance, and immediately took on the role of a massage therapist. All professional. Not sexual at all.

“It helps with your chest muscles,” he said. I swear, I saw his pants pulse. My mouth was watering. “You have very big breasts for your size. You have to massage them to keep the muscles fit, so your breasts will stay nice and firm.”

His fingers brushed over my nipples. I let out a moan. I couldn’t stop staring at his pants.

He couldn’t…it couldn’t be.

It couldn’t.

“Okay,” I said, and with a smile, Melvin continued massaging my breasts.

“We should do this every day,” he said, as my entire body trembled with arousal. I was huffing with desire, moaning every time his hands moved. If he just pinched my nipples, if he ran his fingers over them once more, I’d cum. I knew I would.

I knew I couldn’t. Shouldn’t.

But would.

“Okay,” I moaned.

“Great,” he said, and stood up. “That’s all for today!”

No! I mentally screamed. That can’t be it!

“You should have a shower,” my brother said, looking at my tits. “You’re covered with oil.”

“Okay,” I said, staggering out of the room. Our ensuite didn’t have a shower, so I had to stumble down the hall to the main bathroom. If our parents had been home, I don’t know what they would have thought.

In that moment, I didn’t care.

As soon as the water from the shower head touched my clit, it pushed me over the edge. I screamed with orgasm as I came, crudely grabbing my tits as I did.


I couldn’t sleep that night. My brother was just a few feet away, snoring loudly (I’d learned to sleep through the noise a long time ago).

He was my brother. My brother. And yet, I’d let him do some distinctly unbrotherly things. He’d massaged my ass. He’d touched my tits.

Was this…cheating?

No. No, it couldn’t be.

I loved Keenan, for one. I had no interest in cheating on him.

Besides, it was just a massage. A massage isn’t cheating. It can’t be.

And on top of that, it was my brother. Getting a massage from your brother isn’t cheating.

It couldn’t be.

But cheating or no, I knew it was wrong. We had to stop. It didn’t matter how good the massages were; they had to stop.

I just had no idea how I was going to tell my brother that.


“Whoa,” Keenan said, scrunching up his nose. “That’s new.”

Before I’d started dating Keenan, I’d always shaved. At first I guess it was peer pressure, or a fear of being gross or whatever, but…after a while, I kept maltepe escort doing it because I liked it, y’know? It felt clean.

And it made touching myself a whole different experience.

I really hope that I’m not giving the impression that I’m the kind of girl who just does whatever a guy wants. I mean, I consider myself a feminist. Not, like, ‘kill all men’ or whatever, but I’m not going to change my last name when I get married, and I want a career of my own. All that stuff.

But when Keenan told me how much he liked hair…down there, I stopped shaving.

And it felt sort of naughty, you know? Letting my bush grow out. Like I was breaking the rules or something. Sometimes I’d trim a little, but just as often I’d let it grow.

Plus, when your boyfriend really likes something, it’s not like there’s nothing in it for you. Keenan showed his appreciation often enough to make it totally worth it.

So yeah, I’m not surprised that Keenan was surprised.

As soon as I found out his parents weren’t home, I’d dragged him straight to the bedroom. I don’t think I’d ever gotten naked so fast, to be honest. I’d just been so damned worked up lately, and I wanted to make sure my boyfriend reaped the benefits.

It’s not like there’s anything weird about wanting to fuck my boyfriend.

But when I stripped and he saw that I was clean-shaven, he sort of put the brakes on a little.

“What’s been up with you?” he asked. I’m pretty sure I managed to keep the fear out of my eyes, but my heart was racing. “You’ve been so turned on lately, and now…this?”

I wasn’t sure what to tell him.

The massages had to stop. They had to. They’d gotten weird. My reaction had gotten weird. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I knew we couldn’t keep on doing what we were doing.

But, y’know, if I was to get another massage…I didn’t want my brother to see my pubes, sticking out the sides of my panties. Right?

Like, it would fucked up if I didn’t shave. No one wants to show off their pubic hair to their brother.

Shaving made total sense. If I didn’t shave, it would be like I was trying to show my brother my pubes. That would be weird.

But I couldn’t work out how to even begin to explain any of that to Keenan.

“What do you mean?” I said, trying to buy myself some time.

I’m really not a good liar.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?” he asked, and I shook my head. “Promise?”

Keenan looked like he wasn’t going to drop it.

“Well…” I said, and he stared into my eyes. “There is something.”

“What is it?”

His voice was so full of concern. I felt awful.

“I changed medications,” I said, barely believing what I was doing. It was like I was standing outside my body, watching another naked girl tell these lies. “The doctor said there might be some side-effects.”

I’ve been on medication since I was a baby. It’s nothing serious; some liver thing. I barely ever think about it.

“Oh!” Keenan said. He looked like he felt awful. I felt awful. “So why…”

He gestured between my legs.

“It was making me really itchy,” I said, blushing as another lie fell out of my mouth. What was I doing?

I felt so guilty. But the guilt, for some fucked-up reason, was making me feel even more turned on.

“That sucks,” Keenan said. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not so bad,” I said, wrapping one arm around him.

Keenan looked like he was going to say something, but I took his hand and moved it between my legs to distract him. I was dripping.

“Mmm,” he said. “Well, I guess I can learn to live with it. Especially if this other side-effect continues…”

It was only a few minutes before I was squealing with pleasure as my pussy pulsed around my boyfriend’s cock.

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