Masturbation Diaries: Beach Shower

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The longest I’ve ever gone without a good cum since I’ve started masturbating all these years is probably only a little over a week and that was only because of having just had a vasectomy. On the other hand the most I’ve cum in one day is I believe six times. That was while on summer vacation with the family, just a few years ago. That summer we had gone on vacation with my extended family, the in-laws as usual. We rented a house right on the beach in the North Carolina Outer Banks for a week as we had for several years. I did share most of those cums with my beautiful wife, although not all of them. I have no idea how many I had all week, but I do remember that one special day very vividly.

But, I really must give you the whole story here. In that memorable day of multiple cums one of them didn’t start from the enticement from my lovely wife. That particular one began with some exceptional exhilaration from someone else…my sister-in-law…only she never knew it.

Jaime and I have become good friends over the years and she has the greatest sense of humor. She also has a dirty side to that humor and is always telling sexual jokes around me and I have never been shy to make them right back to her. Okay every guy has sexual thoughts about all kinds of women in his lifetime. But although I’d found myself wondering what Jaime looked like naked more than once over the years, she and are still relatives. I never entertained any serious thoughts of sex with my sis in-law. I had never even thought of masturbating to the thought of her.

That all was to change that one summer.

Before going to the beach Jamie had lost a few pounds and was pretty toned due to a new workout program. She was very proud of her new look and that year she went from wearing her one piece swimsuits back to wearing bikinis. As I said I had never really thought of her in a seriously sexual way before, but I found myself checking her out whenever I thought I could get away with it that week. She had walked around the day before my eventful day in one particularly little bikini. Later in the evening she covered it with a billowy t-shirt, but I still could picture her lovely body all that night.

Then the morning of that infamous day my wife and I made love before we left our bed. A couple of hours later I was surprised with a quickie handjob down in the laundry room before we headed to the beach. Later that morning, with the whole family down on the sand, I eyed Jamie wearing another of her very revealing bikinis. When she broke out the suntan lotion I swore she was using as much sensual motion as she could to rub it onto her upper body and cleavage. Her breasts aren’t as large and round as my wife’s but they sure looked enticing that day in that skimpy sexy suit. As she spread more lotion on her stomach and her fingers touched her bikini bottom I immediately found myself fantasizing she was taking them off so she could get an all over tan.

My heart was pounding ridiculously fast in my chest at that point.

I couldn’t believe I really did want to see more…so much so I actually felt an erection coming on!

I squeezed my thighs together as Jamie finished covering herself with lotion and stretched out on her beach blanket, her brown hair fell half across her face and neck. Her tanned skin glistened with the mixture of tanning oil and perspiration. I was close enough to actually see the drops of sweat running down her ribs and the sides of her breasts.

After awhile she repositioned herself on her blanket and this time she gave me an in-between view of her legs. As she laid there the naughtiest thoughts of sex swirled through my brain. For the first time since I’d known her, I had the most irresistible urge to see her, not just in her sexy new bikini, but completely naked.

I felt my cock twitch as it continued to grow.

I also felt the guilt rise in me and that caused me to quickly look over at Mary Ann. She was engrossed in her beach novel. She and her Mom both were. So I greedily glanced back down at Jamie. I nearly lost it when I did. For now she was laying back with her legs still pointing toward me, but now they were spread apart rather provocatively. I found myself looking directly at her thinly covered sex.

If I didn’t know better as tightly as that bikini bottom fit her sex and nearly detailed the indentation of her nether lips, I’d swear she must have been shaved bare.

I still don’t know how I made it off that beach without giving myself away. I know I squeezed the heck out of my hard-on trying to keep it under control. But eventually we all did head back to the beach house and I was sure no one was the wiser.

When it was my turn for the outdoor shower it didn’t take me long to revisit the erotic view of my sis-in-law in the mind. As I lathered bursa escort up my body in that wooden enclosure at the top of the driveway next to the house, I found myself getting a massive hard-on once again. I was as much as alone now, only the relaxing wash of the warm water and the streaks of sunlight reflecting off my shiny body.

Needless to say I was well on my way into my masturbatory fantasy of Jaime, when…

“Mary Ann?” A voice called out. It was Jamie just outside the shower.

I immediately stopped stroking myself.

“Mary Ann?” Jamie called out again as she walked around the other side of the shower stall.

Obviously she wanted to talk to my wife but I could hardly ignore her, she knew someone was in the shower. Besides she couldn’t tell what I was doing other than standing in the shower presumably just bathing.

“It’s the husband.” I replied.

“Oh, sorry!” Her voice stopped just outside the door side of the shower. I could tell she was facing the shower as I leaned down and could see her bare toes pointed in my direction.

“No problem.” I assured her.

“I thought Mary Ann was down here already.”

“Well, nope just me.” I said at the same time I realized I was still holding my semi-hard cock as while we talked.

Only it was getting hard again just thinking about me standing naked in front of my sister-in-law in her hot bikini. I suddenly had the urge to watch her face as I shot my load for her. Instead I wickedly decided if I couldn’t do it for real the next best thing would be to do it on the other side of a beach shower wall.

There stood my new found sex symbol, my sister-in-law Jamie, just a couple of feet away and I was stroking for her. I wondered if she could hear my sudsy cock squishing in my hand. She knew I was naked and I knew she knew I was naked. There was such incredible sexual tension for me I actually wanted to open the door and show her my hard cock. That could have gotten me in more trouble than I ever wanted to get into.

I just pretended she was looking through the thin gaps in the boards of the shower peeking at me. I spread my legs a bit and went to town grabbing by balls with one hand and stroked with the other.

I was at it not even a minute when all of a sudden there was a knock on the wooden door. I nearly jumped a foot.

“You okay in there?” It was Mary Ann!

The next thing I know the door opens.

My wife just smiled at me and said, “Working hard, I see.”

Worried I’d been caught but trying to play it off, “Hard is the operative word,” I replied.

“I do see that, too.” She looked down again and nibbled her lip. She always looks so sexy doing that.

“Are you going to come in? You make an attractive doorstop, but…”

Before I could complete that thought Mary Ann stepped into the shower and the solid wood door closed behind her. “Are you close to cumming or did you just start?” she asked rather seriously, which surprised me.

“Just get over here and take your suit off,” I said too breathlessly.

“Hmmm, desperate, then you must be close already.” She said but she still complied with my simple but, yes, desperate request. She pulled the thin straps off her shoulders freeing each wonderful breast in turn before she slipped the one-piece entirely off her body.

“Now what?” she asked, standing in front of me naked.

“Come over here, please.” I asked more patiently and politely this time.

She took the couple of steps toward me and I put both arms around her and her close. My erection propped itself up between us. I kissed her and cupped one of her breasts in my hand, tweaking her nipple as my tongue slithered over hers. She shivered and her teeth clenched down on my extended tongue.

I pressed into her more with my full erection against her belly. Soon we were kissing and groping each other in passion. I was obviously still excited from my fantasy of Jamie. I just tried not to think about what she would do if she knew it was Jamie that had initially brought about that hard-on between us.

She ground herself against my cock as we started kissing one another wildly, our tongues entwined, both of us moaning. I couldn’t believe we were just downstairs from the rest of her family making out like teenagers. Our tongues continued to wrestle in and out of each others mouth as our hands rubbed up and down our wet, slippery skin. I loved watching the water run down her back and into the crack of her ass.

After a few of minutes this passionate play I let my hand slip between her legs. She approvingly spread her thighs for me. I dipped a finger into her slit. It was instantly and liberally coated with her warm slippery juices.

“Oohhh… you’re wet!” I said appreciatively, pulling my hand up to my lips bursa escort bayan and sucking the slick, sweet substance from my fingers.

“I think I’ve been moist down there all day.” She ran her fingers over the matted pubes. “All I could think about, with my suit riding up my crack all afternoon on the beach in front of all those attractive men, was how much I wanted to have sex. How much I really needed sex. I know we did it a couple times today already but I want more.”

“I want more, too, more of you dear.” With that, I began exploring her with my finger again, probing delicately between her slick folds. I started to masturbate her steadily, as I often do during our lovemaking. Her arousal was obvious as she moaned and writhed on my fingers. My middle finger slid around until it made contact with her clit. She seemed to crave having her clit touched. With her anxiously panting, I stroked her directly, steadily and ever more rapidly.

Our eyes met and we shared a look of mutual need. Without looking down she felt for me and let her palm rest over the swollen head of my cock. My hips trembled and I let out a loud gasp.

We played on for a little while longer until she abruptly leaned away from me.

“This is a little uncomfortable standing here,” Mary Ann said and with that she stepped back and sat herself down on the hardwood bench at the other end of the shower stall. She leaned back and propped both feet up on the edge of the wet bench… spreading her thighs and exposing that delicious womanly sex entirely to my view. I could still see by the glistening reflections off the pretty pink she was as soaked inside as she was out.

The sunlight shone in the shower stall through the thin gaps in the boards and illuminated her beautiful body.

I just stared in total awe.

“Do you like the view?” I heard her ask through my trance.

I could only nod yes as I took hold of my still hard cock.

“Yes, go ahead; I want to see you stroke your hard cock.” Her voice got raspy as she looked at me. “Jerk that cock for me!”

And she did watch me, very intently as I stroked my long shaft.

“You know you have a really nice thick cock. I see it more often than you think, that big thing, in your pants.” As she spoke she spread her thighs wider and scooted her bottom forward on the wood bench, then she began to rub herself.

“Are you going to do it right here?” I think I must have said a couple of octaves higher than normal I was so shocked at what I was seeing.

“Yeah…I think I will. Wanna watch me, too?”

“Hell yeah!” I could not believe this. I saw my wife’s eyes close and her expression slowly turned from innocent bliss to intense pleasure. There was my wife, naked, propped up on the shower bench, her fingers gliding through her slick pussy lips and around her reddish bead of a clit.

I stood there watching and we masturbated for each other.

I found myself speeding up my own manual stimulation. But she called up to me, “Make it feel good, Donnie. Keep jerking that big cock of yours, I want you to shoot a big load for me.” She kept talking dirty to me as I felt the cum building up in my balls. “Does it feel good?”

“It feels so good staring at the amazing body of yours. I’m gonna cum real soon.”

She used one hand to open her pussy lips wide and with one finger she played with her clit. But this time she went slowly, first making wide circles around the hood, then smaller ones. Her erect clit stuck up so prominently. I could hear her breath quicken as she pushed two fingers back in, forcing out more hot liquid, making the seat under her pool with her juices.

She rode her fingers like I’ve only known her to do my hard cock, faster and faster, the motion of her own hips getting her off. Then she abruptly pinched her clit, pulling is outward, moaning more loudly now. She looked into my eyes, “I’m close, so close. Do you want to see me cum?”

I just nod my head, completely unable to speak as my knees bent and I stroked still faster.

She pressed her hand down onto her sex, with one finger still vigorously massaging her clit. Her whole body rocked back and forth on that damp wooden bench. By now her lips were swollen and soaked. Her cheeks had been flushed, but now they turned crimson with her full arousal. Her eyes fluttered shut and she seemed to try and hold her body motionless, but she quivered with the effort. I could tell she was going down that familiar route. She was definitely nearing orgasm and in my own passion I stepped forward bridging the gap between us. That startled her for just a second.

“Donnie!” she cried out, panting.

“Go right ahead, my dear.” I said, starting to pant, myself, “go ahead and cum for me.”

But now my rock hard cock was being escort bursa pumped just inches from her hot little slit. She went crazy at this point and started whimpering and moaning and thrusting her pussy up towards my pumping fist. Suddenly I could feel her fingers moving with lightning speed across her clit, because the hand I had wrapped around my cock was against her hand.

This touching one another without really touching was too much for either of us. Mary Ann started rubbing her nipples as she clutched her pussy and started bucking her pussy up against me.

My eyes went from her face to looking at me jacking myself off back down to her hand working like crazy on her beautiful pussy. I was being turned on to a whole new experience of watching. Suddenly she moaned really loud and her legs shook.

“Now! I’m cumming…now!” Her eyes closed as her hand was going so fast up and down on her clit that it was a blur.

I stopped pumping my cock for those precious few seconds so she could sufficiently grind her slit and our knuckles rubbed together as she threw her head back in orgasm. She took in a sharp breath and then a little squeak escaped from her lips as she came with a big extended groan and for the first time in my life I watched a series of the most wonderful contractions, accompanied by panting and sighing of the most fantastic kind. I knew she was cumming and cumming hard. Actually the first orgasm must have been followed almost immediately by a second or maybe it was just one big one with a little lull in the middle. In either case, she grunted almost obscenely for several seconds as she rode out her climax. It was obviously an exceptionally strong orgasm for her and a very exciting one to witness.

It was incredible.

A gasp of breath and she relaxed as her fingers slowly continued stroking her drenched pussy.

Mary Ann bit her lip and looked back up at me.

“Are you almost ready to cum?” She asked.

But before I could reply she leaned forward, her face inches from my cock and suddenly spit a mouthful of saliva right onto my cockhead. “There work that in, I want to see your cock nice and shiny, stroke it for me. Stroke it!”

Her added warm saliva had my hand ever more slippery and sliding up and down my shaft, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!”

With my hand stroking ever faster, her saliva dripped down on to my balls.

But when she reached up and started to tickle my balls, that did it!

I started groaning myself and before long I began to pump my hips and my cock jerked upwards propelling my cum out, sending it flying over my wife’s head. Then suddenly it spasmed violently upward again, sending another blast of cum in the air splattering on her face and neck.

She alternated between huge giggles and exclaiming, “Wow! Wow!”

My wife’s mouth was wide open, her eyes fixated on my straining cock as the cum continued to spurt out.

“Oh my!” Mary Ann squealed as I continued to pump my cock and the cum kept squirting out. More shots of thick white cum sprayed out and landed on her stomach.

As my ejaculations waned, Mary Ann leaned up, cum streaked across her face and hair and down over her naked body.

I was mesmerized.

We stared at each other for a moment, her body limp and positively glowing. A smile crept across her lips. “You didn’t imagine I would ever do that in front of you now did you?”

My answer was to take her by the hand and pull her up and hold her tight as my cum squished between us all over our bare skin. “Nicest vacation thrill I ever got.” Then I kissed her again.

After another moment she pulled away and said, “I thoroughly enjoyed my cum, my dear. And you were amazing! Where did you get all that cum? You already came two times today.” she said.

“It’s because you turn me on so much. It’s your fault I came this much.” I tensed and bit my lip knowing full well she didn’t know two things. First, I had actually cum three times already that day, another time right after lunch as I had hung back while everyone else had gone to the beach and had read some hot stories on Lit off my laptop. Second, if she only knew this last cum had initially been generated by her lovely sister-in-law.

She laughed as she wiped the cum off of her skin. “I think I need another shower now.” She said that as her fingers played with the wetness and my sticky mess on her stomach and down through her pubes.

I do love my wife dearly, but after that week at the beach just thinking about my sister-in-law in those bikinis still turns me on. Many times I have seen my sis-in-law since and every time I wonder what she would look like naked. And yes, I will admit more than a time or two since that beach week I’ve jacked off thinking of her. Okay, and once I even masturbated to my greatest fantasy, being with two sexy women. That fantasy is now all about my wife and Jamie. That really turns me on! My cock gets the hardest and the quickest every time I even start to think about being in bed with the two of them.

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