Matt’s Story Ch. 05

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As Matt slowly came to, he found his body, from his feet on up, to be stiff and sore. The memories of last night, mixing with the last vague, fleeting hints of his pleasant morning dreams, told him plainly the reason for his soreness. He wanted nothing more than to turn over and sleep out the remainder of the morning (afternoon?), but opted instead to rise, and wiped the sleep from his eyes.

Or rather he attempted to. It was only now that he realized his arms had been immobilized. Looking first at one and then the other, he found his wrists had been handcuffed to the bedposts. Naomi… A little attempted jiggling proved futile, and he resigned himself to his position, arms splayed wide. At least his feet had been left unbound, he found as he looked down to see his naked body stretched down the bed.

“Hello?” he called out, not too loud, but hopefully loud enough that someone would hear. When no response came, he repeated himself, slightly louder. He was really hoping someone would come soon. It was possible Naomi had not considered that people usually have to pee when they first wake up. Of course, knowing her, he concluded, it was possible that she hadn’t forgotten at all, and it was all part of the plan. Fortunately, with his fourth attempt, somebody showed up.

That somebody was Naomi, dressed in her usual “robe,” a tiny affair that did very little to hide her shape. The smile on her face told him that she had probably been up and waiting for a while. Joel followed after, looking less chipper, dressed only in a pair of boxers. “Good morning,” she greeted her prisoner.

“Good morning,” Matt said, trying not to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. “Sleep well?”

“Oh, yes, dear, thank you for asking,” she said as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Good, good,” he said, nodding along. “And you, Joel?”

Joel shrugged.

“Alright, good,” Matt continued. “Any chance you’re going to let me out of these cuffs?”

“Oh, no, dear, not just yet,” Naomi said. She sat down on the bed and placed a hand gently on his bare leg. “Are you uncomfortable?”

Matt took a deep, exaggerated breath and exhaled slowly. “No, of course not. A bit sore, but I guess that can’t be helped. I am going to have to pee at some point, though…”

“Should I send in Nessa, then?” Naomi giggled. He could not tell if she was being serious.

“Really, though, I need to get back at some point,” Matt pressed on. “Your daughter is probably going to stop by my apartment at some point and wonder where I am, after all. Or maybe she’ll just, you know, come home and find her boyfriend tied naked to her parents’ bed.”

Naomi exaggerated an expression of consideration. “Oh, no, I doubt that,” she said. “Anyway, you shouldn’t worry yourself about her, I think. Right, dear?” She looked to Joel, who shrugged as a response.

Super helpful, thought Matt, thanks for your enlightening input.

“Do you have her out running errands for you or something?” he asked “Tasked her with helping her aunt again?”

Again she feigned thought before responding, “No…you really shouldn’t worry about it, dear.”

“Well, unfortunately, I can’t help it. You see, I think, I suspect, anyway, that she would not take kindly to finding out about our activities, you see? And being that I love her and do not want to hurt her, or lose her, that’s kind of a big deal for me. See what I’m saying?”

Naomi thought it over again, her permanent naughty smile only barely concealed by her facade of concern. “You’re really very sweet, saying such things about our daughter. Isn’t he just darling, dear?”

Joel again just shrugged.

“Oh, he’s just cranky because the coffee hasn’t had much effect yet. I think you really tired him out last night, tiger.” She rubbed his leg as if encouraging a child. “We’re so glad you chose to stay with us.”

“Mmmhmm,” Matt said. He wasn’t really sure what else to say.

“You did want to stay, didn’t you?” she said. By this point her false concern was starting to get annoying.

“I did kind of just explicitly ask if I could go, though…”

“No, no,” she said, “I specifically remember you saying that you wanted to stay and fuck me last night. Yes, I remember that I definitely gave you a choice to go home and you wanted to stay.” Her smile, no longer concealed at all, now seemed downright frightening. “And, anyway, since everyone was really very clear about who belongs to whom last night, I don’t think it matters so much.”

“Uh huh,” Matt said. This is…not great…

“But,” she continued, seemingly ignoring him entirely, “mommy really would like it if her toys were happy and cooperative. You saw what happened when one of her other toys forgot its place, remember?”

He thought back to the experience with Nessa. Kinky as it might be, he was definitely not feeling like getting a hot load of piss in his mouth at the moment. “Yes, mommy,” he said, quickly wheeling to a different strategy. “And I’d love to keep erenköy escort bayan being a plaything for you and daddy, you know I would, but I think it might be a little hard if your daughter finds out.”

She gave him a quizzical look.

“I just mean,” he continued, “I think it might get awkward if she finds out. I’d be happy to come back whenever you want me to, mommy.”

“Oh, of course you would, dear,” she said. “But I don’t really understand why you’re getting so worked up about this. I thought you and our little Mei Mei had one of those, what are they calling it now?” she pretended to ask Joel, “One of those polycules?”

The word brought an image of Carmen up in his mind. “Well…” he was still trying to formulate the right delicate explanation when she interrupted his thought process.

“Now, as I understand it, you two can each fuck whomever you want, right?”


“Like that little Mexican bitch you’ve been putting your cock into so much lately. Or am I misinformed?”

“She’s not Mexican…” he found himself saying. Not exactly relevant at the moment, he thought.

“But you’re putting your cock in her, right? And you still say you love my daughter, right?”

“Well, yeah, I love her, obviously, but…How do you even know about her? About the Mexican, er, the, I mean…”

Naomi ignored the question. “But you’re worried for some reason about us? Even though she would love you, no matter whom you fucked?”

“Well, it’s not anyone,” he said. “It has to be within reason…”

“Yes, yes,” she said, “no horses or serial killers or whatever. So what’s the problem?”

“You’re her parents,” Matt began, simultaneously exasperated and confused by the rapid fire questioning. Wait, what was that?

“Exactly,” she said plainly, cutting off his train of thought. “And we love her and she loves us, obviously. And you’ve never minded before, am I wrong, when she loves other people, too?”

“Well, no…” he said. “No, wait, how…?”

“I know,” she interrupted him again, “let’s clear this all up.” She turned her face towards the door, which was still open. “Mei mei,” she shouted, “your boyfriend is awake.”

What the..?

A moment later, Mei Lin appeared in the doorway. She wore only a bra and panties. “Good morning, baby,” she greeted him.

“Good…morning…?” he said. His brain was treading molasses.

She turned her attention to her mother. “So?” she asked.

“So, I think we’re good,” Naomi replied.

“Daddy?” Mei Lin asked her father, who again shrugged as a response.

“Daddy, you said you wanted to help this time. You’re supposed to help.” She seemed more amused than genuinely angry, exaggeratedly putting her hands on her hips.

Finally Matt’s brain started functioning again. “Baby,” he began, “look, I can explain…”

“Explain what?” Mei Lin asked, turning her attention back to him.

He caught himself before he started with “It’s not what it looks like.” Instead, he just said, “Um…you know what, actually I can’t explain. Can you?”

“Yes, baby,” she said sweetly. She came over to the bed and sat down next to her mother. “I’m sorry it was so, well, confusing. I wanted to just play this one straight, but mom here wanted to do things her way, and, well, you’ll learn that she pretty much always gets her way with these things.”

“Yeah, that’s basically the only thing I have figured out,” Matt replied.

“Yeah, so anyway, my parents just wanted to make sure you’d be a good fit for the family, you know, looking out for their daughter and all. I told them you’d be great, but, well, mom said I couldn’t just ask, and when he found out about it, daddy wanted to play, too…” she said.

“Ok, that makes sense,” he nodded. “There’s just one thing I don’t understand, and that’s literally anything. What are you talking about?”

“Look,” Naomi cut off her daughter. “What Mei Mei here is trying to say is that we were just testing you.”

“Another test?” He looked back and forth between the two beautiful women for some hint as to what was going on.

“Yes, baby, but I swear, it’s the last one. We just really had to be sure you would be ok as part of the family,” Mei Lin put a hand on his bare leg.

“Huh?” Matt said again.

Joel finally moved over to the bed. “Look, bud, what they’re dancing around is this.” He wrapped an arm around Mei Lin, drew her to him, and kissed her deep on the mouth. It was not a fatherly peck, to be sure.

Mei Lin pulled her mouth away from her father’s. She looked into Matt’s face with an expression of doubt. “You said I could fuck whoever I wanted, right?”

Matt found that no words were coming out of his mouth.

“And I promise,” she added, “neither of them are serial killers.” Naomi got to her feet and wrapped her arm around her daughter. All three of them were staring right at him.

“Well,” he said, his brain now working etiler escort bayan rapidly at playing catch-up, “I can’t fault your taste.”

“Does that mean?” Mei Lin said.

“Yeah,” he said, somehow feeling more comfortable than he could remember ever being, despite the handcuffs. “You know I love you, baby, no matter what.”

“Aww,” she hopped on top of him and gave him a big kiss. “I love you, too, baby.”

“So, is somebody going to let me out of these handcuffs?” he asked. He had no intention of going anywhere, but his arms were getting a bit uncomfortable.

“Not quite yet,” Mei Lin responded. “I think it’s kind of hot.” She kissed him again, this time moving her hips on top of him.

“Aww, they’re so cute together,” Naomi said, now embracing Joel beside the bed as they watched.

“Yeah, our little girl is growing up,” he replied. After a moment’s pause, he added, “So, we’re going to join them, right?”

“Oh, obviously.” Joel stripped his boxers off, revealing his slowly hardening cock, while Naomi undressed and moved down to the foot of the bed. Joel climbed up onto the bed on his knees, moving to the side of Matt and Mei Lin.

She broke the kiss, looked into Matt’s eyes again, a big smile on her face, then took Joel’s member in her hand and began sucking on it. While she did this, Naomi undid Mei Lin’s bra from behind and the girl wiggled out of it. In another second, without taking the cock from her mouth, she had, with Naomi’s assistance, removed her panties as well. Joel felt Naomi’s tongue begin to tease his balls.

“God, that’s hot,” Matt said. He hadn’t realized until now, watching his girlfriend suck her father’s fat cock, just how much the idea was turning him on. Joel pulled out of her mouth and offered himself to Matt, who gladly, if awkwardly, took the older man’s dick into his mouth. The idea of sharing this cock with her turned him on even more, and his dick was urging him to put it in some hole, any hole, as Mei Lin smeared it with her pussy juices, grinding on top of him. She bent down and they each began licking Joel’s cock, worshipping it with their mouths, looking deep into each others’ eyes as their tongues met around this thick, throbbing member.

Joel pulled his now spit-coated cock from their mouths and moved around behind his daughter, displacing Naomi, who climbed up onto the bed beside the couple and began caressing them both.

“I’ve been waiting for this so long, baby,” Mei Lin said. She reached down between her legs, grabbed Matt’s almost painfully hard cock, and began working it into her tight little pussy. “I’m so happy.” She kissed him passionately as she started moving back and forth, working him deeper into her.

Suddenly she stopped. Joel had finished positioning himself behind her. “Here it comes, baby,” Naomi told her daughter. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, mommy, I’m ready,” she replied. “I can’t wait to have these two big cocks inside me.”

She didn’t have to. Through her flesh, Matt could feel Joel begin to penetrate her ass. He could feel Joel’s big dick stretching her out, pressing against his own through the thin layers of flesh separating them. She grunted as he inched his way up her butt slowly, and then her grunts turned gradually into moans as Joel began slowly thrusting, only gradually picking up speed. Matt tried to match Joel stroke for stroke, and soon they were acting as a well-oiled fuck machine, pumping in and out of her in time.

“Ohhh, fuuuuckkk…” she wailed. She started coming quickly, the pleasure clearly overloading her. She alternated between kissing Matt wildly and babbling “fuck fuck fuck me oh fuck I’m coming fuck my ass fuck me fuck my pussy oh fuuuuuck…” Her orgasms came in quick succession, one blurring into the next as their two rock-hard cocks filled her completely.

Beside them, Naomi fingered her clit. “That’s it, baby,” she cooed, “take those two big, fat cocks just like mommy taught you. Do they feel good?”

“Oh, yessss,” Mei Lin moaned. “They’re so fucking good in my tight little holes. Oh shit, shit, mommy, I’m coming again…” When she’d come again, her svelte body thrashing and jerking between the two men pumping their fat cocks into her, she pulled herself, breathing heavily, out from between them and flopped onto the bed. “Your turn, mommy,” she panted.

Naomi slid into the spot her daughter had vacated, excitedly straddling Matt and working his cock into her dripping wet pussy before she’d even settled down on top of him. Joel pushed up behind her. “No, honey,” she said, “not there. I want you two to get closer.” Joel’s face broke into a wicked grin.

Then Matt felt Joel’s cock, the head pushing up against his own shaft, inching towards Naomi’s pussy. The hard, hot sensation against his urethra somehow made him even hornier. “There, baby, yes, right there, put it in…” Naomi coached her husband on. With a bit of exertion, Joel’s cock head pushed inside her, squeezed florya escort bayan up against Matt.

The hole was incredibly tight, two fat cocks stretching the same cunt to its limits. “Oh, fuck yes…” Naomi let out a visceral, animal scream. “Fuck me, fuck my whore pussy!” They did as she commanded, although Matt doubted that her ecstatic screaming had anything to do with it. He knew his own hips were moving on their own, driving his throbbing cock into her, pressing against Joel’s, like two massive, slimy, fleshy monsters fighting to be inside this sex goddess.

She wailed out an incoherent stream of “fucks” and “cocks,” settling into a rhythm of “fuck me fuck me fuck me” to match their incessant pounding. Matt could feel his own cock leaking precum, and he knew that Joel’s must be, too, but by now her cunt was so wet, there was no way to tell for sure. They were just a churning mass of orgasmic bliss, using her hole and each others’ dicks to push themselves further into ecstasy.

Joel surprised him by coming first, interrupting his steady rhythm to force his seed deep into her cunt, his cock spewing its thick, steaming hot load inside her and all over Matt’s cock. That set him off as well, and soon they were both grunting “fuck fuck fuck” as they emptied their balls into her. Naomi had been coming constantly for what seemed like an hour but, Matt realized, was probably far shorter, so she didn’t even let up for the torrent of hot cum now exploding in her.

To Matt’s surprise, Joel forcibly removed her from between them, pushing her still twitching body off of Matt and onto Mei Lin beside him, then collapsed onto him, segueing effortlessly into a deep kiss. “Fuck,” he said, catching his breath as he pulled back. “That was fucking amazing.”

Matt pulled him back down on top of himself and instinctively grabbed at their softening cocks as they kissed. He wrapped his hand around the two thick shafts to the extent he could and started jerking them together, making a delicious squishing sound as the cum-pussy juice lubricant squished between his fingers.

Beside them, Mei Lin pushed her mother onto her back. Naomi was still recovering, a sweaty, limp mess of nerves and hormones, and she barely reacted at all as her daughter straddled her face and sank two fingers into her cum-filled twat. Mei Lin pulled out a glob of sticky cum, let it puddle in the palm of her hand for a second, then slurped it down noisily. “Mmm, mommy, you’re the hottest slut in the world.”

“Yes, baby,” Naomi replied weakly. “Clean up mommy’s slutty pussy for her, just like that.”

“Holy shit, that’s hot,” Matt commented, indicating to Joel with a movement of his head the scene occurring to their side.

“Yeah,” Joel acknowledged, “you’ll get used to that. Now get your legs up to your chest. You got me hard again and now you’re going to have to take it up the ass.”

“Yes, sir,” Matt happily complied, pulling his legs up and bending them at the knees, trying to expose his asshole as best he could while Joel got up on his own knees and stroked himself. Matt’s ass tingled with anticipation.

“Daddy,” Mei Lin pouted facetiously, unable to completely hide her pleasure at the sight. “You got to fuck my boyfriend all last night. Your daughter needs some dick, too.”

Without missing a beat, Joel replied, “When you finish sucking all the cum out of your mom’s cunt, we’ll give you more dick than you can handle.” He started teasing Matt’s ass with his cum-covered and once again very hard cock, lubing it up nicely as he played. “And don’t act like you were hurting for dick last night.”

Matt didn’t have time to wonder whose dick (or dicks?) Joel was referring to before he felt the teasing become a sudden push. Matt tried to relax himself, but it was difficult to be anything but incredibly excited. This is perverse, he thought to himself, definitely fucked up shit. And I couldn’t be happier. For his part, Joel was attempting to be gentle, but there was no way to avoid a bit of initial pain as his thick cock spread Matt’s tight hole.

A bit of pain, but it was totally worth it to have this hot, powerful thing pounding into his deepest places. Joel started slow but quickly gained speed, all the power of his masculine form concentrated in his hard cock, slamming into Matt. Joel grabbed Matt’s cock and started jerking it in time to his thrusts. Matt lay back in ecstasy, happy to watch Mei Lin enthusiastically lick her mother’s cunt, actively trying to extract every last drop of delicious cum. God, I love her, he thought.

She popped her head back up. “All done,” she chirped. “Now get that dick out of my boyfriend’s ass and put it in my mouth.”

“Alright,” Joel exaggerated a sigh. He slammed his cock, hard, one last time into Matt what felt to Matt to have been balls deep, pulled it back out slowly, then jerked it idly as Mei Lin moved to reposition herself on top of Matt.

She straddled him, facing down towards the foot of the bed, while Naomi propped herself up on one elbow, finally somewhat recovered from her pussy stretching. Mei Lin turned her head to look at Matt. She said nothing, but smiled at him and turned her face back to her father, who had gotten to his feet on top of the bed, standing next to her. Naomi flipped herself over and moved to take Matt’s cock in hand while Mei Lin began licking her father’s cock.

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