Mature Women Ch. 01

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Hi, I’ve disabled comments. This is meant to be fun and the shitty comments and trolling are tedious to say the least. Hope that you enjoy.

Jack had just finished a shift in the Hotel’s restaurant; he was now in his final year of a Hotel Management course, he would qualify in a month, at the end of June. He had a part-time job in a busy 4 Star hotel; he worked on a Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday lunchtime, but sometimes he did Sunday evenings. He stayed with his parents during the week as they lived close to his College. At the weekends, he stayed with his mum’s friend May; they had been childhood friends, they still kept in close contact. May lived half a mile from the Hotel Jack had his part-time job. Jack now got on his bike and cycled to May’s.

It was a Sunday night, May was in the kitchen, doing some ironing, Jack hugged her and asked how her evening had been; he knew that she and her husband had gone out to a very exclusive restaurant for dinner, May replied, “It was good Jack, it’s nice to get out. I had to drive as Alex was half-drunk before we left; he’s now in bed. I’m going to have a glass of wine now. Would you like to join me?”

“I’d love to May, but let me change out of my working clothes. Do you mind if I wear my pyjamas?”

May laughed then said, “No problem, I’ll put on mine, then we can have a pyjama party.”

Jack came back five minutes later in his pyjamas; he was surprised, May was wearing a butterfly patterned nightshirt; she looked good. The ironing board was gone, May said, “Jack, let’s go into the lounge; we will be more comfortable there.”

May had two daughters. They both had great jobs and no longer lived at home. May’s husband Alex was over ten years older than May; he drank a lot. In the lounge, May said, “Jack, I’ve something to tell you, I’m telling you so that you know. I know that we’ve spoken about Sal before. She’s not my favourite.”

As May topped up both their glasses, Jack wondered what was coming now. Sal was Jack’s girlfriend; they had been dating for over a year. Jack enjoyed the sex he had with her, but he knew that he’d never marry her. Three months ago, May had asked Jack if Sal had ever cooked for him; Jack had said no, never once. May had then told him the ideal partner for any man was a woman who was excellent in the kitchen, a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom. Jack had, when she had said this, said, May, you’re excellent in the kitchen, you’re also a lady in the lounge, how are you in the bedroom?. May replied, “At the moment, I’m bored to tears; Alex is now a spent force in the bedroom. We have had separate bedrooms for the last eight years.”

May then said, she had a very concerned look on her face, “Jack, Sal was in the restaurant tonight with a much older looking man, he could have been her father, but I saw them tongue kissing in the car park, he was driving a big Mercedes.”

“She likes to use her tongue.”

“She’s ordu escort a silly girl. She only thinks of herself. I doubt she knows how to use her tongue properly. Jack, you should be looking for a new girlfriend.”

“I know, May, thanks for telling me. She’s going to her father’s sister in Florida next week; I think that she leaves on Thursday or Friday. I have my last Final exam on Thursday; I won’t be seeing her before she goes. I have used Sal; she has used me, I suppose that’s part of growing up.”

May then topped up their glasses again; Jack was sure that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her massive tits were swaying beautifully. May said, “You’re doing the right thing; how long before you get your results?”

“Roughly in ten days’ time, my Senior Lecturer has told me that I’m in a class of my own. Several large Hotel Groups sponsor the College; he told me that he’d given my name out to four of them. That would be a bonus for me if they approached me rather than me approaching them. If nothing happens, then I’ll start looking for a job. The Hotel that I’m working in has offered me a full-time job as a junior Food and Beverage Manager; I think that I can do better as the Manager there is so old fashioned in his outlook.”

“Jack, I’m sure that you’ll find something, if you can, spend as much time with your mum as you can. Between ourselves, she’s going through a bad time at the moment.”

“What’s happening? Is she ok? How can I help her?”

“She’ll tell you herself; things aren’t good with your father at the moment; I wouldn’t be surprised if a divorce came up. After your final exam, try and spend time with her; I know that she’ll appreciate that.”

Jack put his arm around May; he cuddled her. Jack was surprised when May cuddled him back; Jack said, “May, thanks for giving me the heads up about Sal and mum. Sal’s now history; I will try and spend as much time as I can with mum.”

Jack didn’t know how it happened but was sure May had made the initial move, their mouths touched, May buried her tongue deep in Jack’s mouth; her tongue was strong and powerful. They kissed tenderly with a lot of passion for several minutes. May said, “I love how you kiss Jack; I haven’t kissed like that for years. Will you look for a new girlfriend?”

“Of course, in my heart of hearts, I knew that she wasn’t for me. I will miss the sex; I enjoyed the sex with her.”

“I love good sex; I don’t get the chance now. I need a young lover who is discreet. Alex’s worth a lot of money, I’ve grounds for divorce, but I’m better to bide my time.”

They kissed again; this time, Jack was playing with May’s massive tits; his cock was so stiff now. May said, “I love that Jack, keep going; my tits are so sensitive, you’ll make me cum. Will you be discreet? It must be our secret.”

“May you know that I will be? Does Alex get up during the night? Are we safe when he’s in the house?”

“As soon as he goes to ordu escort bayan his rooms, he has a lounge, bathroom and bedroom, then that’s him for the night. He wakes every morning at eight, comes downstairs for his newspapers. Then the housekeeper makes him breakfast. It was his birthday today, that’s why we went out. He’s talking about spending more time at the cottage he has down the coast, which will suit us. We can use my bedroom; I can lock the doors, so we are secure; let’s go now, Jack, I’m horny.”

Jack followed May into her bedroom; she was hot. They were both naked in seconds. May was amazed when she saw Jack’s massive cock. She said, “Sal must be off her head. She’ll never find another cock like this; it’s magnificent. Let me show you what a tongue can do.”

That night changed Jack’s understanding of lovemaking. For the next two and a half hours, May took him places that he didn’t know existed. It was a different world from what he knew. Sal was a novice compared to May. Jack’s first orgasm came very quickly; it was a mixture of nerves and excitement. He then settled down; he lost count of the number of orgasms he gave May; it was a lot. He satisfied her. The following day was the same. May taught him how to give her oral. She introduced him to anal, though he had ass fucked Sal several times. It was just so different from the way May did it. That weekend, Jack was studying a lot, but he would end up in May’s bed every night.

Thursday was the big day. Jack sailed through his final exam. He checked his phone afterwards; he had four offers of a management position with four huge companies. He replied to them all, but the company he liked the most, he made an appointment to see them on Monday afternoon. He got a surprise when he received a WhatsApp message from Jo, Sal’s mum, saying that she had taken Sal to the airport and she had departed safely. Jack replied, “Thanks Jo, I had my final exam this morning; I have a good feeling about it. I’ve also received four job interviews; I’m happy about that. When will she arrive in Florida? I’m happy that you took the time to let me know. Regards, Jack.”

Jack liked Jo; she was a tall attractive woman with a full-bodied figure. She had her own Insurance Brokerage firm. She was a good businesswoman. She replied a couple of minutes later, it read, “My pleasure Jack, I believe it after midnight our time; she said she would message me when she arrives. I think that her aunt has got her a job out there. I’m not sure; you know what Sal’s like; she likes to keep everything to herself. Would you like me to message you when I know that she’s arrived? Regards Jo.”

Jack replied that he would like that, he was interested in keeping in contact with Jo, there was something very sexy about her. Jack drove home; mum was in the kitchen; he cuddled her then said, “I’ve four job interviews for next week, mum; I feel so good about the exam today, I am sure escort ordu that I have done well. How are you?”

“I’m happy to hear that; I knew that you would do it. I am sure that you’ll have a job very quickly. I am a bit down; your father and I are divorcing. I am happy about that; I’ve changed the locks on the house, he has taken all his belongings, he won’t be back here. I am financially secure; my father bought the house; it’s in my name. Have you heard anything from your father?”

“No, mum, I haven’t; this is a big surprise for me. Mum, I’m here for you. If there’s anything that I can do for you, then I’ll do it. He didn’t phone me on my birthday; we didn’t get on so well, mum. I only wanted to spend time with you. Mum, don’t worry, you are a beautiful woman; think on the positive side.”

Mum took Jack in her arms; they cuddled again; this time, it was different; Jack could feel the weight of mum’s massive tits on his chest, she was also pulling him closer to her. Mum said, “Thanks Jack, I have made a goulash for us tonight; I am glad that you are here.”

Jack was also happy to be there. That night they watched television together; it was the first time in their life’s that they had done that. Friday morning, mum had an appointment at the hairdressers. Jack had a message from Jo, it read, “I had a message from Sal this morning, she’s arrived safely though a little later due to bad weather. I’m happy she’s there. It’s a wonderful climate in Florida. I have been once; I enjoyed it. Jack, please keep in touch. If you’re ever in my area, then please pop in for a chat. Let me know how you get on with your interviews. Regards Jo.”

Jack made a coffee then replied to Jo, it read, “Thanks for the update, Jo; I’ve never been to the US, maybe one day. I’ll keep you posted regarding my interviews. Tomorrow, I’m working during the day; I have a Saturday night off, that’s a big thing for me! Would you like to go out for some supper with me? I have a craving for Chinese. I would love it if you could manage it. Regards, Jack.”

Jack wondered what Jo’s reply would be. He got a message from mum saying that she’d taken a subscription out for Netflix; could he set it up for her? Jack replied, no problem, he would do it tonight. Jo replied it read, “Jack, what a lovely surprise, I haven’t eaten out for years. At lunchtime, I’ll treat myself to a new outfit; my everyday clothes are ok for the office. What time is good for you? Please come to my house, and we can have a drink before we go out. Let me know the time; I’m so excited. Kind regards, Jo. “

Jack replied, saying he’d be there at six-thirty. Jack then had a message from May, “Jack, I’m missing you. Can you pop in for a nice quickie? Love May xx.”

Jack replied, “Missing you too, working tomorrow then out on Saturday. I’ll try and make it on Monday afternoon. Love Jack xx.”

That night Jack fixed Netflix so mum could watch it. They watched a film together, they both sat together on the sofa, mum sat close, she had never done that before. Jack told her that he was going out with his class friends tomorrow night. Mum seemed happy with that. Jack also noticed that mum was wearing more makeup than usual. She also seemed more relaxed.

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