Me & My Friends Fiancé. Part three

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Me & My Friends Fiancé. Part threeAmy and James didn’t show any signs of getting back together, which was great news for me! Although I was adamant that we should keep it quite from all out friends. Especially James! Amy didn’t really care who knew, but went along with it. (I did suspect she told a few of her close girl friends though) We continued to see each other for a few months. Things were great, The oral sex and normal sex was great! One morning when I stayed at her house she woke me up with a special treat. I was dreaming that I was getting head and I suddenly woke up and realised it wasn’t a dream. Amy had pulled the duvet back, and very gently pulled my cock out of my boxers and began to go to work on it. As soon as I woke up and saw her looking up at me I reached the point of no return. My legs tensed and my stomach muscle contracted as I bent slightly forward, I shot my full load straight down her throat. I fell back onto the bed with a huge smile on my face, Amy moved back up the bed, kissed me and said good morning. my reply was “wow, that was amazing” I then noticed the time. It was 6:30am. It definitely wasn’t time to get up, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.I wasn’t sure of the time, but I woke up again with a similar feeling. I looked down again and Amy was back between my legs, determined to suck more cum out of my rock hard cock. I was surprised, to say the least. I looked over toward the clock and noticed it was 7:30, I’d only had an hour to recover, but it seemed like that was plenty of time. Amy was so good that I was soon trying to hold back and enjoy the feeling for as long as possible. Amy wasn’t messing about. She worked the head of my cock with her mouth, sucking hard and moving up and down the head of my cock. Her hands were stretched out over my stomach and chest, caressing me as she worked on my shaft. She didn’t stop to have a breather, or even to rest her mouth, she just kept on going. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. My view was superb, looking down to see her head bobbing up and down, her hair flowing around as she sucked my hard cock.Amy moved her hands lower and with one had she took hold of my cock and began to slowly strum up and down, with a firm grip. It was amazing how she knew exactly what to do, I’d never know a girl who knew how to handle a cock the way she did. It was as though she was telepathic! She gradually picked up the pace with her hand, but her mouth remained on the head of my penis. Amy expertly, moved her soft, wet lips from the very tip to just below the head. The combination of her hand and lips was ridiculous good. I, once again, tensed up and with a buck toothed grin I exploded another rope of cum into her mouth. This was followed by a further 5 streams of thick juicy cum. Amy made sure that she sucked every drop of my cock and then moved back up for a cuddle. We hadn’t got in from the club until about 2 or 3am, so I was knackered. I once again fell asleep. This was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri unbelievable. I woke as I felt Amy sucking my cock again. Once again it was amazing. Even though I had received loads of blow jobs from Amy the feeling was always superb! If Amy wanted me to cum quickly then I did. If she wanted to tease me and make it last longer, then it did. She was in complete control and I loved it. I am certain she loved it too. Once again the feeling of my 3rd bolt of cum was boiling over. Once again Amy took every drop into her mouth and she loved it. This time I didn’t go back to sleep. I decided it was definitely my turn to return the favour. Amy moved up again and gave me a cuddle. We were lying side by side again, this time I moved my body down the bed so that my head was between her legs, I positioned my body so that it was next to hers my knees near her head and legs were bent at the knees. It was almost a sideways 69, but my cock wasn’t near her mouth, it was about 2 foot away.I lifted Amy’s leg up and she propped her foot on her other leg, the leg that was flat on the bed. My head was positioned perfectly between her legs, right next to her soft, bald pussy. I could smell the scent of her sweet pussy juice, I was desperate to taste it and feel her orgasm into my mouth. I didn’t waste any time kissing around her pussy or her thighs, I got straight into licking her pussy. It was already soaking wet, as I said before Amy loved to suck cock and it always got her wet and horny. I licked at her pussy, her lips eased open, as I explained before, and her pussy was amazing. Her lips were very tidy, nothing protruding out, just a slit. Once the tight small pussy lips were open it revealed a wet, reddish pink pussy with a soft tiny opening. Her pussy juice tasted delicious, I hadn’t licked Amy’s pussy from this position before. 69 is definitely my favourite position to lick pussy, or with a girl sitting on my face. The fact that I hadn’t licked her pussy from this position before meant that when I pushed my tongue right inside her pussy she was shocked. She let out a load gasp, followed by “Oh My god!”. Obviously no one had done this to her before and she, clearly, enjoyed it. This made me even more horny and eager to taste her cum. She was moaning loudly as I kissed her pussy the same way I would have kissed her mouth, probing her tight hole with my tongue, pushing it as deep into her pussy as I could. Once it was deep inside her soft cavern I would shake my head side to side, forcing my chin against her clit. I was laying on my right side, so I had my right arm and hand between her legs, holding her left arse cheek. My left hand was holding onto the arse and hip. Both hands were pulled her body further down into my mouth and assisting me while I was grinding my chin into her throbbing clit.Amy was moaning loudly. She was rocking her hips back and forth, fucking my tongue as she did so. I knew it wouldn’t tipobet güvenilir mi be long before I got to taste her orgasm. My grip on her body was firm, pulling her closer to me. She was rocking back and forth, Grinding her clit against my chin. My tongue deep inside her pussy, probing her soft pussy. Then I felt Amy’s body begin to shake as her muscles contorted, she let out a loud moan as her orgasm took over her body. Her Cum flowed over my tongue, which was still as deep as I could push it into her pussy. It flowed onto my mouth and face. I withdrew my tongue from her pulsing pussy to lick all around her lips, tasting every drop of her juices. I also licked at her clit, which was now very sensitive, Amy responded with more moans. Amy’s body stopped shaking, her muscles, slowly relaxed and she lay back breathing very heavily.I continued to lick her tender soft pussy lips, lightly kissing around her lips and pussy, I had slightly shifted my head so that I could gently kiss and lick her clit. As I started to lick her clit a bit more I noticed Amy’s body move into my tongue a bit more. That was a sign to me that she had recovered enough for me to continue, so I did. I began to flick the tip of my tongue across her clit, left to right and then up and down. Trying to sense which direction she licked more. I alternated between flicking my tongue across her clit and pushing my tongue into her clit and shaking my head side to side. Each variation seemed to have the desired effect. Once again she was grinding her clit into my mouth, Amy had placed her hands on the back of my head, she was moaning and thrusting her hips into me. She was pulling my head into her crotch every time she pushed her hips forward. She was also guiding my head to exactly where she wanted my tongue to be. I pressed my tongue against her swollen clit and shook my head, forcing my tongue against her. Amy was now moaning louder and louder, her panting getting closer and closer together, I knew that her body was about to be taken over by her 2nd orgasm.Her body tensed and she let out a low moan as she began to climax again. Amy was grinding her pussy and clit into my mouth, I was pushing my tired tongue back, and I loved making her cum! The taste of her juices made me so horny, my cock was ready for more, it had filled with blood and was semi erect. As Amy’s orgasm finished I continued at the same pace. I didn’t give her any time to recover, I was determined to make her cum again. Amy continued to push her hips into my mouth, and grab my head. Forcing me into the exact position she wanted me in. My tongue was killing! But I didn’t want to stop. I was shaking my head side to side, using my tongue, lips, and most of my face to stimulate her pussy and clit, my face was covered in Amy sweet, pussy juices. I knew I didn’t have to wait long until Amy was Cumming again. I removed my right hand from her waist and bum cheek, It was a bit awkward to do, but I managed tipobet giriş to squeeze my hand under my chin and towards the opening of her soaking wet pussy. I plunged two fingers straight inside her. Amy let out a huge moan and began to cum straight away. A gush of cum streamed out of her pussy into my mouth for me to savour again. I was moaning almost as much as Amy. I move my other hand off her hip and down to my, hard cock. I began to gently wank it, but I was soon stopped by Amy, she pushed my hand away and took the whole length straight into her throat. My hand found itself on the back of her head. I wasn’t forcing her head down my cock. She didn’t need to be forced! I continued to lick Amy’s pussy, but I wasn’t paying her as much attention now, I was too busy enjoying the blow job.Once again Amy was working her magic on my solid cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long, so after a few minutes I mustered up the strength to stop Amy. I gently pulled on her pony tail to pull her head off my cock. I slid my fingers out of her pussy and rolled off the bed, “bend over” is all I said. Amy rolled onto her front and then brought her knees into her chest, with her head still on the bed. While she was getting into position I took the opportunity to wipe all the cum of my face with my hands.I positioned myself behind her, with my knees on the bed. I took a hold of her waist with both hands and probed the entrance of her soaking wet, slit. Amy reached back and guided my cock toward her tight, small hole. My cock was swallowed up by her soft pussy lips and sucked into her warm, pussy. Actually it wasn’t warm, it was Hot. The feeling was amazing. The sensation of a blow job is unreal, but this topped it. The heat from her pussy was great. Her soft, hot, pussy gripped onto the head of my penis as I forced the length inside her. I let out a moan as I slid all the way into her. I began to pick up the pace and before long I was smashing my cock in and out of her soaking hole, with my balls slapping into her with ever forward thrust. This didn’t last long. I thought id last ages, having already cum so many times. That wasn’t the case, before I knew I was about to cum. With almost no warning! I just kept smashing into her, pulling back her hips and ramming it home as hard as I could. Amy was pushing back into me and moaning. “Oh yes, I’m gonna Cum” I groaned as I thrust my cock deep inside her. “Me too” was Amy’s response. My hands gripped onto her flesh and pulled her body back to meet mine. My cum erupted out of my cock and filled her up. As it did her pussy got even hotter as another gush of her cum flowed over my bell end and up my hard, pulsating shaft. With ever plunge there was slightly less force and slightly less cum exploding out of me, until the thrusts subsided to nothing and the cum was a dribbled. As I withdrew my cock Amy clenched her pussy to milk the last few drops from me. I slumped onto the bed next to her. I was knackered. In fact we were both knackered. We laid and chatted for a bit, neither of us had the strength to get up. About 20 or 30 minutes passed and Amy gave me another blow job! She was Amazing!!! Surprisingly I managed to cum again. This all happened before it was even 11am. This was the perfect was to start the day!

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