Meeting Freddy Three

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Meeting Freddy ThreeFreddy has just given me one of the best fuckings I’ve ever had. It was several minutes before his cock began to shrivel down to is flaccid four-inch length, and finally slip out of my rectum. As soon as he cock left my asshole, a flood of cum and ass juice flowed out over my balls. I stood up and grabbing the towel, I proceeded to suck as much of the our cum and bodily fluids out of it as I could. The taste of our mixed cum was like nectar to me. It excited me. As I sucked as much as I could get out of the material, my cock was beginning to ooze precum again, and started to become erect. Freddy was watching me intently as I was sucking the juices from the towel and seeing my dick was getting hard and oozing, he dropped to his knees and sucked my cock into his mouth. My cock head was so tender at the moment that I winced at first, but quickly began to enjoy the warmth of his mouth on my dick. I knew I wasn’t going to be cumming any time soon, but was just enjoying the renewed hardness of my dick as he sucked my precum juices. I could see his cock beginning to rise once more between his legs as he knelt there.“Let me do you too, Freddy. I want to do a 69 with you.”He released my cock and we took up position on the floor. We quickly had each other’s cocks in our mouths and we began an extended session of sucking. I was once more rock hard, and so was Freddy. I was occasionally taking his entire 9-inches down my throat, enjoying the feeling of his huge dick sliding down my throat and back out again. I don’t think either one of us wanted to quit too soon. After about another 15 minutes of sucking each others cocks, the pace began to pick up again as our respective cum began to roil up in our balls. It wasn’t gong to be long before we were going to deliver a cum load to each other. As it happened, I shot my load first. Freddy took it with a moaning that told me he was enjoying the taste of my cum. Even though my own cock was beginning to shrivel I continued to suck his cock. Then suddenly I didn’t have control of his dick any longer. It wasn’t how I wanted to suck his cock but how his need to cum again took over and he face fucked me, driving his 9-inches into my throat again and again, until finally, he buried his cock deep down my throat and spurt after spurt of cum splashed into my throat and my mouth. I couldn’t believe the amount of cum he pumped into me after having shot his load no more than half and hour before. But, it was hot, it was sticky, it was delicious. I took it all with thanksgiving. canlı bahis I heard moaning and as it turned out it was both of us, him as his cum spurted out, and me as the tastes that I love so much filled my mouth.We fell apart and I believe we were both savoring the taste of each other’s cum as we lay they there. Our cocks were once more shriveling back to their normal flaccid state, his 4-inches and my 2-inches. But they were all shinny with saliva and cum which was a happy sight, at least for me.“That was one great cocksucking session, Freddy. Thanks.”“Welcome. My god but you taste good. I want some more of your cum later. I think we both need to recover a bit after that.”I agreed and we walked naked into the kitchen where I opened a bottle of “Bogel” Cabernet Sauvignon. We sat down back in the living room on the sofa. We seemed to be in our own thoughts as we sipped our wine. I didn’t want things to stop now, just because we were both worn out. I figured we needed some stimulus to get us back in the mood for more cock and cum.“How about some porn?” I said.“Sure, whatcha got?”“I’ve got a setup with my computer using the TV as the display. How about some “xhamster” videos?” Freddy simply nodded and a smile crept on to his face. I had any number of favorites to choose from as well as some of my own clips of me jerking off. I chose one of the favorites, an extended version of three older men sucking and fucking. I figured it would be appropriate for what Freddy and I wanted to see. A little something to keep the juices flowing and to get our cocks back into shape for some more fun and games.As we watched, I was becoming excited again. I had forgotten the scenes with the one guy giving the other a nice anal fisting. It really spread him open. I privately wanted someone to fist my ass. I’d been working off on on to get a decent size gape going with my ass. What was even better was that Freddy 9-inch dick was nice an fat and had been doing a good job of gapping my asshole. I figure if there was any chance of me getting opened up even further, maybe Freddy would be willing to help me out. I wasn’t sure if he would go for it or not. After all, it was a totally submission play for me, and would require him to be the out and out aggressor top. I backed up the video a view minutes to get back to the part where the one guy was starting to finger the other guys asshole and finally worked his entire hand into him. I looked at Freddy, trying to read his expression as the scene played out.“You want me to bahis siteleri do that to your ass, Bobbie?” My heart skipped a beat with those words. I gulped once, and managed to get out a, “Yes, please.” I was going to beg if I had to but I never had to. The smile on his face told me everything I needed to know. I grabbed another towel and spread it on the sofa under my ass. I leaned back with my legs spread. I grabbed the tube of KY and proceeded to spread in into my still cummy asshole with my fingers. I pressed down with my sphincter trying to make my hole as large as I could. It opened up rather nicely, much to my satisfaction. The workout I’d been giving it over the past couple weeks, and Freddy’s cock had done wonders. Freddy smeared some more KY onto his fingers and his hand and began to probe my rectum with first a single finger. My hole was opening up for his finger and I hope it would realize that he was going to be able get at least two or three fingers into my gapping my asshole more. I raised my hips trying to force his fingers deeper into my hole. I grabbed his hand and pulled it towards me, forcing his now probing four fingers well into my asshole. I let go of his wrist and he continued rotate and push into my hole, his fingers getting sloppy with the KY and my rectal juices.I couldn’t help myself, but moaned loudly and said, “God yes, spread me open. I want you in me. I want you to shove your hand into my hole. God, oh God, please do it.”Freddy tried to push in further, now with four fingers and his thumb together forming a wedge that was slowly but surely opening me up. It wouldn’t go all the way in yet. I was so disappointed in that I felt like his fingers were going to split me apart. I told him to stop for a moment, let me relax. I needed to present a better angle to my asshole.“Let me turn around and get on my knees. I need to have you take me doggie if you’re going to get that fist into me.”He slowly twisted his fingers out of my asshole and gave me a smack on each ass cheek as I crawled around to get on my knees. I reached back and grabbing my ass cheeks I pulled them apart revealing my slightly gapping asshole.“Get your fingers in there. Don’t let me get away. He shoved two fingers into my hole and then twisting his hand around back and forth he managed to get four fingers into my hole. My asshole was beginning to gape nicely. I tried to bear down and force my hole open more and more while I pulled on my ass cheeks spreading my hole as much as I could. I soon felt the pressure of güvenilir bahis all his fingers working in farther and farther. He squeezed some more KY onto my asshole and on to his hand, and around his wrist. If this was going to work, I was going to need all the lubrication I could get. I begged Freddy to push in some more as I bore down as if I was going to shit. All I wanted was his hand to enter my rectum, with nothing going out. There was a moment of extreme pushing by Freddy my asshole felt like it was going to split open; then my ass was working, trying to engulf his hand. Then … it was in. I could feel my anus close around his wrist, and I could feel the bulk of his hand inside me. I was ecstatic. I’d taken it all inside me. Even as I was giving thanks, Freddy began to pump his hand further into my rectum and then retreat a bit. I could feel my asshole wrapped tight around his wrist. It hurt, but I didn’t care. I tried to relax my hole again working hard to accommodate his huge fist that was inside me. It was rubbing my prostate through the wall of my rectum and there was copious precum oozing from my flaccid cock. It felt wonderful. I love the feeling for a prostate massage and with his fist inside my ass, I was getting the best massage I had ever received. The amount of precum was immense. It oozed from my cock and dropped down onto the towel forming a puddle of the goo. I lifted some of it up to my mouth and I slurped it down, licking my fingers clean. It was a nice glob of precum and still being added to. I was in heaven.Freddy continued to work on my asshole getting deeper and deeper. He kept adding KY to his arm so it would slide easily in and out of my hole. It seemed that he was enjoying himself too, he hadn’t touched himself but now he had another full erection. I wondered if he was going to attempt to fuck me while his hand was inside of me. It proved impossible at this point. I told him to pull his hand out of my ass, I bore down trying to expel it at the same time. It took some effort but his hand finally popped out of my asshole with a flow of lube and anal juice gushed out. He immediately shoved his hard dick into my sloppy asshole…He remarked, “Just like my wife’s sloppy cunt.” I took it as a compliment. I wanted him to fuck me for as long as as hard as he wanted. By now my asshole was quite sore. I was almost wishing he would hurry up and drop. Almost, but all I could think of at the moments was that his load was going to spurt into my colon. I was in no hurry to get it over with. He went on fucking me for another fifteen minutes before he finally lunged forward, going deep into me and flooded my colon with a final huge load of cum.Part three of this evening’s adventures to come. Love y’all xxx000xxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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