Mistis’ Adventures Part 152

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 152The house was coming along MUCH better than Carl had EVER believed it would, in spite of “minor” setbacks. The site was going up at least 2, and maybe even 3 weeks faster than anticipated. The crew was happier, and more energetic, than he could remember them EVER being. The incentive was that, on most days, any place from 2 or 3, to as high as 8 or 10 of the ladies came out to keep them company, and MOST of the time, if they didn’t COME out naked, they were soon in that condition. EVERY morning, Sue, Annie, and Essie brought out a large coffee maker, FULL of coffee, and homemade treats, like cupcakes, cookies, and fried pies, or one of the other women from town brought out boxes of doughnuts, and rolls, fresh from the bakery. Most of the men had stopped eating breakfast before leaving home.Carl had to depart at a set time, because he drove one of the trucks to carry the men to the building site, so he was on location at around 7 or 7:30 each morning, but Wes, Floyd, and a few others usually got there at around 6:30, so they could service the machinery for the day. The REAL early birds were Luke and Francis. They lived on the farm across the road from the site, and came out with the ladies. THEY had been invited to live with them, and were treated like they were family. Both claimed, when asked, to have “slept” with ALL the ladies in the family, MORE than a few times. Neither had been the one to bring it up, though. Strangely enough, it had been the girls.One morning, as he was greasing his bulldozer, Francis had been talking with one of the new swampers. They had had to hire 2 a couple of weeks ago. One to take Francis’s place, swamping for Floyd, and another to swamp for Francis. The one that was swamping for Francis was a High School k**, that would work foir them until school started. His name was Albert. He was trying to save money to cover his expenses, like his Senior pictures, and Class ring, and would probably need some for rental of his graduation gown. He was an okay guy, but he tried too hard to fit in, and sometimes said the wrong things. Francis had taken him “under his wing” and was showing him how to do the many things to keep the “dozer” going. In the process, they talked often.Al had seen Francis coming to work with the 3 naked ladies in the pickup, and had observed that ALL of them look delicious. Sue had overheard him, and smiled at the younger boy. “Francis said I taste like honey. That’s why he loves to eat me, first. That, and it makes me juicy, so he can slide right on inside of me.” Francis had proved that a black man CAN blush. Sue had taken the opportunity, to rub it in a bit more. “THAT guy can wear a girl out in a little bit. He knows how to sling that 10 inches deep and hard. anadolu yakası escort I thought about having my toenails removed. He curls them so much that they charge me extra for a pedicure. My legs are getting all kinds of new muscles, from him making them shake all the time.”Annie and Essie were just a few feet away, listening to Sue’s banter, and decided to add THEIR two cents worth. Both stepped over next to Sue. Essie held her leg up to Al. “Feel of that thigh muscle. Tight as my pussy. He goes down on me, and my legs shakes the whole time he’s eating me, fucking me, and for nearly an hour after he finishes. He NEVER fucks me for less than an HOUR! He don’t stop ’till he sees me sending smoke signals with my pussy.” Annie put her hand on Essie’s bare shoulder. Easily done, as all 3 of them were naked. “AN HOUR? JUST AN HOUR? HE was in me last night for all of 2 hours. He settled for a “quicky” last night. Usually it takes him 3 or 4 hours to fuck me like he wants. He fucked Mama night before last, for 5 hours. We thought we were going to have to call EMT for her. We knew she was okay when she stopped shakin’, though. He came inside of her 5 times”Al had listened to them with a shocked look on his face. Annie had stepped over and put her arm around him. “Come on in the trailer for a few minutes. It’s early. The others won’t be here for at least 30 minutes.” He went with her and , as soon as the door closed, she sat on the edge of the desk, and spread her legs. “Come on, Sweetie. Drop your pants and give me what I like so much. I love to be laid by a new person. I don’t care what other women tell me. EVERY dick feels different inside me. Unless ya just moved here, ya probably already had some of Sue’s pussy. Now it’s MY turn to show ya how good pussy REALLY feels.”She pulled his zipper down and leaned over to suck him hard. “Next time I’ll let ya cum in my mouth, and swaller fer ya, but THIS time I want ya to cum in my pussy.” She laid back and felt him touching the outer lips of her pussy. “Aren’t ya gonna eat me, first? I LOVE to have a guy eat my pussy.” He quickly fell to his knees and spread her legs wider, and she was soon writhing in pleasure. “Gloriosky, Sandy!!! You DO know how to eat a girl. If you fuck half as good as you eat pussy, YOU can fuck ME, ANYTIME!!!” She laid back wrapping her legs around him and pushing his face closer. His tomgue was playing “hobbs” with her clit, and she was having one orgasm after another. Annie, NEVER quiet during sex, was more vocal this time than MANY others, which made the others want to see what was going on. The trailer filled, as did the window above them, with spectators. At least a dozen people was watching the 2 lovers. Annie ataşehir escort didn’t care, and Al didn’t know. He was far, FAR to busy. He was discovering how wet Annie became when she was being eaten.He sent Annie into orbit MANY times, before she pulled him up to kiss, and demanded him to “FUCK ME!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!! I WANT YOUR DICK IN ME!!! DON’T WORRY ABOUT CUMMING INSIDE ME!!! THAT’S WHERE I WANT IT!!! INSIDE MY PUSSY!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, FUCK ME!!!”Al pulled her closer to the edge of the desk and shoved it inside of her, HARD!!! She grunted as he went all the way to his balls in her. He began to thrust into her, and her legs locked around his waist. Her arms were over his shoulders, and she pulled him down to kiss and whisper to. “You did it, boy! Ya banged my gong, and made me go crazy. Yer gonna have ta fuck me ALL the time, now. Ya kin fuck the others as long as ya give me some at the same time. Come on, now. Water my lily, so we can clean up before the others get here. Shoot me full of cum. You are one GOOD fucker.”Her words, and her compliment, did the trick on him. As if on cue, he unloaded inside of her. She hadn’t known, but was soon to find out, that he hadn’t been with a girl in almost 6 months, and was carrying a full load. He sprayed inside of her and it was soon running down the crack of her ass, and dripping on the floor. He got it out of his system, and if Francis hadn’t grabbed him, he would have collapsed on the spot. Essie, who was closest, grabbed a chair to put under him. SHE immediately took him in her mouth and started cleaning him, while Francis took advantage of the opportunity and began ti eat the fresh pie from Annie. He enjoyed eating ALL the ladies after they had been fucked. Only Billy and Tod had seemed to enjoy it more than he did.Soon, both were cleaned, and led outside to cool off. Both were given cold drinks of water. They regained their breath, and Al dressed. Francis made a note in his mind, to give him a break until he was recovered.A few minutes later, the trucks pulled in and the men were treated to the sight of the 3 naked ladies among them. Several of the men patted them on the ass, or squeezed a boob, and were kissed in return. All of the girls loved to be felt up by the men. Wayne got the clipboard and started assigning jobs for the day. As a person’s name was called, he went to the shed and got the needed tools. For today, all most needed was a hammer. The framing was almost finished, and the wood for the roof had been delivered the day before. It would require just a long day. The tar paper would be lifted up, spread, and the sheets of metal roofing laid over it. Another crew would put in the drywall, and the flooring. Electricians were due to be ümraniye escort here tomorrow or the next day, to start wiring the house.The rest of the morning went uneventfully, and at 11:30, Carl blew the horn to signal the lunch break. Carl looked around and saw that Wayne had parked HIS truck under one of the big trees, so it would be shaded and cool. He went over and opened both door and laid in the seat, and was, apparently, asleep in seconds. It surprised Carl. Wayne NEVER slept when he was on site. He decided that today he would give the men a long lunch break. Instead of an hour, he would give them an hour and a half. Maybe even 2 hours. The roof crew was calling down for the tar paper to be lifted up, already. He called the electrician, and asked if he could make it out tomorrow, and he was confirmed. That would, if all went well, put them a solid 4 weeks ahead of schedule.The older ladies arrived a short bit later. BLESS THEM!!! All of THEM were naked, as well. They brought out baskets of hot fried chicken, big bowls pf potato salad, mashed, AND chunky, and another big bowl of HIS favorite macaroni salad. Green beans, and biscuits were being laid out as well. NOLA, this time, brought him a big plate full of the chicken and macaroni salad, and several biscuits, each oozing butter. She had a special cup for him. It was larger than most, and was full of strawberry kool-ade. She sat them down on the desk and leaned over and kissed him like he was long, lost kinfolk. Her breast, bare as the rest of her, was right at the tip of his nose, so he held it lightly, and kissed it, then sucked on the nipple. She ALWAYS giggled like a school girl when he did that. She admitted that it always made her HOT, too. He would finish eating his lunch, and eat HER for dessert. She would want HIM to lay on the desk, and SHE would ride HIM. The other night, at the party, while Julia was upstairs, he had made love with her AND her daughter. Julia had gone up with Bruce, her son, and later, Chris, her husband, had gone to visit with Julia, also. She had also been taken by William and Rick. He had enjoyed the company of Cathy, Sue and Annie, as well. Julia had told him on the way home the next morning, that she couldn’t remember having so much fun. Then, at HER house, he had fucked her 2 more times. They would have done more, but they both had to go to work.LAST NIGHT, he and Julia had taken Wayne and Dolly out and heard her sing. Then, to get away from her admirers, they had come out HERE, and Wayne had been the first man, she said, to fuck her. They had come over and watched him and Julia for a bit, and had gone to the table in front of where the truck was parked right now, and Wayne had put the meat to her. Him and Julia were giving them some hints, as neither one acted like they knew what they were doing, and Wayne had fucked her a second time. He MUST have done something right, though. She was all over him on the way to his house. They were all going to be at HIS house, tonight. He said this morning that he was going to invite her to live with HIM.

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