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MOM’S SECRETMOM’S SECRETIndian Sex StoryNote: ——I am NOT the author!I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on hereHello Dear readers I am a 20 year old unmarried man from KarachiPakistan My name is Shahid I am student of engineering I am regularreader stories at this site and I really enjoy and this is firsttime I am posting my true story. This is my true story about my momwhich happened few months ago , and I want to share it with you andplease do advise me accordingly We belong to a rich family and livein Karachi’s posh area my father is a business executive, my mom isalso working in advertising agency as senior executive she is about43 year old and she is really very good looking and beautiful sheis tall 5-7 nice and rounded boobs and a very attractive figure shehave beautiful rounded soft hips and when she walk they swing itslook very fantastic and give a very sexy looks when she wear sareeor shalwar Kameez she have long face and sharp nose and very fairin complexion . I love her very much and she also give me everything possibleNow I want to tell you the real story. The story start like this , Iam the only c***d of my parents My dad is very busy in his work andtraveling so my mom drop me to university and went to her office andin lunch time he pick me and come home and we had lounge togetherthen mom goes back to work and I do my studies and in evening momcome back and then we live together but no time fixed for Dad tocome home some time he come very late and we see him at onlyweekends if he is in town .So now main story starts one day my Mom drop me to university andwent to her office but after one hour some student make disturbanceand start protesting so university staff call of the class and sendus home . I call Mom on her Mobile phone to inform her but her cellphone was not switched off and she was out of office So I come homebye my ownWhen I reach back to home. I get surprises to see my Mom car wasparked out side and I get suspected that why she is home at thistime, but I thought that maybe mom don’t feeling well so she comeback home for rest as some time before happed and when I want toopen door it was locked from inside and my key does not unlock thedoorfirst I think to push the call bell but second thought come intomind that may be if mom is sleeping and I don’t wanted to disturbedher .Luckily our apartment have an other door where same key applied andnobody other then me knows about this , I try that door and it getopen I went inside house . I was surprises to see that T.V is onand two glass of half empty with cold drink and some biscuits nimcowas on the central table and Mom Duppata and Kameez was on laying onsofa, and one pair of men shoes was also laying along with hersleepers are on floor I get doubt full what is happening inside houseSo I move further and reach towards Mom bedroom her bed room doorwas closed but I heard some sound coming from there unintentionallyI bend down to key hole and try to look inside Ohhhhh my God what Isaw I cant believe my eyes and I was completely sunned for fewsecond to see inside my blood pressure jump up and heart beatingreach at highest pointI saw she was standing on floor and Mehtab Uncle (My Mom a officefriend) holding mom against his broad chest tightly and both werekissing each other her hands are on his back and his one handsqueezing Moms tits and with other hand he is holding her buttocksand playing with her hips crack Her tongue was like a featherbrushing across his lips He opened his mouth and she explored thewarmth inside. She was wearing a tiny little bra that couldn’t holdall of her big, beautiful tits and as they spilled out of the bra,he pulled down her bra was so her boobs are in his hands of I hadnever seen my mother so close to nudity and it dawned on him thatshe was a beautiful woman Then she start unbuttoning his shirt andshirt fell down on floor then her hands reach to his pant and shestart unbuckle his pant and its also get down and he step out fromhis pant and now his is wearing only a underwear . I can clearlysee his dick is getting hardin to it but both were so passionately kissing each other Stillwithout breaking the kiss, he took her hand and wrapped it softlyaround his cock. After a few moments, she withdrew her hand; then,she slowly broke the kiss and gazed down, dreamlike, at hiserection. Slowly, on her own, she reached for it, stroked itlovingly, and caressed its length with hypnotic fascination. Theydon’t know I am watching them from key hole my eyes were stilllooking inside meantime he pull Mom shalwar String and lose it soher shalwar fell down to her feet’s and now her black panties isnot enough to cover her big size white buttocks with in few secondhe also pull her panty down to her knees and he also unhook her branow I can see her completely nude she look so gorgeous güvenilir bahis siteleri in nude herbody is propionate not a single gram of over weight she is her hiplook great .Then they move to bed and Mom sit on edge on bed and sparred herlegs . Mahtab uncle sit between them on floor and he hold her leg inhis hand and start kissing them from toe and slowly move up to wardsthighs, he kiss her legs one bye one he rub his face on her thighsand toes and kissing them. I heard some Moaning sound from Mommouths, and she closed her eyes and her head is moving side to siden pleasure her face is showing her inner feeling that she isenjoying it very much after some time Mehtab Uncle put his facebetween her thighs and she open her leg some more and fold them toup . I saw that he is start licking and kissing to her shavedpussy .When he put his mouth on her pussy she again start moaninglittle bit louder and I can hear her sound clearly she wasmoaning “….ohhhh aaaaahhhhh janoo yes suck me please bohat mazaaaraha hai ” now she laying on bed and open her leg more wide so hecan do it easilyMehtab uncle keep doing same about ten mints, in this time she wasmoaning louder and louder with her pleasure then he get up and healso lay next to her on bed and he removed his underwear I wassurprise to his what a huge cock he has it was drak brown and abouteight inch long and more then two inch in diameter thick look like asolid colander .She hold it into her hand and Mehtab uncle pull herover him and she start kissing to him and I saw she is slowly movingdownwards first to his neck then his chest then his stamock and shereach more down to his dick I saw she is kissing head his thumbingdick and rubbing it on her face he moaned in sudden pleasure. Shebegan to lick the length of his cock with long strokes, Her redtongue danced slowly up and down his swollen prick head, teasinghim, unleashing his passion. Suddenly she open lips and put his headinto her mouth and start moving her head up and down , his dick goesintoalmost half her mouth, when she move her head up it come out onlyhead of his huge cock left inside He holding her head down on him,he thrust wildly with his hips, driving his shaft deep into hermouth.I had never seen my mother so close to nudity and it dawned on himthat she was a beautiful woman. But how could she be sucking on hiscock. Just then mother’s head dove down as she took all of his cockinto her mouth and throat. It was impossible, I thought. How couldmother be deep throating him ? And then how could she get all ofhis big cock down her throat. About ten mints she continue suckinghis cock into her mouth now he is into full pleasure and I herd himmoaning loud Ohhhhh ,,,, mari rani tum to zabar dast coosti hoo….Hay kia bat hai aaahhh Mari jan …… please aur chooso ….aaahhhhMehtab Uncle hand moved down her back and around her buttocks , hisfingers traced the inside of her crack, pressing his fingers in toHer cunt My heart pounded; unsure what was happening to me but itwas nice to me.After ten fifteen mints Mom stop sucking All at once, Mehtab Unclereached down and pulled her head up off his rigid pole she lay downon her back and spread her leg on bed and said Janoo Abb tum jaldise mujhe chodo mari choot bhohat garam hogayee hai “”Acha Jani Abhi Loo ” he laughed, crawling up between heroutstretched legs, “I really want to Fuck you my Darling . It is apure delight He took his position between her legs and she fold themto her chest to give accommodate him .”Bas ab daloo Janoo marigaram choot ka main Mota Land dal do ,” she laughed, reaching downand grabbing hold of his bobbing cock. I watched on in shock anddisbelief as mother quickly fitted his big,thick penis into herdrooling vagina. He push his dick it slid almost half into her pussyOOOhhhhh God, you are too big dear aaaahhhhh…… I love your big,hard cock, Ohhhh….its hurt me ” she moaned as he began to slide itin and out of her, “It’s so fucking big. For my tight choot aaaahhhphat gayeee araam araam se karooo janoo”Mehtab Uncle don’t say any word and keep doing his work and kissmom lips and hold her one boob in his hand to squeeze them and hekeep inserting his huge cock into her cunt in few stokes he insertedfull of his dick into her pussy. Mom once again moan haii margyeee Aaaahhhhh Mar gyeee ahista karroo Janoo Tumara Land to bohatmota hai…. Bohat dard horaha hai….. Kia mar daloo gye ….Aaahhhhh UuufffAfter inserted full of his dick into her pussy H e stop for a fewseconds and don’t move any further for some time and in this time Ifound that Mom Pain get subsidies and now she is getting pleasureshe pull him toward her and kiss his lips and smiles in a verynaughty way.I saw Mehtab uncle stat banging her pussy with slow and soft thrustbut soon I feel that his speed is increasing and he is fucking herwith full speed he pull out his full dick from youwin giriş her pussy only hearremain inside then he again thrust it into her pussy at once and shewelcome his dick into her pussy and she rise her hips to make himmore comfortableBoth of them are moaning aaahhhhhhh,,,,,,eehhhh,,,,,….. uuuffffhayee sound are coming from roomI heard Mom sound coming out loudly ” ooohh Janooo …..bara mazaaraha hai aur zoor se karoo Aahhhhhhh haaan aur zoor seee Janoonopleeaseeeee I am cummmiing … Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh, Fuck, I’m cummmiiinnnggg,” motherfinally groaned, digging her long, pink fingernails into his hipsand ass.”Oh, Janoo , fill me up with your sweet cream,” she cooed as shethrust herself against him. Aaahhhhhhhhh. Main pagal ho jaungi.AAaaaaaahhhhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhh. Itna maja mujhe aaj tak nahinmila…..Chodo….mujhe zoor zoor se chodo. Hayeee …… Mujhe itnachodo ki main hil bhi na paoonMain bhi chootne walaa hoon ……Janooo aaahhhh ooohhhh Main Gayaa ” hegrunted thrusting his big, fat cock down into her pussy as hard ashe could. Then he push few more thrust and finally he collapse onMom , she hold him into her arms and wrap her leg around his waisthis breath is out of control for about fifteen mints he takeheavilybreathing then slid next to her on bed and kiss to her and with anaughty smile he ask her”Dear Maza ayaa? kisa laga tum ko aj” ?She laugh and said Han bohat maza ayaa Janoo ….. tumhara land tobohat bara hai…. Mari joti se choot par di us ne she kiss him andput some tissue papers between her thighs to clean her legs were wetwith sticky fluid come out from her pussy and his cum He hug heragainst him After about ten mints she went to bathroom when he waslaying on bed and having he take heavily breathing and clean hisdick with tissue paperAfter few mints Mom come out from bathroom she was wrapping her bodywith white coloure towel around her body to cover her boobs to kneesshe pick her cloth from floor and sit on bed near him he look ather and laugh ” kia aur nahi karna hai “”Na baba tum ne to Aj aik hi bar main dam nikal diya ” she said andstart to wear her bra But Mehtab uncle take her cloth from herhand put them on side of bed and said Mager abhi yeh to dobaratayar ho raha hai ” he pointed out toward his dick which gettingarouse again Mom smiles and said” yeh to hamesh he khara ho jatahai” he hold her hand and put it on his dick which was almost dead.she hold his dick into her hand and with touch her hand it againgetting hard again he pull her towards him and she fell over hischest she put her head on his chest and lay next to him on bed hehold her into his arms and said ” Darling tumhara chodane mai jawabnahi main ne asi choot pehly nahi mari “He pull her towel and now she get nude and kiss her she replying hiskisses and with one hand she is playing with his dick said “Tum bhito zabardast chodo hoo ” she said and kiss his lips abd they againget involve in kissing soon his dick get fully hard and he was alsoplaying with her boobs and he take one into his mouth a suck likebaby taking feed from there slowly he put mom on bed on her back andturn his face toward her legs and start licking her feet from toeto knees and thighs then he put his face between her thighs and shespared them wide on bed so he can easily reach to her pussy and hegive his dick into her hands and she first play few mints with itthen put into her mouth and start sucking it like ice-cream bar sheride over his face and put her pussy on his face so he can lick itand his dick into her mouth I think it call 69 position while bothofthem sucking each other about fifteen mint they were in samepositionThen Mom step down from him and said ” Janoo bas ab mujhe chodo …..”He said ” Tum hi upper se aoo na jada maza ayee ga”Mom ride on him as his legs were between her legs and her cunt isin front of his big dick and hold his huge hard cock into her handand fixed it on pussy lips and put some pressure its slid almosthalf into her pussy she bend down and kiss his lips and he hold herboobs into his hand and start squeezing them and Mom hold her leftboob into her hand and give him to suck it , he took her erectedbrown coloure nipple into his mouth and suck itWith a break of few moment Mom is moving up and down and his dickcoming in and out of her pussy like piston . Now she moan withpleasure and again move her hips up so dick come out only headremain inside and when she move down his full cock goes inside Aboutfifteen mints she keep jumping on his dick and then and moaningloudly…” Oh, Janoo AAaaaaaahhhhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhh. Bara maja arahahai….”He reply her ohhhh yes Janoo tumhara jawab nahi hai bas kzoor zoorse karooShe had few big thrust and step down from him said ” Bas Janoo Mainto thak gayee ….Uufffffmari to Tagyeen bekar hogyeehai aaj “she felldown on bed next to him and open her legs wide and youwin güvenilir mi invite him tocome from top of her ” ab tum upper se choda …..”And he take his position , pull her leg on his shoulder and afterfixing dick at her verginal entry . one stroke he inserted his dickinto her pussy a loud ” aaahhhhh sound come out from her mouth shewas in full pleasure and cooperating with him by rising her hips tomatch his stock he keep fucking her , doing in and out first in slowspeed increases and after few mints of fucking her into full speedhepush full length of dick into pussy only his big ball remain outside then he pull it out and only head of cock inside again push isback into her and again start moaning Aaaahhhhhh Janooo I amcummmmminggggg cummmmiiiinggggggg Aahhhh hayee Janoo aur zoor sechodo Janooo main I am also cumming Janoooo ” she hold him into hisarms tightly against him and wrap her legs around his waistHe again had few more big stokes , and fell down on her and hold herhis body is shelving and his breath was out of control he keep heavybreathing for few mints and step down from her and laying next toher and put his hand on her chest and both face touching each otherAfter ten mints he first to get up and said ” Mari Jan tumharajawab nahi hai …”and went to bath roomMom was still on bed her eyes were closed and she is looking verytries but on her face I can see a great satisfaction feeling wasvery much clearHe come out from Bath room after few mints Mom get up from bed herpussy and thighs was wet from stick with the fluid come out from herpussy . She put some tissue paper on between her thighs and said innaughty smiles” aj to tun ne mujhe mar hi dala mari tangeen jawabdegyee ” and she through tissue paper into basketMaza nahi ayya kia ? he ask herBohat maza ayya mager thak bhi gayee na she pointed to her pussyand said again tum ne is ka to bura hal kar dya” and laugh Yeeh tobari garam choot hai Janoo Tum ne to mujhe bara maza diya” he alsolaugh and said again ” tum se ache koi aurat nahi chuda sakti haiand he wear his shirt and underwear while mom goes into bathroom ,after getting fully ready he light a cigarette and take a deep puffof cigarette and sit on edge of bed waiting Mom to Come out fromBathroomIn mean time he get ready and Mom come out from Bathroom her lowerbody was wet with water she start wearing her cloths first she wearher Bra and panty then shalwar and she look around for her shirtand ask “Mari Kameez k**har gayee …Yaar .”He told her that she left it into sitting room and once again holdher into his arms and kiss her softly Mom try to realize her fromhis hug and said “Bas ab chorao na ….Dare ho jayee gyee…”Dil to anhi karta hai chorne ko he said and hug her against his chestDil to mare bhi nahi chata hai mage Shahid ko bhi to university selena hai she saidAbhi to bohat time hai yaar….. he hold her hand and pull towards himand make her sits on his laps and put hand around his shoulders hekiss her on her cheeks and put a hand around her wait and said “…You are looking great Darling …. I love you Janoo .”I love you too ” she saidHe rub his face on her breasts over the bra and with one hand hesqueeze on of her tits and he try to uncover her boob from cup ofher bra but she hut her hand on his and said Bas janoo Aj aur nahiKion he ask her Main thak gyee hoon ……fir kisi din kar lena ……mainkoi bhaagi to nahi jarahi hoon … she replied”Main to tumhara diwana hogaya hoon…..” He again rub his face toher boob and kiss just below her bra “fir Kab miloo gyee Janoo” Heask herJab Dil kare tumhara … main to tumhari hogyee hoon She said and puther head on his shoulder . he hug her against him .What about tomorrow he suggestNo Janoo Tomorrow is a meeting in office and we had t o attend itand not sure how long it takes so day after tomorrow shahid dad isgoing is coming back from Dubai so we cant meet in this week ShesaidOhhh dear please I cant live with out you Mehtab Uncle said inrequesting voicesI know Janoo I also like you very muchThen how can we meet again he ask herOkay next Tuesday we can meet She saidOhhhh …. Tuesday is to far but its Okay fine that’s okay He saidand put his hand on her breast and hold in his hand and press itand try to kiss her lips she open her mouth to give way to his tongto search her mouth His hand slowly move to her boobs and he slidher bra cup and pull her one tit outAfter some time She separated herself from him and got up from hislap and turn toward door Now I run away from there and hide my selfinto my bedroom so both of them come out and went toward TV LoungeI was sure that she don’t know. I saw every thing what they haddoneMom clean all the things and put them in proper place and went waywith him and soon after I also come out from my room and went to auniversity friend who live near us and from there I called on my Momcell phone and tell her that I am Home due to Strike so she don’tgo to pick me for lunchWhen she come for lunch at home I saw she look very normal andnobody can say that a few hours before what she was doing with hisfriend and her own son saw every thing this is first time I amsharing this story with any one

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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