MONICA (A lesbian tale)

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MONICA (A lesbian tale)MONICA (A lesbian tale)Stopped on the side of the road, Madeleine waited for a few minutes, more like 10 minutes, before she drove into the motel parking lot. She always did that. The motel was advertising a lobster festival for that evening. Madeleine laughed out loud.“I’m more in for tuna”, she chuckled, surprised at her own vulgarity.She parked her car in the arrival section, as she always did, and waited again for a few minutes. The space in front of unit 17 was empty. She suddenly felt queasy. Maybe she had the wrong address, the wrong unit. Maybe it was the wrong city or the wrong life. Maybe she wasn’t doing this. Maybe she wasn’t married with c***dren. She snapped out of her daydream when a light was turned on inside the unit, then turned off again. That was the signal. Madeleine, a woman of 52 who could pass for 10 years younger, looked at her face in the car mirror, rearranged her blonde hair, took out her make-up bag, then put it back in her purse.“Silly girl…should have done that before leaving home”, she muttered to herselfShe flung her purse over her shoulder and walked towards the unit, her heels forcing her to sway her hips. She could feel her buttocks, unprotected by her tiny thong, moving against the tight material of her skirt. Madeleine was proud of her tall thin body.She knocked on the unit door. A young black lady with frizzy hair opened the door. She smiled and stepped back to let Madeleine in.“Hi…Madeleine”, said the girl in a soft voice. She had a huge white bath towel wrapped around what looked like a slim body. “I just came out of the shower”, she said as if that would be a surprise to her visitor. The room was dark except for a small yellow emergency light next to the bedside table.Rachel sat on the bed next to Madeleine.“You know that I’m going to call you Monica”, said Madeleine rather embarrassed.“Yes…I know…it doesn’t bother me. I’m used to it by now”, reassured Rachel The two women hugged like friends would, their hands standing still on each other’s back. Madeleine could smell the skin lotion and the cheap soap. Rachel could smell the expensive French perfume and the hair spray.She got up, took her wedding ring off and put it in her handbag. She always did that in front of the girl. She took out a white envelope and put it on the dresser.“It’s the same as usual ?”, asked Madeleine without turning around.“Judy didn’t say anything about a raise”, reassured Rachel“ Do you have c***dren ?”, suddenly asked Madeleine “Yes…I have a daughter…I bahis firmaları live alone”, answered Rachel who answered the same question every time.“Shall we get started ?”, asked Madeleine resting her ass against the dresser and beginning to unbutton her blouse. “Of course”, answered Rachel.The black girl waited a few minutes until Madeleine had removed her blouse and bra before she unwrapped her towel. A naked Rachel walked slowly passed Madeleine to put the towel in the bathroom.Madeleine reached for her. Rachel threw the towel from the room into the bath. She put her hands on Madeleine’s slightly sagging breasts. The two women kissed briefly. “Shall I take this off ?”, asked Madeleine taking her pearl necklace between her fingers.“Yes I think so, but put it on the night table ”, answered Rachel who had pushed the bed spread to the floor and sat on the sheets. Madeleine finally pulled her skirt off and stood in front of Rachel in her thong, blushing slightly, knowing the nylon triangle didn’t quite cover all of her blonde patch.“Nice”, said Rachel with a large smile. “Turn around”. Madeleine smiled like a teenager and turned around to show Rachel her ass in which her thong dug rather deeply. “Come here baby”, purred RachelMadeleine pulled her tight thong off and lay on her back on the spot of the bed Rachel had made accessible to her. The black girl moved on top of the naked woman who was twice her weight and 30 years her senior. Even if you had looked away, you could have heard them kiss, the smacking of those lips, Madeleine’s moaning as Rachel’s leg rubbed between her open thighs. Dirty words exchanged: fuck, cunt lips, tits, asshole, dyke, bitch….“Oh Jesus fucking cunt-licker”, yelled Madeleine as Rachel experienced mouth clamped onto the white woman’s trimmed hairy triangle. Madeleine continued to swear as Rachel slipped her long red tongue inside her lover’s wet and open vagina. Then she nibbled on the engorged cunt lips like it was a pastry. Rachel’s hand slipped under her small stomach and the rubbing of her own black patch went unnoticed. Her face covered in cunt juices, Rachel was now licking Madeleine’s large clit. She immediately took it completely in her mouth and began to suck on it, taking in the whole area around the clit at the same time.Rachel was young but a pro all the way. She had sucked younger and older, all colours and size, in cars, kitchens, clubs, in posh houses and out in the woods. Madeleine always asked for the best and she got it.Rachel’s mouth moved tipobet güvenilir mi a little faster against the top of Madeleine’s blonde triangle. The white woman was pulling her lover’s head against her loins and bending her knees, leaving room for Rachel to reach between her buttocks. The black hooker slipped a finger inside Madeleine’s ass without letting up on the clit sucking. Both women had been with each other enough times to know that would do it and Rachel braced herself for Madeleine’s orgasm. Rachel’s mouth managed to stay clamped on the white woman’s flesh while Madeleine’s body shook in spasms. She screamed, moaned and began to cry. Madeleine took Rachel by her underarms and dragged her up against her chest. She kissed her as she sobbed. Rachel’s large lips slid back and forth against Madeleine’s thin lipstick covered lips and their tongues touched each time. That excited Madeleine no end.“You were always teasing me Monica and blowing kisses at me whenever we were alone. Did you want me as much as I wanted you ?”, asked Madeleine“Yes Madeleine, I always wanted you”, answered Rachel with emotion, noticing how smooth Madeleine’s skin was, how she was wrinkle-free. She imagined her getting ready for the prom.“But we had to be so careful. Two girls. What a scandal. One black, one white. Two scandals. “, whispered Madeleine as she nibbled on Rachel’s earlobe.“We had to be careful but we had to make love”, whispered Rachel back“Oh yes we had to…after the prom…that night….in the shed behind my parents’ house”, cried Madeleine, lifting her upper body and kissing Rachel’s small tits.“We were so much in love”, moaned Rachel as her long nipples tingled. She slipped the pearl necklace around her neck. Madeleine climbed completely on top of Rachel and covered the thin black body with hers. She was still quivering, not from the orgasm, but from excitement and nerves. The white woman’s breasts settled on both sides of Rachel’s small chest. She moved her tummy against the black girl’s. Rachel lifted her legs up and bent her knees. Madeleine’s pubic patch brushed against Rachel’s curly wiry mop. Both women inhaled deeply. “Does that mean I can fuck you Monica ?”, asked Madeleine looking at Rachel’s position of submission.“Oh yes Madeleine…please fuck me”, answered Rachel, opening her mouth wide, inviting Madeleine’s hot tongue. Rachel wrapped her legs around the older woman’s waist.Both women moved their hips. If someone had stood behind the two women, they could bahis siteleri have seen the two hairy patches, one blonde, one black, coming together, curls tangled, and especially the two sets of pink and soft cunt lips, one flattening the other, and Madeleine’s wrinkled hole barely visible between her fleshy buttocks. “Can you feel my cunt ?”, asked Madeleine, her face inches from Rachel’s“Yes I can feel your wet cunt…rub it against mine…lover baby”, moaned Rachel“Oh God…my clit is touching yours…isn’t it ? “, apologized Madeleine who had begun to move her hips against her black lover.“That’s what I want it to do….fuck me Madeleine…fuck my cunt…like you did that night”, cried Rachel who put part of the pearl necklace in her mouth.“Oh yes…I’m fucking you…It was so dark…so damp on the floor….I remember that necklace….FUCK”, laughed Madeleine“You slid your big clit right into my cunt hole….then you rubbed it against my clit”, cried Rachel“That’s when you came….you slut”, cried Madeleine who was moving her hips faster and faster against Rachel’s.“Oh FUCK….yes I came so hard….and then YOU CAME, you white dyke”, screamed Rachel“Oh YES…FUCK….FUCK…..FUCK”, screamed both women as their bodies shook and both could feel their hot cunt juices against their stomach, running down in small streams down their thighs. Madeleine’s body jerked again as she shed more juices. Rachel shivered as she could still feel Madeleine’s hard clit against her pubic area. She didn’t always have an orgasm but she did this time. The two lovers, their legs tangled and cunts touching, rolled to their side so that Madeleine’s weight did not crush Rachel. “Why did you leave ?”, whispered Rachel in Madeleine’s ear“Someone had seen us through a window of the shed and told my parents. They sent me to live with my aunt and uncle in Detroit”, answered Madeleine in a monotone voice, as if she had memorized the answer for the last 35 years.“My father beat me and told me he would kill me if I ever did that again”, said Rachel sobbing.“We never saw each other again, did we ?”, asked Madeleine“No..we never did”, answered Rachel, tears running down her face————————————————————————————————————–Rachel got dressed quickly. “It’s my daughter’s piano lesson and I can’t be late”, she said with a smile“I’ll shower and pick up some food for dinner. We are having company”, she said..then erupted in a loud laughter.“What’s so funny ?”, asked Rachel“If only they knew how I spend the first Monday of each month”, answered Madeleine, wiping her eyes.“Tell them you’re meeting Monica, an old friend of yours”, suggested Rachel“Yes…good idea”, answered Madeleine.“Oh..and tell Judy I’ll be needing more time with you”, added MadeleineTHE END

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