Monsters, Men, and Magic Ch. 20

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Double Penetration

It had only been two days since Casey was at the lodge, but she was glad to be home. Or rather she was glad to be out of the car and away from her father. Last night at the gloryhole had certainly helped and been plenty of fun, she had half a mind to do it again, but Casey had felt the charm starting to affect her when the two of them were only an hour or so into the drive. She needed to be away from him and to find some relief. The moment they were home, Casey was out of the truck and jogging back into the lodge and saying she needed to stretch her legs.

She was glad to see that Grant’s truck was parked outside, that meant he was here at least. If she had been unlucky he might have been out on a hunt and she’d need to find someone else right now. As she headed through the lodge she exchanged quick greetings with the other hunters who were in at the moment, but she didn’t stop to chat. Logan and Wilson both asked about the hunt and she just answered in passing, not even slowing. She looked around the lodge but didn’t spot Grant. When she finally found him, he was out behind the house, cleaning out the shed.

Casey walked right up to him and grabbed him by the shirt and practically dragged him behind the shed. She couldn’t wait much longer. Being trapped in the truck with her dad had been bad enough. If only she had woken up earlier in the morning she could have visited a couple of truckers and slated the charm, now she had to rely on just Grant.

“It’s nice to see you too, Casey,” he said surprised but happy to see her. “I trust the hunt went well then?”

“Of course it did, you knew there wouldn’t be a problem with the trickster, that’s why Dad brought me along with him.” Once they were behind the shed and out of sight of the house, she turned to look at him with a grin. “But that doesn’t matter right now.” As she talked to him her hands started to do the front of his pants. She couldn’t wait.

“Hey, let’s stop all of this for a second,” Grant said, fending off her hands. “I’ve been thinking about this, Casey, and I think it’s a mistake.” She frowned at him but stopped trying to get his pants off for a few seconds. “I shouldn’t have let things go so far, out on the hunt, that was my fault, but we can’t keep doing this. I got carried away, I started saying things I shouldn’t have. I treated you inappropriately. I’m twice your age, there’s plenty of good guys out there for you to meet. Plus, your dad will kill me if he ever catches a whiff of this.”

Casey let out a laugh. “I don’t want to date you, Grant, I just want to fuck. This is just some fun between friends. And my dad doesn’t need to ever know about any of this, we just need to keep it quiet.” Her hands moved back to his pants but he stopped her again.

“Be that as it may,” Grant said firmly. “I have to put my foot down here, Casey. Your father is one of my oldest friends, I can’t go sneaking around his back with his daughter.” Grant seemed to have made his decision. “I’m sorry.” He did seem to be genuine, the problem was that wouldn’t work for her.

“Alright,” Casey replied. She unzipped her hoody and dropped it to the grass. Then she reached for the bottom of her shirt and tugged that over her head as well so she was standing in front of him in just her bra. Despite himself and what he had just said, Grant’s eyes slid down to look at her nearly exposed breasts. She couldn’t help but smirk slightly. “Here’s my counter offer, if you don’t fuck me I’ll get one of the other hunters to do it.” Casey was getting desperate for cock at this point. “I bet Aaron, or Trevor would leap at the chance. So either you can fuck me or one of them can.”

She unhooked her bra and let that fall to the grass as well. Now topless before him, his eyes were glued to her. Casey stepped in closer with a smile. Her hand slid along the front of his pants and her fingers pressed against the bulge of his cock. Casey could see the fight draining out of him as his cock swelled. Whatever misgivings he had about being with her, they weren’t as strong as his lust for her.

“You know you’re as stubborn as your mother.” Even as Grant scowled at her, his eyes took in her breasts, unable to look away. The last time they had been together in that dark mine, now he could see her completely.

“You marmaris escort say that as if it’s a bad thing,” Casey teased. She could feel him hard against her hand and she went back to buckling his belt and dropping his pants down around his knees. “At least I get what I want,” she smiled before squatting down in front of him. “And you get to have some fun.”

“You’re going to end up the death of me when your father finds out about this,” Grant lamented. Still, he didn’t pull away as he looked down at her beautiful face with his bare cock hanging in front of it. He might have his misgivings but his cock didn’t.

“It’ll be worth it,” Casey grinned. Her hands wrapped around his dick and she stroked it a few times before she licked the head of it. Grant let out a groan at the soft caress and leaned back against the shed, completely giving up resisting her.

It was only a short while ago that Casey had given Grant her very first blowjob. It wasn’t that long ago but Casey had already racked up quite the number of them. Given how much she enjoyed giving them she should have started sooner. She would have liked to tease Grant for longer but the mark’s pressure was making itself known and Casey didn’t think she had the willpower to draw it out that long.

Her lips wrapped around him and she leaned forward murmuring out at the feel of him as his length brushed along her tongue. Grant let out a heavy groan when her mouth enveloped him, inviting him deep into her. His hand moved down to her hair, pushing her blonde hair out of her eyes so he could see her. Grant’s hand slid to the back of her head but he didn’t move her along his cock, he just wanted to touch her.

Grant was a handsome enough man, if twice her age, but Casey feared he had gotten this sort of treatment from another woman in a long while. She was more than happy to make it up to him and as she took his cock into her mouth she could feel the spell easing up slightly. It was only just barely, the weight of the charm was almost literal on her. She was worried about what would happen if she put off satisfying it for much longer.

Grant’s eyes were locked onto her, watching her slide up and down his cock and her bare breasts swaying forward and back below that. Casey smiled up at him, as her tongue slid against the underside of his cock. He might have been putting up a fight and trying to be a gentleman, but Casey knew this is what he really wanted. He was just too good of a man to take advantage of her when he had his chance.

Right now Casey didn’t need a good man, she needed someone who would fuck her. Maybe she should have involved some of the other hunters. They all checked her out whenever they thought they could get away with it. Logan or Wilson would put up less of a fight than Grant, maybe she could even get both of them at once. But it would risk her father finding out. For now, she had to be satisfied with Grant.

Grant’s hand slid through her hair, cradling her head as she sucked him. “You said that night at the mine, that it was the first blowjob you had ever done,” he murmured. “Why did you do it, that night and with me?”

Casey slowly backed off of his cock. His shaft was left glistening in the sun with spit coating it. Several ropes of saliva bridged the gap from her lips to his shaft. “Do you really want to know?” she asked. Her hand wrapped around him, idly pumping his cock as they talked. He nodded down at her and she continued. “Remember when you came across me in the town and I didn’t have a shirt on?” Which wasn’t dissimilar to how she was currently, at least then she had her bra on.

He nodded. “You said the werewolf tore it up.” His hand brushed through her hair again.

“I was lying.” She shifted in closer to him and kissed his cock. The length of his cock pressed against her face as she spoke. “The werewolf got the drop on me, but it didn’t attack. It had me pinned down on the ground and then I saw its cock.” Casey could feel herself getting wetter just at the memory of it. “The werewolf seemed to like me and the scent of it was intoxicating. I ended up jerking it off and it ran away when you arrived. I was so turned on from it that I couldn’t stop myself from making a pass at you.”

“You jerked off the werewolf?” Grant sounded more incredulous marmaris escort bayan than disgusted.

“I did,” Casey smiled. “Why are you surprised? You saw what it did to me later on. I thought you would have been disgusted when you saw me like that after it had fucked me.” The memories of what it was like to have the werewolf fucking her were still fresh on her mind. As much as she liked Grant she wished he hadn’t found her. What would the werewolf have done after fucking her?

“I didn’t know it was willingly though,” Grant clarified. “I thought you were just doing what you had to survive. I assumed it had forced you. Either way, you weren’t yourself then, it’s not like I can hold it against you if the werewolf scent overwhelmed you.”

Casey took the tip of his dick back between her lips and shook her head. “Even so,” she grinned, “you didn’t mind fucking me after it was finished,”. She licked his cock one more time and stood up. She worked her black shorts and panties down around her knees and bent forward, holding herself up against the shed and presenting herself to him. Her bare ass and pussy completely exposed and open to him.

“I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time, and werewolf cum or not, you looked good naked. I couldn’t resist.” Grant took the hint after admiring her and stepped up behind her. “This is new,” he said. His fingers ran along the spiraling red and black tattoo on her lower back, rubbing against it.

“Something I got on the last hunt,” Casey offered. She wasn’t going to explain the entire situation right now. “Now isn’t the time, I just want you to fuck me.”

Grant slipped in closer and his dick slipped between her thighs, rubbing along her lips. He took hold of his cock and slid the head of his cock against her arousal, teasing her for a moment. “You’re so beautiful, Casey.”

“You’re sweet.” She looked back over him over her shoulder, brushing her hair out of the way. Casey rocked her hips back and forth against him, feeling as much of his cock as she could. “If you aren’t inside of me right now I might go crazy.”

Grant rubbed himself against her one more time before pushing into her. His cock spread her lips and eased its way inside of her “Fuck, you feel good, Casey,” he groaned. Grant’s hands held onto her hips and he pulled out and slammed into her.

Casey moaned in response. It was always surprising how good it felt, even if it was just last night that she had been in the gloryhole. “So do you,” she murmured. Her hands held her up against the shed as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. Her naked body bounced back against him, leaving her breasts swaying. “I needed this so badly.”

Grant walked himself into her for several moments before speaking up. “Wait,” His thrusts paused for just a moment, but Casey kept pressing herself down his cock. “If you had never given a blowjob before that night, does that mean you were a virgin?”

“I was,” Casey purred. “From virgin to slut in one night, according to you,” she teased, looking back at him with a smile, her hips working down onto his cock.

“So you lost your virginity to a werewolf?” Grant asked. He leaned forward and his body pressed down against hers. His big hands wrapped around her and grabbed hold of her breasts. The heavy mounds filled up his hands and his fingers played across her nipples.

Casey nodded. “Seems to fit being a hunter, but you were still the first human to fuck me, Grant, so don’t feel bad.”

“Maybe I wasn’t out of line calling you a slut then,” he teased. “fucking me and a monster in one night.” Grant pushed into her harder than ever and his fingers pinched her nipples.

“You have no idea,” Casey moaned. “I’m just glad you were there to fuck me, after the werewolf was done I still needed more dick.” Her hands tightened on the shed. “Keeping going,” she moaned. “I’m close.”

“Same,” Grant murmured. His hips slammed against her ass, sending ripples through her cheeks. His pace became more frantic as they drew closer.

“Just pull out, okay?” she gasped. The moment she spoke her orgasm washed over her and her body shuddered underneath Grant. Only his hands being around her kept her from collapsing down to the ground.

He plunged into her body a few more times as she moaned beneath escort marmaris him and then he pulled out in a rush. Grant’s cock pressed up between her ass cheeks and his load erupted out onto her back, streaking along her back and adding white to the red and black of the mark. The pair of them stood there for a few moments, both of them catching their breath.

As soon as Casey had though, she turned around and smiled up at Grant. Then in an instant, she was squatting down in front of him again, sucking his slowly softening cock as his seed dripped down her back. Grant gasped as her tongue slid along his still sensitive cock, but Casey didn’t let up. That had been fun, and she had felt the charm loosen slightly, but it was still there, she still had a need that must be met.

“God, Casey, take it easy, alright?” Grant murmured.

She didn’t. She bobbed her head up and down his shaft, licking up her own juices from along him and encouraging him back to hardness. Casey needed more cock and he would give it to her. Under her continued attention, his cock slowly began to stiffen again. Casey didn’t ease up on him until he was completely hard again and ready to fuck.

Even with her charm slightly satisfied, Casey was driven to be pleased than ever. She pulled Grant down to the ground in front of her, with his back pushed up against the shed. It only took her a moment to stand up and completely stripped her panties and shorts off before she lowered herself down on his cock, taking him for a second time.

“Slow down, Casey,” Grant murmured. “There’s no rush. I don’t think I fucked twice this quickly since I was your age.”

“There is a rush,” Casey moaned, riding his dick up and down. “I need more.” She slammed her ass down against his hips, taking him faster than ever. “Just fuck me.”

When Grant moved to speak again, Casey leaned forward and pulled his head between her breasts. His words were muffled against them and he was kept quiet for now. He did as she wanted though and his hands reached around her and grabbed hold of her asscheeks, holding onto her and guiding her along his shaft.

She moaned out loudly as his cock plunged into her. Casey knew she risked getting caught, but at that moment she couldn’t bring herself to care. The charm was finally easing up on her and the pleasure felt so good. Nothing else mattered. She moved down his cock harder, wanting all of him inside of her.

He tried to speak again, but Casey kept him pinned against her breasts. She might not have heard him but she knew he was trying to warn her that he was close to cumming. At this point Casey didn’t care, risk of pregnancy or no, she wasn’t going to stop. She kept taking Grant’s cock as deep into her tight pussy as she could, squeezing him, practically begging for him to cum inside of her.

Grant resisted for a moment but then gave in to the pleasure. His entire shaft was buried in her to the hilt and his cock pulsed, flooding her sex with his seed. Her breasts drowned out his moans, but her cries filled the backfield. Hopefully, no one was outside to hear her. Grant’s cock twitched a few more times, painting her insides white and he was spent.

As his cock softened Casey rolled off of him and lay naked in the grass, breathing heavily with a smile on her face. “That was fun.”

Grant nodded, still sitting down beside her. “What got into you at the end? I thought I was supposed to pull out.”

Casey waved him off. “Don’t worry about it,” she smiled. “I wanted to feel it.” She sat up and began to get dressed.”We’ll have to do that again soon.”

“I’m not as young as you, I’ll need a few days to recover from whatever the hell that was,” Grant said, standing up as well.

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Casey teased. She took a rag he offered and wiped her back clean. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She tugged her shorts back on and put on the rest of her clothes, leaving Grant to his work as she ended back inside. That had hit the spot, but Casey knew she would need more than just Grant to keep the mark satisfied. She’d have to find some other men who weren’t at the lodge. Grant and she might be able to sneak around her dad, but if she got involved with too many of the hunters her father would catch on eventually.

For now, at least the mark didn’t weigh on her. Casey knew it wouldn’t be long until it returned but at least for a short while she could relax at home. Hopefully, Jordan came through for her soon, but if not she’d have to have a backup plan.

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