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Mrs EllisTrue to his word, it was not long before Sam introduced me to his wife at an intimate level. I had seen her quite often at the farm when visiting there with Uncle Charlie – she was always a very welcoming woman and seemed rather jolly and happy all the time. She was well built with big broad hips, a large arse an ample tummy and a really huge bosom which seemed to rest on her tummy under the apron she always wore. I had noticed her underwear on the washing line from time to time. Her bras seemed enormous compared to my mothers and she also obviously wore corsets occasionally because they were always in evidence after the weekend.I had been helping at the farm one afternoon when Sam asked me if I could stay on and give him a hand in the milking parlour as one of his regular men was on holiday. I said yes as it was easy work and had the added benefits of being able to take home fresh milk and butter which always pleased my mother. I went with him to the parlour and my job was to take the full containers from the milking machines to the dairy on the special trolley which carried four of them at the time. The dairy was on the side of the house across the yard from the parlour.On my first visit to the parlour that evening, I found Mrs Ellis there making butter in the rather old churn that they had probably used at the farm for years. She remarked on how hot it was and asked me if I could take a turn on turning the handle in the churn to give her a break. I said that I had never used the machine before but would be happy to if she could show me how. I took her place at the handle and she stood behind me, held my right hand and started to demonstrate the use of the machine. As she did that, she was leaning against me and I could feel her bosom and tummy hard against my back. It gave me an immediate erection although I don’t think she was aware of that. I did about 15 minutes of turning before saying that I had better get back to the parlour as there was sure to be some more containers to pick up. On my next visit to parlour, there was no sign of Mrs Ellis – I was rather disappointed.When we had finished in the parlour, we took the last trolley load of containers over to the dairy. Sam said thanks for my efforts and told me that I would be properly rewarded and gave me a box with some milk, butter and cheese in to take home. He then canlı bahis said that he was sure Mrs Ellis would want to thank me as well as I had saved her the job of having to help out in the parlour. He then took me into the farmhouse through the adjoining door and into the kitchen. There was no sign of Mrs Ellis there and so we went through to the living room where she was sitting on one of the large settees. I was quite surprised as she had discarded her usual apron and her top and skirt and was wearing a housecoat buttoned up but hardly covering her properly as it seemed too small and too short. It had risen up her ample thighs and you could see her flesh above her stocking tops. She made no effort to cover up as I entered the room. Sam said that he had brought me in so that she could thank me for my efforts and help. Mrs Ellis beckoned me closer. As I walked past Sam towards her, he grabbed my arms. He said “I’ve told Linda about your sweet little cock and how you like fucking men and having your seed extracted. She said that she would like to see it all at first hand and that is how she is going to thank you”. With that, she moved forward and started to rub my crotch area vigorously. I had an immediate hard on again but this time she certainly knew about it.She reached forward and unbuckled my belt and then dropped my trousers and pants to my ankles. My cock was standing to attention and I nearly came on the spot when she took it in her hands and started to stroke it. She said that it looked good enough to eat and bent forward to take it in her mouth. She flicked her tongue around the end and then started to suck me vigorously. Sam pushed me forward onto her and I could feel his hard cock up against my bum cheeks. I soon had all my cock in her mouth and it felt like heaven. I could not help myself and before long I was pumping for all my worth and depositing my cum down her throat.”That was quick” she said “but Sam tells me that you soon recover and will be able to produce some more for me”. It was obvious that he had told his wife all about the games that we had played with Uncle Charlie and I was beginning to wonder what was likely to happen before the evening was out. She indicated to me to sit next to her on the settee and said “Let’s watch Sam get ready for his treat”. With that, he dropped his trousers and exposed bahis siteleri his long tool. His purple head was already showing out of his long foreskin and he slowly started to wank himself to bring himself to a full erection.Linda started to unbutton her housecoat and revealed herself wearing a full white bra, a panty girdle with suspenders holding up her stockings and white knickers. With one deft move, she managed to get her right breast (the one closest to me) out of her bra and flop it there for all to see. It was massive and by far the largest tit I had ever seen. She also had an extremely long nipple which was really hard and poking out of the mountain of flesh.She started to play with the nipple by pulling on it to make it even longer and she then offered it to me, clearly to suck on. I did not need any second bidding and clamped my lips around it and started to suck for all I was worth. Meanwhile, I noticed that Sam had moved to the other side of Linda and had released her left tit from the bra. He was also giving it similar attention. Within a few seconds, both her nipples were so engorged that they resembled tiny cocks. At this point, she stood up, took off her bra and peeled off her knickers to reveal a fine hairy bush – she parted her legs and started to rub herself. She then said to me “you’ve had your sucking, now give Sam some attention, suck him”.So once again, I found myself confronted by Sam’s long cock. I peeled his foreskin back and started to lick the large purple head. Before long, he was pressing it against my lips and slowly he pushed it into my mouth. I sucked him for some time and I could tell that he was getting really excited as he was trying to push himself deeper into my mouth. He put his hands behind my head and pulled me further towards him. Suddenly, he started to moan and I realised that he was going to come in my mouth. I felt his spunk hit the back of my throat and I had no choice but to swallow it otherwise I would have gagged.While all of this had been going on, Linda had been slowly rubbing herself. Once Sam withdrew, she came towards me and said “let me make sure that he came properly by tasting his produce”. She then proceeded to kiss me deeply on the lips and, when I started to respond, she pushed her tongue into my mouth. This was the first time I had ever been kissed that way by a grown canlı bahis woman. It was a real turn on. Having satisfied herself that he had indeed come in my mouth, she got up and then laid herself on the floor with her legs wide open. I could see that she was really wet and her lips around her cunt were very puffy where she had been rubbing herself. She said “come on Sam, show the lad how to really kiss a woman”. He knelt between her legs and bent forward to lick and kiss her where she had previously been rubbing. Her massive tits had fallen to the side and every so often she would pull one up to her and suck on the engorged nipple.Eventually, she looked up and said, “why don’t you help Sam to enjoy it even more. Kneel behind him and play with his cock and balls.” I did as I was told and reached through his legs to feel his hairy balls which were hanging well down. His cock was only semi-hard and his head had gone back into his foreskin. I therefore took that opportunity to pull on his foreskin and poke my finger inside to tease his head. Doing that soon brought him to attention and I continued to stroke his cock and fondle his balls. Meanwhile, he was sucking on Linda for all he was worth. Suddenly, she started to buck her hips and said “keep sucking and put your fingers in my cunt. I’m cumming and I want to really enjoy this”. She pushed against him and with a lot of noise, she eventually came. He moved away from her and I was confronted with her legs wide apart, her juicy cunt on full show and the delights of her full tummy and massive tits heaving in time with her movements. It was a wonderful sight and one that I know I would want to enjoy again.I was, of course, left with a raging hard on. Linda said “we mustn’t let that go to waste. Come here”. I moved closer to her and she indicated to me to sit astride her. She laid my cock between her tits and then brought them close together and told me to rub myself between her giant melons. I did not need any encouraging and with a few quick thrusts was spilling my seed across the top of her chest and her chin. It was wonderful and I knew that I would want to have more to do with that fabulous chest.As we dressed, Linda asked me if I had enjoyed myself and would I like to come back for more in the future. I assured her that I would and she said that I would be very welcome. Sam then said to her “perhaps he’ll be able to join one of our little sessions with the other young uns”. Linda agreed and I was left wondering what they meant by that. I would soon find out but that story is for a different day.

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