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Mum.My name is Mark and I have a secret, or had a secret. My wife knows all about it.SO HERE YOU ARE.I guess you could say it started the winter after my 14th birthday and it was all so innocent at first. Dad and Mum split up when I was 5. I was an only c***d because mum had problems during my birth and could not have any more k**s.As I said, it started the winter after I turned 14. We experienced particularly harsh freezing weather and the bedrooms in the house were particularly cold. So it was mums practice to start the fire in her bedroom so it would warm the room when she got up. On this occasion my room was so cold that there where touches of ice on the INSIDE of the window. So I came into mum’s room to get warm clad in my pajamas. Mum felt sorry for me and said get under the covers with me until you warm up.She had her back to me and as we have always been very close to each other, we chatted away about things. She told me to snuggle up behind her, sort of “spooning”. I was on my side facing her back and I let my arm go over her and around her upper waist. Now Mum was well built in the breast region 38D. Well mum was wearing a short nylon nighty, quite thin and nothing else on up top. Because of the way we were laying my hand sort of rested against the lower half of her breast almost cupping it.She made no effort to move or adjust herself so we just kept up our conversation. I didn’t dare make any further movement of my hand in case I got told off. After a few minutes she moved closer to me and as she did my hand cupped more of the breast. As my hand rested on her breast I could feel her nipple getting hard. That was not all that was getting hard either. As we were “spooning” her bum was against me and my young cock had a mind of it’s own, and was fully erect and up against her bum. I was so embarrassed and a bit scared so I did not move because I thought, if I lay still maybe she wouldn’t notice I was hard. After a few minutes she rolled over on her back and put her arm around me pulling me close. We cuddled like this for a few minutes then mum unbuttoned a couple of the buttons on her nighty and pulled the top down to revile her large breast. It was a large and soft, snow white and with blue veins, large brown areola around a big hard nipple. She kissed me on the forehead then pulled my head down to her nipple. I know I was young and inexperienced in sex but I’m no fool. I took her hard nipple between my lips and suckled like a baby. As my lips touched her nipple she sighed and stroked my hair. This went on for maybe another 15 minutes before she said she needed to get up and I should get ready for my school. So I got up and got with getting washed and ready with the start of my day at school.The next morning, I went back to her bedroom and she invited me to cuddle with her again. This time she laid with her back to me and I got under the covers she wiggled back close to me spooning again. I put my hand around her and cupped and squeezed her breast. She didn’t say anything but took my hand off her breast and held it against her body with just my arm gently touching the bottom of her breast.I was confused. She obviously enjoyed me suckling her breast yesterday morning but now it was just cuddling and holding her close but no touching. The cuddling continued off-and -on in the mornings for a couple of weeks. I would occasionally try to brush mum’s breast or rub the underside with a finger but mum, knowing my desire She just told me to behave and always held my hand and pulled my arm tighter around her.I, like every young teenage boy that age with our egocentrism, thought the world revolved around me so I was sure that what I had done that morning had upset mum. One morning as we were cuddling, mum holding my hand as my arm d****d over her side, I asked mum if she was upset with me for that first morning. She squeezed my hand, lifted it to her lips and kissed my fingers then pulled my arm tighter around her and snuggled back tighter against me and said, “No I’m not upset with you at all darling.” She laid very still and very quiet for a few minutes, holding my arm tight around her like she would slip away into some dark place if I loosened my grip. I thought I heard a little sniffle and I felt a little shiver go through her body. She let go of my hand and turned to face me but I kept my arm around her. Her eyes were moist and a tear ran down her cheek. She looked at me for a moment then sighed and told me about her feelings.I had never seen mum so vulnerable and emotional before and this scared me. She told me that she had felt much neglected. “That morning”, she said, ” when you cuddled close to me and put my arm around me I felt the loneness deep in my soul lighten a little because my little boy was there and loved her. I felt very lonely and sad that morning so I offered you my breast because when you were little the closeness of breast feeding you was a very soothing, relaxing, and a comforting time for me. That morning, with you so close to me I needed to feel that comfort again. When you accepted my offer and started sucking my nipple the pendik escort old calm loving feelings came back to me and I felt once again loved. However, as I relaxed and let my mind drift in the pleasure of my babe suckling, another memory crept into my mind, a more recent one. That memory was of just a few minutes ago when I snuggled close to you and you had just lightly cupping her breast and I felt your erection against my bum and realized it was not my baby at my breast but my young man. I felt sorry for mum and I wanted to help her but I didn’t knowing what to do so we continued to cuddle for both our comfort but just cuddled and held each other. Then ia few weeks later, I made up my mind and things changed forever.Mum never got dressed first thing in the morning but puttered around the kitchen with her dressing gown thrown loosely over her nighty. It was a joy to watch those beautiful globes moving loosely as she went about her cleaning or other tasks in the kitchen. Well one day I picked up my courage and I came up behind her while she was washing some dishes and gave her a cuddle. Now this was nothing unusual as we had always given each other cuddles for years. This time I came up and put my arms around her. Her robe was not fastened so my hands and arms slipped underneath and over her silky nighty. I clasped my hands together and my arms lifted and supported her breasts. She didn’t say anything but let me hold her like this while she washed the same dish over and over again!Well this became our occasional practice in the morning when I was around but I never tried to progress further. I didn’t push it because we both seemed to enjoy the contact and I didn’t want to spoil the situation. I often wondered if she would let me go further though.Things started to change the summer. I started to notice mum had started to go around the house allot of the time bra-less and as it was a warm summer her dresses tended to have just that extra button undone, nothing too obvious but just enough cleavage to add a little titillation. Mum and I had plenty of hugs and I would often let my hand brushing on the side of her breasts. She still didn’t say anything but did give me a broad smile each time it happenedDuring that summer we had great times just the two of us going on trips and shopping in chester. More like boyfriend and girlfriend. Now during that summer I had arranged a party at our cottage for some of my friends from school and their girlfriends. My mum was a good organizer and got together some snacks etc. We had some bottles of beer and some soft drinks. Mum hung around since she knew most of their parents and enjoyed their company. They enjoyed her company as well but I think what they enjoyed most was mum’s breasts. I had not noticed at first, with all the partying, but mum was braless with a little moderate amount of cleavage showing. You couldn’t really see more than the cleavage but you could see them sway as she moved around and I noticed her nipples pushing against her blouse a few times. One friend in particular had, for a long time, made it known to me how he fancied my mum and privately told me at the party that he couldn’t get over her breasts. He said he loved my mum!After the party when my friends had gone we cleaned up the lounge and kitchen where the party had been and mum said she was going up to put on her nighty. I suggested she come down and join me for a coffee just to relax and wind down before going to bed. Mum hadn’t put on her robe just one of her short nighty and we sat on the couch close to each other relaxing. We discussed the evening and I told her what my friend (Billy) had said about her. She chuckled, “he doesn’t love me…he loves my boobs,” she said as she took her breast in her hands and bounced them up and down. I thought this was an opportunity to see how far I could go so I replied, “Well you do have a fantastic pair and I think most lads would die for a good view of them.”She pulled the neckline out of her nighty and looked down at herself and sighed, “That’s nothing new. Guys always want see them.”At that point I reached up and held the opening further and looked down at her breasts and said, “I can see why, they look amazing.””I know, you’ve been after a look at them for a long time too,” she said with a chuckle not trying to hide them.I slip my hand down under her nighty and then stroked both of them. “Mmmmm That’s nice” she said. I couldn’t believe my luck. With the other hand a leaned over and unbuttoned her nighty a bit more. She never stopped me. She then said something quite startling, “My breasts have always been very sensitive to touch and ever since I was teenager I loved them to be touched and stroked.” So I gave her what she loved.We just sat there close together, my hands stroking her breast, gently pinching her hard nipples. After a few minutes she adjusted her position and opened her nighty to fully expose her breast to my view. I just stared at their beauty and lifted them and ran my thumb over her hard nipples. She moaned and closed her eyes. She took my hand kartal escort off and guided my head down and held one of her breasts towards my mouth inviting me to suckle. Once again I took the hard nipple in my mouth and sucked like I was trying to get milk. Mum inhaled deeply and moaned. I was in heaven.I sucked first one and then the other for a good while taking the nipples and surrounding areolas deep into my mouth. Then something happened which I had no idea could happen. She was breathing rapidly and her body was moving around. She gave a gasp and almost choked me by pulled my head into her breast as her whole body shook the stiffened. I learned that I had given my mother an orgasm. Later on she explained she could “cum off” as she called it, by having her breasts sucked. “Breast play”, as we called it became a regular thing over the next couple of days. I never thought things would go this far. Mothers don’t do this no matter how much a son might fancy his mother. Many teenage boys have this fascination with the female body and that the mother is the first woman in their lives. However, this was different. I wasn’t a teenager just curious about what my mum look like naked. I had sucked her breast and she had “An orgasm” on it, and it made her feel good so I wanted to keep pleasing her and making her feel good.My mother seemed now to be making situations which made our “breast play” more likely to happen. When we had our “breast play” she never touched me sexually and I accepted that what I did to her breasts was my allowance. However, one morning things changed again. I was passing my mum’s bedroom to go downstairs when she called me in. She said, “Come in and give me a cuddle Mark”. She was half sitting up with pillows behind her and I got in beside her and snuggled up. My attention went immediately to her unbuttoned nighty and her breasts. As I stroked and suckled her breast she settled lower and ran her hand over my sorts along my now hard young cock. As her hand came back to the head she slid into my shorts and pulled my young cock out and held it lovingly. She started to slowly stroke it. So with a nipple in my mouth and mum’s hand around my hard young cock softly stroking me I was in heaven. However, it was too much for me then and I cum in her hand in about ten seconds.I was very embarrassed from cumming so quick and for shooting in mum’s hand. All I could say was,”I’m sorry mum.” She pulled my head back to her nipple and said, “That’s OK Darling, I’ll make it up to you.”I can remember exactly the situation when I finally got to touch hairy pussy. Up until now, our intimacy was my sucking and playing with mum’s breast. That was all about to changeMum had gone and had a bath but dropped the towel into the water. She called out to me to bring her another. I did but instead of handing her the towel, she asked me to dry her. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by so I started drying her off. I started with the towel but decided to lick her breasts dry. I was enjoying this and so was she so I slowly starter licking her down her stomach and she just watched me and didn’t try to stop me I kept licking lower until eventually reached her dark hairy bush at the “V” of her legs. She didn’t shave down there since it wasn’t a popular thing in those days and I was very glad. I licked the water off her hair and as the tip of my tongue slid to the tip of her mound mum leaned back against the wash basin and spread her legs. I continued over her mound and my tongue passed over her clit. She shuddered and moaned as I licked around her bud and took it into my mouth and sucked like it was her nipple. I licked from the front of her slit to the rear and she was so unbelievably wet. She moaned and I reached up and inserted a finger inside her as I went back to sucking her clit. Soon she was panting and rocking against my face. She let out a gasp, pulled my head tight against her pussy, her legs tightened and her juices flowed over my hand into my mouth as her orgasm took her. I kept licking and sucking until she told me to stop. That was the first of many oral orgasms I would give her. After that we did spend a fair bit of time in her bed together and she loved me to bring her off with my hand on her pussy. She could cum 6-7 times in a couple of hours that way with one of my hands holding her breast to my mouth the other giving her a good fingering while she stroked me until I shot all over her.One day we were lying together with me sucking mum’s nipple, my finger buried in her wet hairy pussy and her hand around my hard young cock stroking slowly. She moved my hand off her pussy and stopped stroking me to get a tight grip on my young cock. She pulled my cock and naturally I followed it until I was lying on top of her. She positioned me at her wet opening and pulled me toward it. I took the hint and pushed in completely in one smooth stroke. Mum gasped as I filled her and it felt so good I thought my heart would stop. We lay still for a few minutes, mum enjoying the long absent fullness inside her and me enjoying the feel maltepe escort of her hot, wet, hairy pussy around my dick. We looked in each other’s eyes and saw the mutual desire and acceptance of our action. I leaned down and kissed her lips. Her mouth opened to me and I traced her lips with my tongue and slowly inserted it into her mouth. Her tongue responded by wrapping around mine. I broke the kiss and slowly pulled my dick back till just the head was inside her. She whimpered in disappointment as the fullness inside her went away. I made little strokes with my dick just barely inside her then rammed into her deep and hard. She gasped and wrapped her legs around me. Then I started slowly to pull out then push in. Mum’s eyes closed and a satisfied smile crossed her lips as she started matching my thrust. Of course I finished way too early this first time but mum encouraged me keep on going, and over time she taught me control and soon we would cum together. We stayed in bed together and made love as often as we could for the next two days. I’d come home from school and mum and I would get together as soon as we could. All I had to do was come up to her and caress her breast or say “how about a little cuddle” and we were off to the bedroom for a wild round of play cuddles. Sometimes she would come and sit beside me really close on the sofa and we’d start kissing and I’d play with her tits and before you knew it we were naked with mum leaning over the arm of the sofa in the lounge and I was behind her buried deep inside as she was moaning and gasping and wailing with excitement as we would fuck and cum together. She really liked it from behind the best. This was heaven for me. I had an older woman, who happened to be my mum, in the house who was ready to have sex any time I wanted. What more could a young teenager want?”The intercourse lasted for about 7 ½ years until I met Marilyn and we started dating seriously” I replied. “Mum said that it would not be fair to Marilyn if we continued. I was pretty upset at first as you can guess but as Marilyn and I got more serious I got over it. We did continue the “breast play” and we’d occasionally get each other off.””Well where times I thought we would get caught: I remember one New Years eve we had the TV on watching the fireworks and celebrations broadcast live from London. The mums friends were there. We had switched off all the lights in the lounge to get a better view of the broadcast. Mum was sitting beside me as we shared a large chair. She had a cushion over her lap. I started to run my hand under her top. On This occasion she had her bra on so I unhooked it and started to feel her breasts, she didn’t object. Then, becoming bolder, I started to feel her between her legs and down her pants. My fingers got her very wet. She whispered, “Be careful or I’ll cum off. ” I turned the sound up so we could get the right sense of the firework display as I pushed my finger into mum and rubbed her clit harder. My mum had great difficulty in keeping her climax low. She then decided that I would have to re-fasten her bra so no one would know. She didn’t bring me off that time. I thought the risk too high and I was more than happy to oblige her, which was the pleasure I got.””I often wondered if Mum’s friend knew what was going on”, Bronwen, “She never said anything directly but she once said to me, ‘that although she didn’t understand such “closeness” it certainly helped mum get through a difficult patch and I had been very helpful to keep her cheerful’.””Yes, and once she told me to very careful because I was playing a “dangerous game”.As I said before we had a very good and open line of communication. When we would cuddle we would talk about anything. I once asked mum about her teen years and did she have sex then. She told me that since her breasts were so sensitive and she could cum off by having them played with she never had sex until she was 16 with my dad. She did masturbate by playing with her tits and rubbing between her legs. She said she would do it two or three times a day. As mum and I talked, she revealed that after she and dad got married, although he was a wonderful man, he often left her unsatisfied after sex so she would have to finish herself off. She saw a quizzical look on my face and smiled. I often use my hair brush. I just looked at her. Go get it and I’ll show you. As I got up to get the hair brush she sat naked on the side of the sofa. The brush was made of wood and had a round handle about 7″ long. I brought it back to her and she said this is what she does.She took the brush and laid down on her back with her legs dangling over the edge. She used the heavy wooden, round end of the brush over her bush and then slid it up and down her slit, she moaned and I saw the handle getting wet with her juices. She moved it in a circle around her opening then slowly inserted it moaning with pleasure as I watched the handle disappear into her pussy. I could see that she took the whole length and after a few minutes she got herself off in a huge climax. I had never seen anything or imaged anything like it in my life. After this little exhibition I would, from time to time, ask her to use the brush while I watched and she readily agreed. Sometimes she even let me use it on her. She never understood my fascination of watching her but figured it was a male thing and just enjoyed herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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